How To Use Family Pairing On TikTok [All Possible Child Safety Methods]

how to use family pairing on TikTok

TikTok has a new feature of parental control called ‘Family Pairing,’ which allows parents to control the digital wellbeing of their children. For this, they can add privacy settings to their children’s TikTok accounts. In addition, with the Family Pairing feature, they can set a limit on their kid’s use of the TikTok app.

To set up a family pairing on TikTok, what you need to do is:
1. Open the TikTok app.
2. Go to profile.
3. Tap on three horizontal lines.
4. Tap on Family pairing.
5. Answer “Who is using the TikTok account?” with “Parent.”
6. Go to your Kid’s TikTok.
7. Choose “Teen.”
8. Scan QR Code.

After all the privacy settings are done, kids will be unable to change the settings without their parent’s approval. So, here is a guide on how to use Family Pairing on TikTok.

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What Is TikTok Family Pairing?

TikTok family pairing is a feature on TikTok that allows parents to link their accounts with their children’s accounts to control their kids’ TikTok uses and experiences.

With family pairing, parents can control the screen time limits, turn on restricted modes, and disable direct messages on TikTok on their children’s accounts from their accounts. And children are unable to change these settings without the parent’s approval.

However, parents also need to have a TikTok account to link with their children’s accounts. Once both the accounts are paired, parents will be able to remotely control ‘Digital wellbeing’ and privacy controls of their children’s TikTok accounts.

What Does Family Pairing Do On TikTok?

Family Pairing on TikTok is a feature that lets you connect your account with a parent or guardian’s account. This lets the parent or guardian see what their child is doing on the app, including what videos they’re watching and who they’re interacting with. Family Pairing can also be used to set limits on how much time a child spends on the app and to restrict access to certain features.

The parent or guardian’s account must be linked to the child’s device for Family Pairing to work. Once Family Pairing is enabled, the parent or guardian must enter their phone number to receive a verification code. After they’ve entered the code, they’ll be able to see their child’s activity on TikTok.

How Does TikTok Family Pairing Work?

Family Pairing on TikTok is a feature that allows parents to control their child’s account. This can be done by linking the two accounts together. Once the accounts are linked, the parent can see the child’s activity and set limits on what they can see and do.

The parent can also choose to allow or disallow comments and messages. Family Pairing is a great way to keep your child safe on TikTok. It also allows you to monitor their activity and make sure they’re not spending too much time on the app.

How To Use Family Pairing On TikTok?

To set up Family Pairing on TikTok, you must enable family safety mode. So, here are the steps to enable the family safety mode on the TikTok account.

Step 1: Open TikTok App

Open your TikTok app on any device and log in to your account.

Step 2: Go To Profile

Go to your profile page from the “profile” icon at the bottom right side.

Step 3: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines

Then tap on the three horizontal lines icon at the top right corner.

Step 4: Tap On Family Pairing

Now tap on the ‘Family Pairing’ option.

Step 5: TikTok Ask Question

After this, TikTok will ask the question, ‘Who is using the TikTok account?’.

Step 6: Choose The Option

From ‘Parent’ and ‘Teen,’ you can choose ‘Parent’ and tap on ‘Continue.’ It will display a QR code.

Step 7: Scan QR Code

You must follow the same process and choose ‘Teen’ on your kid’s TikTok. Then you can scan the QR code displayed on the parent’s TikTok.

Now both the accounts will be linked, and you can customize your children’s TikTok settings from your phone. This will be a safer experience with a limit on kids’ watch time, exclude content that is not suitable for them, and who can send messages to them.

Features Of Family Pairing On TikTok

Along with parents, children are also using social media platforms on the Internet these days. So, TikTok has introduced a family paring feature that helps control your kids’ TikTok uses. Therefore, the following are the parental controls over a kid’s TikTok account.

  • Screen Time Management
  • Turn On Restricted Mode
  • Disable Direct Messages
  • Block Search
  • Educational Resource For Parents

Screen Time Management

Screen Time Management is a feature that allows parents to provide a time limit per day for their children on TikTok. It tells their children how long they can stay on TikTok, preventing the use of social media. And they can dedicate specific time to their studies and extra-curricular activities. The available options are 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes daily.

This feature helps to control how long your kids can spend time on the TikTok app every day. So, TikTok has partnered with top creators to make short videos that appear on the app, and parents can keep their on-screen time.

These videos suggest taking a break and doing something offline like reading a book. Thus, it is useful for children on TikTok.

Turn On Restricted Mode

You can limit the appearance of the content on your kid’s TikTok account, which is not suitable for underage. Parents can set the screen time and restricted mode even without enabling the ‘Family Pairing.’ It can be done by visiting the ‘Digital wellbeing’ controls at any time on TikTok.

By activating the restricted mode, content inappropriate for minors will not appear in the suggestion. However, there will be ‘For You Feed’ on children’s TikTok profiles. The restricted profile cannot be found by any user and view their publications.

Disable Direct Messages

It is one of the most important parental control features on TikTok. You can block kids from receiving direct messages or prevent some TikTok profiles from sending messages to them. But TikTok already has a very restrictive policy regarding direct messages.

It did not allow images and videos on direct messages and deactivated the feature for children under 16 years.

You can control who can send messages to your kid’s TikTok account or completely turn off the messaging option. For safety, TikTok already has policies and controls that only approved followers can message each other.

In addition, images and videos are not allowed to be sent in messages. These options help build a safer and more trustworthy platform for users of all ages.

Block Search

This Family Pairing feature allows you to block the search bar on the kid’s TikTok account. With this, children will not be allowed to search any user, hashtags, or do any search activity at all. But they will be able to view the content on the ‘Find’ tab and follow the users that appear for them.

