13+ Reasons To Use SoundCloud For Beginners [With Suggestions]

Reasons To Use SoundCloud For Beginners

Are you a new artist in the music industry who is independent? SoundCloud will be an excellent platform for you if you are looking for a useful social network to promote your work as a newbie artist in the music industry. This post will explain why you should use SoundCloud for beginners if you’re new to SoundCloud or haven’t taken the time to learn how to use it.

The best reason to use SoundCloud for beginners is that it is simple to use and helps you to find new music and artist. If you’re a musician, then you can make money from your music and reach a larger audience than you could on social media sites. In addition, SoundCloud also has a mobile app that allows you to listen to music offline as well as download songs.

SoundCloud is quickly developing itself as a go-to tool for beginners and independent artists. It provides a useful social media platform for artists to showcase their work and get new fans. This post will explain why you should begin using it right now for your special needs.

13+ Reasons To Use SoundCloud For Beginners

SoundCloud is a shared platform where you can communicate with other artists, exchange content, and discover music from a variety of genres.

There are some of the greatest SoundCloud tips and tricks to get you started as a beginner if you love music above all else. Here are seven reasons why you need to start using SoundCloud today.

1. User Friendly For Beginner Artists

SoundCloud is a pretty simple platform to get started with and operate. It has good navigation options and offers easy cross-platform file sharing through integrated links. This website is full of benefits for a new artist seeking an effective strategy to reach a larger audience and make money from their work with a minimal commitment to the social network.

If you’ve been using SoundCloud for a while, you might think it’s solely for Indie and Rock musicians. This is not the case. Sure, many Indie artists use SoundCloud to promote and distribute their music, but many other genres use it as well.

2. Free Upload Limit

You can upload up to 3 hours of audio as a free user on the Basic plan. The file size limit is 4GB. If your file exceeds these limits, please upload it in sections. Each SoundCloud plan has a different upload limit. You can upload a total of 180 minutes as a Free user (3 hours).

A-Pro user has a total upload time of 360 minutes (6 hours), while a Pro Unlimited user has no upload time limit. You can view how many minutes you have remaining on your Tracks page if you are a Free or Pro user.

3. Discover New Music With Suggested Tracks

SoundCloud is a massive music platform with millions of recordings from well-known to lesser-known musicians from all over the world. Weekly top rankings are released by SoundCloud in a variety of genres. They display the most popular tunes on the app over the previous seven days, making it simple to discover new music.

Audiobooks, podcasts, and niche sectors like sports music and business analyses all have their own charts. What’s most amazing about this is that the charts feature names you may or may not be familiar with, ensuring that you have a better understanding of what’s currently popular. It’s never a terrible idea to keep track of what’s excellent.

On SoundCloud, you can listen to various kinds of music that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. So, go to the “Home” page if you want to dive into this big ocean and find new music tracks from your favorite artists. Here you’ll discover all of SoundCloud’s suggested tracks based on your musical tastes and preferences.

4. Share And Repost Your Favorite Tracks

SoundCloud isn’t just for pros and curators; it’s for all music fans! SoundCloud lets you repost your favorite tracks to your timeline. It is a convenient method to share your musical tastes with your friends and followers.

All of your reposted music will be preserved in a special “Repost” area that you may access at any time. The difficulties in uploading and sharing favorite music could be the major factor preventing musicians from sharing their work with the rest of the world.

5. Supports Both Audio And Video File

It allows you to post both audio and video files. This is a big benefit for any musician in the music industry. The majority of other music-sharing services are primarily visual.

While it may be possible to post a video for each individual music file. SoundCloud also helps in making and uploading high-quality music films for each file a musician generates is typically not financially viable. The ability to post podcasts, audio, and mixed-format files using the same set of tools is a benefit for a new music artist.

6. Access To Different Devices

It is simple to access across devices. Files posted to SoundCloud can be accessed with equal ease on laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices. SoundCloud is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as in a variety of browsers.

Listeners can now play an artist’s music everywhere, at any time. With SoundCloud, new artists don’t have to worry about missing out on potential regular listeners because of their choice of music-sharing site.

7. Global Reachout And Get Noticed

It’s a website with a global audience. SoundCloud has the benefit of being worldwide popular, which is beneficial to any artist looking to establish a huge fan base for their music.

If you want to be regarded seriously as a performer and be heard by millions, SoundCloud is a great place to start. Up-and-coming artists will benefit from a large number of users eager to discover new sounds, as well as the simplicity of social sharing and community participation. Music labels from all around the world are always scouring the internet for new talent.

Assume you have good material and can get enough SoundCloud plays to make your song popular. In that situation, talent scouts, producers, bloggers, and DJs are more likely to find them on SoundCloud than on most other music platforms. If you want to be more famous on Soundcloud, then do follow the article on how to get famous on SoundCloud.

8. Build Your Community

SoundCloud For Beginners offers a number of community-oriented features for users and artists to communicate with one another. When you make an account on the website, you’ll be able to construct a profile that will allow you to see who is listening to your music and what they think about it.

Indeed, when you listen to your favorite music, you’ll notice a slew of profile images leaping along with the sound waves, signaling that they’re paying attention. On the soundwave of your favorite music, you’ll see profile icons. This one-of-a-kind tool allows members of the community to interact with one another, whether it’s a fan telling their favorite artist what they enjoy about a song or just a shout-out.

You may also leave comments on your favorite groups, follow people and bands, and repost music (along with a timestamp and/or remark) on your own profile, all of which contribute to the community’s cohesiveness and engagement.

