How To Add A Blank Space For Instagram Highlights?

How to add a blank space for Instagram highlights? Willing to remove the story highlights from your Instagram profile page? You are thinking of adding a blank space in the highlighted name of Instagram? Searching for the method to do this? We are here for you with this ultimate article. This ultimate article contains all of the basic and deep information which you would require for adding a blank space. Keep on reading till the very end line of this article.

To add a blank space for Instagram highlights, you should follow the copy-pasting process. You must copy the blank space first:
1. Open Your Instagram App
2. Head On To Your Profile Page
3. Hold On To Your Instagram Highlights
4. Select Instagram Highlights Settings Option
5. Choose To Edit Highlight Settings
6. Delete The Name Of Your Highlight
7. Open The Empty Character Website
8. Copy The Blank Space
9. Paste The Blank Space On Input Name Option
10. Tap On Save Button

Instagram highlights are the stories you have posted and want to show on your profile page. Instagram stories disappear within lights, do not disappear, and have no time limit. You need to delete them by yourself if you are bored with them. Only the stories you posted on your Instagram account can be kept in the highlights section of Instagram.

What Is Meant By Adding Blank Space On Instagram Highlights?

Adding blank space on Instagram highlights means removing the name of your Instagram highlights from the Instagram profile page.

You might notice many of your friends and idols do not have such names for Instagram highlights. When you notice these, it is usual for you to develop thinking to add a blank space.

When you add a blank space to your Instagram highlights, the name of that Instagram highlight gets removed. As you can see, a name pops below the highlights you have posted.

So, the same thing gets removed from your Instagram profile and just and only your photos as highlights remain over there.

Why Add Blank Space For Instagram Highlights?

There are plenty of reasons for adding a blank space in Instagram highlights. You may want to remove names and other many more. Your friends, idols, influencers, etc. may have done so and you may want to copy them.

Apart from these, there are plenty of reasons behind it. Here are some of the most common reasons among Instagram users for adding a blank space for their Instagram highlights. The reasons are as follows:

  • Removing the name of highlights from your Instagram profile page makes your profile look more refined and aesthetic.
  • People mostly want others to know them by their cover images rather than names or highlights.
  • Adding the name of highlights may let the viewers feel your profile is disgusting.
  • To give a new bold look to their Instagram profile page and gain followers.
  • It even surprises the profile viewers who are unknown about this blank space trick.

So, these are the possible necessities and benefits you can get by adding blank space for the Instagram highlights.

Steps To Add Blank Space For Instagram Highlights

Instagram does not easily allow you to add blank spaces on Instagram highlights. You may get an error message from Instagram and you may even fail to do it. But, there is a trick for you to do so. It is nearly impossible to add a blank space for Instagram highlights without using certain trucks and hacks in life.

You will need a guide to help you add blank space for Instagram highlights. We are here with helpful guide steps for you. The steps are very simple, and they are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

At the very beginning of the step, you will require your Instagram app with your account.

Launch the Instagram app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Head On To Your Profile Page

Look at the below-right corner of your screen. There you can find the profile page icon.

Tap on it, and it will lead you to your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Hold On To Your Instagram Highlights

You have to use your index finger and press the highlights you have on your profile page.

Hold your finger for a few seconds on the screen. Then it will show you some of the options.

Step 4: Select The Instagram Highlights Settings

Click on the Instagram highlights settings from the list of options.

It will take you to another section of settings, the actual one.

Step 5: Choose Edit Highlights Settings

You then now have to select this edit section of Instagram highlights which is the actual settings.

You can now either change or directly delete the name of highlights.

Step 6: Delete the Name Of Your Highlight

The whole new screen will show on your screen, with all your highlights and possibilities to change names.

You need to tap on name input and delete the name.

Now, you have removed the name of your Instagram highlights. You then now can not even post a single story as a highlight in your Instagram profile.

Instagram won’t let you save your Instagram highlights without a name. So, you should use a trick which is a blank space.

Step 7: Open The Empty Character

To add a blank space in the name of your Instagram highlights, you should open a certain website that provides you with free blank space characters.

You can directly go to the above-given link, or there are further options too, such as invisible text, edited, etc.

Step 8: Copy The Blank Space

Have a long press on any of the blank spaces you prefer from the websites.

An option to copy the link will pop up on your screen. You need to tap on the copy link. Then your link gets copied on your clipboard.

Step 9: Paste The Blank Space On Input Name

Now then, get back to your Instagram account profile page. Head on to your highlights settings and go to input names.

