How To Send Videos On Discord? (More Than 8MB)

How To Send Videos On Discord (More Than 8MB)

Discord has increased its user base, and it is still one of the top gaming platforms. Discord is the ideal sharing platform for a short highlights reel because it allows you to send videos up to 8MB in size or lower. While Discord is excellent for building an engaged community and communicating with your team in real time, it has a few drawbacks. For instance, the free edition only lets you send and exchange videos that are no more than 8MB on Discord. Therefore, if you wanted to upload a lengthier movie to your server, you would need to get Discord Nitro.

To send videos that are greater than 8MB in size:
1. Subscribe To Discord Nitro.
2. Use Google Drive To Send Large Videos On Discord By Uploading The Video And Creating A Link.
3. Upload The Video On YouTube As Private And Send The Video Link To The Discord Users.
4. Use A Third-party App Named Imgur And Upload The Video There To Create A Sharing Link.
5. Compress The Video By Using FlexClip Tool.

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Rules For Sharing Videos On Discord

Remember these guidelines before sending a video on Discord:

  • Video files must be 8MB or less to be sent by regular users.
  • A Discord Nitro membership is required to send files greater than 50MB.
  • Only the .mp4, .mov, .gif, and .webm file types are supported by Discord.
  • The video you upload shouldn’t violate Discord’s terms of service or break any house rules of the server you’re uploading to.

How To Send Video On Discord From A Desktop?

If you use Discord from your Desktop and want to share a video of less than 8MB, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1: Open Discord

Launch the Discord app on your device or sign in to your account on the Discord website.

Step 2: Select Where You Want To Upload The Video

After opening discord, go to the inbox section or the server where you want to upload the video.

Step 3: Click On The Add Button

Click the add button in the bottom-left corner with an “+” icon of the Discord Messaging Bar.

Step 4: Select “Upload A File”

After clicking on the “+” icon, a drop-down menu will appear. On that, click on the “Upload A File” option. It’s also important to know that you can instantly launch File Explorer by double-clicking the add button.

Step 5: Navigate The Video That You Want To Upload

Please navigate to the video you wish to upload in File Explorer after it has opened.

Step 6: Click On Open

Click the Open button after you have located the video.

Step 7: Modify Your Video If You Would Like To

By selecting the pencil icon, you can edit your video attachment. For instance, if the video is a spoiler for a movie or TV show, a popup allowing you to alter the video file name and “Mark as spoiler” for the benefit of your channel’s viewers will be displayed.

Step 8: Press On Enter To Share The Video

By pressing enter in the Discord Massaging Bar, you can watch the progress as the video uploads.

Members of that channel can view the embedded video once it uploads. It’s also important to note that by clicking the download icon, your friends and other members can download the video you uploaded.

How To Send Videos On Discord Mobile Application?

If you don’t have a desktop or are comfortable using discord from mobile (Android or iOS), follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open The Discord Application

Firstly, open the discord application that is downloaded on your device.

Step 2: Head Towards Where You Want To Upload The Video

After opening Discord, head toward where you want to upload the video. Go to the inbox section to send a video to a particular user. Enter the server if you want to send it to a server channel.

Step 3: Tap On The Add “+” Icon

Tap the add (+) icon to access your gallery at the bottom of the chatbox.

Step 4: Choose The Video

After selecting the video, you wish to upload, touch the send icon. As the video uploads, a progress meter will show up.

When the video has finished uploading, the other Discord channel users can watch or download it.

5 Methods To Send Videos Over 8MB On Discord

Follow the methods below to send videos more than 8MB in size on discord.

  • Method 1: Use Discord Nitro (Official Method)
  • Method 2: Use Google Drive To Send Large Videos On Discord
  • Method 3: Use YouTube To Send Large Videos On Discord
  • Method 4: Use Imgur
  • Method 5: Compress The Video

Method 1: Discord Nitro (Official Method)

With Discord Nitro, you can transfer videos up to 100MB in size. Additionally, the file limit will rise to 50MB with Discord’s traditional membership. A membership to Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually. The traditional Discord membership is $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually.

