How to Activate PenFed Credit Card 2022[Updated]

Activate PenFed Credit Card

PenFed is the largest credit union in the United State. It offers its service mainly to the military background and government officers. But now if you are a citizen of the US then you can also become a member of PenFed. After that, you can enjoy the various services that PenFed has to offers.

One of the services from the PenFed credit union is credit cards. You can apply for a PenFed credit card online once you join their family. After you get approved to get one of their credit cards then next you have to activate it so that you can use it in real-time.

To activate your PenFed credit card you can either contact to the customer support number of PenFed or go to your PenFed online banking and activate your card from there.

So, today in this article, you will learn the proper steps to activate PenFed credit card in a simple way. In addition, I will also teach you to get your credit card PIN if you don’t remember or get one yet.

How Many Credit Cards Does PenFed Offer?

PenFed offers a credit card service to its members all over the world. You can use the credit card of PenFed on any corner or city without any issues. Though you have to pay certain charges for it but the PenFed service fees are minimal.

So how many credit cards does PenFed credit union offer?

There are currently 4 PenFed credit cards that you can get through the approval. Once you get hands-on any one these credit cards then you can make a purchase right from your card digitally. Besides, some of the PenFed credit card charges no annual fee, low APR on all purchases, extra bonus and rewards on travel expenses or similar things and more.

You can also earn good points on purchases, groceries, restaurant streaming services, gas or EV charging station, and more.

  • Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • PenFed Pathfinder Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card
  • Gold Visa Card

How to Activate PenFed Credit Card?

If you own a PenFed credit card and you want to activate it then you can dial a customer service number of PenFed or use your PenFed online banking service. But remember, you must register to PenFed online banking to activate your card from it.

Now, let’s get into the steps to activate your credit card of PenFed credit union.

Activate PenFed Credit Card from PenFed Online

If you have access to the PenFed online (mobile) banking then you can easily activate your credit card without going to the company or call. Moreover, PenFed online banking also offers a wide range of services (all most all) which you can perform from your mobile or laptop.

So, to activate PenFed credit card through online banking, follow the few following steps down below.

Note: It will be better of you follow the following process from PenFed website rather than mobile banking.

Open Browser

First of all, open your browser on your laptop or mobile. You can use any browser your want such as safari, chrome, opera, firefox, and more.

For the easy and fast process, you can use your laptop rather than mobile device.

Visit PenFed Website

Now, go to the official website of PenFed credit union or simply type It will redirect you directly to the Pentagon federal credit union main website.

Login to PenFed Online

Next, click on the Login option from the upper right side of the homepage. After that, you have to enter your online banking login credentials such as username and password in the required field.

Once you provide your PenFed login details then click on the Login button to access your PenFed online banking account.

Select Your Credit Card

Now, you have to locate and select your credit card which you own from the main menu. Choose the correct card which you want to activate among the list of PenFed credit cards.

Provide your Credit Card Expiration Date

Once you’ve selected your PenFed credit card then first enter the card expiration date. You will find the date in the front section of your credit card.

Remember, you will receive your PenFed credit card at your provided mailing address.

Provide your Credit Card CVV Code

After that, enter the 3-digit CVV code of your credit card from the backside of card. The code is located next to your signature section on the card.

Click on Activate Credit Card

After providing all the required information or detail of your new credit card then finally click on Activate Credit Card option.

Now, you will receive a message saying that you’ve successfully activated your PenFed credit card.

Activate PenFed Credit Card from Number

If you don’t have a PenFed online banking service or didn’t register yet then you can also directly call to PenFed and activate your credit card. For this, you just need a working valid mobile number and you are good to go.

So, follow the following steps to activate your credit card of PenFed credit union from phone number (customer service).

  1. Dial the following number on your mobile.
    Domestic: 1-877-856-9690
    Overseas calls: first dial your country code and then dial 1-531-210-3511.
  2. Now, you will listen to the auto replay message from the PenFed.
  3. Respond to the receive prompts or follow the instruction to activate your credit card.
  4. Provide the required detailed information of your credit card.
  5. After you listen to a message saying you’ve successfully activated your credit card then you can hang up the call.

Additional Information about PenFed Credit Cards

There are few things that you should know about your PenFed credit card or before activating your card. So, go through them one by one and know what you have to do in such a situation.

Take a closer look to the following necessary things regarding PenFed credit card.

  • If you’ve requested to transfer the balance to your current (new) credit card while filling up the application then it will only transfer after you successfully activate your credit card.
  • If you are canceling your old credit card and switching to a new PenFed credit card then you must provide them your new card information so that you can continue the further transaction.
  • For a damaged credit card then you have to contact to PenFed customer support to request a new card.

How to Get a PIN Number of PenFed Credit Card?

If you have a PenFed credit card and you want to use it in the market but you don’t have a PIN yet or you want to change it then you can always contact the PenFed customer number. They will help you to replace or provide your current PenFed credit card PIN code which you don’t know.

Note: Call them from your phone number so that you can start the further process.

Domestic Number: 1-877-85689690

Overseas Number: 1-541-225-6790


PenFed credit card is the best way to maintain your overall financial status. You will be a responsible owner or person and learn to handle your finance properly. But remember, if you misuse your credit card in the wrong way then it will drag you into a pool of debt.

So, follow the above steps to activate your PenFed credit card and use it for your transaction.

If you have any queries related to PenFed credit card then do ask them in the comment section.

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