Educational Resource For Parents

TikTok has added the educational resources feature for parents on TikTok. It is designed for parents to help support their children.

In addition, TikTok has partnered with the online safety nonprofit organization ‘Internet Matters.’ The company wants children’s voices to be heard regarding parents’ involvement in their digital life.

So, the organization has developed a set of resources in collaboration with children aged 13 and older to connect with them. In addition, it aims to offer parents tips on navigating TikTok and teenage social media usage in general.

Children want their parents to understand the rules about settings when they set the ‘Family Pairing’ feature. This way, they feel that they have gained trust from adults in their personal life.

How To Use Parental Controls And Family Pairing On TikTok?

Parents can set control over kids’ TikTok accounts through parental controls. For example, they can set the time for how long they can spend on TikTok, who they talk to, and limit the inappropriate content.

So, here are the ways how you can use the parental controls on TikTok.

  • Set TikTok Screen Time Limit
  • Restrict What Your Child Can Watch
  • Turn Off Direct Messages On Your Child’s TikTok

How To Set TikTok Screen Time Limit?

You can directly set the TikTok screen time limit on your kid’s account to 60 minutes. For this, you can follow the steps below by accessing the child’s TikTok account.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open TikTok on your child’s device.

Step 2: Go To Profile

Go to the profile from the ‘Profile’ icon at the bottom right.

Step 3: Tap Settings

Then, tap on the ‘Settings’ menu from three vertical dots on the profile.

Step 4: Tap Digital Wellbeing

And tap on the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ option.

Step 5: Choose Screen Time Management

Then choose the ‘Screen Time Management’ and turn on the option.

Step 6: Enter The Passcode

You can enter the numerical passcode to lock.

Step 7: Tap On Next

And tap on the ‘Next’ button and confirm the passcode again with ‘Next.’

Thus, this is how you set up a screen time limit on your child’s TikTok account.

How To Restrict What Your Child Can Watch?

If you do not want your child to be exploited by watching inappropriate content on any social media, you can enable the restricted mode on TikTok.

So, you can restrict the type of content for your child on TikTok with the steps below.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open your child’s TikTok app.

Step 2: Tap On Profile

And tap on the profile from the bottom right side.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

Then tap on the settings from three vertical dots.

Step 4: Tap Digital Wellbeing

And tap on the ‘Digital wellbeing’ option.

Step 5: Turn On Restricted Mode

Now tap on the ‘Restricted Mode’ and turn on the option.

Step 6: Set Passcode

And enter the numerical passcode to lock. You must use the same passcode if you have already set the screen time limit.

Step 7: Tap On Next

Then tap on ‘Next’ and confirm the passcode with the ‘Next’ button again.

After enabling screen time limits and restricted mode on your child’s TikTok account, you can directly access the ‘search’ and ‘direct message’ control through the ‘Family Pairing’ feature.

How To Turn Off Direct Messages On Your Child’s TikTok?

You can directly turn off or limit the direct message option on your child’s TikTok account. However, direct messages have been disabled by default since April 2020 on accounts under 16 years of age. So, below are the steps to turn off direct messages on any TikTok account.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open the TikTok app and log in to your child’s TikTok account.

Step 2: Go To Profile

Go to profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

From the three vertical dots menu, tap on Settings.

Step 4: Tap On Privacy And Safety

Then tap on the ‘Privacy and Safety option.

Step 5: Choose The Option

And choose the option from ‘Who can send you direct messages.’

Step 6: Select “No One”

Among three options, you can choose “No one” to prevent anyone from sending a direct message to you on TikTok.

Thus, this is how you turn off direct messages on your child’s TikTok.

How To Unlink TikTok Family Pairing?

If you do not want parental control over your child anymore or your child is above 16 years of age, you can unlink the ‘Family Pairing’ feature on TikTok.

So, if you have decided to remove ‘Family Pairing’ from your child’s TikTok account, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Open TikTok and log in to the parent’s account.

Step 2: Go To Profile

Go to your profile by tapping the profile icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Tap On Settings

Then tap on ‘Settings’ from the three vertical dots menu.

Step 4: Tap Family Paring

And tap on ‘Family Paring’ and then tap your child’s account.

Step 5: Tap Unlink

Now you can tap on the ‘Unlink’ button below. Like this, both the accounts are now unlinked from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There might be some queries related to how to use TikTok family pairing. So, here are the few answers to those queries explained in brief for you.

How To Stop Tiktok From Suggesting Your Account To Others?

To stop Tiktok from suggesting your account to others, you can apply restrictions from the TikTok privacy settings. Similarly, there are other features under privacy settings on TikTok that you can incorporate. This will help to make your TikTok account more secure and private.

How To Prevent Tiktok Suggesting Your Account When You Share Links?

To prevent Tiktok from suggesting your account when you share links from the privacy settings, first, Go to Tiktok> Open Profile> Get to settings and privacy> Access privacy> Tap on suggest your account to others> Toggle people who open or send links to you off.

What Is The Age For Child’s TikTok Account?

Commonly, the right age for the TikTok app is 15+, but the users should be at least 13 years old. Although there is a way for younger kids to access the app, they cannot experience it fully.

How To Change Your Age In TikTok?

To change your age in TikTok, you cannot go to any inbuilt feature manually on the app. Instead, you will need to send a request to Tiktok to change your age in your account. Unless Tiktok approves, the age will stay the same.

Is It Illegal To Lie Age On TikTok?

You should not lie about your age on TikTok, as you might get reported by others if they suspect you are underage. So, creating a new TikTok account with parental control would be better.


Thus, if you were unaware of how to use the TikTok family paring feature, you have found the detailed guide. And other features under family pairing control that you could use for your kids if they want to use the TikTok app.

So did you find this article helpful? Do comment below to share your experience and if you have any input on the topic!

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