Backlight Bleeding: How Can It Be Tested And Fixed?

Backlight Bleeding: How Can It Be Tested And Fixed

Backlight bleeding is a common issue we see on LCD displays, whether it can be your TV, monitor, or even your mobile device. It depends on what activity or task you’re doing on your device and sometimes it could be very hard to tell if it’s a backlight bleed or not. It is most noticeable … Read more

How to Add Contacts to Yahoo Mail Account

How to Add Contacts to Yahoo Mail Account

There are various ways to add contacts to the Yahoo Mail account. In this article, you will be learning about all of those techniques in addition to how to add contacts to the yahoo mail account. Yahoo Contacts, also known as Yahoo address book is used to store details of people that you send emails … Read more

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication For Twitter | 2FA


In today’s world, security and privacy have become a major issue. The more easily it gets to communicate, the more it is vulnerable to a security breach. And the more you get popular the more risk of people trying to steal your data and information.  And if you are careless enough to let your data … Read more

How To Lower CPU Temperature While Playing Games | 17 Different Ways

How To Lower CPU Temperature | 17 Different Ways To Lower CPU Temperature

Your computer is made up of a lot of components that produce heat when the device is turned on. That’s where the cooling system on your computer comes into play. These cooling system, like a heatsink and fans, exhausts heat out of your system. Despite the fact that you have a cooling system on your … Read more

Customize Your Nametag on Instagram

Customize Your Nametag on Instagram

The nametag on Instagram is similar to a QR code scanner, Facebook Messenger code, and Snapchat Snapcode. Nametag helps you to add your friends quickly by scanning the nametag of your friend. You can see their account without typing their name in the search box and scrolling down to find their specific account. You can … Read more

What Is IPS Glow And How Can You Reduce It?

IPS Glow

IPS Glow is a phenomenon where the corners of the screen emit a glowing light that you can see in the dark with dark content in the background. It mostly happens with an IPS panel caused by excess light passing through the display panel. IPS glow is present in almost every IPS display that you … Read more

What Is A Dead Pixel On Your Screen?[How to Fix it]

What Is A Dead Pixel On Your Screen

A pixel is made up of RGB color elements, these are made up of eight-digit triplets which are written in binary numbers. A dead pixel is a picture element where all the three RGB pixels are permanently turned off that creates a black sport in the display. Although these dead pixels have reportedly disappeared in … Read more

How To Call People On Instagram | Video And Voice Call Instagram Users

How To Call People On Instagram

Instagram is a widely used and trending social media platform. And we all know that Instagram was initially started as a photo-sharing app. Later Instagram upgraded the features within the app to share photos and videos and upload stories. And now, Instagram has improved; we can find exciting and cool features within the Instagram app. … Read more