How To Play Wordle?

How To Play Wordle?

How to play Wordle? Fond of playing games? Thinking of playing a Wordle game? Wondering how to play this Wordle game? We are here for you. Our article is a guide for you to play a Wordle game. This article contains a lot of information that would easily solve the queries and confusion you are having right now. The game is not that hard to play. So, you just have to keep on reading this article until you reach the very end of our topic.

You can play a Wordle game by following a few necessary steps. They are as follows:
1. Open The Wordle Game In The Web Browser
2. Click To Play The Game
3. Enter Five Letter Random Words
4. Tap On The Enter Button
5. Check For The Colors
6. Continue Typing The Words
7. Guess The Word Of The Day

Wordle is a five-letter word game. Playing the Wordle game is very easy. You just need to follow some basic rules, and you can easily get through them. You guys may wonder how to play it, how to score in it, and all. But, as people say, if there is a will, there is a way. Every game has certain rules which make the game even more interesting to play.  

What Kind Of Game Is Wordle?

Wordle is an online puzzle game. The game is based on five letters. It is necessary to guess five-letter words and arrange them in a puzzle. This game is available only at intervals of every 24 hours. That means you can solve a single puzzle at a time.

The game is full of fun and interesting to play. It has made a space in the hearts of most of the players. It is one of the favorite and most played games today.

Five-letter words must be entered line by line. The different colors in the game represent the correctness of your chosen letters. 

One thing is you must be able to understand all the colors shown on the puzzle carefully. Then only you can play the game Wordle perfectly.

You can simply call this game a word of the day. This game is popular among youths and adults. It was invented by one of the successful software engineers, Josh Wordle. The game was named similarly to the surname of the game inventor. 

The chances to guess the words are limited. That is, you can guess only 6 times for a single word. Once your time is up, you will have to try it the next day. So, in this way, there is also a winning and losing system in the game Wordle. 

Every time you win a game, you will get a streak which is just as you get on Snapchat. Whereas when you lose a single game, the streak decreases along with it. 

It is possible to share your winning results on other social media platforms. Lastly, it is compulsory to follow all of the game’s rules and understand them properly.

Where To Play Wordle Games?

Unfortunately, there is no Wordle app. This is a game that is available only on its website. So, whenever you think of playing Wordle, you must go to the respective website and play.

Finding the game is the most important thing to playing the game. You may also find the game as Wordle in your play store or apple store. 

But those games are just a copy of it. At the same time, some of them are even just a scam that fools you. 

You will need to play the game using your web browser. In the web browser’s search bar, you must type and open the New York Times Game website and play over there. 

This game was previously designed as well as owned by the Wordle website. But, now it was bought by the New York Times Website with billions of dollars.

Whenever you play any games, you may notice any kind of advertisement in the middle games. But, the game Wordle is free from such things. 

Your mind can have a great concentration to guess the words. You can play and win the game peacefully. Also, do not forget to share your Wordle result with your friends. 

Every device has its browser, whether you are using an android, iOS, or desktop. Apart from browsers, you can also use your google chrome and search with the URL over there. 

Rules To Follow In Wordle

Wordle is a simple game to play, but there are some rules as well. Rules are the main thing that makes the game even better to play. 

The rules are not very strict and hard to follow. You must know about it before you think of playing games. So, here we have included the rules in today’s article.

Let us talk about the rules and conditions in the Wordle game. They are as follows:

  • The Words On Wordle Are Never Plural.
  • A letter turns grey when your input letter is incorrect.
  • The yellow color on any of your letters indicates the wrong placement of the letter.
  • Any green color available on the letter indicates the correct letter at the exact place.
  • You must share our cleverness in the game with others as well.
  • There are only six total guesses available in a single day. 
  • Letters may be repeated in the word, so you are allowed to use them twice.
  • You should never enter the words that are apart from the list provided to you.

The rules and conditions mentioned by the  Wordle game ends here. As we have already said, the following is too simple. It does not require any restrictions. 

Just accept all of the above and okay your puzzle game. You can focus, play smoothly as well as win the game by following the above-mentioned terms.

