15 Best Random Chatting Apps for Android 2022 [Updated]

15 Best Random Chatting Apps for Android

In this modern age, people are using the internet all the time. Each and everyone is deployed on it so, nowadays there is less number of SMS text. Even the company is using the chat system which seems very good than SMS text. Since chatting will be more useful than SMS because it connects several people in touch at once. Where you can share information with many others than a particular person.

To overcome the SMS text system we got lots of random chatting apps for android users. Some of them are listed below which helps to improve communication, increase accountability, stay organized, and can save enough time too. Using the right chatting software or application to the company can lead the organization for better performance of the organization and employees due to less distraction on workflow and develop proper communicating skills.

Why Chatting Application?

Nowadays people are relying on the digital world. Things have been changing rapidly and more often the number of people are increasing in electronic devices i.e. mobile phones. So, to make their communication easy there is a lot of software which helps to transmit information from one place to another easily and quickly. The only medium it requires is the internet and a cell phone. Due to this software people can have a connection worldwide. Not only this it saves time, reduces expenses, solves the problem quickly and fast. Most important is that we don’t have to wait in a queue to get information.

Top 15 Random Chatting Apps For Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the most popular and largest social network in the world and also the biggest chatting application where each and everyone knows how to use it. This application is very useful and quite easy to use. Everyone in our family has a Facebook account and use this application for conversation. It has got some features on video calls like having filters, playing games online with your friends, messenger stories, and so on.

When To Use Facebook Messenger

  • Want to share news updates like politic, football, food recipes, and other activities
  •  New cool technology update
  • Connecting with your contact friends for fun
  • Connect with those who are not your friends

Download Facebook Messenger from Playstore


Another cool random chatting apps for android is Viber. Viber is also a chatting application where we can have a conversation with free calls and messages. Mostly, Eastern European people use this application where some paid premium features are also added like Viber Out. It means that you can contact even in landline or cellular phone by using Viber credit which is a paid version. Even international calling is free only by using the phone number where you don’t need any login information.

When To Use Viber

  • To gather information from the public in a group chat by polling features
  • To send special event sticker to your friends and family

Download Viber from Playstore


Snapchat has changed its chatting conversation where it deletes messages after viewing. It is one of the unique chatting application which supports voice call, video call, text message, and also some snaps too. Messages are not kept longer than 24 hours. You can put stories and have some snap streak with your friends and earn points with them. Snapchat is most popular among the youngster where they kept each and everything on Snapchat to maintain a snap streak.

When To Use Snapchat

  • If you want to create a business lens of your brand
  • Personal Bitmoji avatars can be created
  • To share your day to day activity with friends and families in the story

Download Snapchat from Playstore


Telegram is a cross-platform where you can text, video call, and voice call too. This is most popular in Iran and Uzbekistan. You can sync your account and have access to your chat from multiple devices. But you will find that it’s the fastest way of transferring messages. And it keeps your messages safe from malicious attacks.

When To Use Telegram

  • At the same time, we can connect with thousands of peoples
  • Free of ads
  • Supported in every platform

Download Telegram from Playstore

ZOOM Cloud Meeting

Due to this Covid-19 pandemic, we have faced lots of problems in all sectors. This pandemic has made a huge loss in the education sector of the students. So to overcome this pandemic, educational boards have used the Zoom application to provide proper online education. This application has played a major role in all schools and colleges from where they are gaining knowledge either by voice call or video call meeting. Most of the colleges are providing education from this application. Not only this you can share this meeting link with others so that they can join the same meeting with you. Here you can chat with your friends if any difficulties occur while taking the meeting. Here you can place reaction emoji while having a meeting. 

When To Use Zoom

  •  If you want to make schedule a function meeting for business
  • Participants can interact easily
  • Best for group collaboration

Download Telegram from Playstore

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communication platform where you can engage in multiple channels without any difficulties. Google Hangouts is divided into two different business focus apps i.e. Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. Here you can screen share as well as HD group conferencing and voice calls. Hangouts is one of the most preferred tools used for official purpose too in the world. Not only this the user can also send messages to contacts when they are offline.

When To Use Google Hangouts

  • Communication can be done directly from your Gmail inbox
  • A video conference can be done with limited people (MAX 10)

Download Google Hangouts from Playstore


Kik is another popular chatting application that is more popular in America and Europe. Here it lets you choose the screen name rather than the real name or phone number that they have used. It is more popular for mobile gamers and for those people who are willing to chat randomly. Not only this also has some features which can be sent in an array of multimedia like stickers, emoji, GIFs, and images. You can also engage in live video calls too and can talk with strangers is one of the benefits.  

