Facebook Reverse Image Search: How To Find Someone With A Picture?

As more and more deep fake images are circulating across the internet, you may come across one and get confused if that image is real or fake. It is often attributed to creating wrong information and leading to reputation damage of famous people. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are filled with such deep fake images. You can also do a Facebook reverse Image search to determine where the image is coming from on the platform. It helps you get informed about the authenticity of the image.

You can do a Facebook reverse image search using Facebook itself, Using the google image search algorithm, reverse image search apps, and other search engines and tools. The reverse image search technology is not as refined as it should be. So, you also need to take care of a few things for better search results.

Facebook Reverse image search is also very useful in finding someone with a picture also. If you want to find someone with only an image, you can make use of Facebook reverse image search tools. We have detailed all the ways you can do a Facebook reverse image search in this article.

What Is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a technology that lets you use an image you have to search for the source of the image. For example, you found an image somewhere on the internet and want to know where the image got uploaded first. In this case, you can use the reverse image search to see all the places on the internet where the image is used.

This is particularly helpful in determining if an image is real or fake. You can also see if an image is being reused on the internet. Although this technology is quite an infant, it does help you do some things.

The reverse image search process involves using tools or search engines to find an image with its name or the image itself. There are many ways you can do a reverse image search such as using google’s image search functionality to search the replica image of the Facebook image you have.

Why Should You Use Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search can be used on Facebook and also on other platforms to achieve various goals. Reverse image search is a new technology and is often a non-reliable one. But that does not stop it from being part of use cases and helping people do certain tasks. We have compiled some important use cases of this technology below:

  • To find the source of an image you have.
  • To determine if an image is edited or is an original one.
  • To identify the location or the person on a picture.
  • To have more information related to the image.
  • To find high-quality images of the same photo.
  • To see where the image is being re-used on the internet.
  • To identify products or items on the picture.
  • To find who uploaded the image.
  • To see if a copyrighted image is being used without permission.

You can also use Reverse image search apps which you can download from different app stores and use on your phone. And if you want to do a Facebook reverse image search, you can make use of the methods given below.

  • Use Reverse Image Search Apps.
  • Use Google Image Search Tool.
  • Third-Party Tools On Your Browser.
  • Use Image Filename To Search On Google.
  • Use Alternative Search Engines.

How To Use Reverse Image Search Using A Facebook Image?

If you have a Facebook image and want to do a reverse image search on it then you can use several methods mentioned below.

Method #1: Use Reverse Image Search Apps

Reverse Image Search apps can be found in both Play Store and App Store. These are standalone apps that are solely developed for reverse image search. For this example step, we are going to use the ‘Reverse Image Search Tool’. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install The App

Go to this link to download the Reverse Image Search Tool in Play Store and App Store.

Step 2: Open The App

After installing, open the app on your device.

Note: You may encounter ads while searching as you are using the free version of the App.

Step 3: Choose The Option ‘Reverse Image Search

One the app, choose the ‘reverse Image Search’ Option.

Step 4: Import The Image From The Gallery

You can import the image you want to search from your gallery. You also have an option to use the URL address for the image.

Step 5: Tap On Search

After you upload the image, you can tap on the search to start searching for the image on the internet.

The search result will show all the results from Google, Bing, Yandex, and Tineye. You can tap each search engine for its result.

Step 6: Scroll Down To Find The Facebook Results

Scroll down to find the results from Facebook and see where the images are appearing. You can also see whose profile has the image to identify the person on the image.

You can also replace the text in the search box with Facebook to filter the results from Facebook only.

With the above steps, you will be able to find someone with a picture of them on Facebook.

Method #2: Use Google Image Search Tool

Google also has its image search tool that you can use to reverse search images on the internet. So, if you have a picture from Facebook that you want to find out the source of, you can use it.

Follow the below steps to do a reverse image search on Google Image Search.

Step 1: Open ‘image.google.com’

First, open your browser and go to ‘image.google.com’.

Step 2: Click The Camera Icon And Select Upload An Image

Once you are on the google image homepage, click on the camera icon on the right side of the search bar. Now you can select upload an image.

