How To Fix Snapchat GIFs Not Working?

How To Fix Snapchat GIFs Not Working?

Have you struggled recently with Snapchat GIFs not working as usual? When the engaging GIF feature faded out for my friends and me in snaps, we missed enlivening chats. Determined to solve the issues preventing Snapchat GIFs from loading, I studied troubleshooting techniques. After diligently testing potential solutions, I uncovered strategies that may revive unresponsive, unavailable, or faded-out GIFs. Read on to learn how to get Snapchat GIFs functioning again potentially!

To fix Snapchat GIFs not working, first check that the app can access storage and cameras. Then, try clearing the app cache, updating Snapchat to the latest version, and switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data networks. If issues persist, uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat or contacting support can help resolve software glitches preventing GIFs from loading properly.

In this article, you will learn not only about how you can fix Snapchat GIFs not working but also about Snapchat GIFs and cool ideas to enhance GIFs, how such issues are being caused, and what should be done to fix such issues on both Android and Apple phones.

What Is Snapchat GIFs?

Snapchat GIFs refer to animated images or short looping videos that can be added to your Snapchat Stories, messages, or posts to enhance your content and make it more engaging. GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are a popular form of digital media that can convey emotions, reactions, or messages in a fun and dynamic way.

Snapchat allows users to search for and add GIFs directly from within the app using the GIF search feature. This feature enables users to search for specific GIFs by keywords, emotions, or topics. You can then select a GIF from the search results and add it to your Snaps, Stories, or Chats.

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Why Snapchat GIFs Are Not Working?

Snapchat GIFs may not be working due to various reasons.

Reason 1: App Version

The newest version of the Snapchat app contains important program updates and improvements that help GIFs load and play correctly. If your app is outdated and does not have the latest changes from Snapchat, it may be missing key features required to display moving pictures seamlessly. Make sure to always update to the most recent version of Snapchat available in app stores.

Reason 2: Internet Connection

GIFs require a fast and reliable internet connection to stream the various images that make up the moving pictures smoothly and without interruptions. A slow or spotty connection with weak WiFi signal strength or low cellular data speeds will cause GIFs to buffer and may prevent them from loading completely. Be sure to have a quality internet connection before trying to view GIFs within Snapchat.

Reason 3: Cache Issues

Over prolonged and repeated use of the Snapchat app over time, the temporary cache storage that holds cached data can become clogged and corrupted. This cached user data includes information needed for things like GIF display. Clearing the cache clears out old fragmented data to allow for fresh storage of necessary files to display GIFs correctly once again.

Reason 4: Server Problems

The large computer networks and servers maintained by Snapchat are what host all of the app’s content, including shared photos, videos, and GIFs. Issues like outages or overloading on Snapchat’s backend infrastructure can prevent content from being delivered reliably to users. If servers are experiencing problems, it may affect anyone’s ability to load GIFs until the technical difficulties are resolved.

Reason 5: App Permission

For the Snapchat app to access device storage and retrieve media files when a user sends or views a GIF, the app must have the correct permissions enabled in the phone’s settings. Without permission to access storage and media, the app will be unable to find and display shared GIF content within conversations automatically.

Reason 6: Device Compatibility

Older smartphone models or phones with less powerful processors may struggle to efficiently handle the more demanding processes required to render animated GIF images. Compatibility issues arise when a device lacks sufficient resources, causing GIFs to potentially load slowly, stutter, or simply fail to play altogether.

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How To Fix Snapchat GIFs Not Working?

You may have faced issues on Snapchat regarding GIFs not working properly. Don’t worry; here, you can easily fix such issues by following the steps below.

Step 1: Check for Permissions

To resolve Snapchat issues, verify the app has the necessary allowances to function properly. Navigate to your device settings, locate the app permissions menu, and select Snapchat. Ensure the app is permitted to access features required for general use, such as taking photos and videos through the camera permission, as well as storing media through storage permission. Also, confirm Snapchat can see your location through location services to utilize location-based tools. Granting these standard permissions may fix malfunctions arising from restricted access and help Snapchat run smoothly.

Step 2: Disable VPN/Proxy

Turn off any virtual private networks or proxy server connections currently active on your device. Services that redirect network traffic have the potential to disrupt app functionality at times. Fully disconnect any VPN or proxy settings through your device settings menu. Then, close and restart the Snapchat app. This may solve issues caused by network redirects interfering with Snapchat’s regular operations.

Step 3: Reinstall App

As a means to potentially clear corrupted files or resolve conflicts, delete the Snapchat application from your device entirely. Afterward, re-download the most recent version of Snapchat from the relevant app store. Create a new account if necessary. This wipes and reinstalls a fresh copy of the app, addressing bugs that may develop over time through repeated updates and upgrades.

Step 4: Try a Different Network

Switch between connecting to available WiFi networks and using just your cellular plan’s data to send test snaps and check snap functionality. Take note if the issue remains or disappears depending on the network in use. This will help identify if the glitch specifically relates to one particular connection method or the other. If the problem is still ongoing regardless of the network, it is likely not network-based.

Step 5: Test Networks

Alternate between WiFi and mobile data as your device’s internet source and carefully monitor if the Snapchat glitch acts up on one network but not the other. Pay attention to any variation in-app behavior based on network change. This process aids in narrowing down whether something network-tied could be contributing to the problem, like sending or viewing snaps. If the difficulty is continuous across networks, a network cause is less probable.

