How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram Profile? [7+ Methods]

How To See Who Stalks Your Instagram Profile

How to see who stalks your Instagram profile? Feeling a kind of insecurity with your Instagram profile? Wondering if somebody is viewing your Instagram profile secretly? Do not know how to view the profile stalkers? You do not need to scratch your head anymore. You guys have reached the ultimate website with a detailed article. We make sure you will get the answers to your questions and will get to clear out the confusion.

There are no social media platforms that let you view the stalkers of your profile, except TikTok. Instagram has not updated a feature to let its users know who has stayed around their profile page. But, it’s not impossible either. If there is a will, there is a way, and the way is third-party apps. There are plenty of third-party apps such as Follow Meter, Instagram Checker, etc. Another way is through the stories and posts you have made on your Instagram account.

Stalkers are the ones who search your profile and view whatever you have posted. People usually stalk others’ profiles either to keep their eyes on someone or some matter related to a crush. To get a huge number of followers on their Instagram account, the profile page is made public by the users. Those who have public Instagram accounts can relax and chill without worrying about those stalkers.

Is It Possible To See Who Stalks My Instagram Profile?

Who stalks my Instagram profile? It is one of the most asked questions in 2022. Everybody wants to get an answer to this question.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not let you see who stalks your Instagram profile. There is no such feature updated or options available on the app to view stalkers.

Beyond the options on Instagram, there are some possibilities to see who stalks your Instagram profile. You can make this thing possible by using your ideas and creativity.

The stalkers sometimes may show you a sign of stalking. When they continuously keep on liking as well as commenting on plenty of your photos, clips, reels, etc, you can easily guess they are on your profile page.

Unless the person contacts you directly via Instagram messenger or somewhere else, you can not know their identity. Instagram has not updated the feature to deliver the stalker to you.

If you have a deep curiosity about the viewers of your Instagram, we may help you to some extent through this article. There are still plenty of heading below, which are still untouched by you guys.

Also, if you want to see who views your Instagram Profile without apps, refer to this article.

2 Tricks To View The Instagram Stalkers

Unfortunately, the options to catch your Instagram profile stalker are limited. Instagram does not let anyone know who the viewer is. This is the reason why the options are too limited.

Due to the lack of availability of such features, we have to use our idea and create a trick for it. Here, we have collected two tricks that are mostly used by Instagram users if they can not control their curiosity about the profile viewers.

And here is how you can view private Instagram without following.

The given two tricks below have a 100℅ result and are suggested by many people. The trick to seeing who stalks your Instagram profile is as follows:

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories get public once you agree to post them. It is the only part of Instagram which allows you to view the story viewers. The stories work the best rather than those posts and reels.

The story which lasts for just 24 hours can reveal your Instagram profile viewer. The process is all the same. As you search their name and view everything that is their profile, they report the same process.

The Instagram story can tell you who has viewed your story and along with the story, it can also reveal your profile viewers. The viewers who are beyond your followers and the following group can only be known.

Here are steps for you to know the viewers of your profile page through Instagram stories.

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Turn on your mobile phone and go to the app list.

Launch the Instagram app on the screen of your mobile phone once you find it.

Step 2: Head on To Add Story

Look at the top left corner of your screen. You will see a plus icon added to the story.

Choose a picture or any clip you would like to post on the story and make it public.

Step 3: Edit The Story Privacy

On your right-hand side, you can see a list of options. Among them, you should tap on a pencil-like icon.

You will see an option to edit plenty of things. Choose story privacy from the list. You need to put your story into public.

Step 4: Wait For a Few Hours

It will take time for people to view your story as all of them may not be using Instagram at the same time.

You need to leave that story in public. Keep on involving yourself in other activities.

Step 5: Check For The Viewers

Take your eyes to the bottom left corner of your screen. There you can see an eye icon.

Click on it and you will get a list of people. They are the ones who have viewed your Instagram story.

Step 6: Search For Other Viewers

Scroll down the viewer’s list and check if Instagram shows you a view with the follow button.

If you can see a user with a follow button at the side of its name, be sure they are the stalker of your profile.

Follow option is shown because both of you have not followed each other or somebody unknown.

