How To Clear Discord Cache [Free Device Space]

How to clear Discord cache

If you use Discord on your device very often, then you must notice that the Discord app is taking up your device storage. This is because of all the cache files stored in your disk space to run your Discord app smoothly. If you want to clear up the space in your device, just follow the steps we have provided below to clear the Discord cache from whichever device you are using.

To remove the Discord cache from a Windows or Mac OS device, you need to locate the cache files from your device’s drive-in and delete them from there. If you use Discord on your mobile phone, then you can go to the device settings to remove the cache or delete the app to remove the cache entirely. Clear the cached browser data if you do not have a downloaded app on your device and use it in your browser, then clear the cached browser data.

After you clear your Discord cache, you are most likely to be able to operate your Discord app more smoothly and with better performance. In addition, if you wish to get rid of some minor problems, clearing the cache will help you do it too.

What Is Discord Cache?

Any cache files in your device are temporary duplicated files that are stored in the disk space that help run the app better. Similarly, Discord also caches your data to improve your Discord experience. In Discord, there are images, GIFs you send and receive, your videos and conversations, and many more filling up your memory space.

The more you use Discord on your device, the more you must have noticed that it takes up your memory space. If the cache gets too much then you know it is time to clear out the Discord cache.

Is Keeping Cache Important?

The cache is important because it can help improve your website’s performance. When a page is requested, the cache will first check to see if the page has been stored in the cache. If it is, the cache will send the page to the browser without having to go back to the server. This can speed up your Discord experience by reducing the number of requests that need to be made to the server.

There are two types of cache: local and global. The local cache is stored on your computer and is used to store pages that have been visited recently.

A global cache is stored on a remote server and is used to store pages that have been visited more than once.

So, when you are using the Discord app, the local cache takes up space in your device by storing all the necessary data to build up a smoother and quicker loading experience on Discord.

Why Clear Discord Cache?

In Discord, the files stored in the cache are mostly image and media files. So, while it’s not super necessary to be clearing out your cache, it will definitely help with the overall performance of the app and other programs on your device too.

Discord not only has a large user base, but many media files and data are uploaded, shared, and transferred among these users through various groups and channels. Therefore, even if you do not directly download the files from Discord, the transaction that occurs through channels within Discord already saves those files in your cache. This is to ensure that your data and media do not take a longer time to load and show up the next time around.

So, Discord definitely is useful to lessen the load times in certain parts of media that are transferred through the app, but a lot of cache being built will actually slow down other parts within the app and program. Moreover, your functions and features within the app may not work as well as they are supposed to. So, to ensure your device and your Discord program run at full potential, you should clear out the cache as much as you can.

What Are The Ways To Clear Discord Cache?

So, now that you know what cache is and why clearing out your Discord cache is important, if you make up your mind, then read further to clear your Discord cache. Here are the ways in which you can clear out the Discord cache in whichever device you run the application.

If you have Discord installed on either your Windows, Mac, or mobile phone, follow the steps below.

  • Clear Discord cache on Windows PC
  • Clear Discord cache on Mac OS
  • Clear Discord cache on Android
  • Clear Discord cache on iPhone

How To Clear Discord Cache On Windows PC?

The steps to clear the Discord cache on Windows PC are below.

Step 1: Launch Run In Your Device

Tap on Windows + R for opening run.

Step 2: Type In Path

Type in %appdata%\discord to open the Discord app data in your device. Locate which drive your app data is installed in. It usually is within the C drive on your device. Then click on OK.

Step 3: Locate Cache

In the Discord Appdata directly, you can locate the Cache, CodeCache, and GPUcache folders and select them.

Step 4: Delete Cache

You can then delete the cache files by selecting all the files together. You can then delete the cache files to erase all the files directly from your device to fix the storage space.

Process To Clear Discord Cache In Mac OS

Similar to your Windows, here are the steps to clear the Discord cache from Mac OS devices.

Step 1: Open Finder And GO>Go To Folder

First, open the Finder on your device. From there, choose the Go>GoTo Folder option.

Step 2: Look For Discord App Data

Next, you can type in the text ~/Library/Application Support/discord/ in the text field and click on Go.

