How To Turn Off Auto Delete In Pet Simulator X?

How to turn off auto-delete in pet simulator x? Did you hatch eggs on pet simulator x? Are you losing lots of pets now? So you are wondering how to turn off auto-delete in pet simulator x. You are here at the right place. This article is an ultimate guide for you to turn off auto-delete in pet simulator x. I make sure you will be able to get answers to all of the confusion you have, with the help of this article.

Answer: You can easily turn off the auto-delete in the pet simulator x by following a few guide steps. Here is a guide step that would help you auto delete the pet simulator x:
1. Head on to the options menu bar.
2. Scroll down the list of options.
3. Select ‘General’ as an option from the list.
4. Look at the bottom option of the list.
5. Click on the ‘auto-delete’ button.
The auto-delete button will turn out to be a grey color from the previous green color. It means you have successfully turned off the auto-delete in pet simulator x.

Pet simulator X is a game mostly popular among teenagers and children. This game is based on running from difficulties and collecting coins and diamonds. With the help of those diamonds and coins, it is possible to buy eggs in the game. Those eggs then hatch into pretty fabulous as well as dangerous pets. You can get kittens, puppies, dragons, unicorns, etc ranging from cute to dangerous.

Can You Stop Auto Delete In Pet Simulator X?

Yes, you can stop auto delete in pet simulator x. But, you may also face some kind of circumstances in this game. You can not stop auto-delete in pet sim if you do not view websites and do it on your own.

The pets that have recently hatched from the eggs you purchased may get deleted. All of the pet simulator x players may purchase lots of edges and hatch them at the same time.

But, you may even detect losing a lot of pets when trying to receive the rare pet from the egg. So you will always need to stop the auto-delete in your pet simulator x.

Before you tend to purchase eggs in the game, you should turn off the auto-delete option. If you do not do so, you may lose all of your pets including the rare one.

By turning off the auto-delete option, you can easily get a huge bundle of pets and can easily select to keep in your inventory without having fear of losing or getting pets deleted.

Where Do I Find Auto Settings In Pet Simulator X?

There are plenty of auto settings in your pet simulator x. Just the thing is you may not know about it till the date.

You have to turn on the device where you play pet simulator x.

Get the main menu on your mobile home screen. Then select to go inside the options.

After scrolling for a few minutes, you will find the gameplay button. You will be asked if you want to arrange the auto settings.

Select which kind of auto settings you want, such as pet, gameplay, etc.

Once you keep on moving and click on the icons all around the pet simulator x game, you will unlock a lot of information about it.

You have to handle the auto delete options with great care to prevent further difficulties in your gameplay.

Steps To Turn Off Auto Delete In Pet Simulator X

Turning off the auto-delete option on your pet simulator x may bring vast changes in the game. You can easily detect the changes and some restrictions you will get after disabling the auto-delete option.

Here is a detailed step on how you can turn off the auto-delete option in pet simulator x. So let us get started with our step-to-step guide. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Pet Simulator X Game

Take your desktop or Pc and turn it on. Search for the pet simulator x on the app list.

Launch the game on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Head On To The Dashboard

Look at the top right corner of your screen. You can see a horizontally arranged three-dot icon in a row.

You can either launch this game in full screen or just half screen on your Pc.

Step 3: Tap On The Auto Setting Option

On your left-hand side, you can see three different icons arranged vertically in a row.

The first one is a hoverboard icon, the second is a teleport, and the last is an automatic setting icon.

The auto setting option is marked with a green recycle bin-like icon.

You have to click on it so that you can enter into a new page.

Step 4: Uncheck All Types Of Pet

You will get a new popup with different types of pets you have. You may get to see rare, basic, epic, etc as grading pets.

Click on each one of them at a time. You are unchecking the pets at the right time.

You have to click on only those pets whose you want to turn off the automatic deleting system.

If your goal is to get free from the automatic features of the game, you can easily uncheck all types of pets which are shown to you.

Step 5: Hatch One Of The Egg

You have turned off or stopped the automatic deleting process of pets in pet simulator x.

So now you have to check if it worked or not. Purchase any one of the eggs with your diamonds and hatch them at the same time.

If you do not lose your recently hatched pet, you have turned off the auto-delete option from your settings.

You have now successfully stopped the automatic deletion of pets in the pet simulator x game. Enjoy your game freely with new features from now on.

Disabling the automatic functioning of the game will help you a lot. You can now hatch a huge amount of eggs, preserve your pets, and also progress up to your gaming level.

The steps are too simple and short. Just follow the above five easy steps and you can get rid of a big problem in your pet simulator x game.

Is It Possible To Know If Auto Delete Is Activated On Pet Simulator X?

Yes, you can know if the auto delete is activated on your pet simulator x game or not. Certain symbols easily indicate you know about the auto-delete option. You can differentiate from those symbols.

Once you tap on the auto setting option in your game dashboard, you will see different categories of your game pets.

You can see legendary, epic, rare, mythical, basic, etc categories or types of your pets from the hatched eggs.

If the background color of the box, where types of pets are written, is dark blue. It means you have disabled or turned off the automatic delete option for your pets.

But, in case the same box containing types of pets, is sky blue in its background color. You have to be sure that you have turned on the automatic delete option or that your auto delete option has not been disabled yet.

Hurry up and turn off the auto-delete option in your pet simulator x after that.

Keep in your mind that, if you are careless about it and do not care about the color icons on those pets, you may end up losing your favorite pets.

