How To Share Wordle Results?

How to share wordle results

How do you share worldly results? Played Wordle multiple times? Now thinking of sharing Wordle results in other social media apps? Do you know how to share the results of the Wordle? You are at the right place. Today in this article, we are going to discuss the same topic. We make sure that from this article, you will go back only by learning everything about sharing the Wordle. So without further talking about any other topic, let us focus on the main topic of our article.

Answer: Wordle is one of the most popular games which was discovered by Josh Wardle. The game was named Wordle from his surname. To share wordle results, the process is so fast and easy as well as less time-consuming. You will have to copy and paste the puzzle of the game. You have to copy the puzzle and paste it on any of the social media apps where you want to share it. Have a long press on the result and you can see a copy as an option. Tap on copy and directly open the app where you want to share it.

The game Wordle is mostly played in western countries. Some of you may not have heard about this game. It is a kind of puzzle and it is very interesting when played. Once you win the game, the app shows the result which includes all of your activities. It is usual for you to develop thinking to share it on other social media apps. You can share the Wordle results on Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms. You may have tried and failed to share the results.

Steps To Share The Wordle Results

You should not worry if you are unknown to share the Wordle results on social media apps. So, today in this article we will teach you how to share the Wordle results on social media apps. The process that is mentioned below applies to the type of device you are using.

You can use the same process either on the PC or mobile phone that you are using to play the game. The steps are mentioned detailly to you. So please consider every step carefully as explanations are included on every step below to share the Wordle results:

Step 1: Open The Wordle App

At the very beginning of the step, you have to open the Worlde gameplay app which is the main thing in the steps. play the Wordle game.

You should start playing the game and get to the resulting point.

Step 2: Copy The Result

Put your index finger on the screen. Then long press over there. You can see options arranged in horizontal lines.

Click on the copy link icon. Just tap for once and your link gets copied over there.

Step 3: Tap On The Share Button

After that, you have to tap on the share button which is just like a horizontal tree-shaped icon.

You will see different apps wherever you are allowed to share the Wordle results.

Step 4: Open The Desired App

From the lists of apps that are provided to you, you have to open either Instagram, Facebook, or others.

You will be asked to share it on your newsfeed, story, or messenger groups.

Step 5: Paste The Wordle Result

Choose the options where you want to share inside the app you choose.

Have a long press at the right place and then tap on paste. Your Wordle result gets successfully pasted over there.

Step 6: Click On Share Button

Look at the top right corner of your screen. There you can see the post option which shares your result with your friends.

So, using these six easy steps, you can easily share the Wordle results. If you are done copy-pasting the result, tap on share. Also, include something if you want to write in your post.

In the case of your PC, you have to tap on the Ctrl + V buttons on your keyboard to copy and paste the link. Once you see your Wordle result getting pasted over there, write something on the bar if you like to. If not then directly share it to your news feed.

Share Wordle Results On Facebook

You may have added most of your friends to the Facebook app. So you may think it is better to share the Wordle results directly on your Facebook newsfeed. The Wordle app easily shows Facebook as an option to share the results.

You must include certain steps to share Wordle results on your Facebook. Here are the detailed steps for you to share Wordle results on Facebook. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Wordle App

You should play one match in the Wordle app and bring out the results.

It is better to bring a winning result and share it on other platforms rather than the losing one.

Step 2: Copy The Wordle Results

You will get Wordle results on your mobile screen once the game ends.

A copy icon will pop up on your screen. You have to select it and copy the result as a link.

Step 3: Select The Facebook App

You have to tap on the share button which includes plenty of sharing options.

Among the options, tap on the Facebook app. Suddenly, your app gets opened on your screen.

Step 4: Paste The Result On Post Page

The Facebook post page will pop up on your screen. Have a long press over there. You will get a link to paste at the place.

You can edit the post by adding some further things or writing something as a caption on the post.

Step 5: Click On Share Button

The post option gets popped up once you are done editing and writing your post.

The page loads for some time and you will hear a sound when it gets shared or posted on your Facebook newsfeed.

So in this way and using these 5 easy steps you can share Wordle results on the platform of the Facebook app.

Share Wordle Results On Instagram

To share the Wordle result in your Instagram app, you should follow certain steps. You can either post it on your Instagram stories, Instagram newsfeed, Instagram messenger group, etc.

