How To Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Codes?

How To Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Codes?

How to fix Instagram not sending SMS codes? Instagram is asking for a security check-up through SMS? But, you are not getting the Instagram security check codes? Wondering how to fix this problem? You are at the right place. Today’s article is about the same question you have right now. This ultimate guide would be so helpful for you to clear the doubts you have. Just keep in touch till the very end of this article.

There are plenty of tricks as well as methods that you can apply to fix Instagram by not sending SMS codes. At the very beginning, you should check if the Instagram server is running or not. Along with it, you should check the internet connection of your device too. You can also tap to resend the code again on another mobile phone. It is possible to use another method to verify your Instagram or to send security codes. If it then directly ask for help from Instagram itself.

Instagram is a social media platform with top security. To check if the actual account users are using their account, Instagram sends a verification code. Only after you enter those codes at an empty bar, does the Instagram app allow you for the next session. The security check-up by the Instagram app is made with SMS. So, it asks you to enter your mobile number before sending the code. Not only you, but plenty of users are also facing this SMS code problem.

What Is Meant By SMS Codes?

SMS code is a security code sent to you on your mobile phone messenger. It is sent by Instagram to verify the real user. It consists of a special kind of random six digits security code.

You must keep this feature allowed on your account. It prevents your account from getting hacked and used by others.

Instagram sends you this code to confirm if the Instagram user is the real one or if somebody hacked their account.

The main reason behind this security or verification code by Instagram is confirmation. To confirm if the new device your account has logged in to is used by you or not.

Only the mobile phone number that you have provided to Instagram gets this six-digit SMS code. It is possible to change the phone number in case you have changed your sim card.

No more than a single phone number is allowed to be set on Instagram. Otherwise, it will keep your Instagram account at high risk of getting information hacked.

What Is The Necessity Of SMS Code?

SMS code that is sent by Instagram is necessary for security. Instagram wants to verify if the user is the real one or not. This code protects your account from being scammed or hacked.

Nobody can use your account without your permission. Unless you provide the verification code, that person can’t use your Instagram account.

Only the mobile phone number that you have provided to Instagram gets this six six-digit code. It is possible to change the phone number in case you have changed your sim card.

No more than a single phone number is allowed by Instagram. Otherwise, it will keep your Instagram account at risk.

Every time you log in to your Instagram account, using a new device, it is sure that you will be asked to use a security code.

Once you make other devices recognized on Instagram, you may not get to confirm this code again. As sudden as you enter the code, Instagram will provide you with your real account.

9 Methods To Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Codes

Sometimes, Instagram delays the SMS code or even does not send it. Many people may have faced this kind of problem on Instagram. Instagram might have its problem or maybe something related to your own.

This kind of not getting a security SMS code is not a permanent problem. If you consider some ways and points then you can easily get rid of this problem. So over here we provide you with the ways which you can apply one by one to fix Instagram not sending SMS codes. They are as follows:

Make Sure You Have A Strong WiFi

When you use Instagram, naturally you should have a strong internet connection but many people don’t know that you need a strong internet connection to make Instagram know that you are waiting for the verification code via SMS. Only when your internet connection is strong, then can the Instagram app send a signal to its server to send you a verification SMS code via sim.

You can either restart your wifi from your smartphone or the router. The steps to restart your wifi connection and your router, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open The “Settings”

On your smartphone( iOS or Android) Launch your default “Settings” app on your devices by just tapping on it.

Step 2: Tap On “Wi-Fi”.

Once you open the “Settings” app, you should see a tab saying “Wi-Fi”( differs with software and the type of device you have but Wi-Fi will be a common word).

Step 3: Turn Off The Wi-Fi Network

Once you open the “Wi-Fi” tab, you will be taken to the “Wi-Fi” menu and will be shown the option to either enable it or disable it.

Step 4: Turn On Your Wi-Fi

Restarting doesn’t mean you turn your wifi off and on within seconds, make sure to wait for a minute or so which will be some time for your device to process the data and give you a better experience.

Doing so should change the connectivity status of your device, but in case it doesn’t change your Wi-Fi connectivity I would suggest you turn off your router and restart it.

You can simply unplug the power cord or turn off the power supply, which will turn your router off. After that, wait for a minute before turning on your router back.

