What Is A Dead Pixel On Your Screen?[How to Fix it]

What Is A Dead Pixel On Your Screen

A pixel is made up of RGB color elements, these are made up of eight-digit triplets which are written in binary numbers. A dead pixel is a picture element where all the three RGB pixels are permanently turned off that creates a black sport in the display. Although these dead pixels have reportedly disappeared in the case of some users, these aren’t easy to get through. There are some fixes to this issue by running numerous tests and applying the necessary steps so let’s hop onto it.

Dead Pixel is a serious issue and should be immediately consulted with the supplier as soon as you notice it for claiming your warranty. It mainly occurs in the manufacturing process. But can occur if there is any physical pressure or an impact given to the display. There are some solutions to this problem that you can try to fix dead pixel on screen other than replacement.

What Is A Dead Pixel and How Does It Occur?

A dead pixel is when the RGB (Red, green and blue) picture element of the screen is used to display a picture on the screen that is permanently shut down or malfunctioned. This causes it to turn into a black spot known as a dead pixel.

To spot a dead pixel on your screen just look for a black spot on your screen or lookout for a dead pixel test software. Dead pixels will always show up on the same spot no matter what because a particular spot is dead so it cannot change its position.

This phenomenon occurs when the transistor fails to supply power to the display causing it to stop illuminating light. This results in turning black on the display. It is mostly a manufacturing defect but can be caused due to physical damage later in the use.

Bumping the display or knocking the display may damage the connection of the pixel which may result in the occurrence of a dead pixel.

What Is A Stuck Pixel?

Stuck pixels are usually red, green, blue, or yellow in color. These pixels are fixed and don’t change their color. They always receive power and keeps illuminating which results in a colored pixel that shows up in the same spot on the picture. Stuck pixels are very common and unlike dead pixels, they can disappear over time.

To spot a stuck pixel open up your camera app and set on live view, after that look for a pixel that never moves and has the same color. If you spot this, it likely that you have a stuck pixel on your screen. You can also use software to detect if there are any stuck pixels on your monitor. There are software programs that let you change colors rapidly cycling through varieties of colors on the affected part of your monitor.

This program constantly forces the stuck pixel to change colors. This is also a method that you can apply in order to fix stuck pixels.

How To Fix Dead Pixels On Your Screen?

Here are a few things which you can do to fix dead pixel on your screen.

Restart Your Device

As simple it may seem, you also know very well that restarting your device when encountering some issue fixes the problem most of the time. It’s the same with this one as well, if it is only the case of a screen glitch restarting your device might solve the issue. If the problem doesn’t seem to be gone proceed to the next step.

Wait For The Dead Pixel To Disappear

Some dead pixels might just go away on their own. It might remain for the rest of its life or just go away in a week. So, if you’re willing to test it you can just wait for it to disappear on its own.

Apply Pressure

This method is very risky and should proceed with caution. Firstly, turn off your display and press the tip of the cloth against the dead pixel for around 5-10 seconds. One thing to keep in mind while doing is not to press the functioning pixels as it might damage the working pixels and create a new dead pixel. A gentle swipe may do the job. The idea behind this is to bring the pixel back to its proper alignment with the pressure applied.

Using Heat To Fix The Screen

This method is a hit or miss, as well as the heat, which might make the problem even worse. For this process, you’ll need to soak a piece of cloth in very hot water and let it be until it’s no longer dripping. After that, put the cloth in a plastic bag to prevent any chances of water touching the display. Finally, hold the bagged cloth against the dead pixel for 5-10 seconds and see if it works.

JscreenFix (Web App)

JscreenFix web application is a pixel fixing application and will work if the pixels are stuck and not dead. But it’s worth giving a try even if there’s only a slight chance of working. There are many applications like this that you can find on the web. Just open the application and let it run for half an hour on the affected area of your screen.

Screen Replacement

If none of the methods work, you might want to get a screen replacement as many of the manufacturers to have a warranty that covers dead pixels. Since dead pixels are likely to be a manufacturing defect, it can be replaced with a warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dead Pixels Spread?

Dead pixels don’t necessarily spread on its own. It’s only a fault in the display but it might spread if you try to fix it without proper knowledge.

Can You See Dead Pixels When The Screen Is Off?

The simple answer to this is no because it is permanently turned off. In this state, it is the same as other pixels when the screen is completely turned off.

How Common Are Dead Pixels?

It is very common to see dead pixels on a screen just after you buy them. To prevent dead pixels, buying from a renowned brand is recommended.

Is White Pixel Dead or Stuck?

White pixels are usually stuck pixels because dead pixels don’t turn on which means they’re permanent black. Any other color signifies that the pixel is a stuck pixel.


Dead pixels are common and are likely that most of the display has one. Stuck or dead pixels may be different but are equally frustrating for a user. Make sure you clean your display and run display test applications to check on your pixels and most likely fix them.

You can prevent dead pixels by protecting your display from physical damage. While most dead pixels are a result of a manufacturing defect, by continuous usage, it might be due to physical damage as well.

So this is how you fix a dead pixel on screen. If you have any queries then let us know in the comment section.

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