When To Use Kik

  • Interested to talk with strangers
  • More user-friendly interface

Download Kik from Playstore


Skype is an older application as well as the most known chat application. Here you can text, call either on video or a voice call with other members. Not only this you can call the person if you got his or her phone number without any fees. But in the paid version, you can call in the traditional way on both landline and cell phones. It supports multiple chats and includes documents stuff, GIF, and allows you to conference call with 25 people at once in the free version. You can also find the Lite version of Skype if your mobile devices don’t support the advanced version.

When To Use Skype

  • Screen sharing can be done with friends, family, or for business purpose
  • To expand business reach by using Skype’s digital international number

Download Skype from Playstore


Since there are many gamers around the world. The best option to have communication with friends is to have software like Discord. Most of the streamer uses this application to communicate while playing a game as well as for tech-oriented people too. Here you can start your own chat server and can share the link with your friends with whom you want to communicate. Here not only audio, but there is also video chat function which allows creating video channel too. There are many more features in this application like creating servers, members and even the rules that you don’t like can be mention there.

When To Use Discord

  • Best for streaming and mostly used by every gamer
  • Divided into different servers and can make their own rules
  • You can create Discord bots too
  • You can mention your friends to notify them about some news

Download Discord from Playstore


This Slack application was mainly developed for business purposes. Since it is for business purposes so we can find a professional look. Not only this it also support third-party apps like Google Drive, Giphy, and other productivity tools. Here users can create a Slack server and can create channels so that they can communicate with each other easily. This is not one to one but it is associated with group members. We can say that it’s a kind of professional version of Discord too.

When To Use Slack

  • Notification can be triggered by the person that you want to say something
  • Here you can create Slackbot
  • Create different server as you like
  • You can set reminders for yourself or others if you forget too soon

Download Slack from Playstore


WeChat is another chatting application that is increasing rapidly. Mostly used in China. WeChat provides an HD video chatting interface and can have voice calls as well as text. Here we can create up to 9 people groups where we can share information with others. This is not only a chatting application but also has some features like payment, shopping, ordering foods, and many more. It also includes many animated stickers as well as personal photos that can be shared with others.

When To Use WeChat

  • For ordering foods from restaurant
  • For payments too
  • Shopping can be done in China

Download WeChat from Playstore 


IMO is another application where users use for communicating with each other. Here advertisement can also be done in IMO. But if you have a poor internet connection then it can support voice call lover than 2G and high-quality voice calls in 3G connection and the image over 4G. From this, you can text with stickers, photos, videos, and sharing the screen as well. You can also find who is online to talk and join the group and have an online voice room.

When To Use IMO

  • To create an online voice room
  • Premium members can have benefits of 25GB storage, badge, contact card, and Ad removal

Download IMO from Playstore


Hike, a great chatting application that allows you to chat with amazing stickers with your friends and relatives. You can easily start a chat with any of your contacts. Hike has a library of more than 30,000 stickers which makes your chatting a fun experience with many different ways to express yourself. You can edit your photos in this application too. One of the major features of this app is that it provides an option of text to stickers which is a fast suggestion. The hike has got auto night mode too.

When To Use Hike

  • Has photo editing features
  • Lots of features like timeline, night mode, and money wallet too

Download Hike from Playstore

Kakao Talk

Since it is developed by Kako Corp which is an amazing application for chatting. It is free and easy to use to send messages, photos, videos, and even your location also. Since it is free of cost so you can easily text and can have conversations with your relatives either on audio calls or video calls. It also has some features like KakaoTV where you can directly connect with your favorite KakaoTV stars. Here the group capacity is unlimited so you can add as many friends as you can.

When To Use Kakao Talk

  • Business doing in South Korea where 93% smartphone installed
  • If you love Korean music or want to talk with Kpop fans

Download Kakao Talk from Playstore


Tango is a social networking application that allows you to chat with your friends and relatives. Here you can add people around the world and can show your talent since it uses video broadcasts in a new way. Due to this feature, you can even earn money from Livestream and transfer it to your account. Here you can do anything like dancing videos, game streaming, cooking recipe, and others.

When To Use Tango

  • A private profile 
  • Can send animation or videos while having video calls
  • Live broadcasting

Download Tango from Playstore

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best chatting app?

Since all chatting application has its own features. You can check the application features and if you love it then download the loved one. All chatting application have their own features and best in their own respective way. So, it depends on you which one will you prefer to use it. 

Can we use it without a phone number?

Yes, obviously we can have chat without registering our phone number. There is some chatting application where you don’t need any contact number to call. You can use applications like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Discord, Google Hangouts, and many more to have calls without phone numbers. Yet there is some application they use the contact number to have communication like Viber, WhatsApp, and so on.

Is this app secure to use?

If children try to operate the application then it might be dangerous and might be risky because identity can be hidden from other people who are using it. If not then it won’t harm any users. There are some chat rooms where you can talk with strangers too. 


From this you might know which application what kind of facilities. So as per your wish you can have an chatting application on you devices that you want to. All application have their special features so it depends which you would like to prefer. These are the application used for chatting either video or audio call.

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