Funny Snapchat Filters And Lenses [2023]

21 funny Snapchat filters and lenses

When people talk about Snapchat filters, they usually mean something that changes how a person’s face looks in a photo or video. For example, you can add glasses to your face, make your eyes appear larger, change your skin color, or do something else. But many filters make you laugh or say something amusing, which is quite entertaining. My friend and I have discovered several of these filters, and we decided to share them with you. Would you like some Snapchat filters and lenses that are meant to be funny?

Snapchat offers many funny and entertaining filters that allow users to prank their friends and have a good laugh, such as transforming their faces into hilarious characters like Pikachu, an angry bird, or Donald Trump through filters like Surprised Pikachu Face, Alien Face, and Trumped, making Snapchat a fun way to spend time with others through such silly photo distorting effects.

Snapchat Filters have made the user experience more exciting and fun. With these filters, you can prank and have fun with your friends and family. So, if you love to spend time with your friends and family and have a good laugh while being with them, funny Snapchat Filters are the one for you.

Funny Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is widely popular for its filters, which give users unlimited entertainment. Snapchat filters are known for being funny, unique, and sometimes weird, but they do entertain the users. If you’re new to Snapchat, you must first learn how to use Snapchat filters and lenses before finding funny filters and trying to use them.

Let us have a small journey through some of the Funny Snapchat Filters. They are:

1. Surprised Pikachu Face

Are you a Pokémon fan? or even if you are not? You must have seen a surprised Pikachu, a yellow mouse with long pointy ears if you watch memes.

In this Surprised Pikachu Face filter, You will transform into Pikachu. The filter is pretty funny because you will look like a yellowish hooligan with stretched ears and a shocked face while using it.

You can get this filter on Snapchat by tapping Surprised Pikachu Face. Further, You need to click on Explore. The search bar appears at the top. Then, all you have to do is type the Surprised Pikachu Face. The filters appear at first. At last, Apply the filters and start making reels with your surprised Pikachu face.

2. Alien Face

This filter transforms your face to look like an alien, with a large green oval head and huge black eyes taking up most of the face. It adds thin antennas protruding from the forehead and shrinks the mouth to a tiny vertical line.

The filter also digitally alters your voice to sound electronic and warped, helping you fully immerse yourself in an otherworldly alien persona. It gives a fun, lighthearted, yet slightly unnerving vibe for a playful cosmic costume.

3. Dank Emoji

Emojis are used to express emotion in text messages. Snapchat has a lot of emoji filters, and Dank Emoji is one of them.

Dank Emoji: This filter replaces your head with a “laughing until crying” emoji, but you can see your eyes through the emoji. On the see-through part, your eyes will look like blue-tinted lenses.

If you want to try this filter out, type Dank Emoji in the Search bar. Next, you need to select the first filter and start making out some reels with it.

4. Angry Bird Face

With this filter, your face morphs into an angry-looking angry bird with a perfectly round redhead and an oversized orange beak taking up much of the lower face. Small angular wings pop out the sides, and your body shrinks down tiny.

Along with the transformation, your real voice shifts to sound more high-pitched and grumpy, squawking out irritated bird noises. The filter channels the heated fervor of the famous Flying Fowl franchise as a humorous way to vent frustration or fuel competitiveness in a cartoonish sense.

5. Tetris

Want to have your face in Tetris blocks? Tetris is a classic puzzle and block game and is still loved by many today.

In this filter, you will appear on a Tetris block with your face. To utilize this filter, you must point the front camera at yourself. The interesting thing about this filter is that you can play Tetris while having a snap or taking reels.

If you want to have some snap in this filter, you can adopt the procedure above. But type Tetris in the search bar, and the filter appears. Finally, Use the filter and snap some pictures with them.

6. Bear Face

Enveloping your face with a husky brown fur coat and a larger-than-life black nose, this filter transforms you into a bear. Round furry ears poke up from your head while a dusting of whiskers frames your mouth below a wet black snout.

Your voice deepens into friendly growls and huffs, perfectly suiting your ursine persona. Snuggly yet undeniably strong, this filter exudes a playful sense of tough wildness ideal for conveying prowess or pretending to forage in imaginary woods.

