How To Find Find Instagram Users By Email [4 Methods]

Find Instagram User By Email

Social media provides users with easy and convenient ways to connect with others. To offer this easy way to connect, Instagram is a platform that allows its users to search for other users through various methods. You can find Instagram user using their email address.

The built-in Instagram application does not directly allow users to search for Instagram users’ by email. However, users can use third-party search engines to look up Instagram accounts users by email. Here, multiple direct methods can also be approached to find an Instagram user.

Why Find Instagram Users By Email Address

In a lot of cases, individuals may have only the email address of their friend or colleague. Circumstances, when looking for the social media of these users can be a problem. Consequently, social media connectivity has become more accessible by the day, and users have multiple ways to look for social media, specifically to find Instagram users by email addresses.

Different Methods To Find Instagram Users

Instagram allows various methods that can help you search for an Instagram user. Furthermore, these methods include direct methods present on the Instagram application itself and third-party search engines that can be used.

Among the direct methods from the search bar on the Instagram application are: hashtags, usernames, location, phone number, and Facebook page.

On the other hand, the indirect method includes third-party search engines using the email address and Facebook pages.

Finding Instagram Users By Email

Different methods can be applied if you have a user’s email address and want to look for an Instagram user.

Add The User On Facebook To Connect Instagram And Find User

The easiest method that can be first applied to find an Instagram user by email address is using Facebook. Again, Facebook provides users with the option to look for users using email addresses.

On the Fakebook’s search option, type in the email address to get the user’s name. Then, once you have the user’s name, you can follow the steps below to look for Instagram.

With the user’s display name, you can follow these steps to search the user on Instagram.

Step 1: Launch Your Instagram Application

Tap on the Instagram application on your device to launch it, and it will immediately direct you to the home page. Next, open your profile by clicking on the circular profile icon on the bottom right corner of the menu bar on the home page.

Step 2: Go To The Search Bar

Go to the search bar on your Instagram present on the top of the page. Moreover, once you click on the search bar, you can type in the user’s display name you have looked up using their email address.

Step 3: Search For The Instagram User

Once you have typed in the display name, the user’s username and profile will appear on the drop-down section of the search bar. Next, tap on the profile to look at the user’s profile.

Use Third-Party Services To Search For Instagram Users By Email

Since Instagram has disabled the option to directly search for an Instagram user through their email address, you have the option to use third-party services to enable this task.

Similarly, different services are available on the internet, allowing users to look for social media accounts using email addresses. Furthermore, some of these services and their workings are listed below.

Find Instagram Users By Email: Using Lullar

Lullar is a site that provides users with the social media accounts of people. For example, to look for specific Instagram users using email, you visit the site and choose the “People search by email or name” option.

Typing in the person’s email address will direct you to the individual’s social media accounts. Since Lullar does not have its database, it acts as a search engine to search social media using email addresses. The users who have an activated email address connected to their social media account will appear on the list.

Find Instagram Users By Email: Using Pipl

Pipl is a paid service that is extremely helpful for professional individuals to look for users’ social media accounts when you have their email addresses. Although Pipl is not a free service, their basic plan starts from $99/month, providing 200 search results per user. Along with the social media accounts, Pipl also provides users with getting individuals’ phone numbers and email addresses.

Find Instagram Users By Email: Using Spokeo

You can find Instagram users by email addresses using the Spokeo service. The tool is not free and requires a fee but provides exceptional results. The “reverse email lookup” option on the site is available for users. The paid plan comes at discounted prices for users looking to make monthly deals in looking into the Instagram of other users.

How To Activate Search Features On Instagram

To activate searchability on Instagram, users have different options they can opt to activate. For example, on the profile settings, users have the opportunity to enable the “Show on users you may know” option. Your profile is shown on your contacts or mutual friend’s feeds.

If your email account is connected to your social media, users can look for your Instagram using the email account through the methods mentioned above.

On a public profile, the user can place their email address on the profile page itself. Then, users can send emails and look for the account with the help of the email address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked queries by users are below.

Can Someone Find My Instagram By Email

As mentioned above, users can look for other individuals’ Instagram accounts using email addresses through different means. However, Instagram needs to be linked to a specific email address for the user’s account to be searchable.

How To View Someone’s Email On Instagram

While viewing Instagram, users can also find the email address of the user. In public profiles, the email address is usually on the profile page itself. Users can send the profile an email through this option. The user’s email is not visible if not shared publicly.

How To Find Someone On Instagram Without An Account

If you do not have the user’s specific account, then add “Instagram” on the search bar of your search engine with the name of the individual. The search engine will show the Instagram account of the user in most cases on the display feed.


To conclude, Instagram does not allow users to search for users using email addresses anymore directly. Users have phone contacts, Facebook pages, hashtags, display names, and usernames to search for Instagram profiles. However, users can use other methods, including Facebook and third-party services, to look for Instagram profiles using email addresses.

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