How To Join A Discord Server Without Invite?

how to join discord server without invite

Discord servers are an accessible platform where you can meet and communicate with new people in real-time. Discord servers became especially popular during the pandemic and have garnered a lot of interest among users. With the different kinds of servers available, some cannot be joined without an invite. So, here is a guide on how to join a Discord server without an invite. To join … Read more

How To Clear Discord Cache [Free Device Space]

How to clear Discord cache

If you use Discord on your device very often, then you must notice that the Discord app is taking up your device storage. This is because of all the cache files stored in your disk space to run your Discord app smoothly. If you want to clear up the space in your device, just follow the steps we have provided below to clear the Discord … Read more

How To Make A Discord Server Public?

How To Make A Discord Server Public

Discord is an application where you can make text and voice chats with others. You can invite your friends into these chats or create public servers for any purpose such as talking about games or whatever that channel needs, etc. Discord also has cool emotes to go with those channels too. If you want to create servers in Discord, then there are private and public … Read more

Top Discord Themes And Plugins To Download Right Now

Top Discord Themes And Plugins To Download Right Now

As discord has been very popular and about 150 million use this app, people are customizing their accounts using themes and plugins. I also have been using the discord app for around 5 years and all I knew was dark theme and light theme for the first two years. But later I came to know about different themes and plugins that can be used in … Read more

Why Discord Is Not Working [Issues And Way To Fix]

why discord is not working

If you are a user on Discord who enjoys this platform daily as well, you may have sometimes faced certain technical issues. Though the servers on Discord rarely face problems, if you are facing any issue, then we have a guide on why Discord is not working. Discord may not be working for multiple reasons, possibly from the app itself or your device. Cache files … Read more

How To Delete A Discord Account [All Methods]

How To Delete A Discord Account

Discord is an easy application that allows users to talk over voice, video and text while chatting and hanging out with your friends. You get to start and join servers to engage with other users on the application. However, you can come across issues on Discord or simply want to leave when you feel like it. Don’t fret, we have put together an easy guide … Read more

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord? [All You Need To Know]

How To Make A Welcome Channel in Discord

It is important for you to make a discord welcome channel because tens of millions of users aged 13 and above use the free voice, video, and text chat program Discord to communicate and socialize with their friends and communities. You might also be a user of discord and enjoy your time there. Are you willing to make your server? If you are planning to … Read more

How To Make A Rules Channel In Discord? [Everything You Need To Know]

How To Make A Rules Channel In Discord [Everything You Need To Know]

Are you planning to open a new discord server for you and your family or your organization or community? If you are going to become an admin of a server, you must implement rules for it. If you are wondering how to create a rule channel and implement rules in it. This article will help you and guide you about making a rules channel in … Read more

How to Change Your Voice on Discord | Complete Guide 2022

change your voice on discord

My friends were talking about a popular trending app named Discord. I heard a very good comment on this app as it is one of the trending apps on the internet nowadays. Discord is a chat service that offers both voice and text-based chat services. Mostly, gamers are familiar with Discord, and the chances are that they use it every day. You must have seen … Read more