Steps To Play A Wordle Game

Whatever game you try to play, you can not play it without knowing its rules and conditions. So, you might also search for guide steps that would help you play a word game. Firstly, be clear that playing the Wordle game is not tough at all. 

Guessed a lot of rules, but still not able to play games? We are here for you. We will explain to you the detailed steps. You will be perfect at playing the Wordle game once you apply the below steps to your game. 

So, without talking about further things, let us begin with our main topic. The step to steps guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open The Wordle Game In the Web Browser

Turn on your mobile phone and get into the play store or apple store, depending on the type of device you are using. 

Search for the Wordle game on the search bar and install it on your mobile phone.

Once the downloading process completes, launch the app on the screen of your mobile phone. 

Step 2: Click To Play The Game

You will see the Wordle game page with a sound on it. There are also a lot of moving icons.

Then at the bottom right of the screen, you can see a button marked as to play

You have to tap on it and be guided toward the game page. 

Step 3: Type Five Letter Random Words

You can see a rectangular box with many small boxes on it. You have to fill in suitable words on each of the two boxes. 

Start to play by adding five random letters which you think would be suitable on the boxes. 

You can either click on one letter at a time or directly on five letters at a time.

Step 4: Tap On The Enter Button

Once you select the suitable letters, you must move on to the next section.

So, to check if your answer is right or wrong, you have to tap on the enter button. Then the app will take some time to load.

Step 5: Check For The Colors

After a while, the words you have typed flip and show the colors.

If you get to see green color on any of the words, you need not do anything with that letter. The letter is in its exact place.

The Grey color indicates that the letters you have chosen are wrong. The letter does not belong to the word. 

So, you will have to replace it with another letter and again check if it is right or wrong.

The yellow color on any of the letters indicates you have misplaced the letter. 

The chosen letter belongs to that word but is in the wrong place. You need to switch it to another place and check its correctness. 

Step 6: Continue Typing The Words

Once you are done with the first line of the puzzle, you then have to fill the second row. 

Apply the same processes, type the random five letters and check which one is correct and which one is not, using the enter button.

Finish filling up all the boxes on the puzzle by using the same processes.

Step 7: Guess The Word Of The Day

When you keep on filling the available empty boxes, you will see green, blue and grey colors.

You should follow the green colors and keep on arranging yellow colors along with them.

The last column is the word of the day. So, you should use the green letters which are above the last column. 

Taking hints from the above green columns, you have to guess the word of the day. You will win the game and will get a streak if you can guess it correctly. 

So you can easily guess the words and play the game Wordle with fun. 

Use the steps mentioned above carefully. You can help take help from a Wordle bot, which is free of cost. 

You will have to watch the gameplay of the bot, and after that, you have to play according to it. 

Just a reminder, you will only have six chances to guess all the tag words and complete the day’s word. 

Play Wordle games on your android as well as iPhone devices. Enjoy the game to the fullest. 

Is It Possible To Play Wordle More Than Once? 

Yes, you can play the Wordle game more than once daily. The Wordle game will not allow you to do it. So,  you will need to apply a trick to make the game more than once a day. 

Only your desktop or laptop can help you with this. Mobile phones do not have such options. 

When you are using your desktop, you should move to your browser page. You will see an option written as a padlock in the URL tab of your desktop. So, click on it to get a new pop-up on your screen. Then click on cookies as an option. 

You will see the remove option. Keep on tapping the remove option until you finish up or clear out the cookies tab. Finally, search for the New York Times on the browser and get into the Wordle game. 

Refresh the game multiple times as much as you want the chance to play. Then choose to start the game and play your game peacefully.

If you did not succeed in doing so, you could play online/offline shooting games for android.

What Do Different Colors Indicate In Wordle Puzzles? 

You can see different types of colors displayed on your puzzle. Every time you fill up the given boxes in the puzzle, the puzzle line flips up automatically and shows you different colors. 

