How To Delete A Reddit Account?

How To Delete A Reddit Account?

Do you want to delete your Reddit account? How to delete a Reddit account? Do you know how to delete it? Looking through many websites in search of ways to delete a Reddit account? We are here for you. This article is the ultimate guide for you. It contains every piece of information which you would require to delete a Reddit account. So, keep reading until you reach the very end of this article. So, let us start with our main topic.

You can delete a Reddit account by:
1. Open Your Reddit App
2. Head On To The Settings
3. Go To The Help Centre
4. Click On Reddit Help
5. Tap On The Search Bar
6. Search For “How Do I Deactivate My Reddit Account.”
7. Choose “Account Settings From The Link
8. Provide Your Login Details
9. Delete Your Reddit Account

Reddit is a social media platform that allows you to join communities with different people who have similar interests. This app is not as popular as others. Everyone is in search of to delete their Reddit account. The public may not be satisfied by the features of this app or just get caught up in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. The users who know this app are experiencing the best version of the Reddit app.

What You Need To Know Before Deleting Your Reddit Account?

The deletion of a Reddit account is for permanent purposes. If you think you will need back the same account in future days, better not to confirm to delete your Reddit account. It is because you can not regain your account ever after.

Rules and regulations that are in the Reddit app are of a high level. So, before you develop such thinking to delete your Reddit account, finish reading all of the rules and conditions mentioned in the Reddit app.

Your Reddit username, profile picture, password, etc., gets deleted simultaneously. In addition, there is a choice for you if you agree to delete all of your past activities on the app, including comments, posts, reactions, etc. There is no going back after then. Your password, as well as your username, becomes useless.

There will be no sign of you that you have ever used the app before. Vanishing all of your activities means deleting a Reddit account. You must agree to the above terms before clicking to delete your account. The Reddit app prevents you from regretting after deleting a Reddit account. So, they know you at the very beginning of the step. Then, after your agreement with those terms, you are allowed to move to the next step.

How Long Does It Take For A Reddit Account To Delete?

You don’t need to wait for a long period to get your Reddit account deleted. It is because the performances are so immediately in the Reddit app. Once you agree with the Reddit app to delete all of your data and Reddit account, the process completes within a few seconds.

You will require an Internet connection when deleting your Reddit account. So, if you have a good internet connection at that time, your Reddit account gets deleted immediately after your single tap on the confirm button. Delete everything, including posts, comments, and reactions, along with your Reddit account, which will take some of your time. But, on the other hand, just deleting a Reddit account is easy and quick as well.

Immediate deletion of an account includes your username and password from your account. A single tap deletes your account completely from the Reddit app. Nobody can find your account when they search for you with your username.

Steps To Delete A Reddit Account (Using Android And iOS Devices)

So now, if you are using a Reddit account and thinking of deleting it, you can do it very easily. It is not obvious that the thing we love to use nowadays might be at the same level in future days.

We are discussing the steps to delete a Reddit account on Android and iOS devices such as iPhones and tablets. Both android mobile phone users and iOS users can follow these steps to get their Reddit accounts deleted successfully.

The Reddit app is the same on both devices. The only difference between them is the play store and the apple store to download the app. The steps are detailed. It will make your understanding easier and faster. Now then, without talking about any further topics. Let us begin with our steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Reddit App

Turn on your android mobile phone. Go to the mobile app list. Scroll down the list until you find your Reddit app.

Launch the app on your device’s screen once you find it on your mobile.

Step 2: Head On To Settings

Once on the Reddit app, you must look at your screen’s top right corner. Over there, you can see a gear-like icon.

It is the settings bar and will lead you to furthermore options. So, click on it to go to the next options of steps.

Step 3: Go To The Help Centre

The next slide will open on your screen. Again, you can see a list with plenty of options in it. Take your eyes to the bottom of your screen. You will see a support box.

Inside the support box, there are three different options. First, you need to click on the top option of the list. It is marked as a help center.

Step 4: Click On Reddit Help

Inside the help center, there is a step where you can get help from the Reddit app.

It would help if you went to the Reddit FAQs page. You will see a Reddit help written in a large box and a picture of the app.

