Why Is Tiktok Removing My Followers [2022]

Tiktok, as a social media has seen a huge increase in its user base. With the increase, the number of fake and suspicious accounts have also increased. To counter this, TikTok continuously detect and remove these accounts. So, you may ask why your followers are declining or why is TikTok removing your followers?

Tiktok removes fake and suspicious accounts which do not adhere to the community guidelines of TikTok. Your followers may have been fake and suspicious accounts and TikTok may have removed all such accounts. Another reason for Tiktok removing your followers and account can be if there are changes in your content, the Tiktok algorithm and also Tiktok guidelines.

If you want to understand why TikTok removes accounts and followers? This article presents all the major reasons why TikTok removes your followers. And also helps you solve these issues by providing some probable solutions.

TikTok Removing My Followers

If you have witnessed a noticeable decline in your follower count, you may have asked yourself why is TikTok removing my followers. Or why are your follower counts decreasing? The reason for that can vary from situation to situation. There can be different factors working together for the decline or a major action led to the situation.

This article will help you guide through what can be the reason for the decline in following. And also direct you on how you can solve the issue on your own.

The possible reasons why is TikTok removing your followers are explained below.

Reasons For TikTok Removing My Followers

The sharp decline in the following can be attributed to external or internal factors. External factors are the reasons which are not of your doing. Internal factors are that your activities or actions may be the reason for the decline. Both of these reasons can also be leading the following count to decline.

Inactive Users

Have you noticed that despite having a large following, your video posts get very few engagements such as likes, comments and sharing? If yes, this means that most of your followers are inactive on TikTok.

This may have happened because you have viral content which resonated with a certain niche of followers, hence they followed you. And after some time most of those followers stopped being active on TikTok and have moved to other platforms.

It can also be reasoned that you stopped making the content that those followers would like and engage with.

Inactive users are mostly removed by TikTok itself to make space for new users on the platform. Therefore, your followers’ count has declined sharply. If you have this situation played out then you may want to consider solving this issue.

The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article explains and directs you on how you can solve this issue and gain new followers.

Tiktok Removes Suspicious Accounts

Suspicious accounts such as bot accounts and accounts that are made for some financial purpose are continuously removed from TikTok. The accounts are operated to complete tasks on a mass scale. They are not genuine users who adhere to the community guidelines of TikTok.

These accounts are removed once they are detected. These are harmful accounts that manipulate the TikTok algorithm to sell likes and follows to others. If you have fallen for these scams and have paid money to increase likes and followers to your account, this may be the reason for the decline of the followers’ count.

These accounts are detected and removed continuously. Therefore you may be seeing a sharp decline in your followers count on TikTok.

Users Deactivating Their Account

Some users also deactivate their accounts to stop using social media or particularly TikTok. The increasing number of mental health issues caused by the constant usage of the internet has educated most people to limit their usage or even completely stop using social media.

Your followers may have decided to stop social media. Hence you are seeing the decline in followers count. Certainly, this may not be a cause for alarm as it is a regular happening and can be solved by adopting a new approach.

The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article explains and directs you on how you can solve this issue and gain new followers.

Change In Content And Content Category Randomly

If you have gained most of your followers in the early days and after a while, you changed your contents drastically, this can be another reason for the decline in followers count. Changing the content type such as from informative to entertainment or from comedy to politics can throw your audience off-guard.

As a result, your followers decide to unfollow you. This is a primary cause among content creators and there have been multiple creators that have declined due to this same reason.

You may want to see if your contents have changed drastically and that have led to the decline in the followers’ count.

Change In TikTok Algorithm

Tiktok changes its algorithm frequently to adapt to the new changes in user’s behaviour. Some of the changes are minor as some of them are major which can influence the exposure of your content.

The decrease in the followers’ count may also have resulted due to TikTok changing their algorithm and affecting the exposure and promotion of your content.

Uninterested Followers

The ability to maintain the quality of your content is crucial on social media platforms. With TikTok, it is particularly hard as there is a huge number of contents and content creators to choose from. Your content quality may have declined over time and as a result, the followers are getting uninterested in your content.

This may result in the followers unfollowing you and hence you see a sharp decline in followers count. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article explains and directs you on how you can solve this issue and gain new followers.

You Are Inactive In TikTok

If you have garnered your followers when you were constantly uploading content and being engaged with the followers and audiences. And after a while you stopped being active on the platform, this may have caused the decline in the following count.

Because you were inactive and stopped engaging and uploading content on the platform, your followers may have forgotten you or may have unfollowed you. Tiktok also does not prioritize the contents if you are not active on the platform. As a result, you may be witnessing a sharp decline in the following count.

Your Account Posts Offensive Contents

One of the major reasons for declining followers count can also be if you have posted any offensive content that infuriated your followers. This may be the reason your followers have decided to unfollow you. Hence, you are seeing a sharp decline in the followers’ count.

The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article explains and directs you on how you can solve this issue and gain new followers.

How To Avoid TikTok Removing My Followers

If you have seen a decline in the following and you want to avoid TikTok removing your followers or avoiding followers unfollowing your account, the following probable solutions are presented to help you guide to solve the issue.

Be Active In TikTok

Being active on TikTok can go a long way in retaining your audiences and followers. If you are active on TikTok and constantly engaging with your audiences, TikTok will promote your content on the Foryou page and hence you may be able to attract new audiences and increase your following.

Try being active on the platform and upload new content regularly.

Upload Content Continuously

Continous content upload helps your audience to see you numerous times and helps you in engaging with them and gaining more followers. More content also means that you have more chances to get viral on social media.

It may also help you in knowing your audiences and creating more engaging content for them. This circular effect will only increase the quality of the content and increase your followers.

Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is one of the main keys to flourishing on the platform. Engagement is what all social media crave and when you deliver it to them, you are bound to get promoted on the platform by the algorithm. In TikTok, your presence on the Foryou page helps you in gaining more followers.

Stick To The Niche As Much As Possible

If you are sticking to your niche audience and creating your content based on the interest of the niche, it will help you in the engagement with the audience and hence retain the existing audience. Sticking to the niche also helps you attract other audiences from the same niche and hence increase your following.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the topic of ‘Why IS TikTok Removing My Followers’. Please read the questions and their answers to understand more about TikTok Followers and Audiences.

What To Do If You Are Losing Followers On TikTok?

If you are losing followers on TikTok, you may want to find out the reasons that are leading to it. Once you find out the reason, avoid the mistake and try gaining more followers by taking cues from the ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article.

How Do I Get My Followers Back On TikTok?

To get your followers back, you need to start with a new approach and start making content that caters for your audience niche. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article provides detailed solutions on how you can get followers and retain them.

Should I Follow Back On TikTok?

Following back is a personal choice but you want to want to know if there is any value in following back. If you can see that you may have some benefit in following them back, it is best to follow and if you do not see any benefit then it is better not to follow. In the end, it is still a personal choice.

How Do I Increase My TikTok Followers?

To increase your TikTok followers, you first want to know your existing audiences, Catering to their likes of content. Once you have successfully done that, you can expand on the same niche of your audience. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article gives you a proper idea of how you can increase your followers.


Therefore, TikTok maybe removes your followers because of the accounts being suspicious or fake. Those accounts do not adhere to TikTok community guidelines and are often not genuine users. If you have lost followers sharply, you may want to avoid the same in future. And genuinely build your audiences and followers. The ‘Avoid TikTok Removing Followers’ section of this article provides a proper solution that you can adopt.

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