How To Get Famous On SoundCloud?

How to get famous on Soundcloud

SoundCloud has been a starting point for many of the prominent musicians and producers of today. Since its inception in 2007, the platform has allowed new artists to show their talents on a global stage. So, if you are also a new entrant in the industry, how can you get famous on SoundCloud and build your career from there?

To get famous on SoundCloud, first, you need to start uploading your music on the platform, start getting noticed and try to get more plays on your music by using various strategies. Once you are famous and get more plays on the platform, you can start monetizing your content through SoundCloud Premier Program among others.

But how can you do all of these things? What strategy to apply to get more plays on SoundCloud? Do not worry and read this article until the end. This article defines and describes all the necessary steps you need to take to get famous on the platform and start monetizing your content on the platform.

Getting Started On SoundCloud

So how can you start on SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a platform strictly for musicians and music lovers. Anyone is free to start uploading their content on the platform and show their art of music to the world. It is often a misconception that you need to be a good musician to start on SoundCloud, or you need to signup for some premium feature to start uploading music.

Since SoundCloud is started to provide a platform for new musicians and artists, it does not take any money to get started on the platform. If you have a passion for music and enjoy making it, it is the perfect place to start your career.

Although you need to signup for a premium feature of SoundCloud to start making money from the plays, you can always start with the free package to just upload your music and share it with your friends. And once you are confident enough that your music is good and you need to start making money from it, you can sign up for the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited package.

SoundCloud lets a user with a free account upload up to 3 hours of music. That is more than sufficient if you are just starting in the music industry. You need to create music and upload it on SoundCloud and then start to promote your content for more views and recognition.

So, what should be the first step on SoundCloud?

Create A SoundCloud Account

You need to first create a SoundCloud account. It is a very simple process, and you can do it by using just your phone.

And after you create your account, update your profile to tell people about yourself and your music.

Step 1: Download The SoundCloud App

First, go to the app store of your device and search for SoundCloud and download the app. Once you download the app, let it install on your device.

Step 2: Open The SoundCloud App

After the download, open the SoundCloud app.

Step 3: Signup Using Your Gmail/Email

Once you open the app, it will ask you to log in or signup. Click signup and use the google signup to signup using your Google account.

Step 4: Login To Your Account

After signing up, it will automatically log you in. If not, log in manually using the same google account.

Step 5: Go To Library Section

Once on the SoundCloud screen, you can click the library icon on the bottom-right part of the screen.

Step 6: Click The Profile Icon

On the library page, click the profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 7: Click The Pen Icon On Your Profile

After you are on the profile page, you can click the pen icon on the side of your profile. This lets you edit the profile information.

Step 8: Update The Information

Update the profile with relative information and make sure you convey all the necessary information that your audience needs to know about you and your music.

Once you successfully create your account and update your profile information, you are set to start uploading your content on the platform. It is necessary to correctly update your profile information so that your future audiences will know about you and your music once they visit your profile. It is the first step for you to get famous on SoundCloud.

You can also add more information and a link to your PayPal when you visit your account from a PC. The need for the PayPal link is for your audience to be able to support you in your music production and creation. It also means you will be getting more donations for your music when you get famous on SoundCloud.

Next, you need to upload your Music To SoundCloud.

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Upload Your Music On SoundCloud

Uploading your music on SoundCloud is a very simple yet crucial step. You need to take care of many things when uploading your music on the platform.

First, make sure you have all the necessary information to input while uploading your content on the platform. It will also help you get noticed and get famous on SoundCloud.

The track with the correct filename, album art, correct tags, and description are some of the necessary details you need to place while uploading the track on the platform.

Follow the steps below to start uploading your music on SoundCloud.

Step 1: Open SoundCloud App

Open the SoundCloud app on your device and log into your account if you haven’t already.

It is always better to subscribe to the SoundCloud Pro or SoundCloud Pro Unlimited package. It will give you more functionalities such as high-quality sound upload, unlimited upload, and better insights.

Step 2: Click The Upload Button On The Top Right Corner

On the home screen of the SoundCloud app, you can click the upload button in the top-right corner of the screen. The button is represented by an upward-facing arrow.

Step 3: Select the Track

Next, the app will open your gallery or files manager. You can now select the track that you set to upload. Make sure you are uploading the correct file with the correct filename.

