How To Record Audio On Discord Mobile?

How To Record Audio On Discord Mobile?

How to record audio on discord mobile? Got some important audio message from your friend on discord? Looking forward to recording it? But you do not know how to do so, right?  You need not scratch your head for this simple problem. You are here at the right place. This article has an ultimate answer to all of the questions you are getting right now. So let us focus and begin with today’s topic. 

Unfortunately, discord does not let you record audio on any device as discord lacks such features.
However, here are two interesting ways to help you record audio on your mobile phone.
1. By adding the Craig bot.
2. With the help of the OSB third-party app.
3. Using Audacity
No matter which way you choose, you will always require access from the admin of your server. After confirming all of these, you can record audio on discord mobile.

Discord is a social media platform that allows you to get connected with your friends and loved ones. There is no limitation, so a huge friend circle can easily join and chat on this platform. It allows every user to voice call, message, video chat, share videos, etc., with each other. Some of the important calls are meant to be recorded. So, it is obvious for you to search for the recorder. 

Can You Record Audio From Discord?

No, discord does not let you record audio from the platform. The terms and conditions mentioned above also say that recording is strictly prohibited.

So because of such restrictions, you will need to take support of available third-party applications. Using those third-party tools, you can record audios and calls on discord.

You must tell everyone involved in the server that you are recording the meeting or call. If you did unknowingly, you might get punished from the side of discord.

Follow the necessary precautions along with the steps to record audio from the platform of discord. Also, edit the recorded files to your desired form and share them without any difficulties. 

Is It Possible To Record Discord Calls?

Yes, discord allows you to record calls. Whenever you make a group call or just with a single person, discord asks you if you want to record it. Even those video calls you make on discord also can be recorded.

You can record the call when you are calling with your friends or before you make a call. So the choice is yours, and you must select which method you prefer more. 

Open the group chat box or chat box of your friend. Then open the chat window which you are thinking of recording in the discord call. Click on the menu, which is shown as more

You must have finished arranging everything, such as informing your friends about recording and arranging to call. Start recording the call by clicking on the start button. 

Even the duration of recorded calls is shown to you. You can pause and stop recording if you have crossed your recording limit. 

The saving process is automatic. So once you stop recording, you will see a buffering icon, which is then saved as a file on your device. 

3 Ways To Record Discord Audio On Mobile Phone 

As you know, discord does not let you record calls and voice messages easily. But, you can use tricks and tips to record discord audio on mobile. 

There are three methods to record the audio from discord on your mobile phone. They are as follows: 

By Using The Craig Bot

Craig bot is one of the best methods to record discord audio on any device as it supports your android devices, iOS devices, and desktops too. 

The process of using it on all of the mobile devices that is iPhones and Android are all the same. So, you will require a step to use the Craig bot. They are as follows: 

Step 1: Open The Discord App 

First, Turn on your mobile phone and then go to the app list. 

Then, Launch the app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Create A Server

Then, Go to the create a discord server page. Then follow the guidelines provided by the Discord app and create a server.

Also, do not forget to add your friends to your recently created server.

Step 3: Head On To Craig’s Official Website

When you are done with creating a discord server, you will easily find Craig bot’s official website. 

You need to invite the Craig bot to your recently created discord server. Tap on the invite button, and you are done with it.

Step 4: Start Recording The Sound

Go to the discord login page and log in to your discord account. 

You have to enter Craig; join, and then only start recording the calls and sounds you want to. 

Step 5: Enter Craig; Leave

If you have completed recording the sound from discord, enter Craig; leave.

The Craig bot would see the message, and it would stop recording the sound automatically.

Step 6: Select AAC Or FLAC

This is the choice option to save your recorded sound. Your recordings get converted into a file and saved on your mobile phone.

Also, if you are searching to leave a discord server, here you go.

All the process in these steps was completed by chatting with the Craig bot. So this method is named Craig bot. 

With The Help Of Audacity

Audacity is an audio recorder that is easy to use and provides quick results. Along with sound recording, it also allows you to edit the previously recorded sounds.

You can operate this audacity recorder on plenty of devices. Even in those windows, Linux, etc, you can run this smoothly.

So the steps to record sound in discord with the help of audacity are as follows: 

Step 1: Open Your Browser 

You need to turn on your mobile phone or desktop and head on to the app list.

Launch your favorite browser on the screen of your device. Type the URL on the browser search bar.

Step 2: Download Audacity Software

Click to download the audacity software on your desktop.

You will get in contact with the best version of this software using desktop and PC devices. 

Step 3: Click On The Edit Button 

You will see the edit as an option at the top left corner of your screen.

Tap on it, and you will get a list of options. Scroll down and select preferences as an option. 

Then select your favorite recording app from your devices that you wish to record.

Step 4: Join A Discord Channel

Now then, open the discord app on the screen of your device. 

Go and join any of the discord channels you wish to. Then finally, you can play what you want to record.

Step 5: Click On The Red Dot Button

Once you have selected the desired recording devices, you will get a red button at the top of your screen. 

Tap on it, and the process of recording sound from discord gets started.

Make sure all the parties involved in your session know about you recording the sound on discord. Otherwise, they may report you, and your discord account might get banned. 

It is because recording calls and sounds on discord is not allowed as per the rules and regulations mentioned in discord.

Using OBS

OBS is a third-party app used application to record sounds and calls on discord. It refers to Open Broadcaster Software. So it is also a kind of software, as previously explained by audacity. 

This method is useful for any device and comfortable to be used even for windows and mac users.

