Can Instagram Be Tracked?

Can instagram be tracked

Can Instagram be tracked? Are you detecting some suspicious activity on your Instagram account? Or thinking of tracking someone’s Instagram account? Want to know if Instagram can be tracked or not? Continue reading this article till the very end. We make sure you will find the answer to your question at one point in this article. We would be even happier to serve you with the best answers and satisfy you.

Yes, Instagram can be tracked. Almost every action you perform or do within Instagram is tracked. The time you spend on Instagram, the profile you have visited recently, your scrolling throughout the news feed, etc are tracked by Instagram. Instagram knows everything you are doing right now using the app. Even other hackers too can track your account and get control over your Instagram account.

Instagram shows your different ads, news feeds, and others by using your personal information which is tracked by Instagram. As Facebook and Instagram are linked with each other, your activities through both are tracked and you get the information through it. Instagram also notifies you when they detect any suspicious log-in to your account on an unknown device. Your information within the app is tracked not from a mobile phone.

What Is Meant By Instagram Tracking?

Tracking means getting control over all of your actions in the account. Instagram itself tracks all of your information and data you have seen. The profile you are watching, the videos you recently played, and your newsfeed, everything is tracked by this Instagram.

Besides Instagram itself, other people may even track your account. This kind of tracking is much more dangerous as other people will get to disclose every information from your Instagram account. You can even stop Instagram from tracking all of your information. Instagram users will feel unsafe when they know their accounts can be tracked.

People may track your Instagram using different third-party apps. They sometimes do it for fun whereas some people do it intentionally. They are the hackers who can track your information. People get to know your personal information and messages which may lead you to loss. Your very action within this app can be controlled by them too.

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Why Do People Track Instagram Accounts?

Every action people conduct has some intentions. Tracking location means stealing the account from others. This kind of action is illegal. If someone knows about you and makes a complaint or case then, you may go to jail. People won’t bear such risk without any profit to them.

The main target is those Instagram accounts that are verified or someone who has huge followers. Hackers can easily track their Instagram accounts through third-party apps. People with verified accounts create strong passwords and even securities to percent such activities.

Bad intentions people are most dangerous. They may track your account to disclose your personal information and insult you in front on social media. Cybercriminals are the ones who do this kind of action. Their actions just ruin others and put them at a loss.

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How Does Someone Track Your Instagram?

Nowadays people are too clever and they try to fool innocent people and try to track them. There are plenty of ways that people can use to track your Instagram account.

Some of the ways are listed below which people may use to track your Instagram account. Please read wisely and be careful in every step. The ways that people might use to track your Instagram account are as follows:

Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps are designed to hack something related to social media. This is one of the tricks people are using nowadays, to track Instagram accounts and other social media accounts. Kio Ware, Google Authenticator, etc are some of the third-party apps which are popular for tracking someone’s account.

This kind of third-party app displays your detailed information which makes the tracking process easy. Your location, IP address, contact number, email, password, etc are flashed out by the app. You may notice some unusual activities on your account.

Sharing Links

You may notice varieties of links on social media. Some of them disclose information whereas some of them hack social media accounts. The link appears with your name with some shocking news about yourself.

When you click on the link, it asks you for your password and email. Once you enter your password and email your account gets tracked and there will be double control on your Instagram account.

These kinds of links are just to fool you. The link appears in such a way that worries you and you may enter your information which is just a trap for you.

Instagram Password

The password that you set while operating your Instagram account, is also the reason for the account getting tracked. Instagram itself suggests you make a strong password while creating your account. If you have a strong password then you should not even worry. Those with weak passwords are more susceptible to getting their account tracked.

If you are creating a password for any of the social media, make it strong enough. Nobody can ever guess it and track your information. Use plenty of signs and symbols and create a strong password that you can remember.

People with false intentions can easily guess your password and use your account. Once your account is tracked you have to deal with lots of problems. The one who tracked your account may disclose your messages publicly.

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Can Someone Track Your Location?

Of course, someone can track your location on Instagram and know all of your activities. If you have publicized your Instagram account then any of the profile viewers can know your location. There are just a few ways to track the location. But, those few ways can easily track your Instagram location.

