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Best 8 Games Like Mystic Messenger

If you are a game geek, then you must have come around numerous game suggestions. Games like an endless running type, or the ones you can simply play in any brief moment on your phone, can make you bored after a while. In that case, what if you start to look up for real-time gameplay, or a hardcore strategy game. You may develop your interest and particularly dedicate your time to the gaming world. Such games can bring you a whole new experience and pass your time gradually.

Mystic Messenger is among the many games of this kind. It has got a complex overview of multiple roles to play in the game. Mystic Messenger is preferred by a lot of players around the globe. But Mystic Messenger is not the only game that can satisfy you regarding its specifications and gameplay. In this article, we discuss other games like Mystic Messenger and why they are referred for your gaming bucket list.

Here are the 8 Games similar to the mystic messenger you can play in 2022:

  1. Dandelion- Wishes Brought To You
  2. The Arcana
  3. Liar! Uncover The Truth
  4. Lifeline
  5. Nameless- The One Thing You Must Recall
  6. Golden Hour
  7. Love Signal: D-Mate
  8. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

About Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger was developed by Chertiz, a South Korean game developing company. Mystic Messenger lies in the category of Otome games, i.e. female-oriented story-based video game. The simulation game is a bit complex for players as it includes many challenges for the players to complete. It is best to play on a real-time basis because the activities on the game should be performed almost regularly.

The main gist of Mystic Messenger is to interact with other characters within the game. You’ll have to read and respond to texts that appear as instant messages. These instant messages come on a real-time basis, so you need to have a proper commitment to the gameplay. Also, the development of the character you’re playing depends on the instant messages you participate in and how you choose to respond to them.

The entire gameplay takes place around 12 days. In this whole time, you should interact with multiple characters, perform some mind-blogging activities, and take decisions to make the best choices. Mystic Messenger is a complex game to have completed with satisfying endings. Therefore, people also refer to use of various guides for Mystic Messenger, which include character guides, email answer guides, etc.

All characters in the games are interesting, as you get to explore each of their background and backstories. The storytelling is complicated and the story modes altogether provide glimpses of the full story. Besides, your character is required to plan & host parties and win affections of the specific characters. The game provides many more chances for you to make progress and ensure a successful ending. Therefore, you need to have a keen eye on every side of the game.


In the following, we have listed some necessary tools to apply while playing Mystic Messenger. These techniques will at least make it easy for you to walk down the right path in the story:

Game Modes:

There are three game modes or story routes available in the game’s original story. These game routes are based on each character regarding their story and connection to the plot. You cannot choose to access the character’s story route from any other routes. So let’s see the game mode:

Casual Story

This mode is where the game story begins. The Casual story mode is like the beginning phase of this game. Plus, this mode comes for free. This mode provides three routes, i.e. Yoosung, Zen, Jaehee routes.

Deep Story

This is the second game mode that is available after the first one. You will need 80 hourglasses (HG) to unlock and play this mode permanently. The Deep story mode provides two routes only, i.e. Jumin and 707. However, unlocking this mode can be a bit tricky.

Another Story

This mode comes with two routes, i.e. V and Ray routes only. You will need a total of 550 HG, including 300 HG for V and 250 Hg for Ray, to unlock and play it permanently. It will seem pretty much tricky to unlock this mode. Besides, this part of the game contains some disturbing content, so you have must think twice before taking this step.


This is an infamous place where all the secret conversations happen. About 10 chat rooms open up on a daily basis, where new chat rooms start after every 1-2 hours. If you miss a chat session, the conversation will still go on without you. However, you can still participate in the missed chat session by pressing the button beside the chat room button and then read the conversation smoothly. But you cannot interact with the characters during that time.

You will need to spend 5 HG to review the missed conversations, but while in Another story mode, you will require 15 HG. This will also allow you to purchase conversation sessions for the next day at various hourglass amount.

Phone Calls

This app consists of phone numbers of all other members stored by default. You can call other RFA members, although they only pick up at certain times. If you have missed calls from them, you can call them back as well. Whatever the case, it will cost you 5 HG for one call, and 10 HG for the same in Another story mode.

