How to Increase The Speed And Range Of Netgear Router [Updated 2022]

How to Increase The Speed And Range Of Netgear Router [Updated 2021]

Netgear router ensures a perfect balance between feature, performance, and value. Well, how fast is your internet connectivity at your home? Does your internet lag while streaming movies or playing the game? If so, then it’s time to upgrade your router. Having a good speed and wide coverage range largely depends on the router you use. So, how can you enhance the speed and range of your Netgear router?

A high-speed internet connection largely depends on router selection. Likewise, a good router gives wide coverage as well. Netgear router is one of the best routers for creating a strong and stable signal. The performance of the router largely depends on several factors: Router placement, the age of the router, a device connected, and many more.

This article gives you a few methods regarding how you can improve your router performance. There are various ways you can increase the speed and range of the Netgear router.

How To Setup Netgear Router?

Setting up a Netgear router is not a difficult task. You can easily set up your Netgear router within a few minutes. To set up, first, you need to turn on your Netgear router. Then open your browser and log in to After this, log in to your router. The default username and password is admin.

Next, click on Advanced and go to Setup Wizard.

After this. Select the “Yes” radio button and click on next. Your router detects your internet connection. And then you are prompted to log in. You can now place a new admin password.

Finally, answer two security questions that will be asked. And click on Next, you will visit the congratulation display on the screen.

Some Common Problems With Netgear Router

Despite being one of the best routers, it does have few issues. Netgear is known for its efficiency and performance. For the best performance, you need to take good care as well. But how to take good care of it? Well, here are a few common problems that arise in the Netgear router.

If you understand some common problems it becomes easy to handle. Moreover, you would be prepared for its solutions too. Thus, here are a few problems you might face with the Netgear router.

Overheating Issue

This is one of the most active problems of every electronic device. Be it a laptop, phone, refrigerator, router, overheating exist in every electrical device. Now, how does a Netgear router overheat? Well, when you try downloading a file of large size then your Netgear router ends up overheating.

This results in several disfunction of your router. Among them, system crash and abrupt power disconnection is the most common side effect. Similarly, your Netgear router also overheats when there is high network activity.

Performance Issue with Netgear Router

Another major problem faced by your Netgear router is its performance. Sometimes, due to huge traffic, your router might not function well. Similarly, a large device connected to your router also impacts its performance.

Thus you must try to avoid such an issue. Changing passwords regularly, checking the drive connected to your router, etc can be done to reduce such problems.

Equipment and Firmware Difficulties

Another problem with the Netgear router is its hardware. Generally, the router quit working after a year of extreme use. Your Netgear router can be disturbed and hammered by lightning. Along with that, electrical power waves also bring the issue to the Netgear router.

What if your router is never upgraded? Then, it might not perform at its best. Thus, for better performance, you need to upgrade the firmware of your Netgear router. Besides, the lack of upgrade also causes malfunction of the router.

Netgear Router Not Working Properly

Sometimes, your Netgear router does not work due to several reasons. Among such issues, connectivity issues are the most common ones. The connection of the network might be weak. But the major connection issue arises from the Internet Service Provider (ISO).

Likewise, the problem in Ethernet, excess device connection, Ethernet port connection, etc is also some issues. This results in poor performance of Netgear Router.

How To Enhance The Speed and Range of Netgear Router?

Speed is one of the most significant factors in selecting a router. You probably do not realize the speed of your router unless the game you are playing crashes. Or your movie starts to lag. Or your files and document do not upload to the cloud. To have good internet speed, you need to install the best router.

Having a Netgear router is a good choice. It is easy to set up and has a fine speed. Netgear router brings a massive difference in your internet connection. Especially if you are seeking for gaming purpose. Despite that, sometimes, its speed becomes low. Well, how can you optimize your router to the best speed?

Likewise, how far will your Wifi signal reach? Or can you access your device to the internet from every corner of your house? Generally, the range of home routers ranges around 100 feet.

Here are a few ways you can do to enhance the speed and range of your Netgear router.

Position Your Router in an Open Space

One of the easiest ways to enhance the speed and range of the Netgear router is its router placement. Your connection signal is largely affected by the distance of the router. Similarly, the interference from physical objects and walls also weakens your speed.

