How To Post IGTV On Instagram?

How to post igtv on instagram

How to post IGTV on Instagram? Do you want to post a video longer than the limit on Instagram? So, you are wondering whether to post IGTV on Instagram. This article is the exact one for you. So, finally, you have entered the right place. This article gives you an ultimate guide to queries and answers to your confusion. Keep in touch till the very end of this topic. So, let’s start our article.

To post IGTV on Instagram:
1. Open Your Instagram App
2. Head On To Your Profile Page at the bottom right corner
3. Tap On The Plus ‘+’ Button at the top right corner
4. Select Post As An Option
5. Choose Your Video
6. Click On The Next Button
7. Add Covers To Your Video
8. Tap On The Done Button
9. Confirm To Share The Video

What Does IGTV Mean On Instagram?

Firstly, you must know the full form of IGTV. It stands for Instagram TV. IGTV is a video that is longer than the limit of 60 seconds on the Instagram platform. This IGTV feature is considered one of the best updates on Instagram.

Everyone may not be able to create a video shorter than a minute. So, for those video creators, IGTV has become the best tool to create or make longer videos, even more than an hour, while maintaining their high quality. Then, your friends and audience can easily get access to view them.

How Long Can IGTV Video Be?

There are also some kinds of limitations to IGTV videos as well. For example, it is not like you can make a record creating the world’s longest video on Instagram. Limitations on IGTV video duration vary depending on your Instagram user type. So, you should consider your limits before making an IGTV video on Instagram.

The length or duration of an IGTV video for normal users is about 15 minutes long, whereas, for one with a verified Instagram account, it is about 60 minutes long. The viewers should tap and enter the video to watch the full IGTV.

A normal Instagram video has a length limit of about 60 seconds. But, when you cross the length of 1 minute, the video becomes longer, and it is no longer a normal video. So, Looking at the length of videos, you can easily detect what kind of video it is.

How To Post IGTV On Instagram?

Over here, we will discuss how you can post an IGTV video on the Instagram platform. These steps are applicable for both android and iOS devices.

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

At the very beginning of the step, turn on your mobile phone. Then, head on to your mobile app list. Scroll down the list and look for the Instagram icon. Then, tap and launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone screen.

Step 2: Head On To Your Profile Page

Once you enter the Instagram app, you will see plenty of icons. Take your eyes to the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can see your Instagram profile icon in a small circle. Click on that icon, and you are directed toward your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Tap On The Plus ‘+’ button

Look at the top right corner of your screen on your Instagram profile page. You can see a plus icon ‘+’ inside a square box.

Now, Instagram will redirect you to the next section, which contains a list of options.

Step 4: Select Post As An Option

After the tap on the plus icon, a new pop-up menu appears at the bottom line of your screen.

So you must select and tap on the post option.

Step 5: Choose Your Video

A new page revealing the videos and photos from your gallery appears on your screen. You can scroll and look for the videos you have created.

Choose the video which you want to post in the form of IGTV. Be sure that the selected video has a length longer than 60 seconds. Then, click on the video, and it will appear on full screen.

Step 6: Click On The Next Button

If you are done selecting the video of your preferences, you have to move on to the next slide. The next button is available at the top right of your screen.

You will reach the edit section. Over here, you can add filters, effects, trim, crop, and covers to your video. Again tap on the next button to reach the final page.

Step 7: Add Covers To Your Video

You have reached the final page before posting the IGTV video on Instagram. Here, you are given access to add captions, tag friends, add locations, and other settings.

Also, you can add thumbnails and cover to your video from your mobile gallery. Finally, recheck if you have missed any edits on the video.

Step 8: Tap On The Done Button

At the top right corner of your device screen, you can see a done button marked with a blue color.

Click on the done button, and all of the changes and edits you made on the video get saved.

Step 9: Confirm To Share The Video

The bottom line of your screen appears with the blue color of the share button. Click on the blue button. You will get a loading sign for a few seconds.

Finally, your IGTV video gets shared on your Instagram app. It may take a few more seconds if your internet connection is slow. The step ends over here. Now, you have successfully posted an IGTV video. Aren’t the steps easy?

Furthermore, you can also look at how to add TikTok videos on Instagram without a watermark.

Is It Necessary To Create An IGTV Channel?

You must create an IGTV channel if you want to upload an IGTV video. Unless you create the channel, Instagram won’t let you post IGTV videos on your Instagram account. So before you think of creating an IGTV on the Instagram app, be aware of the requirements.

If you can not see IGTV and the method to create an IGTV account, directly open your Google play store/ app store and update the Instagram app. The new update may include IGTV features, so download the latest version. Every time you create IGTV videos on Instagram, you should log in to the IGTV channel and only upload them.

Whenever you see an IGTV video on your Instagram newsfeed, you may find different icons on their profile page. It means they have created their IGTV account and posted the video. However, you won’t see an option to create an IGTV. Only those users with the IGTV channel get to see the “create IGTV” option.