But, as we have said, the option is very limited. Using this process you can view only those stalkers who are not followed by you.

You can not view who stalks your Instagram profile from your followers’ list. Try this method once and be sure they are keeping their eyes on you or have a crush or something on you. Choose any one of them as per your preferences and interest.

Also here is how to view Instagram stories anonymously.

Using Third-Party Apps

The use of third-party apps is best for you to know who stalks your Instagram profile. Follow Meter, Instagram Checker, etc are third-party apps that are widely used by people for this kind of purpose.

But, there is also a problem with third-party apps. There are many fake third-party apps available on the play store which is just a scam.

They are fake apps and may fool you. YouTubers may suggest them as well but do not ever download the app without looking at their reviews.

Download those apps which are suggested by well-known people and YouTubers.

If you succeed in downloading the correct third-party app from your play store, it would be much more helpful for you.

The app will help you to view the stalkers of your Instagram as well as from many other social media platforms too.

Many of the third-party apps may not even work and they may ask for money from you instead.

7+ Best Apps To See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile

There are plenty of third-party apps that you can use to see who viewed your Instagram profile.

Under this section of today:s article, we would suggest to you some of the most popular and preferred third-party apps. You can have full faith in these apps and use them according to them. They are as follows:

Follow Meter

The actual work of Follow Meter is to track the followers and unfollowers of your Instagram account. Along with this function, it helps you to see who stalks your Instagram profile.

You can simply know this third-party app as a manager. It is available both on your android devices and iOS devices.

At the very beginning, install this app on your mobile phone. Then create an account and sync it with Instagram. You can manage every problem you have been facing on Instagram using this app.


The Installer is the app to view the stalkers only on the Instagram app. This app is specially designed to catch the viewers on your Instagram profile page.

By the use of this app, you will stop questioning if it is possible to see the viewers of your Instagram profile. You will get the full clear answer about this when you install and try using this app.

Even if somebody used their trick and tried viewing your profile anonymously, this app can easily detect them.


When you come to know about the one who has been stalking your Instagram profile, it is a kind of amazing feeling. This Analyzer app is designed with the same viewpoint.

This app is easily available on the play store for android users and the apple store for iOS users. If you want to keep your eyes on your profile stalkers, you can download this app to your mobile phone.

The process is so easy and you just have to install the app and sync it with the Instagram app.

Every time you open this app, it will show you the profile of a stalker. But only if somebody has stalked your profile page


The Influx app allows you to perform any kind of action related to Instagram. You can even check if you are u followed, blocked, unblocked, or anything on the Instagram platform.

This app displays you all the detailed information, by analyzing the stalker as well as the time of them stalking your Instagram profile page.

You can also check how popular your account is on the Instagram platform, information about stalkers, and activities on your profile page.

IG Report

IG Report is going to help you clear out the questions and confusion you have right now. Once you download this app and start using it, this app will make you satisfy in return.

This app is so accurate and easy to use. IG Report app is recommended by plenty of Instagram users. If you want to track the viewers of your Instagram stories and profile page, you should install it right now.

Along with catching the real profile stalker, it also performs extra functions. You can see who checked, viewed, or had a detailed view of every piece of information on your profile page.


Insight app enables you to track those people who have stalked you throughout your profile. Not only the stalkers, but you can also keep eye on all of those who blocked you, unfollow someone, etc.

An app with cool features and surprising functions is presented to you. It is easily available in your play store. But, iOS users can not get this app as it is only available on the play store and not on the apple store.

The best part you can enjoy using this app is, that it is less time-consuming and solves your problem within a few seconds. It does not even ask you to pay.

Social Plus App

The Social Plus app has the highest reviews in the play store. In the same way, this all is available in your apple store too.

If you want to know more about this app, you should hurry to download this app. The process is too easy and not difficult at all. You should download and finish all the processes in the app.

This app provides you with the best outcomes. Every time the stalker visits your Instagram profile page, it notifies you. You can take action against the stalker very easily.

Gram Io

Gram Io is an online tool that requires an internet connection to run its activity. The way of watching or viewing the stalker is more fun through the use of this app.

This third-party app shows every action the stalker is doing inside your profile. With the help of this app, you can keep quiet and just enjoy whatever the person does.