Click on the pet categories multiple times to detect the color change. As well as, you are turning on and off the auto-delete option multiple times.

Changes After Disabling Auto Delete On Pet Sim

You may be eager to know what changes you will get after disabling the automatic deleting option on pet simulator x. First of all, your automatically functioning features will be removed from the game.

Now on, you can hatch the expensive eggs, which you bought dealing with diamonds and coins in the game. You can now worry less and enjoy your pet simulator x even more.

You can now save all of your exclusive, legendary, and precious pets from getting extinct from your game storage automatically.

The selected avatars you choose while playing the game become fast. The speed increases and moves so fast that you can collect large amounts of coins and diamonds in a single game.

You will get a chance to extend the. simulator x gameplay map. Get to see the upcoming exciting levels and mysterious maps in pet simulator x.

Along with it, you will also unlock the hoverboard which eases your gameplay. Earn a huge amount of diamonds and coins in a single shot.

So the features are so exciting after disabling the automatic deleting feature in the pet simulator x.

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Will I Face Problems If I Turn Off The Auto Delete Option?

In some cases, you may face problems after you turn off the automatic deleting option in pet simulator x. The matter may even turn into a headache for some of the players.

As you may notice some usual changes in your game settings. Now on, you will have to delete the unwanted pets on your own.

Deleting unwanted pets and other things may consume lots of time. The game won’t free up space for your upcoming pets.

Your automatic processing in the pet simulator x game becomes disabled and you have to work on your own.

The risk of losing your favorite pets decreases gradually. But, it increases your work as automatic functions become disabled.

Along with the advantages you will get to enjoy, you will have to face some drawbacks too. You may feel a kind of burden in your head.

Soon after a while, you may turn on the auto-delete option in pet simulator x.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Games are fun to be played and major things on our boring days. Pet simulator x is also a game with interesting features. Along with the newness of this game, the questions are also on the same level.

So in this section of our today’s article, we will be discussing some of the questions and answers related to the pet simulator x game.

Without talking about any further subject matter, let us get focused on the main topic. They are as follows:

How Do I Auto Delete In Bubble Gum Simulator?

The process is somehow similar to deleting every kind of automatic process in pet simulator x. This bubble gum simulator is just a part that is inside the pet simulator x. By going to the auto setting option from the dashboard, you can get the icon to auto-delete in the bubble gum simulator. Look on the keyboard of your desktop or pc. Search for the x alphabet on your keyboard. Once you find it out, tap on it and. This x alphabet on your keyboard is the key to auto-delete your bubble gum simulator. Also do not forget to recheck if you have successfully done it or not.

Which Is The Strongest Pet In Pet Simulator X?

There is no such actual or definite answer to this question. Whenever you hatch the purchased egg in this game, you will get a pet. You can not choose the pets as the game itself offers you exciting and amazing game pets. The strength and power of pets on pet simulator x depends on the size, age, and breed of the animal. Even you just choose a cat, if it is from a nice breed and as it ages a bit more. You can use it in the game and it may easily defeat even elephants, lions, tigers, etc. There are plenty of fabulous animals for making a pet in pet simulator x.

How Do I Turn Off Auto Delete Old Conversation?

You can also chat with your friends and family members who are involved in the pet simulator x game. There may be lots of important conversations about tricks and tips for the game. But, due to the auto-delete option in the game, you may lose all of them at the same time. So to preserve all of those old conversations, you have to open auto settings in the game. Then select messages as an option. Choose to keep the messages. Finally, click on the forever option. Your auto message delete has been turned off.

What Does Egg Skip Means In Pet Simulator X Settings?

Egg skip is an option in pet simulator x settings. When you get a pet from a hatched egg, you will have to feed them. You will have to breed your pet and along with it, your pet grows in its size, becomes older, and has greater strength. So in this same process, egg skip is a setting tool in the game. By tapping on skip egg as an option, you will get to skip the eggs of your pets. You can even ignore this tool as if you are eager to get eggs from those pets.

What If I Do Not Disable The Auto Delete In My Pet Simulator X?

The choice is yours. You have full right either to disable the auto-delete option or to enable the auto-delete option. I also have warned you many times related to this question. Like if you still do not want to disable the auto-delete option, accidentally you may end up loving your favorite pets from your storage. You will have to earn a huge amount of gems and coins again by playing games for a longer period. Your hard work, gems, diamonds, coins, etc gets wasted because of your single mistake.


The Pet simulator x belongs to one of the most popular games in the world. Mostly children and teenagers are found enjoying this game. This game is fun and full of mystery. Collecting the gems and coins, buying eggs, getting surprising pets, etc is so fun.

Simply arrange the auto settings menu and disable the automatic deleting option. It just creates further hurdles for you in the game. Deactivate the auto-delete option of rare and amazing pets from your bundle list. Keep your eyes on the game symbols very carefully.

I hope you are done reading today’s topic. I also think that you can now easily turn off the auto-delete option in your pet simulator x game. Have a better experience of your gameplay by arranging the auto settings.

Do you still have doubts on your mind? Do not worry at all. Please tell me about your confusion and questions in the comment section below. I will be answering all of them in the next article on our website.

Thanks to all of you for being here and reading today’s article. Keep on loving and supporting in the same way.

You have reached the very end of today’s topic. I will be back very soon with the top 10 upcoming games for pc and the latest updates on this same website.

Until then, stay tuned for getting notification from us.

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