Step 6: Update the App

Browse the app store on your mobile device, search for “Snapchat,” and check for any accessible application updates. Downloads will include bug fixes and improvements that may remedy glitches. Installing the latest version ensures you benefit from all optimizations and developments incorporated since the previous release.

Step 7: Check Server Status

Look at Snapchat’s Twitter account or visit their website support pages for real-time advisories on ongoing technical problems or outages. Additionally, third-party sites monitoring top platforms may provide Snapchat server condition details. Generalized problems are likely server-side, so waiting patiently until confirmation of resolution may be needed.

Step 8: Contact Support

As a last option, utilize Snapchat’s help center, social media channels, or other customer assistance options to put in a direct support request. Explain the specific issues experienced in detail. Snapchat support representatives can intensely troubleshoot account or device-specific concerns and offer tailored guidance for persistent glitches not solved through typical solutions.

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How To Enable GIFs On Snapchat?

I have also been experiencing some issues with enabling GIFs, and I used the following easy steps that you can also follow to enable GIFs.

Step 1: Update Snapchat

Make sure your device is running the most recent version of the Snapchat app by updating it. New features and enhancements are frequently present in updates.

Step 2: Open Chat or create a story

For sending GIFs in a chat: Open a chat with a friend or group.

For using GIFs in a story: Swipe left from the camera screen to access the stories section.

Step 3: Access GIFs

In Chat: Tap the “Sticker” icon located next to the text input box.

In Story: Tap the “Sticker” icon while editing your story.

Step 4: Search For GIFs

Once you’re in the Sticker section, you’ll see various options. Look for “GIFs” or “GIPHY” among the sticker categories.

Tap on “GIFs” or “GIPHY” to access a library of GIFs.

Step 5: Choose a GIF

Browse through the available GIFs or use the search bar to find a specific one.

Tap on the GIF you want to use. This will add the GIF to your chat or story. Adjust and Place the GIF.

Step 6: Adjust and Place the GIF

For chats: You can resize, move, and rotate the GIF just like any other sticker.

For stories: You can place the GIF on your photo or video by tapping and dragging it.

Step 7: Send or Publish

In a chat: Once you’ve placed the GIF, tap the send button to share it with your friend or group.

In a story: After placing the GIF, proceed to share your story by tapping the “Your Story” button.

Step 8: Customize if desired

You can further customize the GIF by adding other stickers, text, filters, and effects.

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How To Clear Snapchat Cache For GIFs?

For Snapchat, clearing the cache can help fix several difficulties, including issues with GIFs not properly displaying. On both iOS and Android devices, you can clean Snapchat’s cache by following these steps:


  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device.
  2. Scroll down and find “Snapchat” in the list of installed apps.
  3. Tap on “Snapchat” to open its settings.
  4. Under the “App Settings” section, you’ll find an option called “Clear Cache.” Tap on it.
  5. Confirm your choice when prompted. This will clear the cache for Snapchat.

For Android

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and find “Snapchat” in the list of instead apps.
  3. Tap on “Snapchat” to open its settings.
  4. On the “App Info” page for Snapchat, you’ll find options. Tap on “Storage.”
  5. In the storage settings, You’ll find an option to “Clear Cache.” Tap on it.
  6. Confirm your choice when prompted. This will clear the cache for Snapchat.

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How To Fix When Snapchat GIFs Grayed Out?

When something is “grayed out,” it usually refers to an option, button, or feature that looks aesthetically lighter or faded in comparison to other active elements. This is true for Snapchat as well as other applications. This frequently means that a certain function or option is currently unavailable or deactivated.

Check the GIFs search platform:

Snapchat sources GIFs through the GIPHY search engine. Issues accessing GIFs may relate to temporary technical difficulties on GIPHY’s end. To gauge the scope, search online to see if others mention facing a similar problem at that moment as well. This will help determine if it’s an app-wide disruption.

Wait for Updates:

As a last resort, check for a Snapchat application update from the relevant app store. Sometimes, widespread difficulties stem from requiring software code patches on Snapchat’s side. Keep the app current because new versions sometimes silently fix infrastructure-tied issues invisible to users. Notifications about resolved problems are also occasionally announced on Snapchat’s updates news section or social networks, so monitoring these can indicate when to retry GIF functionality again.

Contact Snapchat Support:

If the grayed-out GIF selection does not resolve after some time, utilize Snapchat’s help pages, authorized Twitter accounts, or other support channels to describe the specific problem in detail. Their technical representatives have background information that could provide clues to what may be causing the glitch and supply customized fix options based on an individual device and account particulars that may not be commonly known otherwise.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions on how to fix Snapchat GIFs not working:

Why Are GIFs Slow To Load On Snapchat?

Ans: Slow GIF loading can be due to a slow internet connection, network congestion, or server issues on Snapchat’s end.

Are GIFs Available For All Snapchat Features?

Ans: GIFs are generally available for chats and stories. If they’re not working in these areas, consider the troubleshooting steps mentioned above.

Can Using VPN Affect GIFs On Snapchat?

Ans: Yes, using a VPN might affect how GIFs load. Try disabling the VPN temporarily and see if it resolves the issue.


In conclusion, there are several doable things you may do to fix the GIFs on Snapchat issue. Important first steps include ensuring a steady internet connection, cleaning the cache, upgrading the program, and checking permissions.

Effective countermeasures include restarting the app, removing VPNs, and even reinstalling Snapchat. It is advised to contact Snapchat’s official support for specific help if the issue continues. Keeping an eye out for changes and remaining active in user communities can aid in solving this problem quickly and successfully.

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