Here is the Guide on How You Can Play PUBG Mobile After the Ban?

Here is the Guide on How You Can Play PUBG Mobile After the Ban

Earlier this year, India Government imposes a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including the popular app TikTok. Now here comes a second round; this time, the Indian Ministry and Information and Technology once again ban 118 Chinese Mobile App, which also includes the most active game PUBG Mobile on September 2, 2020. It was the huge shocking news for all Indian PUBG lovers.

PUBG Mobile is an exceptional, admired game in India, with millions of active users every day. Unfortunately, from now, it was no longer can be accessed or even download from the Google Play and Apple Store. In addition, ban also applies to the PUBG Lite, so both of the games are now banned in India.

But Why Government takes such steps, and how will it affect the Indian PUBG Mobile Gamers? Besides, can you play PUGBG Mobile after the ban? Are there other alternative options for PUBG Mobile Game to access in India? We will cover up all these topics in today’s article.

Why PUBG Mobile Ban in India?

There is a huge controversy between India and China over the border dispute in Ladakh. Around 20 Indian soldiers were killed during that time while clashing with the Chinese Army. It might be due to this action earlier; they banned 59 Chinese app. So, this time it also can be the same reason behind banning.

But when we look over the Government side, it was their Cyber Security law that imposes the PUBG Mobile ban. Under Section 69A act of Indian Information Technology, they state that the game is involved in the activity of prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, a defense of India, the security of Public Order, and State.

Therefore, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cyber Crime Coordination Department release the statement to ban PUBG Mobile games in India. It was targeted for the safety, security of Indian mobile, and its internet users.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology also acquires complaints from different sources about stealing, accessing, and transmitting of the users’ personal data. Moreover, huge numbers of the Indian PUBG Mobile gamers are not safe over the internet.

What Happen Next After a Ban?

There are lots of question arises after PUBG Mobile got banned in India. Is it going to be the same story that was happened earlier to TikTok and other apps?

If we take an example of a previous app ban scenario, then it will be similar. When a Google Play and Apple Store receive a notice or state from the Indian Government regarding the ban, then they will not grant access to PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite to Indian users.

People who already have downloaded or access to the game can still use the app on their mobile phones, but it will not work. That’s because telecom companies like Airtel, BSNL, Jio, Aircel, and other more will block the PUBG Mobile and lite server connection. So this means it won’t users can’t play the game anymore.

Unless the Indian Government itself releases the ban, then only users can access or download the app. But the success ratio is pretty much low. There is a huge dispute going on between India and China, so until it’s not completely resolved, Government will continue the ban.

How Ban Will Affect PUBG Mobile Players?

There’s a huge number of PUBG Mobile players all over India who play games for fun, time pass, and also for living. One report state that thousand of PUBG game user are making money through online streaming. Some of them are supporting their own daily budget and other their family. So cutting off from the game can make a huge impact on a persons’ life.

But when we look at the brighter side, then it will also improve the health of a person. Millions of Indian people are playing PUBG Mobile every day, not only for 1 or 2 hours but for the whole day. Staying active for that long time on a game can cause side effects such as hallucinations, neck pain, wrist pain, repetitive strain injuries, and more. So, due to the ban, it can give the rest of a person body and helps to maintain good health.

Banning PUBG Mobile can also reduce the number of deaths. Last year, people died because of playing PUBG. It is a mobile game, so a person plays it anywhere like in the balcony, roads, and walking, so when they got excited because of wining, accidents can occur. So I think banning PUBG Mobile is some sort of a good way to reduce such kind of incident.

How You Can Play PUBG Mobile After the Ban?

Since the PUBG Mobile is ban in India from Wednesday, many people are getting frustrated and angry over the government act. I think you should obey and take the decision of the government seriously. But if you can’t pass a single moment without it and want to play it anyway then you can choose several options.

If we take a moment and think about the PUBG game, then there are actually two PUBG games. One is the desktop version, and another is for the mobile version. In the context of the ban, the Indian government only ban the PUBG Mobile game, not the original PUBG (PC Version).

You might be wondering both the games are the same. So how comes mobile is under a ban, and the desktop version is not. Well, the original PUBG (PC) was created by the South Korean Company only for computers and laptops. At the same time, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite are created by a Chinese Company called “Tencent” under the license from S. Korean Company. Therefore, you can still play the desktop version of PUBG in India without any restrictions. It only cost Rs 999 to unlock from the steam.

