Why Tinder Matches Not Showing? 

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If you have been using Tinder to find someone to date or love, but the Tinder matches are not showing even after you receive a like, it means that there is a problem.

As one of the best dating apps, you must be interested in solving the issue.

When you tap on it, it displays the number of likes but no profile.

There are numerous reasons why Tinder claims you have new likes but does not display the matches when you open the app.

The reasons your Tinder matches are not showing,
1. You have an unattractive profile,
2. You don’t have a premium membership,
3. Your profile is banned or restricted,
4. Unusual activity on your Tinder account,
5. Your account has been reported,
6. Your match unmatched you,
7. You like a lot of profiles,
8. Tinder might be down,
9. There might be bugs on Twitter. 

What Is The Reason Behind Using Tinder?

Tinder is a mobile meeting and dating app that allows users to locate their matches and find other people to talk to.

People often use Tinder to find someone new, love someone, or date them.

Most Tinder users also use this app for hooking up with someone because they feel it is meant for it.

This app is a popular, trendy, and most-used dating app.

However, among those looking for romance, people are more likely to use Tinder to look for a relationship than a hookup.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Matches On Tinder?

When you click on Tinder and have liked, but no matches appear, Tinder wants you to upgrade to a premium membership to view the likes.

You can view likes on Tinder Gold, but you cannot view likes using a free account.

The probable reasons behind not getting any matches on Tinder:

You Have An Unattractive Profile

When you first sign up for​​ Tinder, you should complete your profile, which must be flawless.

Your profile says otherwise, not that you are not attractive.

Instead, you just made a presentation that wasn’t appropriate.

So, try fixing your profile to get more matches according to your preference.

You Don’t Have a Premium Membership

You can see who likes you with their premium membership, and if you reciprocate, you can swipe that person.

If you are using the app’s free version, this is one of the ways they try to convince you to subscribe.

Who wouldn’t want to check their new match after using Tinder for a while?

Unfortunately, you need a premium Tinder membership to see people who swipe right and like you.

Tinder will hide your profile until you upgrade to Gold or another premium membership plan on Tinder.

Your Profile Is Banned Or Restricted

You may have violated the apps’ community guidelines, privacy, terms, and conditions.

If you violate the app’s codes and conduct, your profile has a higher chance of getting banned or restricted, which won’t allow you to get matches.

Unusual Activity On Your Tinder Account

Someone else might have access to your account if there is a problem.

For example, someone tries resetting your password while you keep attempting it.

It will cause the algorithm to ban you and prevent you from seeing matches on Tinder.

Don’t keep trying to open Tinder simultaneously if something goes wrong or an error occurs.

If you do, the system might assume you’re a robot and shadowban you.

You will still have access to your account but won’t be able to use many features, such as matches.

Your Account Has Been Reported

There is a chance that the person has reported or blocked you if you get too close to someone who is not as interested in you as you are.

They might file a spam report against your account.

In this manner, TInder prevents you from finding any more matches.

You can fix this by deleting your Tinder account and starting over.

Your Match Unmatched You

Once you’ve paid for one of the premium Tinder memberships, such as Gold or Platinum, you get a message saying that someone has liked you, but when you click on it, no matches appear.

It indicates that the person who previously liked you has unmatched you if it occurs after you have purchased Tinder Gold.

After liking you for a short while, they might decide to unmatch you if they don’t like you again.

They will be taken off the Like You page as a result.

You Like A Lot Of Profiles

Tinder may not take you seriously and limit the number of matches you see each day if you are the type who likes every match you see on the app.

If a person likes every profile they see on the app, this also applies to them.

Tinder will notify you if someone swipes right on every profile they see on the app and indicates they like them all.

There won’t be any matches when you click on it.

That’s why Tinder notifies you that someone liked you even though no profile is visible when you open the notification.

Tinder Might Be Down

If you are not getting matches and likes, your Tinder might be down.

If your Tinder is down, you will not get notifications and available matches from your location.

It would be best if you waited till Tinder fixed itself and tried updating the app.

There Might Be Bugs On Your Tinder

Numerous problems, including this one, may be encountered by the thousands of users who create their profiles using false numbers.

Numerous websites permit temporary location services, and the algorithm picks this up.

If not, you have not been bugged.

However, it could happen when you set up your account and keep trying because the internet is down.

Ways To Fix Tinder Matches Not Showing

It simply means that they want you to pay for a premium membership or that there may be other issues with the app and your device if you have this issue with your Tinder account.

Get Tinder Gold To See Your Matches

To view the matches and swipes on Tinder, you must sign up for a premium membership.

It is one of the company’s marketing strategies for encouraging users to sign up for the premium.

Only Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers have access to the Like You feature.

To subscribe and make use of the feature to find more people who share your interests,

  1. Go to Tinder,
  2. Tap the profile icon,
  3. Go to settings,
  4. Choose to upgrade to Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum,

To look for potential matches among those who have liked you, on the main screen, tap the message icon.

