How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account?

How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account?

Instagram has provided two different account modes for users they are private and public accounts. Among them, a private Instagram account has more security and privacy. However, you may want to extract a phone number from Instagram to learn more about the person behind a private account. To learn how to extract phone numbers from an Instagram private account, continue reading the article below.

To extract a phone number from a private Instagram account, use third-party Instagram scanner apps, send a follow request hoping they accept, ask in a direct message if your message is seen, search their name on other social platforms linked to a phone number, or find common friends on Instagram who may have the contact. Unfortunately, Instagram does not directly expose private user phone numbers.

When you find someone attractive on Instagram, it is usual to be eager and want to learn about them. You may want to know who they are, where they live, and a phone number to contact. So, you click on their profile and find the account is private. In the case of a public Instagram account, you can learn about them and satisfy your curiosity. But, a private Instagram account has limitations and restrictions.

Can You Extract The Phone Number From An Instagram Private Account?

Instagram provides plenty of features and allows you to enjoy the app fully. But this Instagram app has circumstances, too. For example, you can extract phone numbers from Instagram’s private accounts, but the process is difficult. Therefore, I can not give a 100% guarantee that you will find the phone number of a private Instagram user.

The options are also limited. There are just the exceptional ways that users have suggested from their experiences. If you are lucky enough, you will get the phone number of the desired Instagram private account user within a single try. The thing is, you have to try a lot, but the result is worth it.

Due to the rapid technological growth in this era, the science and technology field has made everything possible. Not only the phone number, but you can also extract and find the email address, location, posts, etc., of the Instagram private account. The one who uses Instagram to sell products, promote the market, and advertise the brands can earn a profit after knowing the ways.

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How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account?

As the methods to extract or find the phone number from the Instagram private account are limited, here are some ways you can use to extract the phone number. The methods are as follows:

Method 1: Using Third-Party Tools

When you face any technical problems, third-party tools would be the best way to eliminate them. Many websites and apps help you find the phone number from your Instagram private account. But you should be strong enough to distinguish between fake and real apps. So, here are some of the third-party tools you can use for this purpose:

A) I staunch

I staunch is a third-party tool for finding private and hidden social media apps. You can easily download this from your Google Play Store or App Store. First, you should search for the respective person with a private Instagram account. Then, open the third-party app. Inside the app, you can see a search bar.

So, you have to enter the Instagram username of the private account and confirm to submit it. Then, after a few seconds, the app will display information about the private account user. Also, it includes the email and phone number of that person.

C) Spokeo

Spokeo is famous as a mostly used third-party tool while searching for somebody’s personal information. It can collect the database from over 100 social media platforms and show you your desired result. You can receive major and important information about the targeted person.

Once you enter the Spokeo app, directly head onto the username search bar. Over there, you have to enter the username of the Instagram private account. Then, tap on the search button. It will take a few minutes to present you with the result. Now, you can see plenty of social media accounts of that user. Next, you can tap and check the personal information details.

C) BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a third-party tool that can help you find detailed information about anything. Like if you want to know about a person, product, brand, company, property, or vehicle, this app is best for it. But you will need the exact username of the user. Otherwise, you may get misled and get information from another person.

You can not see anything more than their username and profile picture in a private Instagram account. So, because of this, you will need to enter that person’s username in the search bar. After a while, this app will provide you with as much information as it can find. Then, you can easily tap and view the phone number and contact the user.

Not only these, but there are other third-party tools that you can find easily on your Google websites. You can keep on switching the tools until you get your desired result. But, I suggest you choose the third-party tools only if you have important work with that person, as it is illegal or a crime to violate someone’s privacy.

Method 2: Sending A Follow Request

The Instagram private account does not display any information about the user. If you visit their profile page, you can only see their username, profile picture, and an up as “This Account Is Private.” So, Instagram will only show you their posts, updates, and information if you follow them.

Follow the person if you want to learn more and get in contact. But more than just sending a follow request is required. You have to wait until the person accepts your follow request as the private account is different from the public account. In the case of a private account, the user can either accept or delete the following request.

Once the person accepts your request, you can get access to their profile and other information, updates, etc., as of a public account. Also, do not forget to go through all the posts and check every information detail.

Method 3: Ask In DM

If you can not find the personal details just by stalking their profile, move to this process. When the Instagram private account user accepts your follow request, you will get access to DM them on Messenger. This method is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get the phone number. But, it also depends on the nature and behavior of the user.

So, you can start a conversation with normal messages at first. Please do not ask for their phone number directly. Otherwise, they will doubt you, and you will get blocked directly. Instead, you can ask them to be your friend. Also, tell something good about them, and ask about their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes, etc., to build a good relationship with them.

Only after a few days or hours of conversation can you ask for their number. You will surely find this method effective if you have good communication skills. There is nothing to be embarrassed about messaging someone. Just focus on what you may receive after you talk with that person. This method may not work in your case, but what goes on for giving it a try?

Method 4: Making Common Friends

Before you follow the Instagram private account user, you can see the name of your common followers with that user. You will see the username of your Instagram followers who have followed that person. So, you message those followers and ask if they know the personal details about the person.