There are varieties of colors in the puzzle. But, you would probably get to see just the green, yellow, and grey colors. You may wonder why different colors. And why are they displayed on every flip of the word, right? 

Whenever you get to see a green color on any of the random words you have filled in the puzzle, it means the word is in the correct place. You need not change that word here and there after that, as it is in the right place.

Most probably, you may get to see a grey color over one flip of the random words you choose. The grey color means you have chosen the wrong letter over there

The letter you choose does not match or has no relation with the word. You then now have to move on to the next letter and check if it is the correct one or not.

You then now have to keep on selecting other letters in sequential order. But not more than six times.

Now then, it comes to the yellow color. Yellow color is shown on those letters which are in the word but not in the right place. 

You may have kept the letter of the same word in the wrong place. So, you then have to check where the letter matches, and soon you will get a green color on it. 

Hope you guys are now clear about the Wordle colors. So, now you can play smoothly.

Why Does Wordle Sometimes Show Two Answers?

Yes, Wordle sometimes shows two answers to the users. You may get confused about which one is the correct one and which one is the wrong answer. This is beyond the rule mentioned by the Wordle app.

The main reason behind showing two different answers by the Wordle game is because of the network issues. Wordle is played by using the website on a web browser. Then the words of the day are listed serially using a source code. 

The date and time on your device cause the code to misplace. Then you get to see the day’s word and the previous one. 

Change the period to the exact time of the present. Go and check the Wordle game once again. You will see a single answer over there.

You will also get to solve two puzzles at a time suddenly after you change your date. Those are the puzzles that you previously missed. 

All the problem is just because of the software that is used in the Wordle game. If you have been using an old Word list, you will see a whole different answer from others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Wordle game is a whole new game to some of you guys. It is not certain that you know how to play every game. You will be in search of new things or games during your boring days or vacation. 

We are here for you with mostly asked questions along with their answers. Clear out the confusions you have through this section. So, they are as follows:

Is Wordle An Addictive Game?

The addiction to the Wordle game depends from person to person. As you know, this game can be played just for a single time in a day. But, people have curiosities about the next gameplay, which is after 24 hours or the next day. They are hurried to try the next level of Wordle and beat out the hurdles with smartness. People are always attentive to playing the game and winning. So, somehow it becomes like an addiction to the Wordle game player. 

Can I Cheat While Playing The Game Wordle?

Of course, it is possible to cheat while playing the game Wordle. But, as you may know, cheating on any game is beyond the rule. Breaking the rule is strictly prohibited and not allowed. So, you should not cheat while playing this game. If you compete with your friends, you can use an incognito tube in a web browser and take many guesses until you get the correct answer. Hence you should play a fair game. 

Is Wordle Still Free To Play?

Yes, the World game has been free since the day it was designed and operated till today. We may not be sure that the app may also be free in future days. Enjoy the game at the time when you are free to play it without any purchase. Worry less about the future and enjoy your present time. The Wordle game is now bought by the New York Times, so it is usual that you may worry about having a payment system in the game too. 

How To Play The Old Wordle Games?

The old Wordle games mean the level of Word that you have played previously. These kinds of Wordle games that you had previously played were allowed to play before purchasing the game by the New York Times. But, after the change in owners, the old Wordle was removed from the game. They completely remove the data to bring a new experience to the Wordle players. 


Mobile games have played a role in keeping people entertained in their life. Wordle is the game, just like it. It is simple, easy to understand, and quick as well. This is why every age group feels comfortable with Wordle and plays it and enjoys it a lot. 

People want to enjoy their life to the fullest. So, searching for new games and enjoying the day and its features is great. Wordle is a game full of new challenges daily. Learning new things is quite interesting, right?

Hope you guys are done with reading every little topic that is in our article. I think you guys can now play the game Wordle smoothly. Share our article with your friends and family who are thinking about learning the World game.

Still in confusion? Do not worry at all. We are always here to help you clear out your questions. There is a comment section below our article. You are free to ask queries you have over there.

We are at the very end of today’s topic. We will be back soon with even more interesting and latest topics on this website. Until then, stay tuned.

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