Discord Nitro also offers many more advantages, such as two server upgrades. You can edit your profile, and HD streaming is available.

Follow the below steps to subscribe to Nitro in discord and send videos on Discord that are more than 8MB.

Step 1: Open Discord

Open the discord application downloaded on your device or the discord web from your browser and log in.

Step 2: Go To User Setting

After you have opened discord, click on the ”⚙️” icon next to your profile at the bottom of your screen to open the user settings tab.

Step 3: Go To The Payment Settings Section

After you are in the user settings tab, scroll downwards on the navigational panel at the left side of your screen until you see the payment settings section.

Step 4: Click On Nitro

After you reach the payment section, click on the nitro option.

Step 5: Select The Subscribe Option

After you have clicked on the Nitro option, you will see a “Subscribe” option on the right side of your screen. Click on it.

Step 6: Select Plan

You will have two options for your payment. One costs $2.99 per month and the other costs about $9.99. Choose one of the plans.

Step 7: Select Period

After you have selected the plan, you will have your payment option. You can pay monthly or yearly, according to your preference. Then your subscription will be added.

Purchasing Discord Nitro is not a smart option if all you want to do is raise the file size limit. Furthermore, you can share videos via third-party services.

Method 2: Use Google Drive To Send Large Videos On Discord

If you want to safely and secretly exchange videos on Discord. The most secure choice is Google Drive, then. A free 15GB of cloud storage is available to all Google Account users to distribute even 4K video files.

Yes, there are various more Google Drive substitutes that you can utilize, like Dropbox Basic, which offers 2GB of free storage. You could also utilize OneDrive, which offers 5GB of free space. Google Drive, however, is superior in every way.

Follow the below steps to send videos of more than 8MB from Google drive to Discord.

Step 1: Open Google Drive

In a web browser, open Google Drive and sign in with your Google Account. Before uploading files, confirm that you have enough free space in Google Drive.

Step 2: Click On New

After you open the drive, you will see an option named “New” with a “+” at the side of it at the left-hand side of your screen. Click on it.

Step 3: Select The File Upload Option

After you click on the “New” option, a new drop-down menu will appear with many options. Click on the “File Upload” option on it.

Step 4: Select The Video

Choose the video file you want to upload and click on the “open” option. The video uploading will begin and take as long as your Internet plan provides. Refresh the Google Drive page after the video file has been uploaded.

Step 5: Get The Link Of The Video

You will view the uploaded video once you refresh the google drive tab. Then right-click on your video file, and a drop-down menu will appear. On that menu, click on the “Get Link” option.

Step 6: Change The Viewer Option

After you click on the “Get Link” option, the window for the get link will open. Select “Anyone with this link” after first clicking “Restricted.”

Step 7: Send The Link To Your Friends Or The Discord Server

Finally, copy the URL and share it with your Discord friends. You could also post it in the Discord server’s chat room.

Method 3: Use YouTube To Send Large Videos On Discord

You may post and share videos on YouTube if your Google Drive storage space is filling up. The video can be made private on YouTube once it has been uploaded. Additionally, only people who have the YouTube video URL can see it.

To post videos to YouTube, make sure your account is verified. YouTube supports almost all video file types. Additionally, uploading a video to YouTube is simple.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide below to upload your videos to YouTube and share it with your discord friends or server.

Step 1: Open YouTube SIte

Open a web browser and go to the YouTube website. Make sure you are logged in as well.

Step 2: Click On The Camera Icon

Once you get inside youtube, there will be a camera icon beside the search bar with a “+” icon. Click on it.

Step 3: Select Upload Video

After you click on the camera icon, a drop-down menu will appear. Select the option “Upload Video” on it.

Step 4: Click On Select Files

Click Select Files when the window for uploading videos appears.

Click Open after deciding which video file to choose from your PC. Wait for the video file to upload now that you’re done.

Step 5: Select “This Video Is Not For Kids” And Click On Next

the moment the video is uploaded. Do choose “this video is not made for children.” And until you get to the last visibility screen, keep clicking Next.

Step 6: Make The Video Private

You can make the movie private by choosing “Unlisted” under the Visibility area.

