How Do I Temporarily Disable Instagram?

How Do I Temporarily Disable Instagram

How do I temporarily disable Instagram? Thinking to put your Instagram account out of action? Want to learn how to turn off your Instagram account completely? Facing any problems within Instagram? We can help you with this. We may provide you with all of the ways that you can apply to disable your Instagram account just for a certain period. Keep on reading until you reach the end of this article.

It is possible to disable your Instagram account for certain periods, or temporary periods. Firstly, you have to log in to your Instagram account. You have to click on your profile page. Then the three-dot icon will take you to the edit profile option. Scroll down the list for a while until you see to deactivate my account temporarily. Instagram would ask you the reason for the deactivation of the account. Select the appropriate reason and you can disable or deactivate your account for a temporary period.

Instagram is an online connector. It connects the whole world in just a single app and a single mobile phone. It provides you with mind-blowing features, visuals, and posts. This is the reason why Instagram has become one of the top social media platforms. But, Instagram may even have problems and may drop down sometimes. You tend to end your Instagram for a certain reason. Instagram even allows you to do it but only for appropriate reasons.

What Is Disabled Instagram Account?

Disabling or deactivating an Instagram account simply means deleting or removing the account. Instagram accounts can be disabled in two different ways: they are temporarily deactivated and permanently deactivated. It is possible to choose any of them at a time. There are no days or time limits separated by Instagram when you are not allowed to deactivate your Instagram account.

A permanently disabled Instagram account means removing it. You cannot regain the account back, once you decide to delete your account permanently. Instagram would ask you a reason why you have decided to delete your Instagram account. Unless you provide them with a suitable reason, Instagram won’t let you delete it. You should think twice before choosing this option. You will lose all of your followers and posts from your account.

A temporarily disabled Instagram account is an option to disable the account for a certain period only. Instagram would ask you to choose a time and date you want your account to be disabled. You must also provide a certain reason before choosing this option. You can set a password while deactivating your account temporarily. Using the same password you can regain it after completion of a certain time.

It is possible to regain everything such as followers, posts, and even likes and comments from your post after this temporarily disabled account. Instagram recommends you with this option first, because once you delete it permanently you can not regain it even after a lot of requests to Instagram.

If you want to make your Instagram private instead of deactivating it, refer to this article for a stepwise process.

How To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account?

If you have concluded to deactivate your Instagram account, Instagram allows you. But, keep in mind you won’t be able to regain the account again. You have to choose whether you want your account to be permanently deactivated or temporarily deactivated.

So, here is a simple guide for you to temporarily deactivate your Instagram account. Follow the guidelines one by one and get the disabled option on your mobile phone. The step-the guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Browser

Firstly, you will have to open the browser you have on your mobile phone. You can not get an option to deactivate your account directly on Instagram. You need either a browser or a computer for this purpose.

Step 2: Launch Your Instagram App

You have to open your Instagram from the browser. Check out your app list and scroll down to the alphabet I to get an Instagram app.

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone. You can see plenty of options shown to you over there.

Step 3: Click On Your Profile Picture

Take your eyes to the bottom right corner of your screen. There you can see your profile displayed in a small circle. Tap on it and you will get into your profile page.

Step 4: Go To Your Instagram Settings

You can see three small vertical lines at the top right corner. Tap on the icon and you will get different options. You will see settings options at the top. You have to click on the settings from the list.

Step 5: Select Edit Profile

Once you enter your mobile settings, you can again see the lists. Scroll down until you get to see the edit profile option. You have to click on the edit profile from the list.

Step 6: Click Temporarily Disable My Account

Scroll down after you enter into the edit profile list. You will see two different options to deactivate your Instagram account.

At the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see an option to temporarily disable my account.

Step 7: Select A Reason

Once you click on temporarily deactivate my account, you will be asked to choose a reason for it.

At least ten lists of reasons would be there. You have to choose an appropriate one and submit it to Instagram.

Step 8: Make A Password

Instagram even asks you to set a password. You have to make a password and reenter it for confirmation. Your accounts get deactivated after that.

After a certain period, if you are thinking of using the account again, you have to enter the same password you have set before. Unless you remember the exact password, Instagram won’t provide you with the account. So, using these above eight easy steps you can easily deactivate your Instagram account for temporary purposes.

How Long Can I Disable My Instagram Account Temporarily?

Instagram provides you an unlimited time to keep your account disabled. You can even keep the account temporarily disabled for many years. You can even get your account back on the same day you disabled your Instagram account. You have a password that you created at the time of deactivating your Instagram account. Using the same password, Instagram would let you regain the account.