Long press on the input name bar, and you will see the option to paste. Tap on paste, and blank space gets pasted over there.

Step 10: Tap On Save Button

This is the last step you have to do after you finish pasting the blank space on the name bar.

Click on the blue done button and then lastly on the save the name option. This will apply changes to your Instagram highlights.

So the step gets completed over here. You have now successfully added a blank space for Instagram highlights. You need not worry about the steps being so lengthy. Once you read it from the top to the button, you will find the steps much easier to understand.

You can now easily add the story highlights without mentioning the name below the highlights box.

Also, you might be searching for how to add Instgaram highlights without posting story on Instagram

Name Of Blank Space For Instagram Highlights

So, in this article, we have even included the names of blank spaces, which you can use as a name in Instagram highlights. You can also go to the above links we have provided.

If you feel it is a long process to open and follow the processes, then the name of the blank space section is helpful for you guys.

Use any of the invisible characters either from other websites or from the section below. You should click on the box to copy the link.

The names of the blank spaces are also provided to you. Tap on any one of the boxes at a time, and it gets copied on your clipboard. So, the blank space characters are as follows:

Zero Width Joiner: ( )

Hangul Filler: ( )ㅤ

Blank Braille Pattern: ( )

These are some of the most used and preferred blank space characters for Instagram highlights. Use any one of them at a time as per your demand and choice.

Why Can’t I Add Highlights To My Instagram?

There are a total of two different reasons for not being able to add highlights to your Instagram profile page. If you cannot add highlights to your Instagram profile page, you should check the name of the highlights.

It is not possible to add photos to your highlights if you have removed the name on highlights. Next, the blank space you copied and pasted may not have been pasted then. So, you must check it once.

You should also check how many highlights you have recently posted on your Instagram profile. You may have exceeded the level of adding highlights that Instagram allows.

Instagram also may have bugs or server down problems that cause every user to face problems. You can also refresh or restart your Instagram app or your whole mobile phone.

The error message you get from Instagram also may suggest possible solutions and tips that can be arranged.

Can I Add Blank Space Without Copying From Websites?

No, you need to use the websites which provide you with blank space characters. Unless you use that website, you can not copy the blank space. It is impossible to copy the blank space from the message bar.

The reason is that it does not contain links; without any links, you can not copy them. And then, until you add even a single dot or blank space in the name bar, Instagram won’t let you add the story highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So we are in the question and answer section of our article. We have completed reading all the subheadings and topics and reached here.

So let’s begin the question and answer without discussing other topics. They are as follows:

Do Instagram Highlights Have A Limit?

Yes, there is a limit in the Instagram story highlights box. There is a limit to adding Instagram story highlights for about 100 clips in a single account.

Instagram would first show you an error message and ask you to conform to what the app has said. Your previous clips or photos move to achieve, and the newly added get set as a highlight if you cross the highlight limits on Instagram.

Is It Possible To Add Instagram Highlights From Camera Roll?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let its users add highlights from the gallery or camera roll, as the highlight is Instagram story highlights. You only get to keep those photos or clips on Instagram highlights which you have previously posted on your Instagram story.

Instagram highlights are based on what you have uploaded within the Instagram app. Adding Instagram highlights from the camera roll is possible, but you should first post them on Instagram.

What Are Good Instagram Highlights?

You should post something exciting and attractive to Instagram users. You should post something which seems like an advertisement for certain products. Collaborate with the brands and create clips with the products. Post your gameplay playing any of the games, which is also attractive. You should add something representing a unique talent in the world, such as dance, art, body specialty, etc. Reviews and testimonials are also things to consider for good Instagram highlights.

Can I Add Highlights Without Story?

Instagram does not let you add highlights without adding an Instagram story. Highlights are the saved clips and photos taken from the archive. Whenever you think you are adding highlights and processes to it, Instagram will show you only those clips and photos from your previous Instagram stories. You can also find a look to hide your Instagram post or story from someone.


The trick of adding blank space to the Instagram highlights is in trend. It is one of the best tools to keep the Instagram story highlights without mentioning the exact name. Copy-pasting is the only trick that you can apply in this case. But, the blank space must be copied properly when you think of copy-pasting.

Hope you guys now know how to add blank space to Instagram highlights. I hope the above steps helped you greatly with your findings and research.

If you have any confusion or queries, please tell us through our comment section. Our comment section is open to you.

We are at the end of today’s article. So the last thing is to do as per our instructions. And thank you for being here and reading our article.

Keep loving and supporting us. We will be back very soon with this website’s latest topic. Until then, stay tuned.

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