How To Find Out Who Owns An Instagram Account

how to find out who owns an Instagram account

Instagram is one of the most famous social media sites, with over 500 million daily active users on the application. When you open a new account on Instagram, you get to follow other users, and they get to follow your account and its content. However, there are a lot of fake accounts you encounter while using the application. So, users have ways to find out who owns an Instagram account through tips and tricks.

To find out who owns an Instagram account, you have a direct and official way that Instagram allows for. For example, a user can follow an account, ask the owner for their information or look around in the profile for clues. In addition, you can apply other methods to indirectly look for the owner of an Instagram account.

Types Of Accounts On Instagram

On Instagram, there are different types of accounts that are present. Among these are private accounts. This kind of profile is not visible to users that do not follow it. To follow a private Instagram, you need to send a follow request that the profile owner needs to approve.

Second, Instagram has public profiles. These profiles’ content is visible to any user on the Instagram application. You still have the option to follow public profiles too to see their content on your feed.

Next, there are verified accounts on Instagram. Instagram recognizes these accounts as valid Instagram accounts. The accounts have a blue tick next to the username on them. When trying to look for who owns an Instagram account, verified accounts do not pose a problem as they are usually owners of the niche in which they are verified.

Why Look For Who Owns An Instagram Account

Now that we looked into the types of accounts you find on Instagram, why would it be necessary to find out who owns an Instagram account? The answer to this is simple. There are a lot of fake accounts on Instagram that you get requests from. So before you choose to verify the requests of such accounts, you may want to look into who is behind those profiles.

Users may also have various encounters with other accounts that may be suspicious. In such a case, before you take any action, you may want to figure out who the owner of that account is.

Ways On How To Find Out Who Owns An Instagram Account

There is no official way in which you can look for who owns an Instagram account. The Instagram policy is strict, and the official way to disclose an owner of an account is to file a suit on Instagram to reveal the owner of an account. Having said that, there are other ways to look for the owner of an account yourself. These tricks have been laid out below.

Follow The Account And Look Into Their Profile

The first thing to do if you want to check who owns an Instagram account and if the user is fake is to simply follow the account. This is because different indicators are seen in a fake profile.

The first is the follower’s list. If an Instagram account is private, it could simply be because the user wants to protect their information from unwanted users. However, if an account has a massive following list but has a low number of followers, then it can be suspicious. Moreover, some accounts only have bot followers and are only following unnecessary content. Such accounts can be fake, and the owner of the account could be suspicious.

Next, you can check the content of the profile. For example, see the location tags on the pictures or videos uploaded on the account. Usually, even if you cannot tell the direct owner, you can still see where the user might be from, and it can be helpful.

Then, you can look at the highlights on the Instagram account. Check the highlights from the profile under the ‘Edit profile’ option and see the content to look for clues as to who the account owner could be.

Ask The Account Owner Or Look Into Comments And Mentions

Next, we have an obvious step to directly send a direct message to the owner of the account. You can see the steps on how to start a direct message conversation on Instagram. The chances are that if the account is not fake, then the user will disclose their information. If this does not happen, you can snoop into their profile.

Check the comments and mentions on the content of their profile. For example, the user could be tagged in other pictures or mentioned by other users on the application. When you look into these ‘crumbs’ of clues that the profile left, you can figure out who the owner of the Instagram is.

Use Third-Party Applications To Track IP Address

Another option that a user can look into when it comes to checking who owns an Instagram account is to track the user’s IP address with third-party applications.

First, you need to download and install a third-party application such as Grabify IP logger. Then, when you search on the web, you can get different options of applications that track IP addresses.

However, the process is a little complicated because you need to start a conversation with the user. Then, in their direct message, send them a link that is generated from the IP tracker. When the user taps on the link, only the IP grabber will work to locate the IP address.

Once you get the user’s IP address, you need to look into the email address linked with the IP address to know which user is behind the account on Instagram.

Check The Username And Information In The Profile’s Bio

Another direct way to look into who owns an Instagram account is to check the username or display name of an Instagram account. When you open an Instagram account, the username is on the top of the profile. The display name is below the profile picture of the account. A username needs to be unique to a user, so users mostly put their real name on the display name of their account.

When you check the bio for any information, see if the user has linked any other social media accounts to their Instagram. Similarly, there can be email addresses of the user on the account, and you can look into ways to look for users with their email address. So when you search for the user either with the username, display name, or email address on any other social media account, you could come up with their profile on there. This is another way to check who owns an Instagram account.

Can You Gather Information Of A Deleted Instagram Account

The answer to this is no. There is no way in which you can gather information about a deleted Instagram account. Usually, a deleted Instagram account’s IP address cannot be looked for either. So, unless you are a government official or have the parent company – Facebook, look for the information in an authorized manner. Additionally, you cannot gather information on who owns or used to own a deleted Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to find who owns an Instagram are below.

How To Find Out If Someone Has A Secret Instagram Account

The only way to know if someone has a secret Instagram account is by finding out their email address. You can check for any linked social media accounts through an email address of a user. Similarly, there are no ways to directly know unless you stumble upon the user’s profile. There is also the option to check the user’s devices and see if they are logged into the secret account.

How To Find Out The Email Of An Instagram Account

To check a user’s email, you need to go to their profile and check the bio. Next, an ‘Email’ tab is present in the profile that lets you communicate via email to another user. Unless the user has kept this information public on their profile, you will not see the information on the profile’s bio.

How To Find Admin Of Instagram Page

Instagram protects the admin information of an Instagram page. However, you can check other details on an Instagram account by tapping on the three dots and going to the ‘About this account’ option.


In conclusion, there are various ways in which you can go about looking for who owns an Instagram account. As we have mentioned earlier, there is no official way to look for an account owner without taking any legal action. However, if necessary, you can put your eagle eyes to use and look around the profile to find various clues. If not, there are third-party IP tracking applications that you can consult to find the IP address of an Instagram account. Overall, this is a complicated task, so it is best to ask the owner itself too. In case the account is not fake, users may disclose their information.

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