Step 3: Tap On Choose File And Import The Facebook Image

Next, you can choose the image file which you want to search and import the Facebook image to the search engine.

Step 4: Replace The Texts On The Text Box With Facebook

Once you import the image, you can replace the text on the search bar with Facebook and the results will be filtered with results only from Facebook.

With the above steps, you will successfully search the Facebook image on Google Image search to find the source of the image.

Method #3: Third-Party Tools On Your Browser

There are browser extensions that you can use to do reverse image searches on the internet. One such example is TinEye Chrome Extension. After you install the extension on your browser, you can simply right-click any images on the web page and click ‘Search Image On TinEye’.

The TinEye tool will search for the image across the internet and will present you with the results. You can scroll down and visit the next page to find the results from Facebook.

Method #4: Use Image Filename To Search On Google

If you want to find the source of a Facebook image, you can use the filename to identify the Facebook profile id and then search the id to find the person on the picture.

Step 1: Open The Image On A Separate Tab

First, open the image on the separate tab by right-clicking and selecting ‘Open in a new tab’.

Step 2: Locate The Profile ID

On the address bar, you will see three strings of numbers separated by underscores and followed by .png or.jpg. You can copy the middle string and numbers on your clipboard. The number is the Facebook id of the user who uploaded the picture.

Step 3: Use The Profile ID To Locate The User

Now open another tab and paste this link on the address bar ‘https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=<Profile ID>’,

here, replace the Profile ID with the number you copied from the address bar of the image. The address now will directly take you to the Facebook profile page of the user who uploaded the image on Facebook.

Method #5: Use Alternative Search Engines

Other search engines such as Bing and Yandex can also be used to do the reverse image search and find the source of the Facebook image. Several other websites can help you do the reverse image search on the internet.

You can use any of the methods mentioned to find someone with a picture only. Although it is scary to imagine strangers finding you out with an image on the internet. It does help you in several ways such as finding fake pictures, finding usage of a copyrighted image, etc.

Are The Methods Mentioned Above Reliable?

The reliability of the reverse image search technology is not quite how you would expect. Since the technology is in its infancy, you cannot rely totally on it. But more than the technology itself, the result depends on the image or data you provide to it.

If the image you provide to the tool is in itself at fault, the result you would get will not be totally reliable. So, you must make sure you provide an accurate image with as much quality as possible for the search engine to find reliable results.

This is exactly why we have compiled some important things you should know before reverse-searching a Facebook image.

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Things You Should Know Before Reverse-Searching A Facebook Image

There are some things that you should make sure will help you get better search results while doing a reverse image search. Regardless of which tool you use, if you follow the below points, you will be able to get better results and find the Facebook image source you are searching for.

  • Do not rename the File Name of the image and the original name should be intact.
  • You do not edit, crop, or change the image in any way. The image should be in its original form.
  • The color profile should not change as the search engines depend on color profiles to find the same images.
  • You try using more than 1 method to get the best result.

Searching For Items To Buy? Try Google Lens instead

There are several tools that are developed to serve a specific function of reverse image search. For example, if you are searching for a product to buy, Google lens can be your best bet.

Google lens is also very useful in doing other things such as finding texts on your image and scanning some QR codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet.

Can You Find People Who Posted A Photo?

It cannot be said you can find the actual person who posted your photo however you can find the web pages where your photo got posted. Use the reverse image search to find pages where your photo got posted.

Can You Stop Others From Reverse Searching Your Images?

No, you cannot stop other people from reverse searching your images. If they already have your photo, they can always use it to reverse search it.

If You Upload An Image On Reverse Image Search, Is It Public?

No, the image you use for the reverse image search will not be public as the image does not get posted anywhere on the internet.


Therefore, You can find someone with a Facebook picture using a reverse image search. If you have the original image with an unchanged file name, you can also use various other methods such as google search engines, reverse image search apps, browser extensions, filenames, and other search engines.

Although this technology is not perfect at this stage, it does work for simple tasks such as finding people on the internet, finding usage of an image, etc.

We hope we answered your questions and provided you with valuable information.

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