How To Dislike TikTok Videos? [2023]

How to dislike tiktok videos

TikTok’s algorithm works based on videos you watch or the videos that you have liked before. Tiktok stores this information and displays similar content based on your liking. And, sometimes watching videos you don’t like continuously can be frustrating, So how to dislike TikTok videos?

There is no such thing as a dislike button on TikTok however you can still influence the TikTok algorithm to stop seeing certain videos and to do so click on the video you dislike watching, press it for some time and click the not interested button. You can take it even further by tapping more. Two options are displayed choose anyone according to your preference.

To learn more about this in detail you have to keep on reading the article further on how to dislike TikTok videos.

How To Dislike A TikTok Video?

Reporting a TikTok video does the same job as disliking a video on TikTok.

Step 1: Open The TikTok Application On Your Phone

Open the TikTok application on your device.

Step 2: Find The Video You Want To Dislike

Find the content that you don’t like or that is bothering you.

Step 3: Long Press On That Video

Keep pressing that video for some time.

Step 4: Press Not Interested

Some options will appear here; press not interested.

Step 5: Press More In The Not” Interested Icon”

To go even further than this press more which is right beside the” not interested” option.

Step 6: Tap On Either Of The Requests

Here you will be provided with two options Hide videos from users or hide videos with this sound choose and click them according to your preference.

This is how you can report a TikTok video. Another way to do this is by unliking the video. You can also check out how you can make sure TikTok does not suggest your account to others.

How To Unlike A TikTok Video?

You can easily like a TikTok video by double-tapping it and sometimes you might accidentally double-tap a video you don’t like. On liking a video, on TikTok, the TikTok algorithm starts to show you content under a similar category. So, If you accidentally hit the like button on the video you don’t like you can undo this.

Follow these steps to undo alike on the TikTok video to dislike TikTok videos.

Step 1: Open The Video

Click on the video that you have accidentally liked and want to unlike

Step 2: Press The Red Heart

On the right side of this video, you will find a red heart, press it once

And this is how you can undo alike on a TikTok video.

How To Report A TikTok Video?

Reporting a TikTok video will also do the same thing as disliking the video and to report a video on tiktok keep reading further

Step 1: Open Tiktok App

Open the Tiktok application on your device.

Step 2: Open The Video You Want To Report

Open the video that is bothering you or the one that you want to report.

Step 3: Long Press On That Video

Press that video for some time.

Step 4: Hit Report

Now hit the report option.

This is how you can report a tiktok video.

How To Dislike TikTok Comments?

Tiktok is testing the dislike button in the comments. This feature is not available yet. This feature will help its users to dislike comments that they don’t like. But for now, if you don’t like comments that you are seeing on TikTok then you can report that comment. This is an alternative to the dislike button.

Follow these steps to report a comment on TikTok.

Step 1: Click On The Video

Open the video that has the comment that you would like to report

Step 2: Go To Comments

Now go to the comments of that video

Step 3: Long Press The Comment You Want To Dislike

Press on the comment you want to report for some time

Step 4: Press Report

Now hit the report option.

This way you can report a TikTok comment that you dislike and also offensive comments.

Will The User Know If I Like And, Unlike A Video In Tiktok?

The simple answer to this is a yes. The user is going to know if you liked their video because as soon as you like a video TikTok hits them with a notification saying this person liked your video.

And when you undo the like on that same video the notification gets removed so if they are active on TikTok they can make out that you have liked and unliked the video. But TikTok does not directly send a notification to its user that the video has been disliked it just removes the notification.

How To Undo Not Interested In TikTok?

There is no one particular way to do this. TikTok’s algorithm works based on videos you have liked and the videos you keep watching and once you click not interested it tries to hide that type of content from you.

But don’t worry there is a way to minimize this effect. Tiktok is not going to completely remove those kinds of videos from your fyp. Because TikTok’s algorithm works based on videos you keep watching. And in the past, if you have watched a lot of videos related to that topic TikTok will still keep showing you related content.

You can also reverse this effect by liking and keep watching a lot of videos related to that topic this way TikTok’s algorithm will show you more of such content.

Why Is TikTok Removing My Liked Videos?

