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8 Top Best Travel Credit Cards of 2020

The holiday season – a great chance for people to step away from their everyday work life and reconnect with their loved ones, friends, and family members. It gives us the suitcase full of life long best happy memories which we can never forget. Not all people enjoy the holiday season by staying in a house; some of them pack their backpack and travel around the world. They want their trip to be both comfortable and also cost-effective. There are lots of things which you can implement to balance your travel budget. So, if you frequently travel to different places, then a travel credit card can be the most useful thing for you. And, today we have listed 8 top best travel credit cards of 2022.

Unfortunately, we are in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, so people might be freaking out because they can’t go out of their houses. Many of them might be planning for a short trip after the Coronavirus ends, and once again, people can move freely. So, if you are planning to travel to a particular destination once there is no restriction, you might need these travel credit cards.  

A travel credit card especially offers different rewards to the cardholders on the purchase like booking hotels, flights, and more. Whether you are a seasoned frequent traveler or a just beginner, if you have the right travel credit card in your wallet, you can conquer your traveling spirit. 

So, take a look at 8 top best travel credit cards of 2022 and grab one of them in your wallet for your next destination.

But before moving to the actual topic, know a little bit about the credit card and how does it work in real life. In addition, also know the benefits of using the travel credit card if you are going to substitute with a regular credit card.

What Are Credit Cards?

A credit card is a rectangular shaped small plastic issued by either a credit card bank or a credit union. A card allows the users to borrow money for purchasing goods. For using the card, you have to pay a certain amount of interest and fees once a month. Besides that, a credit hit its users with lots of benefits and extra rewards, which helps to build the credit score. 

Let’s say credit card is somehow like borrowing money from a person. Once you borrow the money, then you have to return it with interest. But here, it’s a little different; you should repay the money which you have to spend at the end of each month. 

Carrying a credit card is way safer than carrying cash in your pocket. In other words, it’s a convenient method of payment rather than using cash. Cardholders can able to conduct a transaction online or over the phone; you choose the option. However, if you are not a responsible person, then you might dig a hole of debt because of overspend. It all depends on your discipline, whether you want stuck in paying a huge amount of debt or enjoy your daily purchase freely. 

I think you understand the meaning of the Credit Card after going through the above introduction. Now, let’s see how these credit card words in real life. You must know the working process of the credit card if you are going to purchase one. Suppose you own the credit card and you constantly using the card for a couple of months then, you might get in serious trouble, but why? Go through the working process of the credit card down below and find out the answer.

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How Credit Card Works?

Let’s say your credit card is like a loan, when you apply for the new credit card then you are approved for a certain type of credit.

A credit card has one function called a credit limit. It determines how much you can spend on purchasing goods before it maxed out. Then you will be no longer use the credit card for purchasing. When we talk about the credit limit, it is based on your income and credit history. If your both income and credit history are strong, the more financial agencies will trust you, and you can have a higher credit limit.

After using the card, each month, the agencies or credit company send you a total bill amount which you have spend. But you only have to cover the minimum payment, not the whole balance by the due date. This process somehow helps you to lower your debt, which you are using on a daily basis. Plus, you also have to pay the interest of the remaining amount. However, to escape from the interest, you have to pay the full amount which you have spent.

Because the credit card interest is actually high, which is a kind of a problem. So, pay your bill on time and avoid the interest fee.

Advantages of Having a Travel Credit Card?

Having a travel credit card can hit you lots of advantages that you can implement during your holiday season. Let’ have a look at the advantage and benefits of having travel credit cards.

  • First, you can earn rewards which help to make your travel cheaper.
  • A card offers you travel protection by refunding your money if you become sick or due to critical weather conditions.
  • A travel credit card can be cheaper than using cash.
  • If you earn enough points then sometimes you also may get free travel.
  • Somehow, there is no foreign transaction fee.
  • Travel credit cards have better fraud protection than using the debit card.

After going through the advantage of using the Travel credit card, now let’s move to our 8 top best travel credit cards of 2022.

8 Top Best Travel Credit Cards of 2022

Here, you can choose and grab one of these cards when you are going to your next destination.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card [Best for Your First Travel Card]

Chase Sapphire Reserve Card is a great card for most travelers around the world. In fact, it is best if you are just using the travel credit card for the first time. A card offers the customer the greatest value who spends almost $12,000 or even more annually while traveling. Cardholders can acquire lots of points while attending hotels, rental cars, flights, trains, buses, and even dining. 

What so special about the card which stands out for globetrotters is the statement credit. Cardholders can get up to $100 every four years to cover the Global Entry or even a TSA PreCheck application fees. You can also get access to more than 1,000 airport lounges worldwide along with free services like Wi-Fi, Beverages, and even snacks. 

