How To Fix Kik Sign-Up Error 2023 [Proper Guidelines]

How To Fix Kik Sign-Up Error 2023 [Proper Guidelines]

Let’s talk about Kik, a super popular messaging app. If you’re 13 or older, you can sign up easily. But hold on – some folks had trouble signing up on Kik. So, how can we fix this sign-up error on Kik? Check this out:

Some users face registration errors when they try to sign up on Kik. So, if you are facing the kik sign-up error, we have provided some helpful solutions to fix them in this article. The solutions include checking your internet connection, using a valid email address, checking the username, providing a valid date of birth, completing the captcha process, using the latest version of Kik, and checking the ban status.

Now, let us see what causes the Kik registration error and what can be the possible solution for it so that you can easily sign-up for Kik and make the best use of it.

What Causes Kik Sign-Up Errors?

There can be various reasons behind Kik sign-up errors. It could be a connection issue, using an outdated version of Kik, someone else already using your email or desired username, age restrictions, or even getting banned.

Your Email Is Already In Use

If you see this error, it likely means someone has already used your email to register an account or you have an existing account with that email. In either case, you can remove the email from the other account. More details can be found at the link above!

The Username You Want Is Taken

Try registering with a different username. You can append variations like numbers, ‘.’, or ‘_’ to help find an available option!

You’re Facing A Connection Issue

If you’re struggling to complete registration, a weak internet connection could be the culprit. Ensure you’re on a strong Wi-Fi or cellular network. Additional troubleshooting tips are available at the link above!

You Have An Old Version Of Kik

Make sure the Kik app is fully updated. If using an older device, consider trying to register on a friend’s newer device.

You Don’t Meet The Age Requirement

Kik has age restrictions, explained further at the link here.

You’re Stuck On The Captcha

If the Captcha is giving you trouble during sign-up, check out some tips on solving it below.

You’ve Been Previously Banned

Those banned from Kik may be unable to create new accounts. See our Community Standards for more details.

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How To Fix Kik Sign-Up Error?

Most of the time, people easily sign up for a new account on Kik. People usually do not face any trouble during sign-up. That is because the registration process is straightforward and can be done within 5 minutes.

But if it doesn’t work for you, it may be because of some technical issues. You can wait for a couple of minutes and try once again. If you face the same problem again, the issues mentioned below might be the reasons behind the login error.

So take a closer look and fix the Kik sign-up or registration error.

1. Check The Internet Connection

You first need to check your mobile Wi-Fi connection when creating a new account on Kik. Your internet connection might not be stable or could be poor, causing the Kik sign-up error. If that is the case, switch to your mobile data or another WiFi network. If not, you can sign up later on when your internet connection is good.

You can also check your home internet speed by visiting Just click on this link and examine your connection.

2. Use A Valid Email Address

Providing a valid email address is essential when registering on any social media site or app. If you use an unregistered email address, account creation is impossible.

The same procedure applies when creating a Kik account. Ensure you input a valid email address that is currently in use. Additionally, it’s important to note that only one account can be created per email address. If a specific email has already been utilized for another Kik account, it cannot be reused for a new one.

3. Choose A Valid Username

Similar to the email address, a valid and available username is required for Kik registration. When signing up on Kik, ensure your username is distinctive. Modifications are necessary if you enter a username that Kik indicates as already taken or unavailable. Consider incorporating symbols such as ! @, #, _, or numbers into your username.

4. Try Signing Up From A Different Device Or Browser

When attempting to create a new Kik account and running into registration errors, one troubleshooting step is installing Kik on a different mobile device or using a different desktop web browser. For example, if repeatedly getting an error when trying to sign-up on your iPhone, install the Kik app on an Android tablet or phone and attempt to create your account there.

Or if the Chrome browser is not allowing you to register, install alternate browsers like Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge, and try signing up using one of those instead. The rationale is that sometimes the problem may be isolated to a bug or configuration issue with that specific app or browser, so moving to a completely different environment can help circumvent the issue. Using another device or browser gives you a clean slate for attempting Kik registration.

5. Verify your Age

Additionally, make sure to verify your age when entering your birthday during Kik signup. Kik requires users to be at least 13 years old in order to create an account. If you accidentally or intentionally enter an incorrect birthdate that shows you are under 13, it will trigger registration errors. This is because Kik’s system automatically validates your age based on the birthdate you provide during account creation. To avoid problems, make sure to use your real birthday so that your age is shown accurately as 13 or older. Entering the proper birthdate that meets the minimum age requirements will allow you to bypass age verification issues.

