How Do You Repost Your Instagram Reel On Your Profile?

How Do You Repost Your Instagram Reels On Your Profile?

The Instagram reel is a new feature on Instagram that offers a platform for the user to post their 15-90 second long videos to the public or followers. You can easily create an Instagram reel, but resharing is hectic. So how do you repost your Instagram reel on your profile? If you are having a problem with it, you are at the right article, which will guide you with effortless steps to reshare your Instagram reels.

To Repost your Reels to your Instagram Profile:
1. Firstly, Select the reel you want to repost from Instagram.
2. Tap on the three dots and copy the link.
3. Then, Install Repost: For Instagram App.
4. Tap on the Reel You want to repost.
5. After that, allow access to all photos and Select Feed.
6. Click on the Next Button.
7. Edit Your Reel and Caption.
8. Finally, Click on the Share Option.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications that allow users to share their photos, videos, or any information online. Creating Instagram reels is fun to keep your followers, and people close to you engaged. You can easily create and post and repost your Instagram reels on your Instagram stories, feeds, or on Instagram Reels. We are here to guide you through your journey with Instagram reels. So, let’s dig into the main segment.

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What Is An Instagram Reel?

It is a fun and engaging feature specially designed for creators that help them create videos of 15-90 seconds and share them with the public or a selected group of people. It is similar to TikTok videos but is the content of Instagram. People started creating reels in 2020, and ever since, Instagram influencers have used them as a medium to provide their personal information, talents, or public-related guidelines.

Why Do People Create An Instagram Reel?

People with all sorts of backgrounds, i.e., tutors, business persons, fitness experts, artists, vloggers, and on and on, use Instagram. This application has become a platform where people share their thoughts, ideas, and views on a particular concern.

Artists use it to display their talents, and vloggers use it to show their lifestyles to the public. Business persons and organizations also use it for marketing and advertisement of their firm. Through Instagram reels, fitness experts, motivational speakers, and public speakers can communicate their messages to the public.

How Can You Create And Post A Reel On Instagram?

Instagram reels are scrollable and represented in a vertical format. After viewing the reels for a certain period, Instagram suggests reels per your previous engagements. Creating reels on Instagram takes a few steps. Do you create reels on Instagram? If you do it, it’s cool, and if not, why don’t you give it a try?

Step 1: Click On The Reels Tab/ Instagram Stories/ Swipe Right.

Whatever method you apply, Reels tab, Instagram Stories, or simply swipe right, and you will reach the same interface afterward.

The reels tab is in the middle of the bottom ribbon on Instagram’s home page. First, click on it. Then, as explained earlier, you can click on Instagram Stories or swipe right on the Instagram feeds.

Step 2: Tap On The Camera Icon/ Scroll and find “Reels.”

If you chose the Reels tab, tap on the camera icon at the screen’s top-right.

If you chose any other steps except the Reels tab, scroll and find the “reels” option at the button ribbon of the interface.

Step 3: Record The Video.

Manage the video interval, the effects you want to put, zoom in/zoom out, add music, etc. and tap on the “Record” button to start recording.

Step 4: Edit And Make Changes On Reel.

Again tap on the “record” button, which will eventually stop recording your reel. After that, you can put effects, trim your video, draw on the reel, download it, and so on.

Step 5: Click The “Next” Button.

When you complete the processes mentioned above, click the “Next” button to finalize your editing.

Step 6: Add Captions And Tag People(Optional).

Add captions, tag people, and change cover frames, as you prefer.

Step 7: Click On Share Button.

After all these steps, click on the “Share” button, and bravo! You have created your reel.

Can I Repost Instagram Reel On My Instagram Profile?

You can share a reel directly to your stories, but you’ll need to use another way (Repost: For Instagram app) to share it to your feed or Instagram Reels. So, yes, obviously, we can reshare a reel on Instagram.

You can share your creation or choose to share others’ reels. While you try to share others’ creations, make sure you give proper credit to the user or ask for their permission.

How Can I Repost My Instagram Reel In My Profile As A Post?

Creating and posting a reel is easy, but reposting it on your profile can sometimes become confusing. You can share your reels or also can share them with others. Unfortunately, directly sharing an Instagram reel on the profile is not possible.

That is why you need assistance from another free app named “Repost: For Instagram.” Here are some simple ways using which you can simply add your reels to your profile:

Step 1: Go To The App Store/ Google Play.

First, go to the App Store(for iPhone) or Google Play(for android).

Step 2: Download And Install The “Repost: For Instagram” App.

Then, search “Repost: For Instagram” app and download it.

Step 3: Go To Instagram.

Now, tap on the Instagram app and sign in to your Instagram account.

Step 4: Find The Reel You Want To Repost.

On Instagram, select the reel which you want to repost.

Step 5: Click On The Menu Button (Ellipsis Button, i.e., Icon With 3 Dots).

When you click on the reel you want to repost, you will see an Ellipsis button on the lower-right side of the screen. Click that button and proceed.

Step 6: Select The “Copy Link” Section.

After that, click on the “copy link” section available there.

Step 7: Go To The “Repost: For Instagram” App.

You will have to go back to the Repost app and open the app.

Step 8: Tap On The Reel Which You Want To Repost on The Repost App.

When you open the Repost app, the app automatically collects your copied link and loads the reel there. So, select the reel which you wish to repost.