Play PUBG Mobile With Already Installed Game

You can still play the PUBG Mobile game after the ban on your phones without any worries. But only if you already have installed the game. Since the game is not available from google play store and Apple store but for those who have installed PUBG Mobile on their smartphone before the ban then they can access the game. But, until the government also blocks the PUBG server. After that, it will be no longer be played.

Another option

The government of India is strict about the ban of the Chinese app, just like in the earlier round. So this time it also won’t easily reverse the ban. Because of this, PUBG Mobile player might be wondering whether a game can be played using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Well, yes, you can play a PUBG Mobile using VPN before the ban, but now it’s not quite possible. Indian government implies an uncompromising ban on the game, so even with a VPN, it may not work just like in the TikTok app.

When the Tiktok was a ban in Indiausers still cannot use it with a VPN. That’s because the TikTok app was blocked by the device ID, not from the IP address. So even though you try to mask your IP address, it won’t work.

Let’s say if PUBG Mobile game works with a VPN, then you still may have to face another problem. While VPN is the third-party application, it doesn’t have any connection to the game’s terms and conditions. But, if the PUBG Mobile finds out that players are using the third-party application to access the game, then it looks like unauthorized access. Therefore, a player can get banned from the game for more than seven years.

So, it’s a risky situation for the PUBG Mobile players to use the VPN to play a game.

Alternatives Games of PUBG Mobile After Ban

Even though the PUBG Mobile is banned in India, you still can access to its original PUBG (PC) game. You can visit the steam store and download it from there. But it can cost you money when you buy it from the steam. Moreover, torrent also the way to get PUBG, but the graphic won’t be that good.

So, there are also other great alternatives games of PUBG Mobile that come with good graphics, easy user interface, and free.

Okay, let’s have a closer look at the six best games like PUBG Mobile which you can play after ban.


Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games in the world of gaming. It is just like the PUBG game, which you can find in mobile and computer versions. You jump with your friends from the sky to play a battle royale with other players.

A game supports cross-platform function, which means even though you are playing with your mobile, you can compete with other PC players.

Download Fortnite through Epic Games App on your device.

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Hopeless Land is another ultimate shooting survival game for the mobile. Let’s say it’s a duplicate version of PUBG Mobile with similar types of features. You battle against 121 players to an island. Players can even use the helicopter and shoot it from there, which is kind of cool, isn’t it?

The user interface of the game is simple and fast, so it is easier and fun to play.

Battlelands Royale

If you think you are a non-stop player, then Battlelands Royale is the perfect game for you. You can enjoy playing games with the other 32 players for 3 to 5 minute battle. But trust me, those minutes will make you like a carnage.

A game is the most epic game with lots of exciting twists so that it will be even more fun to play.

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are a big fan of the Call of Duty (COD) game, then now it’s also available on mobile. The same thrilling gun fighting game gives you the best memory, just like in the old days.

COD even complete with the PUBG Mobile after a release with over 250 million downloads. So this means it’s a 100 player battle royale game. Just choose your partner and have fun in the endless battle.

Garena Free Fire: Rampage

Another great game for the replacement of PUBG Mobile is the Garena Free Fire. It’s an epic survival shooting game with a 10 minute time where you have to complete with other 49 players. The game starts on the remote island, where you have to show your skills to win a game.

Survival Battleground Free Fire: Battle Royale

This game is also similar to the PUBG Mobile with an easy interface and fun to play. You can choose your players and ready to fight with other players in a shrinking world. This means last standing players can win a game.

Take your parachute and jump from the sky and get ready to survive.


PUBG Mobile is a great game to play, but after the ban, it’s getting harder. So, if the ban is only for a certain time, then you can be once again able to access your favorite game. However, if the Indian government plans to stick with its decision, you have no other option to shift to the original PUBG (Desktop Version).

Besides, you can also choose other alternative games if it’s hard for you to get PUBG (PC version) game. Moreover, the list of other similar game in this article are also great, fun to play, and gives to similar vibes to PUBG Mobile.

If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section. We are happy to get feedback from our visitors.

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