6+ Benefits Of Using TikTok For Business

6 benefits of using TikTok for business

TikTok is a video social media platform launched in 2016. TikTok has its Mobile app equipped with various editing tools and other features. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS. This app can be used by both individuals and businesses alike. This article is written after examining the various benefits of using TikTok for business.

There are major benefits to using TikTok for your business such as its audiences, potential for organic growth, TikTok business account, ability to run paid ads, etc. These benefits make it an attractive platform for businesses to market themselves.

This article will explain the different benefits of using TikTok for your business. We have researched and completed 6+ benefits of using TikTok for business. If you are a business owner or a stakeholder in a business, you may want to read the benefits in detail and get the most out of the platform.

6+ Benefits Of Using TikTok For Business

TikTok is a very good way to market your business to audiences. Since it is a video platform, you will be able to visually present your products and services. Visual display is a more effective way of marketing.

TikTok has become a major platform for businesses and organizations to market. Since the users on the platform are increasing day by day, it is a perfect place to provide a spot for businesses to gather audiences.

Below are the 6+ benefits of using TikTok for business.

Audience Of All Ages Can Be Found On TikTok

TikTok is a new platform. It was launched in 2016 and the new users that flocked onto the platform were young audiences. But as time went on, other age groups also started getting onto the platform. So now you can find audiences of all ages on the platform.

This is great in terms of marketing. If you have a business, a platform with all ages of audiences will help you sort out and target your audience and also maximize the reach to other probable customers.

It Is A Growing Platform

Since TikTok is a recently launched platform, it is still a growing platform. Businesses have recently started having a presence on the platform but still, there are not all involved in it. You can take advantage of it and begin to have a regular presence on the platform. It will grow with time and you will increase your audience size with it.

More and more people are joining the platform for its short-form addictive content. The more the platform grows in the future, the more likely you will grow.

Your business will also gather more and more audiences and convert them into customers. This article will explain how you can grow on TikTok and increase your TikTok following.

Potential For Organic Growth Is High

TikTok is a very fast-paced and trendy platform. This means if you have the right content at the right time, it will not take long for you to get popular on the platform. The key is to upload content regularly and adapt according to the feedback you get from your audience.

The videos you create for the business should also be short and straightforward. It will increase the potential for organic growth. TikTok is a very engaging platform so that you can grow your business using organic growth on the platform.

Special Account For Businesses

TikTok also has a Business account. This account is specially designed for the use of businesses to grow their audience on the platform. The business account is also equipped with several features such as:

  • Analytics tool for better understanding the performance of content and audiences.
  • API access for any integration with other tools.
  • Scheduling contents for future publishing.
  • Creator studio for better content creation and engagement.
  • Integration with third-party analytics tools.
  • Contact button on the profile.
  • Gift and Card delivery to customers.
  • Swipe up feature on contents.

These tools will help your business to use TikTok to its fullest potential and gather more audiences and turn them into customers and clients.

TikTok Is Free Marketing Tool

TikTok is a free platform that lets users upload content and reach their intended audience. Since you can grow your business presence on the platform organically, it can also be taken as a free marketing tool.

You can set up a free business account on the platform and update the content regularly. It will enable you to market your products and services for free to the audience of the platform. If you consistently upload the content and engage with viewers, you will successfully grow your account by getting more views and likes. If you want to know more about how can you get more views and how can you get more likes, read the articles.

It Helps You Build Authority In Your Niche

Once you start uploading content related to your business niches, you will start gaining more and more authority in your niche. This will put you in an authoritative position and the TikTok algorithm will present your content as reliable content on the platform. This will benefit hugely for your business.

An authoritative account also benefits from the trust of the audience and that means more likes, follows, and video views. This will further increase your presence and brings a lot of benefits to the business.

You Can Also Run Paid Ads If You Want

If you still want more growth and have a budget to fund the growth of your business, the paid ads will also benefit the business. You can create several types of ads on the platform. Though it takes money to run those ads, the return on your investment will be tremendous.

First, you need to have a business account and create a video ad on the platform. Then you can run the paid ad using a valid payment method. The ads can be targeted to the intended audience and optimized accordingly.

Though TikTok ads are expensive compared to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, the growth you will experience from a correctly run ad on TikTok is unlike on other platforms.

What Is TikTok For Business And How Can It Help Your Business?

TikTok for business is the Marketing and Advertising service provided by TikTok for businesses and organizations. You can go to the ‘https://www.tiktok.com/business/’ and start creating ads on the platform. For the ad content, it is best to use TikTok videos rather than images.

But first, you need to fulfill some requirements and get ad authorization for TikTok. And also you can disable ad authorization.

After enabling the ad authorization by fulfilling the requirements, you can start advertising your business on TikTok.

TikTok for business guides marketers and business owners on how you can run ads and optimize for maximum return on investment. It can be used to get more views and engagement and increase brand awareness. Advertisers can use the different formats of advertisements.

Below are some of the popular TikTok ad types and tools you can use on TikTok advertising.

TikTok Top View Ads

Top-view ads are ads that ap[pear once every day when a user starts the TikTok app. This ad runs up to 60 seconds including the sound. This is a longer timeframe compared to an average video on the platform.

This ad is particularly useful for advertisements that need a longer attention period. Movie Trailers and Event advertisements are some of the advertisements that need more attention span.

TikTok In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads are what they sound like. They appear on the feed of the users. The ForYou page will host these ads and can be placed in between every 4 to 5 videos. These ads are shown to people who may be interested in a certain product or service. The targeting of the ads is what determines what ads are shown to you.

These in-feed ads can be 5-15 sec long and are shown to users who are targeted while setting up the ad. These ads can be equipped with CTA (Call To Action) buttons. Users can use these CTA buttons to go to the landing pages of the advertisers or businesses.

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are another way your business can benefit from TikTok. You can create hashtag challenges ads for your business and offer a prize for the best content creator. This way you will manage people to participate in your challenge. The increased engagement will result in the growth of your business account.

Many businesses have adopted this way of marketing and increased their audience size. This type of ad runs for six days.

Brand Takeover

This is a full-screen experience advertising your business. This ad captures and delivers a powerful visual display of your brand images. You can use an image, GIF, or a 3-5 sec video clip as the ad content. Links can also be added to this ad to direct audiences to the website or app.

Branded Effects

Branded effects are 2D, 3D, or AR effects that can be placed to add to TikTok videos. These effects can give extra identity to your brand image. TikTok users can use these effects in their videos and increase your brand’s recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We scoured the internet to find you the frequently asked questions related to this topic. Please read the questions and their answers.

Is TikTok Good For Marketing?

Yes, absolutely TikTok is a very good choice for marketing activities. You can benefit greatly by using a visual platform like TikTok to garner audiences for your business.

How Can I Make My Business Go Viral?

There is no certain answer to this question. But you can try creating unique and interesting videos for your business and increase your chance of going viral.

How Do You Make A TikTok Product Go Viral?

TikTok product goes viral once users like the products. If a product is good and useful, the users will themselves do the marketing for you and sufficient marketing will definitely make your product viral.

Can You Make Money On TikTok?

Yes, you can make money on TikTok by making content that users watch and increasing engagement. Once you have sufficient numbers of followers and views, you will find various ways to make money from it.


Therefore, there are several benefits of using TikTok for business. You can increase your brand image and increase audiences before converting them into customers. This article explains various benefits of using TikTok for business. Also, the paid ads on the platform are described and the different ad formats are also explained.

Please do not hesitate to comment below on why you think should businesses use TikTok.

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