How To Make A Fake Instagram Account?

how to make fake instagram account

Instagram lets you speak through your posts as you can post as many pictures and videos as you want. So, you can build a story through your Instagram post or Instagram story. But you cannot visualize your Instagram profile and posts look like from other’s perspectives. For that, you might want to create another fake … Read more

How To Fix Instagram Users Not Found

How to fix Instagram user not found

Instagram is a social platform where you can find 500 million daily active users. On Instagram, you can post pictures or videos, send messages, share stories, and IGTV videos, and search for new people. But sometimes you see ‘User not found’ whom you already know that they are on Instagram. So, here is a guide … Read more

How To Use WordPress For Beginners

How to use WordPress for beginners

WordPress is a very popular free and open-source content management system. This is because it provides the best and powerful tool to develop a website within a few seconds. It is used to create your website without anyone else creating one. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your personal … Read more

How To Change Discord Background Theme

How to change Discord background theme

Discord is a platform that allows users to communicate with one another in an easy and applicable way. However, you might want to make your time there even more interesting and you can do this through changing your background as well. In Discord, there are no in-built options that allow you to change the background … Read more

How To Make A Photo Dump On Tiktok

How To Make A Photo Dump On Tiktok

Tiktok is a short video creation application that has taken the internet by storm. Users are able to create fun videos and use their creativity to stand out from the crowd of users on Tiktok.Using your pictures, you can create photo dumps and add fun features within it to make your Tiktok stand out. Today, … Read more