How Does SoundCloud Make Money

How does Soundcloud make money

SoundCloud is a free online audio and music distribution platform that allows users to publish, stream, promote, and share music and podcasts. Over time, the platform has aided independent musicians and innovators in monetizing their original songs. Audio content makers can use the SoundCloud Creator program to advertise their audio releases, interact with fans, and earn money. SoundCloud is a terrific resource for creators, from music to podcasts; here’s how to make money on SoundCloud if you’re wondering how. Let’s get into it :

To keep the site free for listeners, SoundCloud makes money by sharing a piece of advertising revenue with the creator. Premium membership services (such as Go, Go+, and Unlimited), audio mastering, and event ticket sales are further sources of revenue. The business operates on a freemium model, which implies that the basic product is available for free, but premium features need money.

If you want the following information on how SoundCloud makes money then read the above articles. Have a good reading!

What Is SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free online music streaming service that allows users to listen to music, podcasts, tracks, and other content from both worldwide and local artists. It was first introduced in 2008 in Berlin, Germany’s capital. SoundCloud has become a popular music platform for both musicians and music fans. To date, the company has a net worth of more than $540 million in capital funding. SoundCloud offers over 250 million tracks from 30 million artists in 190 countries. The focus on communication distinguishes SoundCloud from other streaming platforms. Users can leave comments on the music to express their gratitude or other opinions about the track. Furthermore, advanced features enable consumers to find new songs.

How Does SoundCloud Work

SoundCloud allows you to stream, upload and publish your music and tracks. You can start with SoundCloud’s Partner, which is a free and simple way to join the community, share your first tracks, receive comments, and track your progress. You’ll need to sign up for either SoundCloud Pro Unlimited or SoundCloud Repost if you want to make any real money.

The SoundCloud Pro tier comes with a $ 4.99 monthly subscription that allows you to keep an unlimited amount of tracks, gain access to all of SoundCloud’s advanced insights, and promote your music throughout SoundCloud with the DIY tool Promote on SoundCloud, and more.

SoundCloud allows you to have the option of distributing unlimited music to the different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram with the SoundCloud Repost tier for a $30 yearly subscription. Whereas SoundCloud keeps 80% of the revenue which along comes with SoundCloud’s additional features like track background art, featured profiles, and many more.

Can You Monetize Your SoundCloud

SoundCloud has its own monetization program where the artists are paid in their AdSense account if users have viewed or listened to ads enjoying the music that the artist uploads. SoundCloud is itself a popular free platform for artists to upload music and earn money.

So the following articles, there are the most common ways to monetize your SoundCloud music. Major musicians from all over the world are exploring various options for monetizing their music on SoundCloud. SoundCloud services for artists are listed below.

If someone inquires about how to monetize your SoundCloud account, The answer is given below. SoundCloud monetization has been made simple with the following two packages:

SoundCloud Premier

Premier of SoundCloud Monetization includes all of the benefits of Pro Unlimited with a few extras:

  1. An account manager who will monitor and improve your account.
  2. Features for promoting your music and profile that are just available to you.
  3. Streaming allows you to profit from your SoundCloud songs.
  4. Distribute a single release to all major music streaming services and receive SoundCloud plays and streams from all of them.
  5. Your account will receive massive audience exposure on SoundCloud while also making money on SoundCloud through streams.

The payment for SoundCloud monetization varies by country and audience retention. The monetization rate on SoundCloud varies between 0.3 and 3 dollars per 1000 streams.

Unlimited SoundCloud Pro/Pro

SoundCloud Pro Infinite gives you an unlimited number of uploads, whereas Pro only gives you 6 hours. These are premium SoundCloud services.

  1. The option to pin your top five tunes to the top of the playlist.
  2. Statistics based on location to see where your fans are.
  3. Use social statistics to see which platforms your tracks.

The biggest distinction is in price. 357 INR each month or 3128 INR per year. Pro Unlimited costs 715 INR per month or 6704 INR per year and includes unlimited track upload space.

Music Distribution

You must use a digital distribution provider like repost network, CD baby, or believe to distribute all of the tunes you want to monetize. On the store’s selection page, make sure SoundCloud is checked. Whether or not you distribute to our other partner stores is entirely up to you. You must have the rights to the tracks you’re posting, as with any distributer uploads. For instance: If you’re releasing a mashup version of a song, for example, you’ll need formal permission from the original artist.

Selling Your Music

SoundCloud is used by millions of independent musicians to promote their work and expand their fan base, as well as as a link between their music and the external sites where they sell it, such as Selfy and Songcast. You can direct your admirers to your online store by adding links to your SoundCloud profile.

SoundCloud monetization is based on the total amount of ads or commercials played before any new song you play on the platform. For instance, suppose you have 5000 streams and adverts are played on 1500 of them. As a result, the artist will only be compensated 1500 rupees. Now, you can monetize your SoundCloud and earn money as an independent artist.