Then, under New Matches, tap the first profile picture with the gold border and flying heart icon.

On Tinder, you’ll see people who have liked you.

After tapping to view them, swipe right if you match or left if not.

Do Not Get Banned On Tinder

When your account is restricted or banned, that’s one of the main reasons you can’t see your matches on Tinder.

Another restriction known as a shadowban prevents Tinder from alerting you to your status.

In general, you want Tinder moderators to refrain from intervening, message you with your profile, and decide they don’t want you on their platform.

It aids in keeping you from being banned by helping you use all of Tinder’s features without encountering any problems.

Swipe Deliberately

Watching how you swipe through Tinder would be best to avoid issues on Tinder.

The likely scenario that you are not getting any matches is too fast in swiping.

If you are very quick in swiping and sending messages to someone on Tinder in a short period, it can cause the app to malfunction.

Some procedures to ensure that all matches show up in the app are as follows:

  1. Don’t swipe right on every profile you see,
  2. It would be best if you swiped the profiles according to your preference,
  3. Don’t unmatch right away, even before you send a message,
  4. It might mess up the algorithm, and Tinder can stop working for you,

Improve Your Location’s Accuracy

Utilizing your phone’s high accuracy mode is beneficial because Tinder depends on your location.

It guarantees that Tinder will only display nearby profiles.

As a result, Tinder’s algorithm will benefit from knowing your preferences for profile information and location.

There are two location modes on your phone.

One is the default and provides a rough snapshot of your current location.

However, by activating the more precise mode, you can pinpoint your location within a few hundred meters.

Make Your Tinder Profiles Attractive

If your Tinder matches are not appearing despite receiving a notification, it may indicate that those who swiped right to view your profile thought it was not very interesting.

The secret is making an interesting profile, so for potential matches, I message you.

Filling out your Tinder profile should be your priority.

It must have a fantastic appearance and be almost flawless. As a result, potential matches see you in the best light.

Update Tinder App

One thing you can do if your Tinder is not showing any messages is to update the app.

Unfortunately, the app may contain some bugs that have been lurking around for quite some time, which leads to matches and likes in Tinder not showing to the user.

You need to update the app to get a better version of the app.

Sometimes, outdated versions need to be fixed, leading to some error that causes the app not to function properly.

You can automatically update the app from the App Store or Google Play store.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your phone is one method that solves various issues for any device, so you can try it if Tinder Gold isn’t showing likes.

In addition, your phone can stop all glitches and bugs from appearing by simply restarting it.

Open the Tinder app after restarting or rebooting your device to find you loading and waiting.

Make sure you have a premium membership because you will only be able to view matches if you do.

So instead, swipe right when you find the person you like.

Check Your Internet Connection

You might be unable to view the matches on the Like You page due to a poor internet connection and needing a Tinder Gold account.

Certain things happen when you have a bad connection, including the app’s content not loading properly.

Change to a better network connection if Tinder’s Likes or Matches aren’t loading.

If you’ve been using Wi-Fi, switch to better Wi-Fi. If you’ve been using mobile data, switch to Wi-Fi.

As soon as your connection is established again, you can see matches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have some queries and issues regarding why your Tinder matches are not showing, we have addressed a few questions and answers to the issues you are facing in this article below.

Can I Super Like Without Tinder Gold?

Yes, you can super like anyone without Tinder Gold or Platinum.

You can swipe up instead of right to super like. However, unless you have a premium membership like Plus or Gold, you can only super like once per day for the free version.

Why Isn’t Anybody Matching With Me On Tinder?

Because you enjoy each match you come across.

Unfortunately, Tinder will take you for granted once you do this.

If this keeps happening, they might mark you as a bot, in which case you’ll disappear from the feed, and nobody will be able to match with you ever again.

Why Can’t I See My Tinder Likes?

You can’t see your Tinder likes for several reasons.

First, you might only be able to view matches if your internet connection is reliable.

You will only be able to see the likes if you are a Tinder Gold subscriber.

Can I See Who Disliked Me On Tinder?

No, you cannot see who disliked you on Tinder.

When someone dislikes you on Tinder, it will appear as if nothing has happened, and the app won’t inform you.

It’s challenging to determine, but if it’s been a while, you can infer they disliked you.

Is It Normal To Have Zero Likes On Tinder?

Yes, it’s normal to have zero likes on Tinder.

On the app, you might occasionally have no matches, and no one seems to like you.

Even guys who appear too good risk not receiving likes.


If you are getting many matches, but your Tinder matches need to show, they want you to upgrade to Tinder Gold because you won’t be able to see the likes if you won’t do so.

So one of their strategies is to make you subscribe to the Gold or Platinum option to view all the likes and matches.

Now that you know why your matches aren’t showing through this article, you can work on these proven solutions to get your matches to stay.

Most of the time, it’s all about the profile and appearance that some people are quick to match up with you and unmatch.

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