So here is a detailed process on how to use this OBS to record sounds on discord. They are as follows: 

Step 1: Open Your Browser 

Search for the browser app once you have turned on your device. 

Launch google chrome or your next browser on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Visit The OSB Website

Use the provided link  URL get into the website through the browser search bar. 

Get inside the website of this OBS software with the help of a browser.

Step 3: Download The Software 

You are at the website of OBS software. So at the top right corner of your screen, you will get an icon to download. 

Click on the download icon, which will take a few seconds to complete.

Also, select a version that you think would be suitable to download on your device.  

Step 4: Go To The ‘Source’ Section

Open your downloaded OBS software. Click on the source section. You will get to see the + icon, and a menu will appear. 

Select audio output capture as an option from the given list. Then agree and tap to create options. 

Step 5: Click On The Ok Button

Once you click on the ok button at the bottom right side of your screen, you will move on to the next section.

Step 6: Head On To the ‘Properties’ Menu

In this menu, you will have to select the device which is suitable for you to record the calls and sounds.

If you are done with choosing and confirming, tap on the ok button.

Step 7: Tap To Go On The Control Section

Over here, you will get an option to start recording the audio from discord. 

You can now record calls and sounds from discord very easily. 

Try any of these methods. The steps mentioned are very detailed and for your easy understanding process. 

Is Discord Recording Illegal?

There is not an actual answer to this question. There are some cases where people seem to be recording discord audio without the consent of others. This is regarded as harming or going against the discord laws.

When you record the audio of any meeting, you have to inform every member involved in the server. If they agree to record the meeting, then you can do it, and it does not resemble an illegal act. If even a single member refuses to do an audio record, you should stop there

As everyone has the right to speak about recording audio. Discord also protects the rights of everyone. So yes, you can record without being afraid of anybody. 

You won’t get cases and police inspections in such a simple matter. Do not create an environment to fight and respect everybody’s thoughts or your thinking of recording audio.

Can You Record Discord Audio Without Another Person Knowing?

Discord had made some kinds of limitations in the app. Such as making other people know about the recording of their voice. 

In some countries, discord is free to use, and users can easily record whatever they like without taking permission from others, secretly without letting them know about it, etc. 

A ‘one-party consent law’ is mentioned by a discord in its terms and conditions. It says that even the agreement or consent of a single person from the server or group is enough.  

In some regions, discord has left its features of recording free. Discord users from those regions do not require any kind of instructions and have no restrictions. 

If you live inside those areas, you can do a call record without the consent of other users. They also won’t know about such things. Nobody has the right to take action against you, and be free to record what you think is important. 

If your friend deleted an audio message on your group chat, easily find it by How To View Deleted Messages On Discord?

 How Do I Record Discord Audio Automatically On My Mobile? 

You would require a guide to make a discord recording function on your mobile phone automatically. It does not even require a guide step as the process is too easy and simple to apply. 

You may know about the Google Voice app, right? So you just get inside the app and click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner

There are settings displayed to you. Over there, turn on the incoming call as an option. 

Since this activation, whenever you receive a call from others, it will record automatically when you click on ‘4’. It is the number available on the dialer. 

You must tap on the ‘4’ number in the dial box only after receiving a call. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recording the audios and calls from discord is a subject matter to discuss. So in this section today, we are going to discuss some of the questions which are related to discord.

The most asked questions by the website viewers are also included over here. Please take a few minutes to learn from this section too. They are as follows:

How Do I Record A Discord Stream?

The process of recording calls, audio, and even discord streams is all the same process. Firstly, get an appropriate stream recorder downloaded on your device. You can choose any third-party applications such as OBS, X split, Craig bot, audacity, etc. Then use the steps I have mentioned above in this article. Start recording and also stop the recording if you are done with it. Also, do not forget to inform the streamer and other people involved in the stream. Then you can easily record a discord stream.  

Can I Use My iPhone As A Recording Device?

Yes, you can use an iPhone as a recording device without fearing any other things. Not only iPhone, but you can also use any devices you have with the fulfillment of the criteria mentioned by discord. On some devices, whether you are using desktop or phones or android devices, discord audio recording may not support it. It is because you have limited space on your device. So you should free up the space by deleting unnecessary. Recorded audio gets saved automatically, so minimum space is required.

How Do I Screen Record A Discord Call With Audio?

You will need a guide to do a screen record of a discord call along with the audio. Go to your discord app and log in to your discord account. Look at the bottom left corner of your screen. You will get a kind of mike icon, which is a voice button. Once your voice chat window opens, press the record button and start recording. Also, to screen record, enable your mobile phone to screen record without any sound. If you are done, press the red x button to stop recording, which is at the bottom line. You have finished recording your call along with the screen. 


Discord is a great platform for meeting or meeting with friends, siblings, and family members. Previously, it was famous among those who play games and other stuff. It provides the users with different features and facilities. 

The feature of recording calls and voice chats is not available on most social media platforms. Most people want to know how to record their talking and all. Though there are multiple third-party applications for enjoying this feature, you should be careful too. 

I hope you have completed reading our article. Did you enjoy reading it till here? I also think that you can now easily record the discord audio on your mobile phone from the instructions we provided. 

Getting headache with confusion again? Do not be from now on. You can comment with whatever questions MD confusion you have through the comment below. We would be happier to help you with the knowledgeable subject matter. 

Thank you for being here. Keep on loving and supporting us.

Wait for even more new and interesting topics from us on this same website. Until then, stay tuned for the next updates. 

As you have reached the end, today’s topic ends here. 

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