TikTok Now Vs BeReal

TikTok Now vs Be Real

Not long ago, the French social media app, BeReal, stirred the air with its release in 2020. And now, the social media giant TikTok is here to stand tall as a competitor to BeReal after the release of TikTok Now on September 19, 2022. Riding the tide of frequent social media updates, I present detailed insight on ‘TikTok Now vs BeReal’ through this article.

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What Is TikTok Now?

As a social media geek, I had already heard that TikTok was about to make a major update beforehand. And the information turned out to be true when TikTok displayed its update on the TikTok feed just a few days.

To be precise, the social media giant TikTok introduced to the users its recent and probably the most talked-about update, TikTok Now, on September 19. TikTok has dominated the social media market since its launch in 2016. However, this time TikTok is here to exert its domination even strongly through TikTok Now, which already has over a million downloads on Playstore.

TikTok, a video-sharing social platform, is now adding spice to user engagement through its new way of connecting and entertaining users across its platform. In addition, many consider TikTok has brought authenticity through the recent addition, TikTok Now.

However, there is a reason why TikTok Now has gained such increased popularity from the get-go. Obviously, TikTok Now has several new features to offer, making the platform interesting for users. Still, TikTok Now’s popularity also has much to do with another social media giant BeReal.

What Is BeReal?

BeReal, a French social media application founded by Alexis Barreyat, came into existence in 2020 but did not take long to be recognized as one of the largest social media platforms. However, the popularity was more prominent in 2022.

While the social media apps constantly compete with each other with their newest features launched quite frequently, BeReal entered the social media pool by introducing the never-before-seen feature. BeReal’s feature encouraged its users to increase their engagement on the platform through random posts that had to be posted within a two-minute time frame each day.

True to its name, BeReal encouraged its users to be more authentic and candid about their posts, which grabbed the unhinged attention of millions of social media users. Not to mention, the application already has over 5 million downloads on Playstore.

Now, you might be curious why these two names, BeReal and TikTok Now, are synonymous these days. It is so because TikTok Now also came up with the same features as BeReal, giving tough competition to the French social media app.

But, the question remains, is TikTok Now going to take over the dominance of BeReal? We are yet to see the result of this competition. Meanwhile, let’s explore more about these social media apps and what interesting features these two have in store.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal

TikTok is making headlines again. Be it through news or tech-savvy websites, TikTok has been the talk of the town since it launched TikTok Now. The users seem excited to be a part of TikTok’s recent addition. However, the application has already garnered a reputation as a “BeReal clone app.”

Nonetheless, TikTok is not the first to portray its similarity with BeReal. Previously, Instagram also made its mark as a competitor of BeReal when it came up with its new feature, Candid Challenge.

But now, “TikTok Now vs BeReal” is what people are more intrigued to learn about, and I am here to educate you about both the apps based on their similarities and differences.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal- How Does It Work?

First, let me shed some light on how each application works.

How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal’s user experience was unlike any other social media platform. The French application sets itself apart from the social media giants such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., with the help of its intriguing feature, which allows users to post their candid pictures at the moment.

And interestingly, the post is actually candid, without any edits. On BeReal, you can only post “unfiltered and unedited” pictures. This is because the core purpose of the application is to build a space for the users where they can be themselves, with no pressure of having to upload a perfect picture every time.

Moreover, BeReal notifies the users once every day when it’s time to upload their posts. When the users launch the application, BeReal displays a 2-minute timeframe within which they are supposed to click the moment of whatever they are doing and upload it to the platform. Therefore, BeReal’s post is as candid as it can get.

In addition, the post includes both a back camera shot and a selfie of the same moment. Meanwhile, you can only share the pictures with your friends. Also, if you decide to retake the picture, your friends will see the number of retakes.

All in all, your posts remain within your friend circle in BeReal. However, those not in your followers or following list cannot access your post.

How Does TikTok Now Work?

TikTok’s popularity comes from its video-based content that proved to be a game changer for millions of creators. But TikTok Now comes with a whole different feature. It is more about connecting the users and increasing engagement through candid moments.

However, the app’s functionality is similar to BeReal in many aspects. For example, TikTok’s new app, TikTok Now, aims to connect users with no filter and edit posts. Instead, the app notifies users of a daily notification when it’s time to make a post. Likewise, it gives you a 3-minute timeframe to capture the picture.

Similarly, only your friends can have access to your post, and they can comment and react to your post.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal Similarities

Needless to say, TikTok Now shares core similarities with the French app BeReal. It’s not uncommon to see one app trying to mimic another app’s feature to mark its place in the highly competitive tech market.

And TikTok Now is here to go head-to-head with BeReal with the similarities in features. So, what similarities do TikTok Now and BeReal share? Let’s explore.


When it’s time to capture, both the applications send their users a daily reminder on their devices. For example, TikTok Now’s daily notification to upload a post appears as “3 minutes left to post a now.” And, BeReal’s daily notification appears as “2 min left to capture a BeReal and see what your friends are up to!”

Sharing The Post

In both applications, you can pick who you want to share your posts with. You can either choose to share it with your friends only or with everyone.


The post includes a back camera shot and a selfie taken simultaneously in both applications. As soon as you capture the moment from your back camera, the screen switches to the front camera and takes a shot.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal Differences

So what makes TikTok Now different from BeReal? Frankly, there is not much difference between the applications.

However, what sets TikTok Now apart from BeReal is its capture timeframe which is a minute longer than BeReal. And, TikTok Now let’s you post a short video as well, whereas BeReal is all about photos.

And another thing is the strict privacy and safety policy of TikTok Now. The user interaction of the users aged 18 and below is limited to their friends only.

Also, TikTok Now saves you the time to create your friend circle on the app as it imports your friends from TikTok if you already have a TikTok account.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal- Which App Is Better?

Now that we have looked into the similarities and differences between TikTok Now and BeReal, the question remains, which app is better? Only time will tell how the users will take TikTok’s newest app.

It hasn’t been long since the launch of TikTok Now, and it’s already being tagged as a “BeReal clone,” which is not a good first impression precisely. But, if TikTok Now promises users a better and enhanced experience, it might take over BeReal’s crown soon enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

The above section might cover all your concerns regarding TikTok Now vs BeReal. However, here are some of the most asked queries that might help you broaden your knowledge about TikTok Now and BeReal.

What Is TikTok Now?

TikTok Now is TikTok’s standalone app launched on September. The app shares similarities with the French application BeReal.

Is TikTok Now Like BeReal?

Yes, TikTok Now shares the same concept as BeReal, which is explored in detail above.

Who Can Use TikTok Now?

TikTok Now’s user experience is based on the location and age of the user. According to TikTok Now’s privacy policy, the posts of users of age 18 and below will not appear on the Explore feed. And users between 13 and 15 will be able to interact in comments with their friends only.

What Is TikTok Now Feature?

In short, TikTok Now allows users to post pictures or videos within 3 minutes timeframe with no edit and filter. Please go through the article for a detailed insight into the app’s features.


After dissecting the similarities and differences between TikTok Now and BeReal, we can certainly assume that the two apps are in utmost competition. But, in this tug of war between the two social media giants, we are yet to see which one will leave a deeper impact.

TikTok Now vs BeReal is the latest talk of the social media town, and many don’t seem to be very impressed with TikTok cloning BeReal. So, will TikTok Now add some interesting features in the future to make it stand out, or will BeReal come up with a new upgrade and win over the crowd? Only time will tell!

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