Use Mobile Data

When you can not get a good WiFi connection on your device, you should use mobile data. When you use your mobile data, you can control how much internet will be given to Instagram. The steps to turn on your mobile data on your smart device are below:

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your device Settings.

Step 2: Search And Open Manage App

Tap on the search bar and search for Manage App. Simply type Manage App and open manage app once you find it.

Step 3: Tap On WhatsApp

Inside the Manage app, scroll down and Search and tap WhatsApp among other apps.

Step 4: Click Restrict Data Usage

Now under WhatsApp, you will see various options. Tap on the Restrict data usage.

Step 5: Toggle The Data Usage

After that, turn off and turn on data usage. Done.

That’s it! this is how you allow the Instagram application to use data.

Change Your IP Address

Changing the IP address that you have previously provided to Instagram, is one of the best ways to fix Instagram not sending SMS codes.

The address you have provided to Instagram may have bugs sometimes. Due to it, you may not get an SMS code at the right time from Instagram.

To change this IP address, you will need a VPN app. This app is easily available in your play store or you can even download it from Google.

Using this app, it is possible to change the address you are living in right now. You can even change the address of the whole or just a region.

The region or country you are living in may have some severe problems, due to continuous updates on Instagram. Once you try this method and if the problem is still the same, you can try another method.

You can also download the free VPN by going to this link Pure VPN.

Use Of Different Devices

It is also possible that the device you are using may have some problems. Do not take this decision directly. Firstly, you have to check your mobile phone if you can find some problem or not.

If you are not able to find any, change the device you are using or try a new device.

Using different devices such as iOS devices, android mobile phones, or computers, you can use any of them.

Switching to different devices will let you confirm if the problem is within your device, or if Instagram itself has the problem.

You should not use multiple devices at the same time; but, you can add multiple accounts on your Instagram. Firstly, try on one device, and if the problem is the same then only switch to others.

Try to log in to your Instagram account on those phones and check if Instagram provides you with an SMS code or not.

Use The Web Version Of Instagram

Sometimes the app version of Instagram can be glitchy because of all the bugs and cache of the app, therefore you should try using the web version of Instagram. When you use the web version of Instagram, you can easily get your verification request to the Instagram servers.

Check The Instagram Server

Instagram is a product of science and technology. They have their separate server to run which helps to run their activities smoothly.

You must check the server connection of Instagram, every time you face any kind of problems related to Instagram.

You may not know how to check if there is a problem with the Instagram server or not.

So to help you with this problem, we have provided you with a link to check the Instagram server Download detectorwebsite.

You can check the situation and what is happening on the Instagram server.

Search for the Instagram app in the above-given link on the website. Then it will show you the information about Instagram including the condition of the server.

Choose the flag of your respective country and then check the condition of the server. You need to scroll down or search the country’s name in the search bar.

Use Of Different Phone Numbers

Instagram asks you for the mobile phone number at the time of creating an Instagram account. The number you have previously given to Instagram may have some problems with the sim network.

You may go to your Instagram settings and look for the number you have provided during the past few days. Instagram allows you to change the number but you must provide a reason for it.

Change the mobile phone number and wait for a few minutes. If you receive the security SMS code for your verification in the new number, then use it to log in.

You have to be clear that you have a problem with your previous mobile sim card.

Select Another Option For Verification

Before the time of sending a verification code, Instagram shows you some of the options. The options are the medium to send a security code for verification.

Rather than choosing SMS, you can choose any of the other two options; they are your email address, authentication apps, and backup codes. If you choose any of these, you do not require your mobile phone’s network.

The options will pop up along with SMS code as a medium. You have to tap on it, try another way and choose any one of them. The verification of codes through your email is the best way to date today’s date.

But, if you do not have any accounts that have no email address and no authentication apps, an SMS code is compulsory for you. Use other ways in this case.

Take Help From Instagram

This is the last option which you can choose. Try the above-mentioned steps first. If you still fail to get a verification code in your SMS, Instagram would help you with it.

You are confirmed that the problem is not with you and your mobile phone. You should contact the Instagram app. This will help you to find out what is wrong and solve them.

Support from Instagram is the help center for the users on Instagram. You can find this option in your Instagram settings. Instagram will advise you on some of the ways to solve the problem.

Use everything as per the instructions given by Instagram and you will fix the problem so easily.

You are here reading this article means, you are facing the same problem with Instagram.