7. Fake Moon Lander

Have you ever had thoughts of going to the Moon? If you have not, you are a kind of a special case, but if you have one, then Snapchat provides you with a Fake Moon Lander filter, which is quite weird but funny.

Fake Moon Lander filter offers you to be an astronaut who landed on the Moon while holding a flag. You can add any picture from your device to the flag.

Do you want to try this filter? If Yes, you need to click on Explore. The search bar appears at the top. Type Fake Moon Lander on the search bar. The filter pops up at the front. Now, click the filter, and you are ready to apply it.

8. Clown Face

With this filter, a stark white base paints your face as red lipstick circles your cartoonishly exaggerated mouth, and an excessively large red button nose sits above. Stray-tousled plumes of colorful hair sprout in unexpected places, completing the clownish look.

Your voice retains its human tone yet somehow still seems discordant with the visuals, fully immersing you in a festive circus role. Silly and lighthearted, this filter spreads gleeful, mischievous vibes through its over-the-top comedic caricature.

9. Crying Eyes

One of the funniest filters on the platform, Crying Eyes, originated for users to notify their friends that they are upset. But Users choose this filter to make silly and funny pictures.

This filter distorts your face and adds watering eyes by lifting your eyebrows. The water moves while you are using the filter.

10. Deer Face

Wrapping your head in soft brown fur with an elongated black nose and pointed ears, this filter crowns you with a majestic rack of antlers. Your eyes magnify in size, taking on a wider liquid gaze to match your cervine transformation.

As the features settle, your voice lightens to breathy huffs and birdlike calls fitting your new four-legged form. Evoking a sense of graceful watchfulness amid nature, this look encourages playful pretenses of bounding through quiet forests or pastures beneath the Moon.

11. Trumped

Who does not know the blonde-haired American president? Despite controversies, Donald Trump is one of the funniest politicians in the U.S.A. Trumped is a filter of Ex-President Donald Trump.

This filter turns you into Donald Trump chilling in the White House. In addition, the trumped filter gives you blonde hair and wrinkles on your face.

12. Dinosaur Face

With a roar, this filter morphs your features into a primate-sized prehistoric beast. An enormous snout framed by spiked brows leads to a long flexing neck, while your body recedes into stout limbs and a sweeping tail.

Your genuine vocalizations give way to tremoring snarls and calls from a lost epoch. Transporting you into the starring role of a Cretaceous-era leviathan, this visage awakens primal fantasies of dominating forgotten jungles or coming to cinematic blows in sweeping dreamed sequels to humankind’s most legendary extinct antagonists.

13. Donkey Head

The Donkey is one of the most hardworking animals in the world and has a sharp memory. As a result, animal head filters are very popular on the platform, and the Donkey Head filter is also one of them.

This filter replaces your head with the head of an animated donkey with long ears. While using this filter, If you open your mouth and blink your eyes, your Donkey’s head will also open its mouth and blink.

14. Bean Face

Upon activation, this filter molds your facial features into those of the legendary titular British buffoon – a round, cherubic visage taking shape beneath an upturned button nose and classic perplexed brow wrinkles. Your voice also metamorphosizes into his trademark indecipherable mumbling, priming you for improbable slapstick misadventures and eliciting chuckles with only an upward twitch of the eyebrow. Slap on the iconic tweed coat, and you’re ready to bumble your way into quality comedic chaos.

15. I Am Shook

Have you ever been so flabbergasted that it felt like your eyes would pop out? Well, you can experience this virtually on this Snapchat filter.

In the ‘I Am Shook’ filter, your face will be slightly leaner, and your eyes will pop out from your sockets with smoke coming behind your body.

16. Shrek Face

With one tap, this filter envelops your face in an overflowing cloak of vibrant emerald skin topped with enormous, comically misshapen ears. A broad, flat nose spans below two risen brows, completing the rendition of the beloved ogre protagonist.

Your tone drops several registers to match his gravelly Scottish burr as you find yourself transformed into the lovable grumpy guardian of swamp tranquility. Rambunctious and charming in equal share, this look inspires playful nostalgia for all things DreamWorks.

17. No No No

Need some funny distort filters to make your face look wittier. No No No is one of those filters which will distort your face and make it hilarious to watch.

This filter distorts your face and makes your chin pointy, mouth ridiculously smaller, and eyes huge. The best thing about this filter is your huge eyes, where your irises would be replaced by two different distorted images of your face.