You might have liked some videos on TikTok so that TikTok shows you similar kinds of content or you might have liked the videos to watch them later. But TikTok removed your liked videos and this can be due to various reasons. 2 of them are discussed below in detail.

Violation Of Community Guidelines

If the videos that you have liked violated the community guidelines of the TikTok application, then the video might get removed from TikTok. So you can not find them on your liked videos as well. Tiktok application has its community guidelines and if these rules are violated then TikTok removes this video.

Your Liked Videos Were Deleted Or Are Private

If your liked videos were deleted or made private by the user then it is not shown in the liked videos by TikTok. This may be another reason why you cannot find your liked videos on TikTok.

What Happens When You Dislike A Video On TikTok?

When you like a TikTok video first and then unlike it on TikTok, then that person will get a notification that you liked their video, and once you unlike it the notification gets disappeared.

Tiktok will not notify them that you disliked a video but the user will know that you have first liked and then unliked the TikTok.Because first the notification appears and later it disappears.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions related to dislike TikTok videos are below.

Why Is TikTok So Popular?

As we know TikTok is the fastest-growing application in recent times. There are a lot of reasons behind it.

The first one is shot-term-based videos. This concept tricks its users into thinking they are only watching a short video that will not take up much time but in fact, the shots of dopamine in these short videos keep them addicted and they spend hours on this platform without even realizing it.

Another reason for TikTok’s popularity is its algorithm. Tiktok shows you videos that you keep watching or the videos that you have liked in the past. This way it serves you the content you like to see.

This is also a great platform for earning money doing something you already like doing and also using minimum effort.

Is TikTok Safe To Use?

There is no one correct answer to this question as the safety in platforms like TikTok is subjective, it mostly depends on how you use this platform

However, TikTok collects a lot of information from your account. Tiktok doesn’t share this everywhere but it is still shared with advertisers. Tiktok also does not have separate safety protocols for child accounts.

TikTok’s Effect On Self-Esteem

Along with all the benefits TikTok also has its flip side as well. And the positive and negative effect of TikTok depends on which side you are on. It is a boon for creators but if you are a viewer then you have to be very careful while using this application.

TikTok can harm your self-esteem. Constantly being on this application will lead people to compare themselves with talented creators with their beauty standards. And this makes the viewers fall short of their expectations which then aids to low self-esteem.

Also being on addictive platforms like TikTok will reduce the productivity of their viewers which will, in turn, lead to low self-esteem issues. So it depends on you and how you use this platform.

What Are The Benefits Of TikTok?

Tiktok applications have many minds blowing benefits. Especially if you are a content creator looking for a platform to earn money

TikTok encourages creativity in people of all age groups. You can easily showcase your creativity using this platform.

Massive popularity can be another benefit of TikTok. With its increasing popularity, TikTok has become one of the fastest apps to get very popular in a short period. So you can accumulate a lot of followers in a short period.

Monetization is also another benefit of TikTok. You can use this platform not only for entertainment purposes but also for earning money.

You can also use tiktok for building a career as well. Use tiktok to add videos related to your skills and you can build a solid career out of it. You can use TikTok as a marketing platform for other businesses as well.

What Is Tiktok Algorithm?

Tiktok algorithm is a recommendation system that suggests videos on your fyp based on what content you view the most of what are the most liked videos from your account. TikTok’s algorithm is one of the many reasons why TikTok is widely popular.

TikTok’s algorithm helps users. Users can influence the algorithm because it works based on their preference and liking of TikTok. You can change it anytime you like.

How To Save A TikTok Video?

To save a TikTok video firstly open the video you’d like to save, then hit the share button here you will find lots of options among them press save and the video will take some time to download. now the video goes to the gallery.

You can also save a TikTok directly by pressing that video for some time and hitting the save option. Sometimes these options might not appear if the user has restricted them so for that you can use other third-party applications.


Therefore, liking videos on TikTok can affect the algorithm and it becomes difficult when you accidentally hit like on videos you don’t like. Now you keep getting similar videos on your feed. Even though there is no dislike button on TikTok you can still influence the algorithm if you follow the article above to dislike Tiktok videos.

You can also undo your like on TikTok if you find out immediately. As soon as you find this out hit the red heart that is at the side of the video. This will also help you in influencing youtube’s algorithm.

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