As I already mentioned, cardholders can earn rewards points, but it depends on how they use them. If you redeem the rewards points for gifts cards or cash, then you will get $0.1 for each point, which means $1 equals 100 points. In addition, chasse sapphire also gives you unlimited 3x points on travel and dining purchases, 1x for all other purchases. 

When it comes to the fee, Chase charges a $550 annual fee. Besides, when you make a travel credit of $300, then you only have to pay $250, which is quite manageable. Not only that, but users also get 3% cashback for every travel and dining purchases. If you sign for the first time or you are a new member of chase sapphire, you will get extra 50,000 points as a bonus.      

Annual Fee: $550

New Member Bonus: 50,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: Earn points after earning $300 credit on a purchase

APR: 17.99% – 24.99% variable

American Express Gold Card [Best for Everyday Spender]

American Express Gold Card is the perfect option for those people who spend a lot on dining and grocery. If you love to spend money on food while traveling or a vlogger, then this card helps you to earn a lot of points.

Cardholders can get a bonus of 35,000 for a new membership if they spend $2,000 within the first 3 months after the card activation. That sounds interesting. Likewise, if you book direct flights from the airlines, then you earn 3x rewards points. In addition, 4x rewards points while on dining in worldwide and made a purchase in US supermarkets can be up to $25,000 in a year.

For the redemption process of a card, you can use points to check out the goods at the Amazon, which includes gift cards. Redemption points can also be used to book travel around the world. So, it’s all depends on the cardholders of how they want to redeem their points. In addition, cardholders can also use the rewards points to upgrade the luxury hotels.

American Express Gold Card charges $250 for the annual fee. So, if you have a habit of spending a high amount on food each year, then American Express Gold Card suits you to earn points.

Besides, there is no special credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck application fees on this card.

Annual Fee: $250

New Member Bonus: 35,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate:  3x in flights, 4x in dining and supermarket

APR: 15.99% – 22.99% variable

Capital One Venture Card [Best for Simple Earnings and Redemption]

Capital One Venture card is an easy option for those you who want to book a bunch of flights for travel with their rewards points. The annual fee of the card is free for the first year, and after that, you have to pay $95. However, a card gives a strong first membership bonus with 50,000 points if you spend $3,000 on the purchase within the first 3 months.

In addition, cardholders can earn 2x points after spending between $6,000 and $10,000 in goods. A reward also implements if you spend $10,000 in travel and food and $6,000 in food alone. You can also redeem your rewards points in actual cash through a check, but the earned points are worth half than the actual one.

Capital One Venture also gives the users Global Entry credit and TSA Precheck worth $15 to $20 in a year. In addition, if any accident occurs during the travel, users can get accident insurance and rental collision insurance.

Except for the travel and hotel, you can use your capital one venture cards to get access to the music and sports events, including the best experience in premiere culinary.

Annual Fee: $95

New Member Bonus: 50,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: 2x in all purchase, 5x in hotels and car rental

APR: 17.24% – 24.49% variable

Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card [Best for Bonus Rewards and No Annual Fee]

If you are looking for a no annual fee but still want to earn the good rewards, Wells Fargo Propel American Express is the best option available. However, the rewards are converted into cash rather than points. A card is a perfect option for those people who get money back as a reward to spend on dining rather than booking a flight.

Wells Fargo propels card has a lower return rate when we compare to the other travel cards. But, a credit card company won’t charge any annual fee. So, it somehow brings some little benefits to cardholders.

For the rewards process, you can earn unlimited 3x points using the gas, dining, rideshares, flights, any hotels, restaurants, homestays, selected streaming service, and car rental. Well, that pretty decent rewards, especially when we don’t have to pay an annual fee, Right? Besides, the cardholders also get the welcome bonus point $200 if they spend $1000 on a purchase within the first 3 months.

For the redemption process, when your points reach 2,500, then you will get $25, so to redeem the points, use the redeem points option in the portal.

Customers get insurance facilities such as damage insurance, roadside assistance, travel assistance, and more. Wells Fargo also gives a cell phone protection if your mobile gets damaged or get stolen up to $600 per claim.

Annual Fee: None

New Member Bonus: 20,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: Unlimited 3x points on dining, rideshares, flights, any hotels, restaurants, selected streaming service, and car rental.

APR: 15.49% – 27.49% variable

The World of Hyatt Credit Card [Best for More Comfortable Stay at Hyatt Hotel]

Many of us know the Hyatt brand, which offers luxury and sweet hotel rooms. Whenever you go out for traveling and make your mind to stay on Hyatt, then you should use the world of Hyatt Credit Card. Why? Well, it offers you a benefit which you can use during your stay. Cardholders can get a bonus, first-rate service, rewards, points, automatic elite status. A card also helps you to get a free night each year, plus the opportunity to earn another free night stay.

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With Hyatt credit card, users can earn 9x points for stay (5x points per $1 as a member of Hyatt, 4x points per $1 spent in Hyatt). Likewise, a 2x bonus point if you spent $1 at restaurants on airlines ticket if purchased directly from the airlines. It also implements local taxi, mass transit, gym membership, tolls, and rideshare. In addition, 1x point per $1 for all other purchases.