The arrow colors in the phone call list display the calls made, i.e. green arrow for an incoming call, orange arrow for an outgoing call, and red arrow for a missed call. Just like in Messenger, you can also replay the calls, and it won’t cost you any hourglasses. To make phone calls, you can purchase calling cards as well. But, to the pint of the fact, phone calls are less likely to affect your character progress or endings.


You can send and receive text messages from other characters in the game. The message contents change according to the conversation and responses you have. Based on the responses available, you are likely to gain hearts, hourglasses, heartbreaks, or nothing at all. Also, the messages can only be replied when you get them. You must be able to reply quickly before another message comes, or else you cannot answer to the missed message. However, messages also do not affect your progress or ending in a big way. They are simply available to earn some extra hearts and HG.


Albums are a collection of images that you have seen while in the chat rooms. You can visit the albums to get complete information about the pictures, as you’re able to zoom in and have a better look at them. Furthermore, you can see the complete list of collection charts (CGs) and learn how to get them in the Album.


You can send and receive emails while planning parties in the game. This helps you to maintain a good relationship with the party guests. In the mailbox, the envelope with a green arrow means you answered the mail correctly, whereas the orange arrow means you answered incorrectly. If you send the emails lately, then the guests won’t reply to you, and they will be labeled as ‘’Timed Out!”. I some cases, the guests take a lot of time to reply, so you must insist calmly here.

The game’s ending that you will have depends on the number of guests that attend the party. In Deep or Casual story, if 10 or more guests will show up at the party, then you will have a good ending. If you have less than 10 guests, then you’re likely to have a normal ending. In the same way, you will have a good ending if 17 or more number of guests attend the party in Another story mode, or a normal ending if less than 17 guests show up.

Hearts & Hourglasses

You can earn hearts in the game by making proper responses in the chat session and messages. If you see a heart icon glow on the screen after you reply to a message, this indicates that you have earned a heart.

There are different heart colors that represent each of the characters. Therefore, receiving a heart from them will increase your affection towards the character. On the other hand, you also earn heartbreaks. This happens when you make a decision that would lower a character’s affection towards you. This will reduce the heart from the total number.

Hourglasses (HG) are the premium currency for the gameplay. You can earn hourglasses from making adequate responses in the chat sessions and instant messages, or by converting 100 hearts into one HG, or you can get it through the real-world cash. Hourglasses are highly resourceful in the game, as it allows you to unlock story routes, make unscheduled phone calls, participate in missed chat sessions, and manage other stuff as well. However, earning HGs do not have a direct influence on the ending that you will get.

Suggestions For the Gameplay

Mystic Messenger is a challenging game. But you can get used to it by simply going with the flow and choosing the right options within the gameplay. I have already mentioned the necessary tools and their purposes for your character’s development. Apart from them, I’d like to give you some suggestions regarding the game too:

  • The character routes that you will experience in the game is shaped according to your involvement in the variety of instant messages & chat sessions. Make sure to give a proper response to the messages and actively participate in those sessions while they’re happening.
  • Mystic Messenger is real-time gameplay, so the calls and messages occur on a real-time basis. You will need to commit your time to the game if you want to catch up on every part of it.
  • Although the messages would pop up in every hour of the day and night, it is okay to not reply or involve in every message that occur. A minimum of 50% of your participation will be enough to secure a satisfactory ending in the game.
  • Make sure to focus on a character that you like. You can make an effort to have an affection between you and the specific character. It will be better if you catch up on anyone’s interest until Day 5 of the game. Or else, you may have a bad ending in the game.
  • If you feel difficult to move on throughout the game, you can have Mystic Messenger’s guide to get some help. However, the guides might provide spoilers of the game.
  • Make sure to collect enough hourglasses and spend them to unlock necessary chat sessions and story modes only.
  • While sending emails to invite guests to the party, you must ensure to write them correctly and send them on time. If you’re late, you are likely to receive no reply and have fewer guests at the party. This could lead to a bad ending. Also. Give correct responses to the guest’s reply in the email, so that they will assure you to be present at the party.
  • You can save your game manually while exiting from the app, or pick the auto-save option as well.

