Why Is Tiktok Removing My Followers? [2023]

Why is Tiktok removing my followers

Tiktok, as a social media has seen a huge increase in its user base. The number of fake and suspicious accounts has also increased with the increase. To counter this, TikTok continuously detects and removes these accounts. So, why are your followers declining, or why is TikTok removing your followers?

TikTok removes fake and suspicious followers who do not follow community guidelines, which can cause declines in counts. Your past followers may have been removed for inauthentic behavior like using bots, misleading tactics for financial gain, or consistent inactivity. To avoid more removals, focus on engaging real users with high-quality, frequent posts catering to your niche.

If you want to understand why TikTok removes accounts and followers? This article presents all the major reasons why TikTok removes your followers. And also helps you solve these issues by providing some probable solutions.

Why Is Tiktok Removing My Followers?

If you have witnessed a noticeable decline in your follower count, you may have asked yourself why TikTok is removing your followers. Or why are your follower counts decreasing? The reason for that can vary from situation to situation. Different factors can work together for the decline or a major action led to the situation.

This article will help you determine why the decline is in the following. And also direct you on how to solve the issue independently.

The sharp decline in the following can be attributed to external or internal factors. External factors are the reasons that are not of your doing. Internal factors are that your activities or actions may be the reason for the decline. Both of these reasons can also be leading the following count to decline.

The possible reasons why TikTok is removing your followers are explained below.

1. Inactive Users

If the vast majority of your video posts on TikTok receive very little engagement in the form of likes, comments, and shares despite you having accumulated a large following. In that case, this likely means many followers are no longer actively using the app. A few factors could potentially explain this inactivity from followers. Initially, you may have gained followers quickly by creating viral content that resonated strongly with a niche audience.

However, over time, most engaged followers may have stopped using TikTok regularly or moved to other platforms. Additionally, you could have shifted away from the type of content that originally attracted your audience, making your existing followers less likely to engage.

Why Is Tiktok Removing My Followers?
Source: Quora

TikTok’s platform actively removes accounts belonging to users that have become consistently inactive to free up space for new, active members. Therefore, seeing a significant decline in your total follower count is likely a result of TikTok removing the accounts of many followers who are no longer using the app actively.

To resolve this issue, you must focus on strategies discussed later to attract and engage a new base of committed, active followers on TikTok.

2. Tiktok Removes Suspicious Accounts

TikTok consistently takes action to detect and remove suspicious accounts from the platform, such as automated bot accounts and accounts created with misleading intentions like financial manipulation. These accounts systematically conduct mass engagement or distribute paid services, but they do not represent genuine users engaged in organic, community-focused interactions aligned with TikTok policies.

When detected, harmful accounts that try to improperly influence metrics through false likes, follows, or other fraudulent promotions are removed. If, at any point, you pursued services claiming to boost your account through such suspicious activity artificially, it’s possible that declining engagement happened due to those fraudulent accounts being purged from the network.

As TikTok’s monitoring systems are continuously working to identify and delete deceitful account behaviors at scale, sharp drops in follower counts may stem from removing the fake accounts that temporarily inflated numbers. Scrutiny of account activity helps preserve platform integrity.

3. Users Deactivating Their Account

Another potential factor contributing to declining follower counts is some users deciding to deactivate their TikTok accounts. As more individuals recognize the relationship between excessive social media consumption and worsening mental health indicators, many are making a conscious choice to scale back usage or leave platforms altogether.

For your followers, deactivating their own TikTok profiles means they will no longer follow your profile either. A rising number of account deletions stemming from greater awareness of digital well-being issues could partially explain the loss of followers.

While concerning growth, this represents a normal platform trend rather than an isolated problem. Given account deactivations are outside your control, it may be best not to worry and instead focus on recommendations covered later in the article, such as engaging new potential followers through high-quality, consistent content tailored to your niche. By innovating your approach, you can continue building an engaged community among active users on TikTok.

4. Change In Content And Content Category Randomly

If most of your followers joined your channel during the initial period where you found early traction producing a certain style of content, making major changes to what type of content you share afterward could lead some original followers to lose interest.

Drastically altering content categories, such as shifting from informative to entertainment videos or comedy-style posts to political commentary, may confuse or even alienate the same audience who originally followed to see a specific type of engaging material. Surprising shifts in content focus run the risk of followers unsubscribing if the change strays from their preferences, which they followed initially.

Many creators have seen follower counts decline after drastically overhauling their content strategy, failing to consider the needs of their established audience. As such, analyzing whether your material has changed significantly since gaining popularity could provide insight into why some viewers may be unfollowing recently.