Step 7: Copy The Video Link

Then click on save after copying the video URL and choose unlisted.

Step 8: Post The Video And Share The Video Link

Once you’re done, post the video URL to your Discord server. The video can only be viewed by those who have the link. There won’t be a live stream of the video on YouTube.

Method 4: Use Imgur

Another free online image and video-sharing service are Imgur. You can openly post gifs, photos, and videos on Imgur. Imgur does, however, have certain restrictions. For instance, uploads are limited to 60 seconds.

Additionally, 200MB is the maximum file size restriction. It’s easy to upload video files to Imgur. Follow the guide below if you want to use Imgur to send more than 8MB of videos on Discord.

Step 1: Open Imgur Website

Visit the Imgur website and create a free account. You could also go on without it.

Step 2: Click On New Post Option

Click On The “New Post” option beside the Imgur icon.

Step 3: Click On Choose Photo/Video Option

After you click on the “New Post” option, a new screen will appear. Select the option “Choose Photo/Video” on it.

Step 4: Select If You Want To Keep The Audio Or Not

Imgur can request to keep or delete the audio. Then choose “Yes, Keep the Audio” if you want to send the video with audio.

Step 5: Click On The Three Dot Icon

Once the video has been uploaded, move the mouse pointer over the three dots at the top right of the video. You will see the copy link option when you click on it.

Step 6: Share The Video Link

You can now use a Discord Server or other Discord Users to share Imgur video URLs. Okay, this is how you can use Imgur to send videos larger than 8 MB.

Method 5: Compress The Video

As previously mentioned, you must subscribe to Discord Nitro to submit films bigger than 8MB. Some solutions will enable you to accomplish it for free, such as compressing the video. By reducing the file size, you’ll be able to send it without spending any cash.

You should use the video compression tool provided by FlexClip for this task. It is free to use in comparison to other services that need payment. Another reason to use FlexClip is to compress your video to save money.

Even if FlexClip’s tool is free, it is still quite expensive. You can rely on it when you need to send a video immediately since it does quick competitive. You can preview the size and choose the compression quality and resolution.

Before you even begin compressing, you can determine if you need to lower the quality or resolution further, saving you a ton of time!

Advantages Of Sending/Sharing Videos From Other Platforms On Discord

Discord has a nice feature that embeds chat-shared videos so that users can watch them in the chat window in a tiny video player. This also functions with the URLs of well-known social media platforms.

For instance, Discord will display a mini video player inside the conversation if you submit a YouTube video URL. Channel members can click the play button to view the video in-app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to sending more than 8MB videos on Discord and other things related to Discord. Please have a look, as it can also be useful to you.

Why Is Discord 8MB limited?

Only Discord Nitro members can send files bigger than 8MB on Discord; this restriction can be increased to 50MB or 100MB. Discord provides free servers; however, due to the user base’s explosive growth, it has been forced to restrict upload size due to the high cost of data storage.

Can 4GB RAM Run Discord?

Only roughly 4 GB of RAM is needed for Discord to function properly. This assumes Discord is the only application running. You will need 8 GB of RAM if you want to utilize Discord and play a game or perform another work that uses a lot of RAM. About 300 MB of RAM is used by Discord.

What Is The Max Limit For A Discord Server?

A single server can accommodate up to 500,000 users; however, if more than 25,000 users are online at once, the owner must request more server capacity from Discord support to prevent connection issues. A server can have up to 50 categories and up to 500 channels in total.

How To Change Your Name On Discord?

Open Discord and click on User Settings to change your name. Go to the My Account page and choose Edit. Next, enter your new username and your password if asked (it depends on the device you’re using). Finally, click “Done.”

How To Change Your Age On Discord?

You must send a request to Discord support explaining your want to change your date of birth, along with the email associated with your Discord account, and then wait for the Discord team to respond.


These were the free ways to transfer huge video files on Discord, except for the Discord Nitro subscription. The file limit can be raised to 100MB by subscribing to Discord Nitro or Discord Classic. Alternatively, you can share video files via FelxClip, Imgur, YouTube, or Google Drive.

Please also look at some of our Discord Tips, which can provide additional information about Discord.

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