How To Do Slow Mo On CapCut?

How To Do Slow Mo On CapCut?

How to do slow-mo on CapCut? Wondering about making a cool attention-grabbing slow-mo look at your video? Thinking of editing through CapCut? You have entered the right article. This article consists of very detailed information related to your queries. You have to continue reading and finish all of the headings. So, let us get started with our topic.

To do slow-mo on CapCut, you will have to follow simple steps. Using these steps, you can easily do a slow motion of any video you want. They are as follows:
1. Open Your CapCut App
2. Click On The Plus ‘+’ Icon
3. Select Your Desired Video
4. Tap On The Add Button
5. Choose Edit Button
6. Click On The Speed
7. Tap On Normal
8. Slide The Speed To Your Left Hand Side
9. Apply The Slow Mo Effect
10. Share Your Video

Slow-moo simply means slow motion. It is one of the best ways to make a better video. A video with slow motion has become a trend. CapCut is best known for editing purposes. So there is the availability of slow motion on CapCut to make users happier. You can either create a normal speed video and edit by adding slow-mo or directly make a slow-mo video.

How To Use A CapCut App?

CapCut is the best place for editing. It allows you to edit whatever you have, such as reels, clips, videos, movies, etc. Apart from knowing about its exciting features, learning to use it and applying it in your videos is a must.

I am not saying you do not know how to use it. Reading the steps just for once will let you know if the way you are using CapCut is correct or not.

Let us get to an exact point and head on to the process of using the CapCut app properly. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open The CapCut App

Turn on your mobile phone. Get into the app list and search for the CapCut app.

Launch the CapCut app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Tap On New Project

A plus icon written as a new project is available on the front page of the CapCut app.

It is the only icon that will let you enter the main place on CapCut.

Step 3: Select A Video Clip

You can see all of the clips, videos, and photos you have kept saved in your gallery.

Choose a clip or as many as you want, including photos of your interest.

Step 4: Click On Add Button

If you are done with the photos and video selection process, you have to confirm it with CapCut.

The add button, which is available at the bottom of your screen, takes all of your selected items to the editing section.

Step 5: Tap To Edit The Video

At the bottom line of your screen, you can see a serially arranged icon. They are the options to edit the video on CapCut.

Slide the options to your left-hand side. You can find plenty of options with every feature you want.

You can do a slow motion, crop, adjust, split, add effects, filters, etc, on this platform.

Step 6: Click On The Save Button

Take your eyes to the top right corner of your screen. You can find a save button.

It is the only icon that will export your edited video to your mobile gallery.

Unless you tap on the save icon, your video won’t be saved. Along with it, all of the efforts that you made while editing the video will go in vain.

Isn’t it very easy to use the CapCut app? Was your method of using CapCut correct?

What Are Slow Mo Videos?

On social media platforms, you may find different varieties of videos. Sometimes you may get to see a video with very fast speed, sometimes very slow and even reverse videos too.

Those kinds of videos that are apart from the normal speed are all edited. You need not get shocked by looking at those acts. When you create such videos by yourself, you will know it is just a simple thing.

Slow-mo videos are also edited videos with the help of different third-party editing apps. The Play store or your apple store has plenty of such apps.

Even on every mobile, the camera has a slow-mo button. It lessens the burden of searching for editing apps and learning to edit. You do not need to be a professional editor just to do a slow-mo.

Slow-mo videos are generally in slow motion. It is very slow as compared to the actual normal speed. The slow steps of any action you perform can be focused on.

Mainly slow-mo is done to focus on the main activities such as funny, romantic, horror, action, etc. It is a kind of helpful and interesting feature for video creators.

Guide To Do A Slow Mo On CapCut

Everybody desires to create a unique video and post it on social media. So, to make your dream come true, the best-known app for editing is CapCut. It has plenty of exciting features, including slow motion, crop, effects, filters, splitting, etc.

In case you are a beginner at editing videos, CapCut is best for you. Here is a helpful guide to editing the videos for starters. Post an amazing video so that people may not notice you as a beginner.

Slow-mo or a video with slow motion is in trend now. You may desire to create one, right? So, I have guided you with detailed steps to do a slow-mo on CapCut. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your CapCut App

Firstly, turn on your mobile phone. Then, go to the app list and search for the CapCut app over there.

Launch CapCut on the screen of your mobile phone once you find it out.

Step 2: Tap On The Plus ‘+’ Icon

On the front page of CapCut, you can see all of the videos that you have edited using CapCut.

Look at the top of your screen. You can see a plus ‘+’ icon written as a new project below it.

You just have to click on it, and you will be guided towards the next section.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Video

Now, you can see all of the photos, videos, clips, etc., you have on your mobile gallery.

Also, scroll down for a while to get the video that you want to edit through CapCut.

If you find it out, tap on it, and you will get color in an empty small circle.

Step 4: Click On Add Button

At the bottom corner of your right-hand side, you can see the add button.

The total number of videos and photos you have selected are also shown over there.

You are taken to the main page of editing on CapCut and get opened after that.

Step 5: Select Edit As An Option

Take your eye to the bottom left corner of your screen. You will see a scissors icon with an edit option written below it.

Click on the scissors icon, and then you will horizontally get editing options.

Step 6: Tap On ‘Speed’

Once you are inside the scissors icon, you can see an icon that symbolizes speed, as in vehicles.

This option is available on the second line of the given list. So, you have to tap on it to get inside the main speed editing section.

Step 7: Head On To Normal Button

Inside the speed option, there are two different ways shown to you. One is normal, and the other one is a curve.

You have to click on the normal button. It is best for adding slow motion to your video.

Step 8: Slide The Speed To Left Hand Side

Now, you can see a marking like 0.1, 0.2, etc. It is the marking of speed.