5. Change In TikTok Algorithm

As user behavior on TikTok constantly evolves with emerging trends, the platform frequently updates its algorithm to keep up with the evolving preferences of its community. While some tweaks to the algorithm may only result in small adjustments to how videos are recommended, occasionally, more significant changes directly impact the reach and exposure of individual creators’ content.

If the algorithm was modified to reduce your videos’ viewership or promotional support, many followers might see far fewer of your posts show up in their For You feeds over time. With less visibility, follower counts could steadily drop if the algorithm update hinders your ability to engage new viewers and keep existing ones interested.

Considering TikTok’s regular algorithm revisions and their potential to influence content discovery at various times, a decrease in followers may correlate to updates that negatively affected the promotion of your profile through the TikTok discovery surfaces.

6. Uninterested Followers

The ability to maintain the quality of your content is crucial on social media platforms. With TikTok, it is particularly hard as there is a huge number of content and content creators to choose from. Your content quality may have declined over time, so the followers are getting uninterested in your content.

This may result in the followers unfollowing you; hence, you see a sharp decline in follower count. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article explains and directs you on how you can solve this issue and gain new followers.

7. You Are Inactive In TikTok

Maintaining consistently high-quality posts on social media platforms with immense amounts of competing content like TikTok is critical to retaining an engaged audience over the long run. However, sustaining top-tier content is challenging when users have nearly endless options.

If the standard of your newer content has dropped from when a following was first established, viewers are likely to lose interest in what you share now compared to previously. Less compelling material risks followers choosing to unfollow accounts no longer providing value. With lower-quality posts that fail to captivate, viewers will selectively focus on other talented creators instead. As disengaged users remove their followers, sharp declines in count can occur.

To solve this, refining the content strategy described later can help boost post quality and relevance to keep the current following engaged. With reinvigorated material, attracting new interested viewers is also more achievable.

8. Your Account Posts Offensive Contents

Sharing objectionable or inappropriate content with one’s followers is a surefire way to see a sharp reduction in account engagement over time. If, at any point, offensive material was posted that genuinely upset or angered the existing follower base, it serves as reasonable cause for many to immediately unfollow the profile. Viewers sign up to their followers’ creators expecting entertainment or information, not to be insulted or uncomfortable.

When trust is broken through posting messages or visuals inconsistent with community guidelines, it severely damages the relationship with supporters. While attention-grabbing, unlawful behavior technically achieves visibility, it poisons the well and destroys goodwill.

To regain followers, transparency surrounding what was learned and a renewed commitment to quality assurance explained in the solutions portion of the article becomes paramount. With a sincere effort to make amends, re-earning the trust of a new and loyal following is possible through consistent, appropriate content.

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How To Avoid TikTok Removing Followers?

If you have seen a decline in the following, and you want to avoid TikTok removing your followers or avoiding followers unfollowing your account. In that case, the following probable solutions are presented to help you solve the issue.

Solution 1: Be Active In TikTok

One of the most effective ways to reverse a decline in followers is to regularly engage with your existing followers and the wider TikTok community by frequently posting fresh, high-quality content. By maintaining an active presence on the platform, you can stop the disengagement of current followers and encourage the discovery of your page through increased algorithmic promotion of your lively profile.

TikTok’s For You feed Algorithm prioritizes frequently uploaded videos from engaged creators, exposing your new uploads to endless potential new followers. Make consistent weekly updates, whether full video productions or Instant clips, while interacting with fans daily through likes, comments, and shares.

Increased visibility from uploading 2-3x a day minimum, seven days a week, will boost retention of interested viewers and attract exponentially more exposure and new subscribers over the long run. Reinvigorated participation allows lapsed fans to reconnect with quality material, reminding them why they followed initially.

Solution 2: Upload Content Continuously

Frequent, consistent uploads are key to nourishing an engaged community and reversing follower loss. Creators who post several new videos or Reels each week give their existing fans multiple chances to casually rediscover and interact with their profile through the recommendation algorithm.

More touches equate to greater exposure to their unique brand. It also allows for more chances at sudden virality, which can exponentially grow the follower base. With higher volume, creators can experiment and better understand their niches by analyzing which types of content perform best. This data helps mold even more tailored, appealing material to attract new followers curious about trending topics.

As engagement rises across a continuous stream of high-quality uploads, the flywheel effect takes place – greater visibility leads to increased followership, which cycles back to motivate the creator to produce increasingly captivating content. Over time, regular releases transform casual viewers into loyal subscribers.

