How to Apply for PenFed Debit Card [PenFed ATM Card]

Apply for PenFed Debit Card

PenFed is one of the popular and largest credit union in the market. It offers a large variety of services to its members such as personal or student or auto loans, credit cards, debit cards, money market certificates, checking and saving accounts, online banking, mortgages, and more. If you are from a military or government background then PenFed is the best choice for you.

The best thing about the PenFed is their solid APYs, low minimum fees, and large ATM network. You can also open a savings account or become a member of PenFed with just a balance of $5 in your account. You don’t need any other things, just qualify for PenFed and enjoy its services.

More, if you are thinking about taking loans from PenFed then you can use the PenFed debit card. It will help you to assist the loan process even simple and faster. However, if you still haven’t own a PenFed debit card yet then learn to apply for PenFed debit card in this article.

Today we will learn all the essentials things about the PenFed credit union debit card.

How to Apply For PenFed Debit Card Online?

Applying for the PeFed debit card though online is an easy process. You just need a saving account on PenFed credit union and then you can easily request for a PenFed debit card (ATM card).

When you receive your PenFed debit card then you can use it for store purchases at certain merchants. You can use it as a digital wallet to pay for e-commerce products from your mobile or watch. The PenFed digital wallet is fully compatible with Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

If you have ever lost your PenFed Debit card or it is stolen then you can easily know it online or you can get another new one. It won’t hit you with any unauthorized charges.

So, to apply for the PenFed debit card online, follow the following process.

Note: You can also visit the PenFed credit union branches nearby your location and request for a Debit card. There fill out the PenFed debit card or ATM card authorized request form and you are done.

Disclaimers: PenFed debit cards are only available for PenCheck Plus or PenCheck Net Checking accounts and Access America. The ATM card (Debit card) of the PenFed is only available for regular share accounts and it can be only used with a PIN at ATM locations or center. And ATM cards don’t have any point sales of access. In addition, if you are a student and have checking accounts on PenFed then there are certain restrictions to use a debit card of PenFed Credit Union.

Open Your Browser

First of all, open your browser in your device whichever you are currently using. You can use any browser such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and more.

Remember, it will be better if you complete the PenFed debit card request process through PC rather than mobile. That’s because you have to fill out the form (which is in PDF file) and submit it to the PenFed on their official website. It will be difficult to fill out the Debit card or ATM form on mobile devices.

Go to the PenFed Forms Page

Now, visit the official website of PenFed credit union and head to the form page. If you can’t find the PenFed credit union forms page then simply click on this URL (

This will open the entire forms section of the PneFed credit union on where you can download and fill out the form of PenFed general forms, loan forms, credit cards disclosures forms, checking and saving account forms, and education forms.

In addition, you can also submit your forms directly to PenFed via Fax, Mail, and online document sharing.

Download Debit or ATM Card Application Form

After you are on the main PenFed credit union form page then look after a “Checking and Savings Account Forms” section. Simply scroll down and you will find that section.

In checking and saving account section, you will find all the applications forms related to saving account or deposit account.

So, search and click on “Debit or ATM Card Application (Form 185).” After that it will automatically start downloading your debit card application form on your PC.

Fill out the Debit Card Application Form

After downloading the Debit card application form then locate the form on your PC. The form file will be in the PFD format so if you don’t have a “pfd” reader or application then check it out first.

Besides, you can easily fill out the form as it is in pdf format which means you don’t have to convert it to other formats.

Now, open the application form and fill out the entire form with your personal and your PenFed credit union account information. Don’t miss out any required information in the application form; otherwise, your debit card request may cancel and you may have to submit the form once again.

After you successfully fill out your PenFed debit card or ATM request application form then save it on your PC.

Submit Your Debit Card Request Form

Now, again visit the PenFed forms page to submit your debit card request application form.

Scroll down and the end of the page and navigate the Submitting forms to the PenFed section. Here, you can submit your application form either by fax or mail, or online.

You can choose any suitable option to submit your debit card request application form but if you want to do it online then click on submit icon under the Document upload section.

After that log in to your PenFed account and apply for PenFed Debit card online and wait for the approval process.

How to Activate PenFed Credit Union Debit Card?

Have you been approved for the PenFed credit union debit card or ATM card?

If PenFed credit union has approved your Debit card request then you will receive an approval letter from PenFed. After receiving an approval letter then you have to activate your PenFed credit union debit card.

To activate a PenFed debit card you have to call to the PenFed credit union company and personally ask them to activate your debit card. You can’t activate your debit card online. So here are the following phone numbers of PenFed credit union to activate your debit or ATM card.

Domestic: 1-877-856-9690

Overseas Calls: Dial your country exit code and then dial 1-531-210-3511

Now, to activate your PenFed debit card or ATM card through phone or call, first

  1. Call on the above-given number.
  2. Response to the asked prompts during the call.
  3. Set a PIN number for your debit card or ATM card in order to secure it.
  4. After you receive a message that you’ve successfully activated your debit card then hang up the call.

You can also visit the nearby ATM location or point and activate your debit card. Simply, insert your card and enter the activation PIN number which was given in the Debit card approval letter. Use that PIN and activate your PenFed ATM card. After that change your ATM PIN number and set your own personal.

In case, you can find the ATM card activation number in your approval letter then you have to follow the above method (through call).

How Long Does it Take to Get a Debit Card From PenFed?

You might be wondering how long it will take to receive a PenFed debit card after applying.

If you have applied for the PenFed credit union debit card then it will arrive within 6 to 7 working business days. You don’t have to visit the PenFed office by yourself; they will send your debit card to your given address.

But, if there is any public holiday that occurs after you applied for a PenFed debit card then it might delay the process. So, if you need your PenFed urgent then do remember not to apply during the holidays.

What is the PenFed ATM Withdrawal Limit?

You can withdraw money from your PenFed ATM up to $1,000. If you are doing a point of sale transaction then you can withdraw money up to $2,500 and for each calendar day you can withdraw up to $2,500.

The above withdrawal limit is for one day only. You can again withdraw money from your PenFed ATM the next day if you want.

But remember you can’t use your PenFed Debit card to access your PenFed premium online savings or Money market savings account.

What is the PenFed Debit Card Foreign Transaction Fee?

The PenFed debit card foreign or international transaction fee is up to 2% on the transaction amount which you made. If you do the one-time transaction then it will charge you 2% and if you do the second time transaction then it will again charge you 2%. So, it will be better if make your foreign transaction at a single time, not for multiple times.

On the other hand, if you use the PenFed credit card then you don’t have to pay any foreign or international transaction fee. PenFed credit union offers a 0% foreign transaction fee on credit cards since 2011.


Debit card is a useful tool to handle your online transaction and for ATM withdrawal. It will help you in your everyday financial sector only if you are a responsible person. If you use the Debit card carelessly then it will bring you trouble.

So, apply for PenFed Debit card though online and activate your card, and enjoy. But do remember to fill out the form carefully to avoid any rejected form.

If you have any queries related to PenFed credit union then ask them to comment section.

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