Step 4: Add Title, Descriptions, And Tags

After you click done, the app will upload the file and let you add the title, descriptions, and tags for the track. Add those details correctly. Also, never forget to add the album art to the top section.

Step 5: Click Save

Next, click save to save the upload onto your profile.

Step 6: Wait For The Upload

Finally, the app will start uploading the track onto the SoundCloud server. Wait for the upload and it will show it in your uploads section.

You can also choose to upload your music from a PC which is a similar step to these steps for a mobile device. Uploading your music on SoundCloud is just one of the first few steps to getting famous on SoundCloud.

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Get Famous On SoundCloud

Getting famous on SoundCloud consists of various things. Two of the most important thing you need to do to get famous on SoundCloud is to first get noticed on SoundCloud and then get more plays on SoundCloud.

Getting famous on SoundCloud is not only getting your one music viral but also the ability to retain the audiences for the more music you will be producing later. So, you should rather adopt a strategy to maximize your audience and retain them for listening to your music for a long time.

As a platform, SoundCloud also prefers users to come multiple times for artists and pieces of music rather than once for a song.

So, how can you get famous on SoundCloud by getting noticed and getting more plays on your tracks?

Now the next step is to start getting noticed on SoundCloud.

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Get Noticed On SoundCloud

To start getting noticed on SoundCloud, you can make use of several strategies. Below are some strategies that are identified for you to use that can help you get noticed and ultimately get more plays on your tracks on SoundCloud.

Make Your Profile Attractive

Having an attractive profile helps you get noticed more often by your audiences. A detailed description with a fitting profile picture goes a long way in impressing your audience and making them listen to your music.

So, just start by making your profile attractive and understanding you and your music.

Use Correct Tags

Tags refer to the keywords you use to identify your music. While uploading your track, you will have the option to add tags to your music which is then used by the SoundCloud algorithm to sort out your music.

If you correctly use the tags then you will be easier to find when searching for music by your audience. Correct tags are those which represent your music, its genre, its vibe, and you as a creator. All these things will help you get noticed when searched by the audience.

Use Attractive Album Art

Attractive album art is the first impression that any audience gets when they play your music. You can use the album art to impress your audience and retain them by making them follow you.

So, you can hire a designer, consult with them or design yourself to create an attractive album art design that represents your music and you as a creator. It helps you get noticed and ultimately get famous on SoundCloud.

Join SoundCloud Communities

SoundCloud communities are online communities that comprise music creators and music lovers where you can discuss and get feedback o your music. This also increases your chances of getting noticed and ultimately getting famous on SoundCloud.

You can find these communities on several websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

With the use of these strategies, you can successfully get noticed on SoundCloud and be on your way to getting famous on SoundCloud.

Next, you need to get more plays on SoundCloud.

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Get More Plays On SoundCloud

Getting more plays on SoundCloud is a bit more difficult but if you have great music content and a sizable audience, it may not be that difficult for you. Focusing on maximizing your reach and attracting new audiences to your music can get you more plays on SoundCloud and ultimately you can get famous on SoundCloud.

You can use the following strategies to get more plays on SoundCloud that can get you famous on SoundCloud.

Share Your Contents On Social Media

Sharing your music on social media can get you more audience by expanding your reach to other platforms. You can also ask your friends and families to share your music and let their reach also help you gain more audience which leads to more plays on SoundCloud.

Always remember to share your link to SoundCloud and not the actual music when sharing it on social media. As SoundCloud lets anyone without an account click the link and listen to your music, it will effectively boost your reach and gain more plays on SoundCloud ultimately getting you more famous on the platform.

Share Your Music On Other Platforms

Other platforms can be used to share your music and get more plays on your SoundCloud. Different platforms that are focused on discussions about music can be used to leave the link of your music in relevant topics of discussion.

But always try not to appear as spam because it may lead you to get suspended on those platforms.

Create Playlists Of Your Music

Creating a playlist of your music also helps to get more plays and ultimately get famous on SoundCloud. So, collect similar music like yours and create a playlist with that music.

Creating a playlist also helps you get your music played repeatedly as most people will listen to a playlist repeatedly. This will get you more plays and make you famous on the platform.

Use Comment On Track To Tell Story

The unique feature of SoundCloud is also a very important tool to engage your audience. You can leave a comment at a specific time within your music timeline to inform your audience about the music or ask them to provide you feedback.