Problems With Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a charming game if you’re able to play it regularly. But in major cases, players have been facing this problem with the game. They are not barred to regularly play the game. Especially, this situation occurs when the game’s screen appears to be loading for a long period.

In most cases, players have noted that while opening the app, it takes almost forever to load and open. People have sent emails to Cheritz company regarding this issue. The company pointed out that this might happen due to their server being down. For this reason, other errors also occur within the game. For example, while attending the party in Yoosung’s route, the party won’t load at all. Such issues have made the players unable to continue the game on a real-time basis.

The unknown error about the screen’s loading would pop up as unavailability of service. The player’s network service is not likely to be the problem. Thus, some players decide to delete the app and reinstall it, but this leads them to lose all their current game progress. The main cause behind this error could be the company’s server going down from time to time.

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8 Other Games Like Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger is a complex, yet very fascinating gameplay. It is categorized as an Otome game, so it includes visual storytelling, narrative segments, and, many more. Since the game might feel exhaustive or in other cases, you might face technical problems, other games can fulfill your fantasy in similar ways. In the following, I’ve listed some familiar games that you can play as an alternative to Mystic Messenger:

Dandelion- Wishes Brought To You

Like Mystic Messenger, Dandelion is also an Otome game and shares the same developer company Cheritz. In this game, your main character is Heejung Kim, who is having a stressful life. She started to live away from her dissatisfied mother into another city and is living a busy and frustrating life. One day, however, all this changes as she wakes up to find a basket full of cats and rabbits. Hesitant at first, Heejung eventually gets used to the animals, as they make her laugh & cherish even more. Then one day, all five animals magically morph into attractive and non-threatening boys.

Dandelion has five different routes that represent each of the boys. The game revolves around building stats which you will require to complete the game routes and progress the story.

You have to interact with the characters, satisfy their needs, and improve your relationship points with them. You also need to keep your stress and pressure under check, and gradually raise your beneficial stats to fulfill requirements.

Plus, you can purchase certain items from the store and bookstore to maintain and increase your stats.

Besides, you have to perform many activities around the house, go on dates, and growing interest among the characters. The game’s display, background music, and graphics are one of the best features you can experience in such type of games. You’ll be able to learn various techniques to keep up with the game and ensure a good ending. It is interesting the know about Heejung’s life and notices the changes she develops along the way.

So this is also the best games like mystic messenger which you can play.

The Arcana

Arcana is one of the most magical games you will find just like mystic messenger. Produced by Nix Hydra Games. The Arcana is a visual novel that includes a combination of absolute fantasy and romance. The game’s story begins from the city of Vesuvia. You are an apprentice of a wandering magician Asra. You will be left with an unusually enchanted Tarot deck after your mentor goes on another journey. Since you have been gifted with fortune-telling, you must move on to have numerous experiences and encounter other characters.

The game allows the player to simply name your character and choose the gender as well. You can easily choose with whom to have romance within the game. You will involve in the murder-mystery solving act as well. There are especially three different character routes, and as you go on further, more routes will be added. As an Otome game, you must make proper choices to shape your endings on each route.

You will need to read the five Prologue chapters, and only then the game splits into story modes. For learning almost everything in the game, you need to have a balance over the game’s currencies, i.e. coins, keys, and trinkets. These three tools are necessary for reading through chapters, unlocking chapters permanently, and watch special scenes in the game. You can wait for the keys to automatically refresh themselves, or make efforts to complete postcards in the Heart Hunter mini-game. And the trinkets can be obtain from the Wheel of Fortune.

The Arcana is one of the best video games that involve magic, mystery, interaction, and romance well. You can’t play this game during your spare time, as you won’t make enough progress in this way. It may have fewer gaming options than Mystic Messenger, but there is so much to go throughout the whole gameplay. Thus, The Arcana game will undoubtedly provide an inclusive experience than any other visual novel games.

Liar! Uncover The Truth

Liar! Uncover The Truth is an Otome game developed by Voltage Inc. The game has strikingly similar features to that of Mystic Messenger. It has text messaging interactions and party attending events. The main theme is for you to investigate other characters and catch the liars among them.