If you do not see any, you must follow the user and know who is on the follower list. First, go through the profile page and check out their posts. Then, you can see whom they have tagged in the posts. Also, look at the comments and find out about that person’s close friends.

Now, you should send the following request to the close friends of that user. Then, you can talk with them and slowly ask about the Instagram private account user. Friends may know even more details as they share information. So, you should try it and check if close friends can help you extract the phone number.

Method 5: Searching Profiles On Other Platforms

There are plenty of social media platforms, and it is not sure that the private Instagram user has only an Instagram account. Instagram provides public and private modes of account, but other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc., may not have account privacy. So, search for the accounts on other social media with the same username as Instagram.

It is somehow sure that the users will post the same thing on every social media account they have. So you can visit the profiles and know about the real account easily. Go through many platforms so that you will be able to find their photos and videos and extract the information.

These are the methods or tricks to extract the phone number from an Instagram private account. You can try each method in detail and wait for the result. Furthermore, you may also want to know who stalks your Instagram profile (7+ methods)

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What Is The Easiest Way To Get Someone’s Phone Number?

No exact method seems effective or easy to get someone’s phone number. But I suggest you send the following request and ask for the phone number directly. This method is quick, easy, and effective in getting the phone number. Also, ask close or mutual friends if they know that person’s phone number.

Rather than going through those third-party apps and searching for similar profiles on other social media platforms, directly asking for the number on Instagram DM is the perfect one. If you are good at guessing names and numbers, you can try and check if it works. Lastly, do not go for the high-level or tough methods, leaving the simplest methods behind.

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Is It Illegal To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account?

It is not illegal to extract phone numbers from Instagram’s private accounts. But the way you choose to extract phone numbers might be illegal. The methods are different; some are simple and wise, and some are not. When you want to fulfill your wants, you may end up crossing the actual limit. It is the main reason to conduct crime and illegal acts.

Sometimes, the person even provides you with their number when you ask nicely with an appropriate reason. But, when you think of hacking or stealing their Instagram account directly by harming their privacy, the act is illegal. If the user knows about such illegal activities in their account, they can make a case. Therefore, creating fake Instagram accounts and harassing users for their phone numbers is illegal.

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Can Someone Change Their Phone Number On Instagram Private Account?

No matter if you have a public Instagram account or a private one, you can easily change your phone number. It is not sure that you will use the same phone number every time. You may change the SIM card or lose it somewhere. So, Instagram enables you to change your old phone number to a new one.

If you are getting too many irritating calls from unknown users, directly change the phone number from your Instagram. It is very easy to change the phone number on Instagram. First, head to your Instagram settings and enter your information section. You will see an option as a phone number just below your email address.

Delete the previous number you used to sign in to your Instagram account. Then, set the new number and save it on Instagram. Now, you will receive a verification code on your new number. So, check it out and complete the Instagram security processes for your private account. Isn’t it easy to change the phone number from an Instagram private account?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will discuss some of the most asked questions about Instagram and its account type. Then, you can get a quick revision of your information. So, they are as follows:

Is Phone Number On Instagram Private?

Yes, Instagram does not flash your personal information to anyone visiting your profile page. Your phone number, email address, etc., are just within you and your account. Instagram takes the help of a phone number and email address to inform the problems in your account. Nobody knows your phone number and email address when they visit your profile. Until you flash out the information, Instagram keeps it private.

Can I Video Call A Private Account On Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can not make a call to a private account on Instagram. The private account is fully private. You can not see their posts, updates, messages, calls, etc. If you want to talk to them, you should follow them. Only following them does not work at all. You have to wait until they accept your follow-up request. Instagram protects the accounts of private Instagram users with tight security. So, you can not disturb them and call unconditionally.

How Can I See Private Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing?

It is possible to view the Instagram story privately without letting the user know with the help of airplane mode. When you open your Instagram account, turn on airplane mode on your mobile phone. Then, tap to view the story. You can view as much as you want. No matter how much the user hides their Instagram post or story from someone, you can view it. The act is fully anonymous and the best way to view the story.

Is It Possible To Find Someone On Social Media With Their Phone Number?

You can find someone on social media if you can access their phone number. There is a third-party app called Spokeo. This app is designed with a theme to help people find someone through a phone number. Once you enter the Spokeo app, paste the phone number in the search bar. Within a few minutes, it will show you all the social media profiles the user has created using the same phone number. You can even find someone’s Instagram account from TikTok.


Instagram is a platform that protects you and your account through different privacy features. More than being an app with fun features, people use it to explore and find new friends. But, the private mode on Instagram may interfere with you. Therefore, finding, knowing, and creating friendships with someone with a private Instagram account is difficult. But you can use the methods I have guided you in this article.

I hope you have completed reading and gained enough knowledge to clear your confusion. Was this article helpful for you with your questions? Let us know via the comment section below.

As far as I know, you now know how to extract phone numbers from Instagram private accounts. Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and family who are having the same confusion.

You have reached the end, so I would like to end this topic here. Meet you soon with a new and updated topic on this website. Until then, stay tuned.

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