Why Did Your Video Get Deleted On TikTok?

TikTok is famous for its short videos with catchy music and has 1.5 billion users. However, recently, there has been an increase in videos with graphic content and adult themes which has caused the removal of videos on the platform. As a result, TikTok removed more than 1 billion videos from its platform until September 2022. There are several reasons your video gets deleted on TikTok.

Reasons for your video getting deleted on TikTok:
1. Reports
2. Community Guidelines
3. Bugs and Glitches

Why Did Your Video Get Deleted On TikTok?

When a user posts a video on TikTok, TikTok protects it by the company’s privacy settings. If the video is flagged as inappropriate, TikTok may remove it from the platform. However, there is no guarantee that a video will be removed even if it is within acceptable restrictions, so users must understand the app’s privacy settings.

Interestingly, 90% of TikTok video removal does not have any reports, which means the user’s video is affecting the guidelines, terms, and conditions of TikTok. And that lets video removal in the platform.

Of those removed videos, TikTok took down more than 90% of videos within 24 hours of posting, and 85% of deleted content had zero views. Despite this, many people continue to post inappropriate content on social media platforms, and it is important to understand why it can be deleted.

Some of the Reasons for your Videos removal on TikTok are listed below:


Reports are the most common reason from the following list. TikTok will delete your video from other users’ reports. For example, if you upload inappropriate and triggering videos on TikTok, people might report you, and TikTok will take down your videos from the platform.

TikTok has a very different algorithm for reports than other social media platforms. When a user reports a video on TikTok, it is first sent to a content moderator. This content moderator will review the video and determine if it goes against the Community Guidelines. If it is determined that the video goes against the Community Guidelines, it will be removed from TikTok.

Multiple reports can cause a lot of damage to your TikTok account. You can get a harsh punishment from TikTok guidelines and permanently ban you from the platform.

Community Violations

One of the popular reasons for video removal on TikTok is community violence. If there’s even a simple clue or hint of violations, then the platform will take down your TikTok video from the platform.

Community guidelines of TikTok are necessary for the growth and safety of the app. Users should follow these guidelines to keep the app fun and enjoyable for all users.

In the following list, we will discuss the community guidelines of TikTok:

Minor Safety

Minor Safety is TikTok’s guidelines to and for those who are under 18s. TikTok prohibits any form of content that continue minors’ harm, misuse, abuse, and ill-treatment on TikTok.

If you are below 18 age of years and uploading improper content on the platform. TikTok will take down content within 24 hours and might ban your account too. And U16s cannot upload any duet or stitch videos if by any means you upload the video with the features, TikTok will delete your video from its platform.

Dangerous Acts And Challenges

TikTok does not allow you to share contents of dangerous acts and challenges which can lead to death or serious injury. Normalizing, Glorifying, and Promoting dangerous acts and challenging content might delete your videos and ban you from the platform.

Some of the suggestions from TikTok for Dangerous Acts and Challenges guidelines that you should not do on the platform:

  • Using harmful and dangerous tools
  • Promoting dangerous objects
  • Dangerous games, challenges, or stunts
  • Providing details and instructions on illegal tools

Suicide, Self-Harm, And Disordered eating

TikTok will remove your video instantly if you are representing or promoting some suicidal and self-harm thoughts on your video. For example, if your content promotes unhealthy eating habits, which can eventually lead to severe health problems, then TikTok might delete your video from its platform.

Adult Nudity And Sexual Activities

Personally, I think this is in the ‘Top 2’ guidelines, which deletes most of the videos on TikTok. TikTok does not allow nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content on its platform. If you give any hints or reports on your video for Sexual activities, then the app will remove your video within a few hours.

Bullying And Harassment

TikTok will remove any form of content if anyone is bullying, harassing, or shaming others in the video. In addition, the app will delete all the videos that want death, serious disease, or other serious harm to a person or group.

Hateful Behavior

If you upload a video against any Race, Ethnicity, National Origin, Religion, Caste, Sexual orientation, Gender identity, Serious disease, Disability, or Immigration status with hateful consent, It will not take much time to delete your video and also account at the same time.

Violent Extremism

Any social media platform is against violence, and so does TikTok. The app will remove your video if it does not allow you to threaten or provoke violence. Here are some suggestions for you if you want to save your video and account from Violent Extremism.

