How To Use Emojis in Instagram

How to use emojis in Instagram

Emojis are also known as ‘Emoticons’ ; they are widely used these days. They are the way of expressing your words. Instead of typing long words, you can simply send an emoji. It is easy to use emojis on Instagram and it saves your time as well. Emojis were invented in the 90s but they became popular in 2010. Most emojis are used in mobile … Read more

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1 HOUR of YouTube Tips for YouTuber Beginners

How to Download Profile Pictures From Instagram

How to download profile pictures from Instagram

Every Instagram account has a profile picture as it is compulsory while signing up for an account. Either you have to click a new picture or upload your old picture while setting up a new account. This is because people should recognize you on Instagram through your profile picture. So, here is a guide on how to download profile pictures from Instagram. Instagram allows you … Read more

How To Turn on Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram

How to turn on two-factor authentication on Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media application that allows its user to upload as many photos and videos as they want to share. As people share their personal memories in the form of posts, stories, and more, personal security is the main factor here. So, two-factor authentication is very important for social media applications like Instagram. Now we look into how to … Read more

How To Download Photos From Instagram

How to download photos from Instagram

Millions of photos are uploaded on Instagram every day, and you might be one of them to upload. The photos uploaded on Instagram can be taken from its in-app camera. But sometimes, you forget to save a copy or accidentally delete the original one. Or you find some interesting photos while exploring Instagram that you might want to download, so here is how to download … Read more

Why An Instagram Video Is Not Playing

Why An Instagram Video Is Not Playing

Instagram is now a top video-sharing social platform. People are very fond of sharing photos and videos on Instagram. Instagram is a must these days where people go to update things via Instagram posts, stories, and videos. But sometimes, Instagram videos do not play due to various issues. So, it is better to know why an Instagram video is not playing on your device. There … Read more

How To Make A Fake Instagram Account?

how to make fake instagram account

Instagram lets you speak through your posts as you can post as many pictures and videos as you want. So, you can build a story through your Instagram post or Instagram story. But you cannot visualize your Instagram profile and posts look like from other’s perspectives. For that, you might want to create another fake Instagram account. Well, it is pretty easy to create a … Read more

How To Reset Instagram Password Without Email?

how to reset instagram password without email

People use the Instagram app on their devices, log in for a long time. But when you change or reset the device, you will need a password to log in again. At that time, if you forget your password and you do not have access to your email, then you cannot log in. So, you have to reset your Instagram password without the email. Also, … Read more

How To Fix Instagram Users Not Found

How to fix Instagram user not found

Instagram is a social platform where you can find 500 million daily active users. On Instagram, you can post pictures or videos, send messages, share stories, and IGTV videos, and search for new people. But sometimes you see ‘User not found’ whom you already know that they are on Instagram. So, here is a guide on how to fix Instagram users not found and what … Read more

How To Add Someone To Instagram Close Friends List?

How to add someone to Instagram close friends list

Instagram is a fun social media platform that is becoming more famous by the day. In order to ensure its users have the best experience, Instagram adds fun and interesting features to most of its updates. Users on Instagram can share their content with their friends through posts, stories, and lives. Moreover, they rolled out a feature called close friends from which you can create … Read more