If the stalker does some kind of unusual activity like hacking your Instagram account, you can report to the site using the same app. Hurry up! Go and download this app right now.

Now, using the above apps, you can see who stalks your Instagram profile.

How To Prevent Instagram Accounts From Getting Stalked?

There is only one method to prevent your Instagram account from being stalked. The method is by changing the modes of your Instagram account to private.

A Private Instagram account is an account that protects the user. Your posts, stories, reels, clips, etc are made private by Instagram for the people who are beyond your followers.

When it comes to your Instagram followers, they can not be your follower without your confirmation. Your confirmation is required for their follow request when you have a private Instagram account.

Instagram shows your account when somebody searches it. But, they can only view your Instagram bio, number of posts, followers, and following. They can not click these and see who your followers are and who you have been following.

The stalker can see your reactions and comments on others’ posts but can not view the activities inside your profile.

You may also get some kind of restrictions or limitations on your Instagram account because of turning the privacy mode on.

After a few months of making your account private, you can now turn your account public again. Your daily stalker knows your account is private and they can not view anything. So they may have moved on. Now you can use your account peacefully without worrying about others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you finish reading all of the above points? We are now at the question and answer section of our today’s article. Over here, we will discuss mostly asked questions which are very important to know you guys.

Please separate some of the time and spend your time in this section as well. You can get back from this article by learning even more information and ideas. So, without going to further topics, let us begin with our topic. They are as follows:

What Should I Do If a Stalker Is Threatening Me On Instagram?

If you have a public Instagram account then you may get this kind of threat. You may receive these kinds of messages either via the comment section or through direct messages. You should make a proof to show others at first. Better take a screenshot of the comment or message that you receive. Nobody can help you with this problem except Instagram itself. Goto Instagram settings and send this screenshot for help and support. You can even report the problem to Instagram.

Can I Detect Fake Stalkers On Profile Page?

Yes, it is possible to detect fake stalkers on your Instagram profile page. But, you will have to know the fake accounts by their unusual activities. Some may have bad intentions toward you. So, they may create fake Instagram accounts to keep their eyes on you anonymously. No matter if somebody creates fake accounts. The third-party apps are available in your play store. Those apps can detect the real person who is behind such a fake account.

Am I A Stalker If I Just Viewed Their Followers?

Yes, you are a stalker in this case as well. The user will catch you in case he /she uses any kind of third-party app. No matter if you tap on their profile just once or twice, you are considered a stalker to them. The third-party apps they use will mark you as a stalker with low grades. If you are far from any kinda unusual activities and threatening things, they may not take quick action on your activities. You need not worry about anything at all.

Will Someone Know If I Just Searched Their Username On Instagram?

No, you are free to search anybody’s profile on Instagram. You may search somebody’s Instagram just to check if they had an Instagram account or not. You will have to visit their profile anyway to send them a follow request. Searching just the names is not a big thing at all. Not even any kind of third-party app can detect this. If you find such apps, they might be fake and full of scams. Do not be afraid and keep on searching for usernames whoever you like.

How To See Who Views My Instagram Profile The Most?

Unfortunately, you can not view who views your Instagram profile for the highest times. There is not even a third-party app that can help you with this. There is no way for this feature on Instagram. Apart from the highest time profile viewer, you can see who has viewed your profile page, the recent viewers, and many more. It will make that person shameful in front of everybody if the information gets publicized. So, you can not do this act.


In today’s world Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used apps. Along with its popularity, the app is upgrading more often. As the app is getting updated, more people have been confused with the latest features.

Many Instagram users are keen on looking for answers to See Who Stalks Your Instagram Profile. We have also created this article on our website to help you with this problem.

Hope you guys have completed reading today’s article. I also think that you can now tell us how to see who stalks your Instagram profile?

Thank you so much for being here and appreciating our work. We are at the very end of our today’s article as well as this topic. Was this article helpful for you?

If you have any conditions and uncleared doubts, you can freely ask us. Our comment section is open for you guys. You can even ask questions about this topic.

Keep on loving and supporting us. We will be back very soon with our latest and new topics on this same website. Until then, stay tuned.

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