Here, the story begins with your character discovering that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. You dump the man on the spot and then attend a matchmaking event in the next day to find yourself a suitable husband. After getting your cards, you attend the event, where you happen to meet a fortune teller. The fortune-teller predicts that you will come across ten attractive men, but nine of them are liars and the remaining will turn out to be the one meant for you.

After this, the main story begins as you move on to investigate which men among them are liars. You get to interact with all those characters individually. The game has three main routes, i.e. liar route (routes based on the 9 liars), sequel route (routes that represent multiple chapters), and lover route (including the main story and epilogue). You need to unlock them with tickets as the game’s currency. Besides, you need to earn the cool points to keep up with the game.

The main character is much more courageous to take on the investigation and expose the liars. She even has to lie in some instances just to look good in front of the men. The interactions that take place are interesting, especially hilarious when the liars are being exposed. In case you choose the wrong liar, you’ll have to carry on with the failure until you’re notified the game is over. But don’t worry, you can begin again from the moment you accused the liar and choose the right one this time. As usual, the decisions you make will very much affect your endings too.


Lifeline is unique storytelling and adventurous game developed by 3 Minute Games in 2015. Among other games, this is also just like mystic messenger. This is a text-based game where you will communicate with other characters through a chat window. The game will give you two options for making every response and move on through the game. The game may appear to look old-fashioned with fewer graphics, but their storytelling and the timed elements will make you want to keep continuing the journey.

In the game, the character Taylor crash lands on an unknown moon and luckily survives. This person seemingly knows to bid a transmission device and is capable to communicate with only one person, who is played by you. Your interaction with Taylor will shape the games route as every option you choose will take different turns. Your decisions will make a small impact, or a normal impact, or a major one in the surviving chances for Taylor.

The communication between you and Taylor will occur on a real-time basis because Taylor has to perform certain tasks to maintain his survival there. But as you move forward in the game, you will be able to unlock the fast chat option, which enables you to sip the delayed responses. Be sure to take the right decisions, because if you choose the wrong one that will have a larger impact, it will lead to Taylor’s demise in the barren moon.

Also, there are some parasitic and hostile lifeforms called the Greens inhabiting the planet where Taylor is surviving. Taylor has to make an effort to manipulate the planet’s structures so that he can find a way to communicate with his home planet. Once you play this game, I’ll guarantee that you’ll love this thrilling adventure.

Nameless- The One Thing You Must Recall

Nameless- The One Thing You Must Recall is an interesting Otome game with a bit of a darker theme. The game was developed by Cheritz in 2013. You should try out this games as it has some unique features and you might just love them just like mystic messenger. Nameless has beautifully portrayed the good and bad sides of life, especially about the love life of the characters.

Your character in the game is Eri (or you can change the name). Eri lived with her grandpa as her parents were working overseas. About a year ago, her grandpa had passed away and she had to live alone. But she can cope with her loneliness as she develops a different habit. She has collected five ball-joint dolls to keep her company. Then one day, the dolls mysteriously transform into handsome boys, and Eri’s life would take an interesting turn.

In the game, Eri will go through multiple scenarios that are heartwarming, funny, and even heartbreaking. Each of the boys has had their past and you’ll have to take different routes to know their stories. After completing these five paths, you will unlock a secret path that is necessary to complete the whole storyline. And as you grow closer to one of the boys, you will start to recall the one thing you’ve forgotten.

Plus, in each of the five paths, Eri has to attend her mid-term exams as she is a college student in the game. However, the exam questions are related to the game and you have to answer them carefully.

You have a quick-save option to save and exit the game. There are multiple endings to the game. Good endings have affection with the characters, passing the exams, having true friends, etc. whereas bad endings have accidents, heartbreaks, and more.

The mystery to the game is about the character often referred to as ‘???’.  You’ll get to know about this character through the secret endings, but this part includes losing your memories and then restoring them as well. And some of the endings are a bit creepy, so if you’re looking for a darker and daring game, Nameless can be the choice for you.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a visual novel game developed by Matchaa Studio in recent years. It was firstly released as a demo version, but now it is available for the full gameplay. Golden Hour includes romance, lovemaking, and rivalries too, which packs the game with much more fun. So just like other games, this is also fun to play just like mystic messenger.