6. Complete The Captcha Process

After you provide the essential sign-up details such as username, email address, DOB, and password, the final step you take to complete the signup process successfully is to complete the captcha test.

Kik provides a captcha that you have to solve in order to complete the registration process. But you will see the error if you skip the captcha section or take way too long to solve it. That is because every time you sign up for a new account, it has a time limit for completing the captcha test. If you do complete it within a time frame, you get an error message.

7. Use The Latest Version Of Kik

Using an outdated version of the Kik app can potentially lead to sign-up errors. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your application is current and up to date. Conversely, employing the most recent iteration of Kik on an older device might also result in complications. Compatibility problems may arise between older and newer versions of both the Kik app and your device.

8. Check Whether You Are Banned From Kik Or Not

If you are banned from Kik Messenger for violating their terms and conditions, you might not be able to sign up for a new account using your previous email address. In this situation, use completely different registration credentials and try again.

I hope the following answers can help you fix the Kik registration error.

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Why Is Kik Not Working?

Once a prominent messaging platform, Kik’s trajectory has been marred by a waning user base owing to apprehensions surrounding privacy and persistent glitches within the application, resulting in operational disruptions.

The challenges encountered by users vary substantially. Certain individuals grapple with complications linked to accounts registered on the platform, whereas others contend with predicaments rooted in Kik’s server infrastructure.

Here are the most common issues reported by Kik users:

  1. Kik Login Failed.
  2. Unable to register a new account.
  3. Failed message deliveries.
  4. Inability to open sent videos and photos.
  5. App crashes without any reason.
  6. Delays in message delivery.
  7. Messages are not sending.
  8. Freezing while searching for friends or profiles.
  9. Notifications were not working properly.
  10. Difficulties in changing profile and background pictures.
  11. Getting stuck while responding to incoming messages.
  12. Limited access to certain devices.

These issues have contributed to the decline in Kik’s popularity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions are given below about the “To Fix Kik Sign-up Error” are given below:

Can You Have Two Kik Accounts?

Kik is an instant messaging app like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber. It allows you to converse with your friends no matter how far they live. Just complete a simple registration process and get connected. But does it let users have multiple Kik accounts?

Well, the answer to that question is yes. You can create two or more accounts on Kik without such restrictions. But you must use different emails for each account, as Kik doesn’t allow you to use the same email address to create multiple accounts. One email address is only eligible for one account.

So, to have two Kik accounts, you must use two different email addresses during the registration process. You can switch between two of your accounts simultaneously. However, you need to log out from one of your accounts and log in to another.

Does Kik Delete Old Accounts?

Anybody above the age of 13 can register an account on Kik. Due to this, many people open an account on Kik and use it only for a short period. This leads to many inactive old accounts.

One report states that many inactive accounts on Kik Messenger haven’t been used for a long time. Kik states that they don’t have any policy for inactive accounts and won’t remove or delete them. So, you can still access your old account if you have a username and password.

However, Kik deletes accounts, whether new or old, if they have violated their Community Standards. They can even terminate your account if you do not follow their Terms and Conditions. So always follow the guidelines of Kik after creating an account.

Can You Use Kik Without A Phone Number?

One of the reasons why Kik became so popular among teenagers is that it does not require a phone number while signing up. Kik allows people to use the app without registering a phone number. You can use your email address and username to access the account. Because of this, anyone can talk to any person anonymously. This is a good thing, but it also has a negative side, as you cannot determine if the other user is real or fake.

According to BBC News, the Kik app involves sexual child abuse. Police have investigated more than 1,100 cases in the past five years. But Kik said that they are working on improving their safety measures.

What Do S, D, R, Ellipsis(…) And Exclamation(!) Mean In Kik Messenger Chat?

In Kik Messenger Chat, “S” means Sent/Sending, “D” means Delivered, and “R” means Read. Ellipsis (…) indicates typing, and the exclamation mark (!) denotes a sending error. “ASL” refers to Age, Sex, and Location. These symbols help track message status and convey information in chats.

Why Is Kik Stuck On Connecting?

Kik can sometimes crash or lag due to in-app or external problems.

If Kik is stuck on connecting, you can restart your device, check your internet connection, log out, and log back into the Kik app.


Try out all the above-listed methods and fix the Kik sign-up error. One of those methods might work perfectly. If you still face the errors, it could be because of technical issues with Kik. Then you will not have any other option except to wait and try out later on or ask for help with Kik’s user support.

Apart from that, do not break the standard guidelines and follow the terms and conditions of Kik. This will prevent your account from getting deleted or permanently banned.

Was this article helpful? If you have any queries, then leave comments down below. We will help to solve your issues as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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