9. Download Music And Offline Listening

SoundCloud allows you to listen to music offline as well as download songs to add to your personal collection (though the features are not available on all songs; the uploader has to enable it on a case-by-case basis). Downloading songs is good for those who like to have their own locally saved music library, whilst offline playlists are ideal for long trips or when you plan to be without Wi-Fi or mobile service for an extended period of time.

If you’re a creator, you can turn on and off the two options by going to a track’s edit page, selecting the Permissions button, and checking the boxes next to Offline Listening and Enable Downloads as appropriate.

The battle for Internet access is a genuine one! There are instances when the connection stops, and as a result, our music experience suffers. So, for a monthly fee of 9.99 dollars, you can upgrade your SoundCloud subscription to include additional capabilities such as offline listening and track saving through WiFi.

10. Make Money From Your Music

It enables the artist to earn from their work. Artists can make money and gain recognition from their uploaded files as long as their work can generate and sustain multiple organic SoundCloud listens.

If you want to make it big in the music industry, SoundCloud can be a great place to start. A producer can reach out to you after listening to your music and ask for a partnership. This may help launch your career and put you on the path to international musical success, allowing you to finally make money as a musician.

If you want to make money from your music on SoundCloud, there are two premium subscriptions to choose from: SoundCloud Pro Unlimited and SoundCloud Repost.

Repost ($2.50/month) is the cheapest option. It allows you to distribute your music to all of the main music services. It also provides you access to promotional tools like SoundCloud’s discovery pages. SoundCloud Repost includes the ability to choose which countries your music is available in. The Pro Unlimited ($12/month) package includes the ability to take fan donations. You can also send direct messages to fans, track listening data, and more. If you want to learn more about how SoundCloud makes money, do read the linked article.

11. Social Networking Features

It has a number of social networking functions, including in comparison to most other sites. SoundCloud offers more chances for social networking. This can be advantageous to a novice since the artist must establish a fan base from the ground up, both online and offline. The following are some of these features:

  • Files can be liked, shared, and reposted by listeners. Listeners can also save favorites and download individual artist recordings. This gives a user’s soundtracks an organic boost.
  • Artists and fans alike can share integrated links to SoundCloud tracks on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This allows an artist to connect with a more large audience.
  • Artists can form their own groups or join and follow others based on genre, subject, and a variety of other factors. This allows musicians to engage with both listeners and other artists. In addition to building their fan base, they can discover effective partners. You can also learn from other artists, and establish relationships in the industry.
  • Through likes, shares, and comments on the Waveform of an uploaded track. Artists and listeners can directly engage with one another.

12. Mobile App Available

SoundCloud has an iPhone app and an Android app in addition to the online app. The applications don’t allow you to comment on songs or do anything in terms of music production, but everything else is available. You can quickly listen to tracks and discover new music to enjoy later, as well as follow your friends and exchange music.

There’s also a SoundCloud app on the Microsoft Store, but I’d recommend avoiding it. The software is still described as being in beta, and it hasn’t been updated in a few years. The online app is superior. You can also get the desktop version of SoundCloud on mobile phones, if you want to learn more, then read how to get the desktop version of SoundCloud on mobile phones.

13. SoundCloud Chrome Extension

If you want a more advanced SoundCloud experience, install the SoundCloud Chrome browser extension. It will display all of your music and playlists in a pop-up window for convenient access. It lets you manage all of your SoundCloud tracks from one location.

14. Be Creative As Much As You Can

SoundCloud is your only option if you’re a new artist seeking an internet music outlet to showcase your hidden ability. You can contribute any type of audio content, including your own music tracks or mixes, audio interviews, and any other creative music-related idea to our site. Your work will be shared with millions of users across the world. Therefore, use your imagination as much as possible to create music.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic of “SoundCloud For Beginners” are taken from the internet. Please go through the questions to understand and learn more.

Does Posting On SoundCloud A Good Idea?

Even if you are a beginner or an artist, uploading to Soundcloud is a wonderful idea. Many musicians began their careers on this site, and SoundCloud allows you to monetize your music with significant advantages. As a result, uploading songs to SoundCloud is an excellent idea.

Why SoundCloud Is Not Working?

If you have issues when SoundCloud is not working, it might face various problems. SoundCloud may not work and face difficulties like loading, loss of data, crashing of the website, and many more. Therefore, reasons can be different from time to time for the same problem and so can the solution to that.

Why SoundCloud Is Great For Independent Artists?

Soundcloud is a great opportunity to promote as an artist and build a solid fan base. It is wise to use SoundCloud For Beginners to interact with their audience through comments and posts on each track. It also allows genuine interaction between artists and their listeners.

However, Soundcloud is a better alternative than YouTube since it allows musicians to communicate directly with their fans.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using SoundCloud To Start A Music Career?

The following are some of the drawbacks of utilizing SoundCloud For Beginners to launch a music career:

  1. Visuals are required for successful marketing in SoundCloud.
  2. SoundCloud might not have the necessary trending strength for all types of music.
  3. It necessitates more than just sharing music in terms of marketing techniques.
  4. For new artists, SoundCloud might be costly.
  5. SoundCloud does not permit the creation of albums.

Can I See Who Views My SoundCloud?

No, you cannot see who views your SoundCloud music but you can see the listeners and view count on your SoundCloud tracks. You can learn more to see who can view your SoundCloud, then read can you see who views your SoundCloud.


Finally, if you are a new artist in the music industry, the above post illustrates why you should use SoundCloud for beginners. It also explains how SoundCloud can help you grow your music on the site. To use SoundCloud as a beginner this post will guide you through the details you’ll need to know in order to effectively optimize your music for worldwide distribution.

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