To use this filter, you need to tap on Smiley Face and go through Explore. Next, the search bar will appear. You need to Type No No No in the search bar. The filter appears at the top. Apply the filter and start making some reels.

18. Big Mouth

Big mouth is a popular filter on Snapchat. In the early months of its release, Many influencers loved and used this filter for their daily content.

This filter stretches your mouth, especially your lip part, from one side to another, making your head rounder and smaller.

Do you want to try this filter out? If you do, click on the search bar after going through Explore and type Big Mouth. Then, at last, You can use the first filter that appears on your screen and snap some amazing pictures out of it.

19. Squidward Face

At activation, this filter remolds your visage into the bilious bassoonist of Bikini Bottom himself – an angular sloped cranium adorned with prodigious protuberant hooter above a frown made perpetual. Green tentacled tendrils emerge from your scalp while your droll delivery transfigures to his signature martyred intonation.

Ideal for voicing woes, real or imagined, this look imbues you with the prickly petulance of stubborn skeptical squid supremacy, priming lighthearted jabs at the colorful characters and antics around you with trademark Squidwardian disdain.

20. Talking Potato

How much do you like potatoes? Potato is a good resource for fiber, but does it talk to you? No, right, but you can talk as a potato on this Snapchat filter called ‘Talking Potato.’

This filter turns you into a potato held in a human hand’s palm. Only your eyes, nose, and mouth appear on the potato’s surface. After applying this filter, you can talk and make reels of it.

21. Mad Kitty

Do you have a pet, especially a cat? Snapchat not only have filters for human, but it also has some for animals. If you have a cat, try the ‘Mad Kitty’ filter on them. You can also try it for yourself.

This filter gives you (or your cat or dog) mad and big furry eyebrows. Trying it for yourself might not give you a much more fun look than trying it on your pets.

To try this filter out, type Mad Kitty in the Search bar. Next, you need to select the first filter and start making out some reels with it.

22. Horse Morph

Horse Morph filter was trending this year on every social media platform. It is not originally from Snapchat, but you can add it from Snapchat filter codes.

If you open your mouth for a while, This filter will stretch your face and almost change into an identical Horse head with two pointy ears.

23. Face Swap

Swapping face is one of the funniest filters on Snapchat. Unfortunately, many memes, pranks, and trolls emerged after the filter existed.

This filter lets you replace your face with your friend or companion sharing the same screen.

Do you want to try this filter? If Yes, you need to click on Explore. The search bar appears at the top. Type Face Swap on the search bar. The filter pops up at the front. Now, click the filter, and you are ready to apply it.

24. Chicken Nugget Face

How often do you eat Chicken Nuggets? Want to look crispy and crunchy? If you love to eat chicken nuggets or even if you are vegan. Chicken Nugget Face filter will give you a good laugh.

The filter turns your head into a gigantic Chicken Nugget. However, it will only show your eyes, nose, and mouth on the nuggets.

25. Mini Head

Have you ever thought about what would be your twin look like (if you don’t have one)? If you want to give yourself a conjoined twin, then the ‘Mini Head’ filter might help you give a mini twin on your head while applying this filter.

The Mini Head filter gives you a mini you on the top of your head.

You can easily find this filter on Snapchat through simple procedures similar to the above cases. Here, you need to type Mini Head at the search bar. Further, the filter appears. At last, Select the filter and apply it to click some amazing photos.

26. Coffee Bean

When was the last time you drank coffee? Are you craving it so much that you see yourself as a coffee bean in your thoughts? No, okay, then here, this filter might help you to do this.

Coffee Bean filters will change your background yellow and turn you into a coffee bean having sticky hands and legs.

27. Time Warp Scan

The Time Warp Scan filter allows you to distort time and space by freezing your video’s image incrementally as a blue line moves across the screen, creating a warping effect.

You can use it to make your body look like it’s melting, surroundings speed up or slow down, or create time-lapse walks and change facial shapes. Move the blue line creatively for endless trippy possibilities.

28. Face Melt

Are you a fan of distortion filters? Here is the Face Melt filter, a funny face distortion filter. While applying it, you will look hilarious.

This filter melts your face, and every facial feature will be pointing downwards, including your hair.