The process to share Wordle results in the Instagram app is also the same as on Facebook. There is a slight change in the last few steps only which you can easily detect and apply from the below steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Wordle Gaming App

Turn on your mobile phone and search for the Wordle gaming app in the app list.

Launch the app on your screen once you found the app from the list. You must finish a game and obtain the result in the app.

Step 2: Tap On Copy Button

You should hold on to your screen opening the Wordle app for a few seconds and then your phone vibrates.

You can see the copy button over there, tap on it just once and your link gets copied.

Step 3: Click On Share Button

At the top of your screen, you can sew a building like an icon which is an actual share button.

Tap over there and then you can see the Instagram app as an option over there.

Step 4: Open The Instagram App

On the Instagram app, head on to your profile page. Tap on the + icon as displayed on your profile page.

This button will lead you to the story page of your Instagram app.

Step 5: Select The ” Aa” Button

Look at the left-hand side of your screen. You will see the Aa button in the list.

This button will lead you toward the text editor page on your Instagram story.

Step 6: Hold On to Your Screen

Using your index finger you should hold onto your screen. You can see a copy icon on your screen soon after that.

You should select and paste the Wordle results on the colored background of Instagram.

Step 7: Share The Wordle Results

Before you tap on the share option of Instagram, you should check if you want to add something to it or not.

You can either write some texts, stickers, or any kind of emoji over there.

Then finally you can tap on the blue arrow-like icon which is a share button on Instagram. Use the above seven steps carefully and share Wordle results on Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have reached over here in this questions and answers section of our today’s article. We are back with some recently and mostly asked questions by those people who play the Wordle game. The above headings are the ways to help you share Wordle results on different platforms.

Our Article viewers have left way more questions in our comment box. So we are here with our answers from our research and study. You can gain even more knowledge and information about this Wordle app from this section. They are presented to you below:

What Kind Of Game Is Wordle?

Wordle is the five-letter word game. It is named Wordle from the name of the one who discovered this game. It is a puzzle game where you have to find the words which get completed in just five words. If you either lose or win the puzzle game, it shows you a result at the end.

This app allows you to share your progress report with any other social media platform. Later on, this Wordle game was sold by the owner to the Newyork Times website. This game is not very popular but interesting.

How Do I Get A Wordle Keyboard?

Unfortunately, there are no such clipboards or keyboards on this Wordle app. As it is an app to play, this app does not have such a way of typing. When you tap on the share icon of this Wordle app, there you can see the copy option. You also should choose the app available on the options to share the result.

Open the app you wish to share your result and also choose either to share it in your story or, newsfeed or messenger group. If you are in search of the keyboard, leave now and use this method.

Where Does My Copied Wordle Result Link Go?

The link that you copied from the Wordle app to share it in other apps, remains on your clipboard. The URL of the Wordle result gets on the clipboard of your mobile phone. Unless you get a keyboard on your mobile phone, do not paste it anywhere you think of sharing Wordle results.

Your mobile phone won’t show you an option to paste the copied link unless you get a keyboard or clipboard on any of the social media platforms.

Why Am I Getting To See Facebook Wordle?

Facebook Wordle is the Wordle result or the whole game that you have shared on the Facebook app. Like if you share the Wordle result or the link of the whole game on Instagram or Twitter, it will be shown as Instagram Wordle or Twitter Wordle.

If any Wordle game player or user from your Facebook friend list shares it on the Facebook app, you will see Facebook Wordle as a link when you get it on your news feed. It is a kind of symbol which represents your involvement in the Wordle game.

What Happens When You Copy A Link?

The URL or simply address in windows and macOS gets copied from your address bar. You can select, highlight and choose even more from the link. You copy the link from one app or document to another document either to share it or just to complete the task.

The process of copying the text and pasting is different on the type of device you have been using. You can paste the copied link multiple times as you want. But, once you copy another link, the previous link gets replaced by the new one.


Wordle is popular for its brainstorming kind of game feature. It allocates you to memorize the words at first and asks you to solve the puzzle which tests your memory.

If you do not know about this game, you should now start playing it. It improves your memorizing capacity and develops your brain. At the end of the game, it even calculates all of your results and presents them to you.

Hope you felt the steps mentioned in our article were very easy. Did you get what you were searching for through our article? Please tell us everything you have to us through our comment section.

It is very easy to share Wordle results just by copying, pasting the results, and tapping on the share button. Whereas on PC it will automatically copy the Wordle results for you.

So, today through this article, you have learned the method to share Wordle results in three different ways.

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