How To Download The Tiktok App [Android And iOS]

Tiktok has taken the social media world by storm. With a billion users today, Tiktok has become one of the most popular applications on the internet. Every person is on Tiktok and if you want to be part of this wave, then downloading and installing the Tiktok app and getting started is easy. If you are curious on where and how to go forth with this, we have put together a guide on how to download the Tiktok app on whichever device you are using.

You need to go to the app store or play store on your device to download the Tiktok app. If you are in a region where doing this directly is not possible then there is the option of downloading the Apk version of the Tiktok app. A lot of features may not work the same as the normal version but it is pretty much the same thing. Either way, we explain the ways in which you can get this done and the best possible way to start your journey in Tiktok. Read further for your full guide.

Can You Download And Install Tiktok For Free

Yes, you can download and install the Tiktok app for free through the respective app store or play store on your device. The Tiktok app is provided free with all the features on it. However, you need to make a profile on the app to access all the features on there.

What Is Tiktok And How Does It Work

Tiktok is a mobile app, which was created by Chinese company ByteDance Co. Ltd., that has become an international hit with the kind of features they provide. Tiktok is for creating short form videos that can be added to either your public or private account for other users on the app to view.

The app allows people to create videos of three minutes that can be – short music videos, combining them with an array of video editing tools and either uploading them directly or sharing them to other users. Tiktok appeals mostly to children and teenagers because it provides musical content that they can relate to such as rap or pop songs. The platform also encourages creativity by making it easy for users to edit their music videos into unique clips, adding different styles of filters and special effects.

Download Tiktok App In Android For Free

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So, now that you know the basic information on what the Tiktok app is, you must be here to learn how to actually download and install the Tiktok app on your phone. Learn how to get this done in an Android phone by following the steps below.

Step 1: Go To Google Play Store

Go to the Google Play Store in your device by tapping on the app on your phone. You will then be directed to the main home screen of the play store.

Step 2: Tap On Search Bar

Next, tap on the Search Bar on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Type In Tiktok

In the search bar, type in Tiktok and press search or enter on your phone to run the search for the app.

Step 4: Tap On Tiktok

From the options that come up tap on the Tiktok App from the list which is produced by Tiktok Inc. Do not add other apps from on there as they are not the official Tiktok app.

Step 5: Install Tiktok App

Then, once you tap on the Tiktok app, you can tap on the Install option on the right side of the screen. If the app is already installed on your device, then you will only see an Update option in place of install.

How To Download Tiktok App In iOS Device For Free

The above steps are to download the Tiktok app on your device from an Android phone. Learn how to get the same thing done on an iOS device by following the given steps.

Step 1: Go To App Store

First, go to the App Store on your device by tapping on it. The app store will open to the home screen.

Step 2: Tap On Search Bar

From the screen that opens up, tap on the Search Bar on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Look For Tiktok

In your search bar, type in Tiktok and tap on either enter or search on your phone.

Step 4: Install Tiktok In Your Device

From the options that come up, choose the official Tiktok app which is produced by the Tiktok Inc. company. From there, you can Install the app by tapping on the install option from the right side of the screen. If you see an Update option instead of install then that means the app is already downloaded on your device.

Download Tiktok After Ban

A lot of countries including India have banned users from using Tiktok due to data security concerns. Moreover, a lot more countries have their bans being investigated and are in the process where the Tiktok app can get banned. So, how does one use and download the Tiktok app after the ban? The answer is simple. You can use the Apk version of the Tik Tok app.

The apk version of Tiktok is not the official version so features may not work just as the official one. Similarly, if the Tiktok app is updated then you will need to download the latest apk version again to access those new features. Overall, the apk version can be useful if you have no other option.

The apk version of Tiktok is safe but only if you download it from a reputable site. Downloading the apk version of apps from random websites could cause harm to your device.

Note: You cannot download apk versions on an iOS device so this process is applicable to Android users only.

Step 1: Go To Your Browser

First, go to the browser on your device. You will need to search for the apk version of Tiktok before adding it to your device.

Step 2: Search For “Tiktok Apk”

There, search for the Tiktok Apk version on your search bar and search for the results. From the list of results that come up, select the Apk version from a credible source.

Some credible sites to download Apk files from are : ApkPure , AndroidApkBox.

Step 3 : Install Apk Version Of Tiktok

Once you type on the link, then download the Apk version of Tiktok. Once the file is installed, then you can follow the instructions on the screen to fully install the app on your device.

So, once you install the app then how do you start using it? For this, you need to make a Tiktok profile. Follow the next steps that are laid out in the section below.

How To Make A Tiktok Account

Once you have the Tiktok app downloaded and installed in your device, you can scroll through the content on the app without an account. However, if you want to like, comment or interact with the content in any way then you will need an account. So, follow the instructions below to create an account in Tiktok.

Step 1: Go To Tiktok App

First, go to the Tiktok app on your device by tapping on it. The app will open up to the basic version where you can scroll through it to view content.

Step 2: Go To Me Icon

From there, go to the Me icon on the bottom right corner to create a profile for your account.

Step 3: Choose Sign Up Method

You will then need to choose a signup method. You can either signup with connecting to an existing account at Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter or Apple ID. If you do not have this option or do not want to connect your Tiktok to these social media accounts then you can choose the option to sign up with your phone number or your email address. If you choose either of these options, follow the steps below.

Step 4 : For Email And Phone Set Birthdate

Once you choose either email or phone number, Tiktok will ask you to set up your birthdate. Be mindful that you cannot change your Tiktok age once it is set without requesting Tiktok so, make sure you put in the right birthdate.

Step 5: Send A Verification Code

If you choose a phone number as your sign up method, you will need to add your phone number. Then, ask to send a verification code to your phone number.

Step 6: Type In Verification Code

Once the code is sent, type in the verification code.

Step 7: Send Verification Email

However, if you chose email as your sign up method then you will need to type in your email address. Then, you can request verification through email.

Step 8: Verify Account

You can then set up your login credentials through your email address.

Step 9: Set Up Password

Finally, set up a username and password for your Tiktok account once the above mentioned process from either phone number or email address is done.

Step 10: Log In To Tiktok

You can then sign up to your Tiktok app. Then, log back in with the credentials you set up for your Tiktok account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to download the Tiktok app are below.

Why Is Tiktok Not Installing

Tiktok faced a temporary ban in a lot of regions. Among this, Tiktok was banned permanently in India and is in the process of a ban in a lot of other countries. So, this can be the reason why you cannot install the Tiktok app on your device. You can either choose to install the Apk version of the app instead.

Is It Safe To Download Apk Version Of Files

Downloading and installing Apk files in your device can be harmful if you do it from sites that are not credible. Moreover, some sites will advise you to disable the safety on your phone to install the apk version of Tiktok. Do not do such activities as that can be harmful for your device.


In conclusion, this is the simple way in which you can download and install the Tiktok app on your device. Since the app is free in regions where it is not banned, you can enjoy the features of the Tiktok app without any issue.

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