How Does SoundCloud Make Money

SoundCloud makes money on a different basis from its feature. It is a popular audio streaming platform where musicians and artists share and upload their music. Therefore, here are some of the ways where Soundcloud makes its money :

Artist Subscriptions

On a monthly and annual basis, the company charges the artists a fee to share and upload their music. The basic edition (which is SoundCloud Pro) costs roughly $7 per month and $63 per year, whereas the premium edition costs around $15 per month and $135 per year ( that is SoundCloud Pro Unlimited). Artists who post songs to their platforms are eligible for these subscriptions. These artists would be required to pay a monthly or perhaps annual subscription fee. These musicians will post their music and have their fans listen to it. Various services are available to artists depending on the subscription they pay for. SoundCloud Pro Unlimited is one of them.


SoundCloud has worked with a number of other companies and streaming platforms. To promote their partners, SoundCloud runs advertising between music. Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, RedBull, and many others are among their advertising partners. To keep the platform free for listeners, a portion of advertising revenue is split with the creator. Furthermore, SoundCloud works with a number of different companies to launch and run various campaigns. These can take the shape of remix playlists or music competitions.

Consumer Subscriptions

SoundCloud offers a free core structure that attracts a large number of users to its site. Aside from that, SoundCloud provides enhanced services to help users get the most out of the platform. This gives the corporation almost 200 million subscribers. This generates revenue and ensures that its consumers have the best possible listening experience on the app. The company allowed platform users to listen to music given by artists for a fee, and it taxed the platform users. Users can use the basic edition for free, but the premium edition, known as SoundCloud Go, costs roughly $9.99 per month.

Unlimited SoundCloud

It costs $12 monthly. You can save as many songs as you want. SoundCloud’s advanced insights are available to you. Use SoundCloud to promote your song. You can swap out tracks without losing your statistics. The price includes a one-year subscription to SoundCloud Repost.

SoundCloud Repost

Reposting on SoundCloud costs $30 per year. Post music to SoundCloud quickly for a profit. Unlimit your music distribution on Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram. A custom analytics dashboard lets you look at your streaming data. Exclusive features such as smart linkages.

Relationship With Customers

The self-service and automated nature of SoundCloud is its main feature. Customers use the music service through the platform and have little contact with workers. On its website, the company aims to answer visitors’ commonly asked questions. They even use personal assistance features including phone, social media support, e-mail, and a community element to swiftly resolve their customers’ questions. Usually, SoundCloud relies on these consumer relationships to offer a pleasant experience when using the platform. They create separate platforms for frequently asked questions and make sure that their users’ questions are easily answered when traversing the app.

What Are The Ways To Make More Money On SoundCloud

Apart from earning streams from your original SoundCloud recordings, your Pro Unlimited account offers many opportunities to increase your earning potential. Here are four additional ways to increase your SoundCloud earnings :

Utilize Ads

SoundCloud plays periodic audio adverts to basic users and those who utilize SoundCloud Go in order to increase money. Include advertisements to ensure pay you for every time one of your fans hears one on SoundCloud.

Add a Buy Link to Your Tracks and Playlists

Adding a Buy link to your tracks and playlists sends listeners to your online store or another platform where they may purchase your material. This profit does not have to be shared with SoundCloud.

Promote your music on SoundCloud

Using SoundCloud’s promotional tool to target specific audiences and gain publicity for your music. You can also get famous on SoundCloud this way.

Fan-Powered Royalties

SoundCloud launched a fan-powered royalties model in 2021 as a way to ensure that their independent artists are fairly compensated. Your income is determined by your fans’ listening habits; the more they listen, the more you earn.

How To Make Money Using Third-Party Tools On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of several ways a dedicated artist might earn money online, though it isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. It can take a long time to build up a large enough fan base to earn a significant income, so if you think this is a quick method to make money on the weekends, think again.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about making money on SoundCloud.

Does SoundCloud Pay Its Creators

Yes, they do pay their creator. But creators must join up for a Premier membership, which costs a monthly fee, according to media outlet Times International. If a user wishes to host, it is reported that subscription rates ranging from $8 to $16 per month are available. Within minutes, those that post content will be able to monetize it.

How Much Can You Earn From The SoundCloud Stream

You can earn $1 on a maximum of 766 streams on SoundCloud, but you can make it genuine by purchasing SoundCloud Go premium services and using the pro capabilities.

How Does SoundCloud Compensate Its Artists

According to another study published by The Verge, SoundCloud musicians can earn up to 55 percent of the net revenue from the songs they submit. If an artist earns $1,000 on SoundCloud, for example, the app would keep 45 percent and the artist will get the rest. That amounts to $550 for the artist. According to reports, this is a 50% increase in net revenue over Spotify.


In the conclusion, you must have read the above articles and know-how does SoundCloud earn money. There we have tried to cover every aspect to earn the money as a user from SoundCloud to make you earn good revenue in a short period of time. Therefore, you can follow up on the article to make it more easier and reliable.

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