Try all of the above methods one by one. Lastly, pause at the right time, when you get the security SMS code on your mobile phone.

What Causes Instagram Not Sending SMS Security Code?

The issues are plenty that relates to Instagram not sending the SMS security code. Sometimes there might be a server down at the headquarters of the Instagram app. Even your mobile phone network connection may create these kinds of problems.

If you have not provided the phone number to the Instagram app, there is no question why you are not receiving the SMS security code. You will never receive codes unless you provide your actual phone number.

How To Get Six Digit Code For Instagram?

You may not know how to get a six-digit security code from Instagram to your SMS. The reason behind it is you have not changed the device while using your Instagram account. This means you have not logged in to other mobile phones apart from your own.

To get a six digits code, you have to switch to a device or mobile phone that Instagram knows. Try to log in to your Instagram account on iOS devices, laptops, computers, or any other android devices. Within a few seconds, you will get the security code from Instagram.

The device you have been using does not get the security code. But, the one device you tried to log in to your account apart from your day-to-day using device gets it.

You will get a notification from Instagram, in this case, to check if you are aware of this action or not. If not then you can simply change your account password or report it to Instagram.

Important Things To Know About Security Code

Some of you guys may wonder why this Instagram is giving us a headache with such security codes and all. But, there is a reason behind this security SMS code. Why is the security code so important on Instagram?

So here we have collected some of the necessities of security codes. You may not even have noticed these things while using Instagram. So the most important things to know about security codes are:

  • Security code protects your Instagram account from hackers and scammers.
  • It notifies you whenever some unusual activities are detected on your account.
  • Displays someone who signs in to your Instagram account.
  • Shows the devices your account has been logged in to.

So the overall thing is that the security code protects your Instagram account. It does not let anyone verify your account without the code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Surely, many Instagram users have faced problems related to SMS codes. It is not just and only your thing but problems of many people. You can also check below, our comment section is full of questions and confusion our website viewers had.

In this section of today’s article, we are back with some questions. The answers we have provided to each of the questions below are from our research and study. So let us begin with our main topic. They are as follows:

Does Clearing The Instagram App Cache Solve The SMS Code Problem?

The method of clearing the Instagram app cache, to solve the problem with the SMS verification code is not suggested by people. Clearing the cache will remove the problems related to the internal function of the Instagram app only. Such as bugging, defect on icons, etc. Your Instagram account gets logged out from your device which clears the cache. Then you may lose your account permanently. So, we do not suggest this method as a way to fix the problem.

Should I Have To Check My Wifi Connection To Get SMS Code?

No, your mobile wifi has no relation with the SMS security code of Instagram. You receive the SMS security code on your phone message box, not through email or Instagram sources. Rather than checking for your mobile internet connection, you should check for your sim network connection. Even if your mobile is not connected to wifi, you will receive the security code in normal cases. The tower of SIM you are using might be a problem, not your wifi connection.

Can Delayed Update On Instagram Cause Code Problems?

Yes, you should always keep on updating the Instagram app to its latest version. Keep your eyes on the play store or apple store for the latest updates of apps. Before you ask for the security code through SMS to Instagram, be sure you have made updates on your mobile phone.

Delaying updates of the app causes code problems for sure. Once you update your Instagram and ask for the SMS code from Instagram. You will receive the code within a few seconds.

Why Am I Receiving Security Code When I Haven’t Asked For It?

As we have previously discussed, Instagram always sends you to confirm the security code when you log in to your account using another device. If you are receiving the SMS code without your choice then be sure there is something fishy.

Somebody has tried to log in to your account and that is why Instagram is sending code to real users. There is going to be some kind of suspicious activity on your Instagram account. You should take quick action in this case.


Instagram’s security codes and all are the main things that are keeping our accounts secure. It is one of the important factors for its users. You will have to consider this code every time you try to log in from an unknown device.

The security or verification code contains about five to six digits. Unless you enter the verification code provided by Instagram, your Instagram account won’t get verified for the next steps.

There are multiple ways we have provided to you in this article. Hope you guys have read it and know how to apply it.

I think you are now fully prepared to fix Instagram not sending the SMS code. You can now fix Instagram not sending SMS codes.

We have opened a comment section where you guys can tell us about how you felt reading this article, and further queries, and improvements.

This is the end of today’s article. We will be back very soon with our new and latest article on this same website. Until then, stay tuned.

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