For getting the best speed, place your Netgear router in the open space. Similarly, placing a router at a bit high level ensures a good flow of the signal. To ensure the quality speed and range of the Netgear router, place your router in a good location.

After the placement of your router, check whether your router placement is good or not. For this, try moving to different parts of your house using wireless devices. Your placement is good if your wireless device connects with the internet. Else, change your Netgear router’s location.

Update Netgear Router’s Firmware

Netgear routers are equipped with firmware. It is a kind of software that controls and implements wireless and network protocols. Hence, this firmware needs to be updated for smooth operation. Similarly, bringing firmware to the latest version ensures a goods speed and powerful range of Netgear router.

Malware attacks cause the stealing of the bandwidth as well. These attacks mostly happen in those routers which lack firmware update. Now to prevent your Netgear router from happening, update your router’s firmware. Moreover, it also strengthens your speed and range of the Netgear router. Now, how shall you know if your Netgear router is eligible for an upgrade of the new firmware?

At first, sign in to your router’s administration page. Then, click the “Advanced” tab. After this, choose “Administration” from the main menu. Then in the next step, select “Firmware Upgrade” from the submenu. Now, click “Check” if any new version of the update is available. Finally, select “Yes” or “Upgrade” if there is any available.

Do not interrupt when your router is in the upgrade. Now this enables you to enhance the speed and range of your Netgear router.

Replace your Netgear Router’s Antenna

Your antenna plays a vital role in enhancing the range of the router. Have you faced a problem of weak internet connection even staying near your router? Well, this might either be due to having a weak antenna to emit a signal. One of the good ways to enhance the speed and range of the Netgear router is to replace the router.

The default antenna is omnidirectional that pass the signal to all the direction. However, you can replace this default antenna with High-gain antennas. This antenna transmits the signal in one particular direction. Thus, it strengthens the range in that direction.

Therefore, one of the ways to increase the speed and range of your Netgear router is by placing a high-gain antenna. Similarly, replace your Netgear router’s antenna with a longer one. This boosts your router’s performance. Hence, the better the antenna, the better will be the coverage of your router.

Keep Your Netgear Router Updated

How long it has been since you last updated your router? Do you notice some changes in the speed of your internet after the update? Well, one of the popular ways to maximize the router speed is to update your router. An updated router gives better performance with good speed and range.

Update your router at certain intervals for enhancing the speed and range of your Netgear router. Sometimes, your router takes much time to start. Thus, this problem can also be solved if the router is updated.

A slow router is one that has left without an update for a long. Besides this, the device you are using also impacts the speed and range of your Netgear router. The new and updated device gives better performance.

Change Your Router’s Name and Password

Your internet connection might be hacked by an outsider. This increases the number of devices connected to your router. Henceforth, your speed of the internet gets down. So, the easiest way to block outsiders is by changing your router’s name and password.

Change your router’s name and password at regular intervals. It not only enhances the speed of your router but also limits the number of users as well.

Likewise, the lower number of users prevents them from facing low internet speed. Apart from this, you can also hide your router’s SSID to prevent outsiders.

Limit Device and Optimize the Setting

As mentioned above, limiting a device can enhance the speed of your router. Similarly, to enhance the speed and range of the Netgear router, you can optimize it. Sometimes, you are performing a certain activity that requires a large bandwidth. For instance, video conferences or playing an online game, etc.

In such a situation, you can optimize your router setting. This lets you prioritize in a certain app. For example, if you are having a meeting, then you can prioritize the video conference. And make the other activity such as movie streaming, deprioritize. This improves the performance of the router for that particular application.

Furthermore, this enables ensure smooth performance of the particular application as well.

Add an Access Point

Adding another access point makes the internet flow to wide areas. This makes your connectivity to different parts of your house as well. If you have an extra router, you can add it to enhance the range of the router easily. Now, for this, you have to connect your second router to the main router. Ethernet cable is used for the connection between two routers.

This is more suitable when you need a connection on different floors. But the most common question that arises is; Do my internet speed gets down?

Well no. Your internet speed is not affected by this. But, you can extend the range of Netgear router. Furthermore, adding a spare router is easy as well to perform.