Step 3: Locate Cache And Delete

Next, on the Discord data folder, you can click on the “Cache,” “CodeCache,” and “GPUCache” folders and right-click and choose the Move To Bin option to remove all Discord cache files.

Step 4: Clear Trash

Next, you will need to clear out the cache files from the bin too. Just click on the Trash icon on the dock and right-click and move all the cache files to Empty Trash.

Ways To Clear Discord Cache In Android

Next, the steps to clear out the cache in your Android device are below.

Step 1: Access Device Settings

First, go to device settings by tapping on the gear wheel icon.

Step 2: Go To Apps

Within settings, go to Apps.

Step 3: Look For Discord

Within apps, look for Discord. You can just type it in the search field on the top of the screen.

Step 4: Tap On Storage

You can check the storage space that Discord is taking up by tapping on the Storage option.

Step 5: Tap On Clear Cache

Finally, tap on the Clear Cache option from the bottom of the screen to free up the device space from Discord cache files on your Android device.

Steps To Clear Discord Cache In iPhone

Next, you cannot directly clear the cache out from the Discord app on your iPhone. This is because iOS devices do not have n inbuilt feature that lets you clear the cache. You will need to delete the app from your device and you can relocate it to your Appstore and re-install it.

Step 1: Locate The Discord App

You can locate the Discord app on your home screen.

Step 2: Long Press App

Then, long press on the app till a pop-up comes up with multiple options.

Step 3: Delete App

From the options that pop up, tap on the Delete option that is red, and your app is removed from your device.

What Are The Ways To Clear Cache In Web Browser?

If you do not have the Discord app directly installed on your device and you use it from the web browser on your device then you will need to clear the web data to delete the Discord cache. Follow the given steps in your web browser.

In Chrome,

Step 1: Click Ctrl+Shift+Del

First, go to Chrome on your device and click on Ctrl+Shift+Del.

Step 2: Select Cached Images And Files

You can then select the cached images and files options.

Step 3: Tap On Clear Data

Next, tap on the Clear Data option from the bottom right to clear Discord Cache in Chrome Browser.

In Firefox,

Step 1: Go To Options

First, tap on the three-lined hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen. From the menu, click on Options.

Step 2: Go To Privacy

Next, go to the Privacy And Security option.

Step 3: Cookies And Site Data

From there, find the Cookies And Site Data option and tap on it.

Step 4: Click On Clear Data

From the top right corner of the screen, tap on the Clear Data option.

So, these are all the possible ways in which you can clear the Discord cache in your device.

What Happens When You Clear Discord Cache?

If you are on the Discord app a lot, then it can be worth it to clear the cache. Not only does it free up the space in your device, but it also helps to delete all the unnecessary image files that are duplicated. Moreover, the media files that are duplicated and saved up only take up space that you could use for something better. You will notice your app might take a little time to get back to its original speed, but the functions and features in your app all start working better when you clear the Discord cache on your device.

Does Deleting Discord Remove Cache?

Know that just deleting your Discord account will not remove the Discord cache on your device. You need to delete the entire app. As mentioned in the Windows and Mac OS, you need to remove the cache files from the trash to ensure that they are directly removed from your device entirely. So, delete the application from your device to remove the cache on your phone, locate the cache files, and delete it on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to clear cache in Discord are below.

What Is Discord Storage Space?

The maximum file transfer size in your Discord app is 80MB. You get an unlimited file storage plan within the Discord app itself, but as mentioned earlier, it also matters in your device space. The in-app storage differs from the in-device storage space that Discord uses with things such as cache.

How To Remove Phone Number From Discord?

You can go to your user settings and remove your phone number from there in Discord. The action to remove your phone number is possible from both your desktop and phone as well.

Can We Log In Using Mail On Discord?

Yes, you can use both number and mail to log into your discord account. However, your mail should be linked with your discord account.


In conclusion, you can clear the cache for the Discord app on your device with a few simple steps. If you are concerned about whether your app data is deleted from the clearing cache, then keep in mind that clearing app data and clearing cache are completely different. So, just follow the steps and finish the task for a better Discord experience on your device.

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