The story starts with you having to move into a new island city of Haraya due to your mother’s job. You are transferred to a new high school in the mid-season where you come across new people from whom you can as help for adapting to this new lifestyle. Among the new characters are four exceptional young men with whom you interact and develop relations. On the other hand, other girls in the school are also looking for building a relationship with these men. So you’ll have a bit of competition in the game.

The game has two main game modes, i.e. visual novel mode and social media mode. In the visual novel mode, there are four storylines with multiple endings, and you have to make progress with your classes, earn points to keep up, and make the correct decisions to flourish love or let it perish. In the social media mode, you get yourself involved in the school’s social network, crack humor, and know more about the new city, plus a few more important things for the game.

There are other features like gallery, library, and contacts that can guide you to know more about the city and characters you come across. The game has an expression of some unique cultural experiences and a well-developed setting.

The narration is not complete without humor and some characters are a bit complex to understand. It is important to make the right decisions and manage your relationships with the characters so that you can make more friends rather than rivals. As an Otome game, this will also shape the ending that you’ll have in the storyline.

Love Signal: D-Mate

Love Signal: D-Mate is an Otome game developed by Day7, a Korean dating sim company. The game comes with different specifications, but it is still no less than a romantic game. D-Mates stands for Date-Mates, which are robots programmed with a personality, and they can also feel human emotions.

The world of the Love Signal game is the one where robots are built with human perception of emotion and feeling and are sold for a certain amount. The main character is an Android girl who was found in a rubbish tip by a mechanic. When you activate, you are in a completely blank state as you do not know how to feel anything. You have no memory at all, and you slowly begin to learn new emotions throughout the game.

Six young men play multiple roles to help you learn about these emotions. Each of them are interactive and loves you very well. For the first 15 days, you will get to learn more about each of them. You have to dress up, go on dates with the characters, and increase affection between each other. There game’s currency is called ‘Cores’ which are useful to buy things and unlock chapters in the game.

Unlike Mystic Messenger and other Otome games, Love Signal has no routes, as the game has the same story and plots that lead to only one end. There are interesting twists and turns in the game that will amaze you. Also, the game offers 6 romance options which you can unlock one by one. However, in the end, you have to choose only one man and then thank him for helping you learn these emotions. If you’re into romantic roleplaying, then Love Signal has it all, i.e. love, desire, jealously, and adventure.

Therfore, Love Signal: D-Mate also the fun games to play just like mystic messenger.

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a visual novel game developed by the Chinese company Paper Games. This is female-oriented gameplay, where the player can chat, text, and call the male characters, while pursuing her career in the story. It is a social simulation game with many interesting gameplay features and settings. Plus, the game also adapt an anime series which was release recently.

Mr. Love is based in a world of absolute fantasy and superpower, where the main character (played by you) is a single girl, but slowly becomes involved with the four male characters in the game. These handsome men also have a love interest in the main character. Also, these men are already involved in some professional work, just like your character is making progress as a media producer. Plus, each of them has a unique superpower too.

The game is a romantic story, but the presence of fantastic superpowers has taken it into another level. The story is present in episodes and you have to go through several mysteries, conflicts, and passion. It deals with the need for human evolution as the ones with the superpower which consider as the superior. The game is complex, setting up an intuitive story, and aerating a unique gaming experience for you.

As we can say, this games is full of romance, fantasy just like mystic messenger.


In my honest opinion, I’d suggest these games for you if you’re looking for alternatives to Mystic Messenger. But, Mystic Messenger is not so disappointing too. It has one of the best features for an Otome game and visual storyline. The only issue is the service problem with the loading screen of the game.

However, the above-mentioned games are similar to Mystic Messenger in many ways, but the distinction they have can be the best thing about them. Most of them are female-oriented games, where you interact and become close with male characters and choose the perfect one in the end. Their background plots and graphic displays will amaze you, and you need to commit to them on a real-time basis.

Otome games are a unique thing for players, and it is always interesting to see which endings you will face through the game. At last, I hope this fantastic take on each game will find you helpful and play them with satisfaction.

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