Optional step: Change “Attribution Mark” And Save Caption

You can select “Attribution mark” and set it to none to remove the unwanted watermark, and also you can turn on the “Copy caption” section to save the caption for later.

Step 9: Click On “Share” And Allow Access To All Photos.

Then, click on the “share” button and allow access to all the photos so that the app can completely import your reel.

Step 10: Select “Feed.”

Since you are trying to add reels to the feed, select “Feed” at the bottom of the screen 

Step 11: Click On The “Next” Button.

Click on the “Next” button that appears on the screen.

Step 12: Tap On “Post”

After completing all the above steps, click on “post” to finalize that you want to upload the reels to the feed.

Step 13: Select the “Continue” button

Now, simply select “Continue.”

Step 14: Edit The Reel As You Want And Proceed By Selecting “Next.”

You can put effects, trim your video, add filters, and so on to your reel.

Step 15:Insert An Appropriate Caption.

Then, insert the appropriate caption, and also, you can tag people in your reel here.

Step 16: Click On The “Share” Button.

If you select the “share” button, you will now see your reel on your feed.

Though it is not directly possible to repost the feed, using these steps, you can easily re-share the reel on your profile and feed on Instagram.

How Can I Repost My Instagram Reel Again As A Reel?

Here also, you won’t be able to directly re-share your reel to Instagram Reels. However, you will be able to repost it using “Repost: For Instagram” following these steps:

Step 1: Follow The Above Steps Of “Repost Instagram Reel In My Profile As A Post” From Step 1 To Step 10.

To reshare a reel on Instagram Reels, you must first follow the steps of “resharing Instagram reel in a profile as a post” from 1 to 10. Now, you can get to the next steps.

Step 2: Click On “Reel” And Then “Continue.”

You will find the “Reel” option, which you ought to click. After that, tap on the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Edit The Reel As You Want And Proceed By Selecting “Next.”

You can trim, zoom in/zoom out, add filters, and so on. After you complete the editing process, click on “Next.”

Step 4: Insert An Appropriate Caption And Proceed.

Further, add an appropriate caption, tag people if you want, choose a cover picture, and then you are ready to move to the last step.

Step 5: Click On “Share.”

When you click the “share” button, your reel gets reposted on Instagram Reels.

How Can I Repost My Instagram Reel In My Story?

Resharing your Instagram reel in your story is quite an easy task. When you share your reel to the story, you can either make it public or choose who can see it and who cannot. To add your uploaded reel to your story, simply follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open The Instagram App.

First, open the Instagram app on your mobile phone or laptop.

Step 2: Go To The Reels Tab.

Then, click on the reels tab, located in the middle of the menu at the bottom of the home page.

Step 3: Select A Reel Which You Wish To Repost.

Now, scroll through the reels and select a reel you want to reshare.

Step 4: Click On The Paper Plane Icon.

When you click on the reel, you will see a paper plane icon at the screen’s bottom or lower right-hand side. Click the icon and proceed.

Step 5: Select “Add reel to your story.”

After that, you will see a “Add reel to your story” section. Click it and proceed.

Step 6: Edit And Make Changes To The Reel.

Here, you can add filters, zoom in/ zoom out, draw on the reel, and many more.

Step 7: Click On The “Your story” Button.

When you complete all these tasks, simply click on the “your story” button to upload to your story. You can also choose “close friend” and only share with a close circle.

Can I Edit My Pre-Created Reel?

When you have created the reels and are ready to post, you can edit them. For example, you can add effects, change cover pictures, add captions, and add text to the reels before you post the reel.

Once you post your video, you will have access to change the caption, tags on the reel, or cover pictures but not the actual reel. If you want to change the reel without using any other app, you must delete it, make a change and reupload it. So basically, before posting, you can make changes to every aspect of the reel, but after posting it, you can change others except the actual reel.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below:

Can I Make Money From Instagram Reels?

If you are a creator with hundreds of followers, you will receive payment for the number of plays and views you receive within 30 days directly by the Instagram Reels Play Bonus program. You can also get sponsored by brands and affiliated programs to market their products, advertise the program, etc., and earn from them. So, take advantage and dive right in. For detailed information, go through How to make money from Instagram reels?

Which one is better, Instagram reels or TikTok?

Instagram reels and TikTok are identical in terms of fundamental aspects. However, there are certain differences in duration, editing styles, number of audiences, etc.

Though TikTok is more famous among audiences, Instagram reels are also gaining more popularity among creators. So in some sense, TikTok is more famous, but Instagram Reels is notable, viewing other aspects like sophistication and quality of content.

Can I Share Instagram Reels On Facebook?

No doubt, you can share Instagram Reels on Facebook. This process has been considerably easier now that Facebook and Instagram are linked. You must turn on the “Recommend on Facebook” option for this.

Doing this, you are good to go and will start seeing Instagram reels on your Facebook immediately. You can also download the reels and then post them on Facebook. Read Can you share Instagram reels on Facebook? for more information.


To summarize, Instagram reels are short videos used for fun, motivational purpose, educational aspect, displaying lifestyles, conveying messages to a huge mass, and whatnot. While creating a reel, the first thing you want to do is plan and then proceed to execution.

We hope you have a clear idea about how to create a reel and repost the Instagram reel on your profile and other platforms.

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