You have to tap on which type of slow motion you want on your video. Just tap on your desired speed which is on your left-hand side.

Also, you can check which slow-mo suits you the best for your video. You can change the speed if you do not like very slow motion.

Step 9: Apply The Slow Mo Effect

If you are done selecting the exact speed that you want to keep in your video, you have to move on to the done button.

You will see a tick mark below your speed mark. So, click on the tick mark.

Then, your selected slow-mo has been applied to your video.

Step 10: Save Video To Your Device

You are done with editing and setting a slow motion to your video. Now, you have to export it to the gallery of your mobile phone.

Take your eyes to the top right corner of your screen. You can see save as an option.

Tap on the save button, and it will take a few seconds to be saved on your device.

Step 11: Share Your Video

During the time of saving the edited video, CapCut shows you some of the apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can choose any one of them and export your video wherever you want to post and make it public.

The wave of showing photos also can be made in slow motion. That means you can edit the duration of photos on TikTok, Instagram, etc.

The steps to do slow-mo on CapCut get completed over here. The steps may seem to be lengthy, but they are too short and easy to understand.

In this way, you can make a slow-mo video and go with the trend.

Is It Possible To Use Slow Mo For Only One Part Of the Video?

Yes, you can use slow-mo for only one part of the video. It is possible with the help of the same CapCut app as well. There is a slight change in the process, but all you have to do is the same as the above steps.

When you upload a new video or a new project into the platform of CapCut, you should change one step.

After finishing adding the video, you will have to mark a certain place on the video where you want to add slow-mo.

There is the availability of a white slider. So, below the main video, you can see the same video in a split form.

Have a long press for a few seconds, and then a white sliding bar will appear in the same spotted video.

Then, you have to move the slider to the exact path where you want to add a slow-mo.

Repeat the same process as I have guided you above in this article. You can successfully use slow-mo for only one part of your video.

Should I Do Slow Mo On CapCut With Templates?

Yes, it is best to do a slow-mo on CapCut with templates. Editing a video using the CapCut templates is perfect for beginners. It will lead you to an easy, quick process to edit any kind of video.

CapCut templates are templates from other users. Whenever you are scrolling a TikTok video on TikTok, you can see many people editing it through CapCut.

You can see a create video option on TikTok. So, you can replace the original content video and replace it with yours.

With the slow-mo effect, background music, filters, transitions, etc., everything remains as it is. You just have to make an action and create a video on your own.

This is a feature provided by CapCut itself. But, it has made some kind of restrictions in some of the regions. It is not available in the United States.

So, only some regions around the world, such as Japan, Indonesia, etc., have access to this feature.

Can I Do Slow Motion On TikTok?

Yes, you can easily do slow motion on TikTok. TikTok is an app for making short videos and posting them. An attention-grabbing video gets the highest love and shares from the public.

No matter what topic you choose to create a TikTok, it must be cool and aesthetic by following the trend.

As you can scroll through the TikTok platform, you will find slow-motion videos on-trend. Most of the users are making a slow-mo video, and you may also be eager to create one, right?

So now, then, you might be thinking about how to do a slow motion on TikTok, right?

You can find plenty of video editing apps for TikTok on the play store. Some of them are CapCut. You cut, etc. But, some of them are useless, whereas some have exciting features.

CapCut is mostly used as well as suggested by most of the users. If you want to make a TikTok video with slow-mo or just an Instagram reel, the editing app must.

Once you start using a video editing app, you can start decreasing the speed and making a slow-mo video. Each app has its helping center for helping beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Slow-mo is something that every creator wants. But plenty of questions also arise along with it. So, in this section, we will discuss some of the most asked questions by slow-mo users.

Please try to read all of these questions. It is somehow a quick knowledge-providing type. They are as follows:

How Do I Change The Speed In CapCut?

It is not hard just to change the speed in CapCut. When you are inside the speed editor in CapCut, you can find a sliding bar. So, when you slide the bar on your right-hand side, the speed of your video becomes faster than the normal speed. Whereas when you allow it to your left-hand side, the speed slows down and becomes slow motion. So, just by moving the sliding bar slowly in the right direction, you can change the speed in CapCut.

Can I Turn The Regular Video Into Slow Motion On iPhone?

Yes, you can turn the regular video into slow motion using your iPhone. The editing feature of slow motion does not depend upon devices. So, no matter if you are using an android mobile phone, iPhone, or desktop and PC, you must go through the same process. The cap cut app is the same for every device, and its features are constant. The steps that are mentioned in this article to do a slow-mo are applicable for every device you use.

What Is Flashy Slow Motion On CapCut?

Flashy slow motion is also an editing feature available on the CapCut app. It is an effect showing a white flash on your videos. Along with a slow motion speed, it also shows a white flash which gives an amazing look to your video. You can get two features just in a single edit. The slow motion effect and video special effects are available in flashy slow motion edits. You can also customize the color of the flash as per your choice. But, the white flash is in trend.


CapCut is mostly used by TikTok users worldwide. It is the platform where people share their videos. Getting in trend on this platform is the best way to get viral.

Slow-mo videos are the trending things on any social media platform. It provides a new look to any video you have. The real beauty that a video carries is expressed in slow motion. It has become a fundamental unit of series and movies as well.

I hope you have finished reading today’s article. Was this article helpful for you? Did you get to clear out all of the queries you had?

I also think that you can now easily do a slow-mo on CapCut. Also, share this article with your friends who are having the same confusion as yours.

Thank you for being here and reading our article. Keep on loving and supporting as of now.

I would like to end today’s topic right over here. Will be back very soon with a new and updated article on this same website. Until then, stay tuned for notification.

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