Instagram has some restrictions as well. Instagram has recently updated the app and there are lots of changes on the app now. Before the update, Instagram allows you to temporarily deactivate your account plenty of times in a single week. But, now you can disable your account only for a single time. You can also search for how to quit Instagram if you want to quit Instagram altogether before you deactivate your account. However, this is the only restriction that Instagram provides to every user worldwide.

You can disable your Instagram account for temporary purposes this week and easily regain it in the same week. But, for the next deactivating process, you will have to wait for the next week. There might be your reasons for deactivating and regaining the account from time to time. You can end the interruption of social media on your work by simply disabling it for a certain time.

What Happens When I Temporarily Deactivate My Instagram Account?

Everyone thinks that deactivating an Instagram account means deleting it. But, actually deleting and deactivating or disabling Instagram accounts is a different thing. Once you delete your Instagram account you won’t get it. You can’t regain your followers, posts, likes, and simply your whole account.

But, deactivating means hiding your account. Instagram would hide your account from others as well as from you. The password that you have set will only let you get your account back, not others. All of your followers, posts, and likes will be preserved as it was before. Your Instagram account will be hidden from all public users. Instagram won’t show your name when someone searches your account.

Your Instagram account gets far from anybody’s touch. During the interval of deactivating your account temporarily, you won’t get to increase followers on your account. The account gets frozen and sets as it is. Deactivating the Instagram account is not a real big thing. But, all of these are not forever. Once you reactivate your account, all things will be normal again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Deactivating and deleting an Instagram account is not a small thing. It is a matter to discuss. Instagram has spread its popularity worldwide just like air. People are even confused about disabling and deleting Instagram. This created a lot of confusion and questions in one’s mind.

Many Instagram users have left comments on our comment box regarding this Instagram. We have selected some of them which are related to today’s topic. The questions with their answers are presented to you below. They are as follows:

Do I Lose Followers When I Temporarily Disable My Instagram Account?

No, you can’t lose followers when you temporarily disable your Instagram account. Instagram keeps all of your information and records safe within it. Instagram restores your data as it was before you choose to deactivate your account. Just your account disappears from the Instagram platform, no other things at all. Your followers won’t be able to unfollow you during disabled account time.

Will Instagram Delete My Account If I Temporarily Deactivate My Account?

No, not at all. Instagram doesn’t take any action without asking you or without your permission. Instagram provides you with two options to choose from. You can either choose to stay temporarily deactivated or remove an account permanently. You can simply click on option one and temporarily deactivate your account. As long as the time interval is, Instagram asks you these kinds of options to choose from.

Can I Hide My Instagram Account Without Deactivating It?

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide your account from others without deactivating it. If you want to hide your account from other users or get far from others’ touch, you are forced to deactivate your account. But, deactivating your Instagram account is not possible through a direct Instagram app. You will have to do it either from your mobile browser or directly from a desktop.

How Can I Reactivate My Instagram Account?

Yes, you can easily convert your deactivated account to reactivate. The password that you had set while deactivating your account, plays a vital role in reactivating cases. Unless you remember and enter your password you can not reactivate your Instagram account. Reactivating process is the same as the process you use while logging in on your Instagram account. You need not go through any other process than logging in.

How Long Can I Keep My Instagram Account Deactivated Until It Gets Deleted?

Instagram has some time limits for such deactivated accounts. If you are thinking of deactivating your account for about a couple of years, you won’t be able to. Instagram keeps your account safe and hidden from others, till the 30 days after your deactivation. Instagram sends you a notification if you want to increase your days or just directly delete your Instagram account.

How Long After Deactivating Instagram Can I Reactivate?

You are allowed to reactivate your account in case of a change of your mind. Instagram has set a limit of about a week which is 7 days. You will have to wait for about a week to reactivate your account, once you deactivate it. But, this system may vary as per different accounts. You may be allowed to reactivate just after a few minutes of deactivation. You will have to wait again for a week to deactivate your account.


Instagram has connected a whole world just in a single app. As nothing in this world is perfect, this app also has both good as well as bad sides. At some point, you may end up deactivating or deleting your Instagram account, due to certain problems. You are given a choice to either delete the account permanently or deactivate the account until your mind gets back to normal.

In this article, we have discussed how to Temporarily Disable Instagram. Along with it, we have also discussed what it is, what happens after account deactivation, and some of the faqs related to it.

Hope you guys are now clear about deactivation processes. You can now deactivate your account using the above-mentioned steps carefully.

Still, have some questions? Please do not hesitate to tell us. We are here to help you with your every question. We will be trying our best to provide you with further more amazing topics.

Until then, keep on supporting and loving us. We will be back soon with our new article. So, stay tuned.

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