Step 5: Tap On The Search Bar

When you are on the Reddit help page, you will see a search bar below it. In addition, there is a written search for our knowledge base on the search bar.

Click on it, and the Reddit app will show you their list of options, which might be helpful for you.

Step 6: Search For “How Do I Deactivate My Account”

It would help if you typed the above text on the search bar. The app will load for a few seconds.

Then, it will automatically show you a guide or answer to your question. Finally, the Reddit app will redirect you to the page to deactivate the account.

Step 7: Select “Account Settings” From The Link

You will get detailed guide steps from the Reddit app to delete or deactivate your Reddit account.

Scroll down and see a red link written as account settings.

It would help if you first read all the mentioned rules; you can easily conclude to delete your Reddit account.

Step 8: Provide Your Login Details

You are doing this process inside your Reddit account. But, it will ask you again to log in by the Reddit app.

Type your username and then password in the blank space. Click to continue after you insert your details.

Step 9: Delete Your Reddit Account

It will again direct you to the Reddit settings page. But only if you have typed your password and username perfectly.

Read all the rules and terms mentioned on your screen. Then, scroll down for a while, and you will see to deactivate your Reddit account.

If You deactivate the account, your Reddit account gets permanently deactivated.

You will get a notification from Reddit about the deletion of your account permanently. Then, you will need to click on the ok button. So, in this way, you can successfully delete your Reddit account on iPhone and Android devices.

The steps are a little longer, as we have explained the steps too deeply. Read these steps, and in the same way, apply them to delete your Reddit account on your mobile phone.

But, the most important thing you should remember before using the steps mentioned above is that you should never forget your login details. If you forget your password, you can not delete your account permanently.

Steps To Delete Reddit Account On Desktops

So, deleting Reddit accounts on computers, desktops, PCs, laptops, etc., is quite tough compared to mobile phones. Therefore, the process is not the same, and you will need some changes over here.

To make your account deletion process easy and quick on desktops, we are here with detailed steps. You will need to attempt some kinds of consideration too. Here is a step-to-step manual to deleting a Reddit account on desktops. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Reddit App And Login To Your Account

Turn on your desktop and go to the app list. Search for the Reddit app among the list of apps.

Get into the app and try to log in to your Reddit account using your username and password.

Step 2: Click On Posts

Look at the top of the screen of your desktop. You will see four different options.

Tap on the posts just next to the overview option among the available options.

Step 3: Tap On the Three Dot Icon

On your right-hand side, you can see three horizontally arranged dots.

Three dots are the gateway for you to the next options to delete a Reddit account.

Step 4: Select The Delete Option

You will see a list of five different options. Directly look at the bottom line of the list. Over there, you will see delete as an option.

Click on delete, showing you some rules and conditions you must agree with. Then tap to confirm, and your account gets successfully deleted.

The steps you will need to follow to delete a Reddit account using da desktop are very few compared to android and iOS devices.

It won’t take much of your time as, well. The choice is yours, and everything depends on you.

So, you can easily delete your Reddit account on the desktop using the above-given steps.

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Can I Delete My Reddit Account Temporarily?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is not possible to delete your Reddit account for a temporary purpose. The option is shown to deactivate your account. Deactivate is another name for delete. So both of them are the same thing.

You cannot deactivate your Reddit account for a certain period, as on other social media platforms. However, there is an option to delete the account permanently. It means you will never return to that account.

Another one is never to delete your account. If you are gaining a good outcome from your Reddit account, then there is no point in deleting it. There is no chance of getting bored and deactivating the Reddit account for a few months.

Unlike other apps such as Facebook and Instagram, Reddit does not have such a feature on the app. There is permanent deactivation of an account, but not temporarily. It is not possible to restore your present activities for future days.

What Happens After Deleting Your Reddit Account?

You are eager to know what happens when you delete your Reddit account, right? You may be curious to know about it as well. So this is the reason we have also included the answer to this question in this section.

You may get to see many things once you agree to delete your Reddit account. So, here are the lists of things that will happen when you delete your Reddit account using android and iOS devices.