29. Caring Monkey

Do you love animals? Then, How about a Monkey, or should I say a caring Monkey? What would you do if Monkey sat on your shoulder and played with your hair?

This filter changes the picture color to warm and shows you with a monkey sitting on your shoulder and playing with your hair.

30. Crying Face

Well, This filter was one of the most trending filters of the year and has been used more than a billion times on Snapchat. The filter originated from Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court case, where Amber Heard broke down in court.

Crying face is way too realistic and changes the face of the user, where a user looks hysterical with those facial expressions.

You need to go through the same process to find out these filters. But you should type Crying Face in the search bar to get these filters. Then, select the filter that appears at first and use it to click some amazing photos.

31. Trippy

The Trippy filter applies effects like swirling colors, morphing shapes, glitter, and kaleidoscopic patterns to distort your video in crazy ways. It’s a fun way to add excitement and create unique artistic looks. You can make surroundings melt and swirl, your face morphs between colors and forms or dance kinetically.

The Trippy filter expresses creativity for festive, mesmerizing videos.

32. This Is The Bomb

Have you ever wondered what your face would look like after an explosion? If you have, the ‘This Is The Bomb’ filter might help you find out without having explosions near you.

After tapping the filter option, you will hear the sound of a siren in the distance, and after some seconds, you will hear an explosion sound. This filter shows grey and black clouds surrounding you and will have some burned and scarred remains on your face.

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How Can We Enable Our Snapchat Filter?

Are you having some trouble while trying to apply your Snapchat filter? One of the reasons is turning off Snapchat filters. If that’s the problem, here are some simple steps to enable your Snapchat filters.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App

Firstly, you should launch the Snapchat application and log in with your Username and password (if asked).

Step 2: Click On the Bitmoji

You must click on your profile icon/ Bitmoji at the top left corner of your Snapchat home screen.

Step 3: Go To The Setting Bar

Further, click on the setting at the top right of your Bitmoji screen.

Step 4: Click On The Additional Services

Now, options such as My Account, Additional Services, Privacy Controls, Support, Feedback, More Information, and Account Actions will appear on your screen. In addition, you can find additional services. For example, all you have to do is click on Manage under Additional Service.

Step 5: Enable The Filter

Lastly, you need to toggle on the filter to operate your filter. If you can’t find this filter, it means that your filter is already enabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Funny Snapchat Filters. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below.

How Long Does Snapchat Filter Last?

Snapchat filters last for around 30 days. Therefore, you need to make an annual filter if you want to run the filter for more than 30 days.

Does Snapchat Filter Get Deleted?

Yes, Snapchat filters get deleted daily as several new filters are added.

How Do You Get The Funny Filters On Snapchat?

To get the funny filters on Snapchat. You must go to Snapchat>Press Smily Face Button>Open Lenses> Choose and Select Funny Snapchat Filters.

What Are Some Best Animal-Face Snapchat Filters?

Do you love animals? I bet you do. If you want to look like them, here are some Best Animal-Face Snapchat Filters.

  1. Caring Monkey
  2. Cute Tiger
  3. Horse Head
  4. Lion
  5. Funny Elephant
  6. Shark Hug, and so on.

Click this link to get some more of the Best Animal-Face Snapchat Filters.

How To Put Snapchat Filters On Camera Roll Pictures?

You can apply/put Snapchat filters on camera roll pictures by several methods, such as editing the photo using Snapchat itself, using a filter, for example, “Camera Roll.”


In conclusion, Snapchat filters provide endless fun and entertainment for users. With thousands of filters available, a wide variety is available for every occasion and mood. The funny filters discussed in this article show how creative Snapchat has become in morphing users’ faces into amusing characters and scenarios.

Whether you want to transform into a cute animal, a famous public figure, a distorted facial expression, or another bizarre concept, Snapchat filters offer unique and comedic ways to express oneself and engage with others through visual snaps and videos. They allow lighthearted games and virtual realities to be shared amongst friends. While some filters are more popular meme trends at certain times, the variety ensures there is always a new, hilarious look to discover.

Overall, Snapchat filters act as a source of comic relief and bonding experiences for users, making the platform enjoyable to spend time on due to the laughs and memories created through the silly photo manipulation effects.

We hope this article was useful.

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