Besides that, the World of Hyatt Credit card also offers a limited time bonus. You could earn up to 50,000 points to 20,000 points if you spent $3,000 on purchase in the first 3 months after you open the account. In addition, 25,000 bonus points if you spent $6,000 on a purchase within the first 6 months after opening an account.

A card is an also provide the cardholders the travel protection such as lost luggage safety, baggage delay insurance, trip cancellation, or interruption insurance.

Annual Fee: $95

New Member Bonus: 50,000 points – 20,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: 5x points per $1 as a member of Hyatt, 4x points per $1 spent in Hyatt, 2x bonus point if you spent $1 at restaurants, on airlines, local taxi, mass transit, gym membership, tolls, and rideshare, 1x point per $1 for all other purchases.

APR: 15.99% – 22.99%

United Explorer Card [Best for Airport Perks]

If you regularly fly through United Airlines, the United Explorer Card helps you a lot by providing perks. A card delivers the best value at a reasonable price even though you are not a regular traveler.

United Explorer Card won’t charge any annual fee to the cardholders in the first year, and after that, you have to pay a $95 fee. You can earn a sign-up bonus of 60,000 after you make a purchase of $3,000 with the first 3 months after opening an account.

As for the rewards, cardholders get 2x points for $1 spends on purchase with united, hotels, restaurant, and dining. In addition, 1x rewards points for $1 spent on all kinds of purchases.

Besides, with the help of the United Explorer card, users also get two united airport lounge pass per year. Likewise, it also provides a $100 Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee credit. If you make a purchase in flight, you can get a 25% cashback on your card.

United Explorer Card even loads you with the trip interruption and cancellation insurance.

Annual Fee: $0 for the first year, after that $95

New Member Bonus: 60,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: 2x points per $1 spent on purchase from united, hotels, and restaurants. 1x points for $1 spent on all purchase

APR: 16.49% – 23.49%

Bank of America Travel Rewards [Best for Students]

Are you planning for an abroad study, then choosing the bank of America to travel reward card is the best option for students. Students can also use the card during their college breaks for traveling. However, you must be 18 years or older than that in any school or college to access the Bank of America Travel Card. Besides, any students can apply for the Bank of America Travel Card.

Cardholders can earn rewards based on the purchase. If you spend each dollar on the item, you earn 1.5x rewards. After getting the rewards, you can redeem them to cover all your few travel purchases like plane tickets and other stuff. Students can redeem their rewards anytime, anywhere you want. They can also do shopping on Amazon to purchase the items using the rewards points.

Besides, if you made the purchase outside the U.S, you won’t have to pay any charges. Like the welcome bonus, students earn 25,000 points if they spend $1,000 with the first 90 days.

A card also won’t charge any interest, however, don’t forget to pay your bill on time in each full month. Sometime, you may have to pay an extra fee for not making payment on time.

Annual Fee: None

New Member Bonus: 25,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: None

Rewards Rate: 1.5x on every dollar you spend

APR: 16.49% – 24.4% variable

Chase Freedom Unlimited [Best for the Budget Traveler]

Do you like to travel but don’t have sufficient balance? Things like this can change our whole mood and excitement. That’ why Chase Freedom Unlimited is there for your even though you are on a tight budget.

You can start earning points after you make a purchase with Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Your rewards points are like a cashback (1.5%), which you can redeem for travel, or you can transfer it to Chase premium credit card if you own one. Your cashback rewards also won’t expire as long as you didn’t close your account.

Chase Freedom Unlimited won’t charge any annual fee to its users; in fact, you earn a $150 bonus as a welcome bonus after spending $500 on every purchase within 3 months.

Apart from that, there is also another option where you can earn better points and secure your flight. The Chase Unlimited Rewards provides its users to book, redeem the earned points for airline tickets, car rental, hotels, and more.

Annual Fee: None

New Member Bonus: 15,000 points

Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%

Rewards Rate: 1.5% cashback on all purchase

APR: 16.49 – 25.24% variable


Travel credit cards are an essential card that helps to make our vacation even better. That’s because many travel card provides benefits, bonus, and rewards to the cardholders. If we carefully use the card, then we can travel around the world without paying expensive travel costs and even can save a few bucks.

Whether you are a beginner person who is going to take foot in a different place or a travel enthusiast who wants to upgrade your travel, choose one of the cards mentioned above. We listed the 8 top best travel credit cards of 2022 based on different benefits and perks. So, choose the card that helps to fulfill or maximize your traveling cost and plus hit you with benefit in this article.

Grabbing one of the above-mentioned travel credit cards in your wallet helps you to earn more rewards, which you can redeem them in the future for your welfare.

Which travel card attracts you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

Thanks for reading our article!

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