Solution 3: Engage With Your Audience

Meaningful engagement is crucial for increasing follower retention and attraction on TikTok. Make time to actively like, comment on, and reply to fans’ comments across your videos daily to foster a stronger sense of community. Seeing their favorite creator genuinely interacting with viewers encourages them to engage further and share your content organically.

This higher participation results in more of your videos flooding recommendation feeds as the algorithm prioritizes amplifying engaged profiles. Ensuring every upload has bountiful hashtags, relevant sounds, and reply notifications in the caption boosts comments and keeps discussions flowing. Follow relevant users and interact with others’ posts to invite reciprocal support.

With diligent participation, viewers feel valued and motivated to follow to receive more in the For You feed from someone so responsive. Authentic engagement strengthens the para-social relationships vital for loyal fanbases and making new ones through positive algorithmic signals.

Solution 4: Stick To The Niche As Much As Possible

When first gaining traction, narrowing in on a specific niche topic is key to attracting a dedicated, engaged following with shared interests. Straying from the niche risks confusing or alienating this core audience. Over time, steadily maintaining high-relevance content centered around the chosen niche allows the community to strengthen bonds and helps attract more niche enthusiasts through cross-pollination.

The algorithm also favors hyper-focused profiles, elevating content matching that particular interest sphere. Staying laser-targeted on consistent, quality uploads about the niche not only retains those early followers by continuing to serve their passion but signals to the algorithm that this is an authority to recommend to others exploring the same subject matter.

No matter the size, a niche following is extremely loyal when their needs are repeatedly met. Sticking to a clearly defined niche keeps engagement levels elevated long-term, preventing falloff when shifting direction.

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TikTok Content Strategy Practices For More And Consistent Followers

Finding a niche topic area you are genuinely passionate about is important. Choose a niche that has a large, engaged community on TikTok already. Research popular hashtag categories within your niche to see what content types perform well. Develop a content plan or production schedule to stay consistent. Aim to publish 1-3 high-quality videos daily to provide fresh content to your followers regularly.

Design your videos specifically for the TikTok algorithm and format. Keep them short but engaging, around 60 seconds or less. Use trend sounds and include popular hashtags in captions, but avoid overstuffing with irrelevant tags. Film videos in a mix of portrait and landscape styles. Ensure your content shows off your personality and keeps viewers watching until the end through flashy transitions, impressive skill demonstrations, or a compelling narrative.

Here’s a little help for you from a really successful creator:

Why Tiktok remove followers?
Source: Reddit

Monitor analytics like views, likes, shares, and comments closely to identify what style resonates most. Continuously test new video ideas but focus mainly on proven successful formats. Engage with your community by regularly liking, commenting, and going Live. Push followers to share your best videos to expand organically. Maintain consistency in upload times, style, and hashing to develop predictability that keeps current followers engaged.

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What can a creator do if they think TikTok mistakenly removed their followers?

If a creator notices that they have unexpectedly lost many followers over a short period through no changes to their content or posting behavior. In that case, they should first contact the TikTok creator support team to inquire about the issue.

When reaching out, creators should specify the approximate number of followers lost, the date range it occurred, and whether they received any messages from TikTok regarding community guideline violations. They can then request a manual review of their account activity over that period from a member of the creator support staff.

If, upon inspection, it seems the follower loss was unintentional or unjustified, the support team may be able to provide insights into what occurred and restore the followers if possible. This provides creators with recourse if they believe a mass unfollowing was done in error.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently asked questions about ‘Why IS TikTok Removing My Followers.’ Please read the questions and their answers to understand more about TikTok Followers and Audiences.

What To Do If You Are Losing Followers On TikTok?

If you are losing followers on TikTok, you may want to discover the reasons leading to it. Once you find out the reason, avoid the mistake and try gaining more followers by taking cues from this article’s ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section.

How Do I Get My Followers Back On TikTok?

To get your followers back, start with a new approach and make content that caters to your audience niche. This article’s ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section provides detailed solutions for getting and retaining followers.

Should I Follow Back On TikTok?

Following back is a personal choice, but you want to know if there is any value in following back. If you can see that you may have some benefit in following them back, it is best to follow, and if you do not see any benefit, then it is better not to follow. In the end, it is still a personal choice.

How Do I Increase My TikTok Followers?

To increase your TikTok followers, you first want to know your existing audiences, Catering to their likes of content. Once you have successfully done that, you can expand on the same niche of your audience. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article gives you a proper idea of how you can increase your followers.


Therefore, TikTok may remove your followers because the accounts are suspicious or fake. Those accounts do not adhere to TikTok community guidelines and are often not genuine users. If you have lost followers sharply, you may want to avoid the same in the future. And genuinely build your audiences and followers. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article provides a proper solution that you can adopt.

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