How Is Instagram Video Different From IGTV?

Most users might have questions on what makes a normal Instagram video different from IGTV, right? Instagram reel or video is very short and has less duration. It is about 60 seconds long and is limited. At the same time, IGTV videos are high-quality videos with greater length. It has a duration of about 15 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.

You need not tap to view the full video in the case of a normal Instagram reel. But, when you want to view IGTV videos, you should tap and enter inside the video. The reason is that IGTV videos, such as action, drama, etc., can engage you for longer. You can post the whole movie through IGTV videos and share it with your Instagram audience. But, at the same time, other reels and videos are of short duration, just like TikTok videos.

Also, IGTV enables you to tag friends and add locations, effects, filters, crops, etc., either in the whole video or just in certain parts. But, You have no editing features on a normal Instagram video.

It is possible to earn money from Instagram reels, but not through IGTV. Same with it, you can >achieve Instagram reels, clips, etc., but not Instagram TV videos.

Can I Share IGTV Videos To My Instagram Story?

Yes, you can also share the IGTV videos on your Instagram story. However, in case you do not want all of your friends and family members to view the IGTV videos for a longer period, post them in your story, making it tremble for just 24 hours. Instagram story is one of the best places to reveal something to your audience.

One of the main things you should know is that IGTV appears shortly in the story. Like as just the beginning part gets played when you view the story. If you want to view the full IGTV story posted by people, you have to tap on the video. Then, you will get to see the full-duration video with high quality.

It is possible to achieve your IGTV story and save it on your device. You may want to explore it, even more when you get a good response to your IGTV video. I suggest you post the IGTV video directly to your newsfeed rather than posting it on a story.

How Should I Schedule An IGTV Video?

A new update on the Instagram app allows users to schedule their IGTV videos automatically. When you confirm to share the IGTV video to your Instagram newsfeed, it automatically schedules and arranges the video. Unfortunately, it is only in the case of mobile phones such as android and iOS devices.

You will need to find a different tool for the schedule of an IGTV video on a desktop. You can see creator studio, which allows users to create and schedule IGTV posts. In case you do not find the creator studio page on Instagram, you canfollow some of the steps and reach over there.

Instagram API does not include Instagram TV or IGTV videos in it. Because of this reason, you can not take help or support from any third-party apps to schedule the posts of IGTV videos. I suggest you use threat studio with the help of desktops and laptops when you schedule the IGTV videos on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will discuss some of the frequently asked questions by our website visitors. Along with the questions, I have provided appropriate answers to each. They are as follows:

Why Is The IGTV On My Instagram Disappearing?

The main reason behind the disappearance of IGTV on Instagram is because of its rare use. Most Instagram users prefer making Instagram reels and clips. So because of it, the IGTV features are left behind and unused.

Only about 1% of users seem to be using this feature. So Instagram thought it was better to remove the feature, which is why IGTV is disappearing on everybody’s Instagram app.

Can I Still Post IGTV On Instagram 2022?

Yes, you can still post IGTV videos on your Instagram. Just the difference is the format has changed, and the way of showing up the IGTV option has differed. You can upload the long-duration videos by tapping on the plus icon. After that, select the option written as a post. You can find all the videos from your gallery in the same option. There is a feature of trimming, cutting, location, tagging, etc., on IGTV posts.

What Is IGTV Called Now?

Instagram has newly announced the name of IGTV videos to users worldwide. It will prevent the confusion of users while searching for the IGTV option on Instagram.

Last October, the IGTV branding combined the IGTV and Instagram reel videos in a single form. So, a new format or updated name for IGTV videos is just “Instagram Videos.” Also, Instagram has ensured it won’t remove this feature from the platform anymore.

Can I Automatically Add Subtitles To IGTV videos?

There is also an option to add subtitles to your IGTV videos. It is for that purpose to make language understanding easy. Everyone can view and learn from the posted IGTV very easily. You can do so by going to the settings and turning on the auto-generated caption from the list. Move to IGTV videos, and there also turn on the auto-generated caption. There are altogether 16 different languages. You can choose as per your preferences.

How Do I Share My Instagram IGTV Videos On Facebook App?

Whenever you finish editing the IGTV video and reach the last section to post it, Instagram shows other options too. As you know, Instagram and Facebook are synced; you can share posts on both apps. So all you have to do is sync your Instagram app with Facebook. Then, when you share a post on Instagram, it asks if you want to post it on the Facebook newsfeed. So confirm to share on Facebook as well and share your IGTV video.


Social media platforms are so competitive that every app updates, provides new features, surprises users, etc. Instagram is also going on the same path. Most of the demands of Instagram users are fulfilled by this app. Instagram TV or IGTV also belongs to the same demand of the audience. It is helpful for video creators to post long-duration clips.

As per my consideration, you can now easily post IGTV on Instagram. So share this article with your friends and family as much as possible. Meet you soon with a new and updated topic in this article. Until then, stay tuned.

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