Your username won’t pop up when anyone searches you on the search bar since then. You will lose access to your Reddit account. The Reddit username and password get unmatched or unavailable.

All of your previous activities on the Reddit app get saved. However, the Reddit subscription premium runs for continuous purposes, and you must pay. So, always unsubscribe from the pack before deleting an account.

Other Reddit app users can see all of your previous comments and reactions. Reddit will restrict you from creating an account using the same phone number, email, or Facebook account. It is impossible to regain or recover the same Reddit account again. You will lose access to join the group communication again. Nobody can know about your information anymore.

Is It Possible To Recover My Deleted Reddit Account?

Unfortunately, recovering or regaining a Reddit account is impossible once you delete them. Deactivating the Reddit account by setting the time on it will help you to recover your Reddit account. It is your choice. Whereas, once you agree to delete or deactivate your Reddit account permanently, you can not recover it.

The third-party apps are even useless in this case. The deletion process is for a permanent period, meaning you never agreed to regain your account. So, it would help if you think twice before deleting any account.

Does Deleting A Reddit Account Delete All Of My Activities?

No, not at all. When you and the Reddit app agree to delete your Reddit account permanently, you have just deleted your account. You can never regain the same Reddit account, even after multiple tries and efforts. The posts, comments, reactions, and other activities which you have done from your deleted account remain saved.

The people who are friends with you on the app can easily view it. But, your username and profile won’t be visible to anyone. But, if anyone can check the section, they can find your comments and reactions.

Are Deactivation And Deletion Of Reddit Accounts The Same Thing?

Deactivation is a synonym or another name for deletion. But, there are two types of deactivation of Reddit apps. They are temporary deactivation of a Reddit account and permanent deactivation of a Reddit account. Permanently deactivating a Reddit account means deleting an account.

Whereas temporary deactivation of a Reddit account means deactivating or deleting a Reddit account for a certain time frame. It will not delete your Reddit Account, and you can easily regain your account. You can set the time until when you want your account to get deactivated.

Will My Personal Information Get Removed After Deleting A Reddit Account?

Yes, every piece of information you have provided to the app gets removed. While creating an account, remember that the Reddit app asks you for your name, surname, address, email, phone number, age, birth date, gender, etc.

So, when you delete a Reddit account, all this information gets removed automatically along with your account. Even your Reddit friends can not find your information. The information is all about you, and you have given it by yourself to the app. So, you may not necessarily regain the information back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to the question-answer section of today’s article. Over here, we will be discussing the confusion and questions that the public has regarding the Reddit app. You may increase your knowledge level through the question and answers mentioned below.

It is usual for us to develop questions in our minds. In the same way, searching for the answers to clear those doubts is also the main thing.

Therefore, we have answered the most asked questions from our comment section. The answers are from our research and dense study. They are as follows:

How Many Are Reddit Accounts Allowed From The Single Mobile Phone?

You can create multiple Reddit accounts using a single mobile phone. As you may have noticed, when you create a Reddit account, there are plenty of options. The choice of options is based on you.

You can see the email, Facebook, and phone number as an option. You can choose one at a time. Firstly, you can choose a phone number to create an account, your email address, and your Facebook account.

Can I Get Rid Of Reddit Lags?

Yes, you can get rid of lags and bugs that arise in your Reddit app. The main cause of this issue on your Reddit app is your history. The more your Reddit history is, the more you will feel errors in your app. Once you get into the history section, you will get an option to delete the Reddit history. Confirm to clear one by one and get rid of the Reddit lags.


Reddit is an app for those who love getting involved among a group of people and communicating with them. However, this app may not be as popular as other social media apps.

It would help if you went through many processes when you think you are deleting or deactivating your Reddit account. It is because this Reddit app’s rules and regulations are so strict.

Hope you guys enjoy reading today’s topic. I think now you guys can easily delete your Reddit account. You can also share our article among your friends who are in search of deleting their Reddit accounts.

Thank you for being here and reading our article. Keep on loving and supporting us.

WIt e will be back very soon with our new and latest topic on this website. Until then, stay tuned to get new notifications from our side.

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