Avoid Physical Objects

Only placing your router in an open space is enough. Avoid placing your Netgear router close to metal objects that emit electromagnetic waves. As metal disrupts the Wifi signal. you need to place it carefully. Likewise, placing the router close to metal objects creates a large dead zone.

Similarly, glass, wood, plastics, cardboard also disrupts the Wifi signal. Even your Netgear router’s signal is affected by physical objects. Moreover, your speed and range of the Netgear router fall when there is any physical object obstructing the signal.

Thus, when you place your router, make sure that the physical object makes fewer impacts on your router’s signal. Also do not place close to the metal objects. This enhances the range of the Netgear router.

Reboot Your Router

It is the easiest way to enhance the speed and range of your Netgear router. You might have reboot your router several times. It is our nature to turn off the router if there is any obstruction. However, this does apply to enhance the performance of your Netgear router. A simple reboot often enhances the speed of your router. Furthermore, it clears the memory of the router as well.

Now how can I reboot my Netgear router? Well, there are no hard steps to reboot your device. Simply press the restart button located on the back of your router. Else, disconnect the router from the power line and turn it on again.

Just like clearing the memory on the phone, this also clears the router’s memory. It makes your internet connection smooth.

Use a Wireless Extender

When the above methods do not work, the best option is to use a wireless extender or repeater. This is one of the best ways to enhance the range of your internet. A repeater is a device that takes the signal from the router, boosts its strength, and then transmits the signal.

Your router may be far from your working space. For instance, say your router and your working space are located on a different floor. In such a case, how can you extend your Router’s range?

It’s simple. Through a wireless extender. The repeater does not boost up speed. However, it does extend your Netgear router’s range to a wide area. Using an extender enhances the speed and range of your Netgear router. Hence, placing the wireless repeater in a certain area is a good option.

Netgear vs Tp-Link

Which is the better one? Netgear or TP-Link? Well, both the router is best in their aspect. But, some difference separates these two routers from each other. Whether you look for speed, performance, coverage areas, there are some differences between these two routers.

Netgear routers are known for their high-end functionality. It has a world-class feature. Similarly, TP-Link also is an excellent router. When you look for the price, Netgear is far more expensive than of TP-Link routers.

Furthermore, TP-Link routers are mostly used by commoners. It has easy functions. While Netgear routers are designed for high-end users. Likewise, Netgear routers are mostly suitable for gamers.

How to Change the Network Name (SSID) and Password of Netgear Router?

Changing the Netgear router’s  SSID and password is not a difficult task. There are simple steps you need to follow for creating a new password. Likewise, changing the SSID and password also enhances the security of your internet. There may be some outsider who has your internet access. This increases your number of users connected to your internet.

Now, as stated above, higher users make your internet speed slow. So to enhance your speed and range of Netgear router, you need to change its SSID and password at regular intervals. Well, how can you change its SSID and password?

To change your SSID and password, first, you need to launch an internet browser and go to into your address bar. After this, enter your router name and password where needed. Then, the home page displays. Now, select “Wireless” and enter your new network name in the “Name(SSID)” field. After placing SSID, enter your new password in the “Password (Network Key)” field. Then finally click on “Apply”.

This enables you to change your SSID and password.

Netgear Nighthawk – WiFi Router App

Is it possible to control your Netgear router through your mobile device? Well yes, Netgear Nighthawk App eases your router operation. Just by installing this app on your mobile phones, you can set up your router, pause the internet on your connected device, run a quick internet speed test, and many more.

Apart from these, there is a variety of features within this app. There is Smart Parental Controls and Internet Filtering feature. Parents can filter online content as well. Likewise, they can limit time online as well as set internet bedtime for every connected device.

Moreover, you can remotely manage your home network as well. Through the app, you can set up Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands for your network.

Final Words

Netgear router is one of the most advanced routers available. For this modern age, the Netgear router has a wide range of features. To have a good speed and range, you need a quality router. And, Netgear ensures that. It has an excellent speed with a wide coverage range. However, there are some techniques that you can boost your router’s speed and range, now you already know what are those, right?

Improving the speed and range of your Netgear router ensures a smooth internet connection. Furthermore, you can perform your activity quickly and with ease. Netgear Nighthawk app allows you to access your router through mobile phones.

Thank You.

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