Do not upload content:

  • Intent to impose physical injuries on an individual or a group
  • Ambition statements that encourage violence
  • Digital animations that encourage others to commit violence

Integrity And Authenticity

TikTok deletes content or accounts that involve spam or fake engagement, impersonation, or misleading information that causes significant harm.

Follow these safety measures to save your account from “Integrity and Authenticity” violations:

  • Do not share artificial and imaginary misleading information
  • Do not upload content engaging in buying or selling views, likes, followers, etc.
  • Don’t use Third-party and unofficial tools to increase engagements.

Illegal Activities And Regulated Goods

TikTok has become a little strict when it comes to Laws and Regulations. The platform prohibits the sale, trade, and promotion of specific regulated goods and criminal and illegal activities. In addition, TikTok will take down videos If anyone tries to facilitate, normalize, promote, or imitate criminal activities on their platform.

Copyright And Trademark Infringement

If you upload anyone’s original content without claiming rights and the video owner reports you. Then TikTok will delete that video, might ban your account, and even leads you to prison. So, upload fair and legal content on the platform that will not harm you.

If you are under one of these allegations, TikTok will delete your video within 24 hours.

Bugs And Glitches

One billion people use TikTok almost every month and enjoy the app. However, there are a few bugs and glitches that users have encountered. For example, sometimes, TikTok deletes videos for no reason. Users have also had issues with the app crashing.

Why Did TikTok Delete All Your videos?

TikTok usually does not do this kind of stuff, but if you have many community guidelines regarding violence allegations on the app. Then, It can cause the deletion of all your videos on TikTok. But, sometimes, internal app malware can also cause this problem.

Just reboot or restart the app or contact customer help to solve this issue on your app(account).

Why TikTok Deletes Your Video Without Notification?

TikTok has a history of deleting videos without notice or explanation, leading to many user complaints. The app has also been known to have glitches that cause videos to be deleted or disappear. These issues have led to a decrease in trust from users and a loss of potential customers.

If TikTok deletes your videos constantly without any notification, then first look at your app’s condition. For example, Bugs, Glitches, and outdated app versions may also remove your video without any reason. Second If you are violating and offending TikTok community guidelines, They will take down your videos without notification.

If you are not uploading anything against anyone or any subject and everything’s alright on your app, contact TikTok help & customer support. They will help you to solve this problem.

How To Appeal To Get Deleted TikTok Video Back?

Want your deleted TikTok video back? Then, follow these simple instructions to appeal deleted TikTok video:

Step 1: First, Open your TikTok app, then you will be on the platform’s menu

Step 2: Click the inbox icon from the bottom corner of the menu.

Step 3: Then go to Activities

Step 4: Look for your deleted video notification, then click it. Afterward, you will be on the deleted video notification page.

Step 5: Tap on Submit appeal from that page, then it will redirect you to another page.

Step 6: Click Submit, then your appeal will be submitted to TikTok’s customer care.

And now, TikTok will review your removed video and give an update later. If your video does not have any allegations against violations, then your video will appear in your account after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some random questions about the topic.

Why Did TikTok Delete Your Videos?

TikTok can delete your videos for several reasons. Suppose you do not have any issues with your app and know that TikTok is deleting your videos. In that case, someone is reporting your videos because of sensitive content, or you are uploading community violence videos.

Can You Recover A Deleted Video On TikTok?

If your video is not against community guidelines, you can easily recover a deleted video on TikTok. Here, use this method to recover your deleted TikTok Video:

First, Open your TikTok app> Click the inbox icon> Go to Activities> Look for your deleted video notification, then click it. Afterward, you will be on the deleted video notification page> Tap on Submit appeal from that page> Click Submit, then submit your appeal to TikTok’s customer care.

Now, Wait for some time to get your deleted video.

How Do Reports Work On TikTok?

Users who believe a piece of content violates the platform’s Community Guidelines submit reports against the creator. If a piece of content receives a certain number of reports, it is sent to TikTok’s moderation team for review. Once the app’s moderation team reviews the content, they will decide whether or not to take action.


To sum up, TikTok is one of the famous social media platforms and is a great way to share your life with friends, family, and the world. But, lately, TikTok is becoming strict on its rules and regulations and removing millions of videos daily.

So, if Tiktok deleted your videos, remember to follow the suggestions mentioned earlier and don’t repeat them in the future.

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