The location you have set on your geotags, whenever you post on your Instagram is also a way of tracking your location. Everyone who visits your profile can know about it. In case your account is private, your followers can see your geotags and location from your post.

You have to lock your profile completely if you don’t want anyone to know about your location. But, you should not post anything. You can just view others’ posts, stories, and messages through the locked profile. Once you post you may reveal your location to the public or among your followers.

Ways To Prevent Instagram From Tracking

Instagram can be tracked too and everyone must be aware of it. This tracking of your account may lead you to danger and flash out your detailed information. Nobody will want others to use their account or share anything.

After knowing about all of these you may conclude to uninstall the app. But, besides totally removing the app from your device there are many ways you can choose.

You can stop Instagram from being tracked either by other persons or Instagram itself. You can limit the tracking process. The ways are as follows:

Remove Your Data

Do you remember? Instagram asks you to provide some of your personal information when you first joined the app? You should tap on the Instagram setting page and click on the security option. You can see all of the information you have provided to Instagram and kept saved over there.

When you click on the access data, you can see everything that Instagram has tracked and kept saved. Your search history, videos you have watched, etc can be seen over there. All of this information can be deleted when you click on the security menu option.

Delete all of the data you can see over here. Along with the delete option, it will remove your information. It will somehow lessen the Information tracked by Instagram.


You may provide information about your locations and the place you are recently living while operating the app. People may track your location and know your personal information. You may add your location whenever you post any photos or stories.

People may disclose where you are at and track you using your location. You can remove your location which you have provided to Instagram along with your basic information. Go on the settings and click on the Instagram app over there.

You can check if you have provided your location, contacts, and email to the app or not. If yes then delete or remove all of them. You can prevent your account from getting tracked easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instagram can be tracked and this is not an issue to ignore. People may track your information and this may lead you to a great loss. People want to know more about this tracking on Instagram. They have asked us a lot of questions through the comment section.

We are here to clear all of your doubts and make you satisfied with the answers. We have picked some of the questions from the comment section and have provided you with answers. The answers to the below questions are all from our research and findings. They are as follows:

Can Cybercrime Track Instagram?

Yes, cybercriminals can easily track your Instagram account. They do have contact with various third-party apps, which eases their process of tracking someone’s account. People with malicious intent use location services and other technologies, to track Instagram as well as other social media accounts. They note all of your posts and location on it which eases their work.

Can A Fake Instagram Account Be Tracked?

The answer to this question is: it depends. A fake account that is created with a great mindset is quite difficult to be tracked. Whereas some fake accounts have been tracked too. These types of accounts contain less information and are created just to annoy someone.

How To Deal With Tracked Instagram Account Harassment?

You have to raise your voice in case you have been facing harassment. You can even complain to your internet service provider or directly to Instagram. Before taking any action, you must prepare the evidence to prove the harassment at first. You can easily get rid of problems if you have proper evidence.

Is It Possible For Police To Track Who Owns An Instagram Account?

Yes, police can easily track and see who owns an Instagram account. People may create various fake accounts and may blackmail or harass people for money and other stuff. Police will find it quite difficult to find the account if the account is created with a fake name and false information. They even use advanced technologies to find the real criminal.

Can Deleted Instagram Accounts Be Tracked?

Unfortunately, no one can track the account that has been deleted. Deleting an account means removing it from Instagram. You won’t find it even when you search the account. You are not even able to touch that account. So, no one can track the deleted Instagram account.

How Is Instagram Message Tracked?

Instagram messages can be easily tracked. If someone sends you a link and you click on that, then your messages can be tracked. As the link will get access to your mobile phone. You can easily detect the suspicious activity of your messenger when someone tracks your Instagram account. You have to be careful while opening any of the links forwarded by unknown persons.


Instagram is a messaging, photo posting, and sharing app. It has covered a wide range in today’s world. It is popular among youngsters and teenagers. Instagram and Facebook are related to each other. Instagram being a worldwide popular app has some defects and problems which you may face in the upcoming future.

In this article, we talked about whether Instagram can be tracked or not. And we have concluded that Instagram can be tracked along with its prevention.

Hope you are satisfied with our article on Instagram Tracking. Did you get answers to all of the questions you have before entering this website? We are happy to serve you our information.

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