This helps you to engage your audience with your music and that will help you get more promoted by the SoundCloud algorithm resulting in you getting more plays and ultimately making you famous on SoundCloud.

The above strategies can be used to get more plays and get you famous on SoundCloud. But that does not get you a source of income or pay you for your work. So it is important to get monetized on SoundCloud to help you pay for your work.

So how can you get monetized after getting famous on SoundCloud?

Get Monetized On SoundCloud

As a piece of good news, SoundCloud lets you monetize your content on the platform. In 2014, SoundCloud launched a program called SoundCloud premier program which lets you monetize your tracks.

To get monetized using the SoundCloud premier program, you need to fulfill some criteria. The requirement criteria are mentioned below.

  1. The creator should be above 18 years old.
  2. Creators should have above 500 plays in the previous month from SoundCloud Monetizable country.
  3. The content should be 100% original and not a recreation of any existing music.
  4. Podcasts and other sounds cannot be monetized yet on the platform.

If you successfully fulfill the criteria below, you can apply for the monetization of your track on the platform.

Follow the steps below to apply for monetization using the SoundCloud premier program.

Step 1: Open SoundCloud Website/App

Open the SoundCloud website on your computer or App on a mobile device. Log into your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go To Your Tracks Page

Next, go to the tracks page of your account.

Step 2: Select The Desired Track And Click The Pen Icon To Edit

Among the list of your tracks, Choose the track you want to monetize and click the 3-dot button or pen icon to get more options.

Step 3: Choose The Monetization Tab For The Track

Now from the options, choose the monetization tab option.

Step 4: Enable Monetization

Enable the monetization from the page.

Step 5: Select Your Username For Each Territory

Next, Select your username for each territory you want to monetize your content.

Step 6: Enter Necessary Details On The Metadata Tab

Click the Metadata tab and input the necessary details.

Step 7: Save Your Changes

Finally, you can save the changes and the monetization will be reviewed and approved by SoundCloud.

Using the steps above, you will successfully apply for the monetization of a track.

It should also be noticed and remembered that SoundCloud does not let you monetize your entire account so you need to apply for monetization for each track. It may be a hassle but also helps you weed out your tracks that may have copyright on them and those tracks you have made for practice.

Finally, once the monetization is approved you can earn from 0.0025 to 0.004 USD per play on SoundCloud. The pay depends on the location of your audience. Higher-income countries with SoundCloud monetization have higher pay per play and low-income countries have low pay per play.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic of ‘How to get famous on SoundCloud’ are taken from the internet. Please go through the questions and their answers to understand more about the topic and the platform.

How To Promote SoundCloud Music Free?

To promote SoundCloud music for free, you can use proper optimization practice and social sharing. These are some of the best ways you can promote and get more plays on SoundCloud.

How To Check SoundCloud Analytics?

You can check SoundCloud analytics by going to the library section of the SoundCloud app and clicking the profile icon. There you will find the ‘Your Insights’ option which will give you data of your whole account and also for each track you have uploaded on the platform.

If you want greater insight into the contents and audiences, you may have to upgrade your account to premium by paying a certain amount depending on the package you buy.

How Many Plays On SoundCloud Is Good?

Technically, it is better to compare your plays for each month and the increment you are getting. There is no specific number that is set to be good on SoundCloud. But as a reference, more than 10k plays can be taken as a good number of plays if you are an intermediate-level music producer or creator.


Therefore, to get famous on SoundCloud, various levels and strategies need to be crossed and applied. If you are just at the starting point on SoundCloud, you can do so by first downloading the app and creating an account. After you create an account on the platform, you can first set up your profile correctly and then upload your music.

After you successfully upload the music, now you can apply some strategies such as making your profile attractive, using great album art, joining communities, and using correct tags. This will increase your presence and gets you noticed on SoundCloud.

After applying the strategies, you can proceed to get more plays that will make you famous on the platform. These strategies include sharing on social media, using other platforms to expand your audience, creating playlists, and using the comment feature on tracks to tell a story to your audience.

These strategies will increase your plays and expands your audience which will get you famous on SoundCloud. But even after getting famous, if you do not monetize on it, it would not be a great thing for you. So to get monetized on SoundCloud using the SoundCloud premier program, you first need to fulfill the criteria and apply for monetization.

Finally, this is all you need to know about how to get famous on SoundCloud. And if you are aware of any other strategy to get famous on SoundCloud, please feel free to share in the comment below.


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