TikTok Video Length And Format Guide [All Info]

tiktok video length and format guide

TikTok is the latest in social media platforms to grow at a rapid pace. The platform, TikTok, is the first among all the platforms to introduce the now popular short-form video content. After its initial success, all other social media platforms also started to introduce the format. So, in this article, we will discuss the TikTok video length and format guide.

Simply put, the TikTok video format is 9:16 which is the normal screen ratio of a smartphone available. This format allowed users to take video and watch it in a vertical format in contrast to the widely popular horizontal format. TikTok video dimensions and resolution is 1080*1920 pixels. The Tiktok video length is a maximum of 10 minutes from the latest update. 

In this article, we will discuss what are all the formats that the platform, i.e. TikTok, supports and the size of the videos that you can upload on the platform. If you are starting in TikTok then please go through this article to understand and learn about the TikTok video length and format.

What Are The TikTok Video Size And Dimensions

TikTok is a video streaming platform that encourages user-generated content. This is why the platform has support for almost all of the video formats and sizes that a normal person can create from their smartphones. If you are starting on TikTok using your smartphone, it is most probable that the platform supports the video size that you can create.

Right TikTok Video Size

In TikTok, the size of the video that a user can upload is different on Android and iOS. The size of the content and the ads you can create on TikTok also varies. If you are using any Apple device with iOS, you can upload a video with a maximum size of 287.6 MB. And in the case of an Android device, the maximum size is 72MB.

But if you are creating and running ads on the platform, your videos can go up to the maximum of 500MB. Since it is an evolving platform, this size can be changed with time, and the ability of devices to take high-quality videos.

Thus, if you are just using your smartphone to create videos for TikTok, then it is probable that the format is supported by the platform and you need not worry about it.

Right TikTok Video Dimensions For TikTok Video Length And Format Guide

Before TikTok introduced the vertical video format, the usage of the dimension was limited. The popularity of TikTok gave rise to the wide support of the resolution on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook among others. Youtube also has introduced the resolution to attract more users to the platform.

So, which dimension is the better choice for TikTok as well as other platforms?

Vertical Vs Landscape

Since in early days of the internet, browsing the internet was mostly done on the computer, which was a favorable device for landscape videos. The prevalent use of the internet started giving rise to square format too. Many platforms on the internet started supporting the format.

It is until the smartphone revolution started taking off in the 2000s that the support for the vertical format is introduced. But still, most social media companies were only supporting this format in case someone creates the video of this format, which was not widely practiced.

Since the popularity of this format started rising in china and became widely supported and used in the Chinese internet ecosystem, it was introduced in other parts of the world by TikTok. The vertical format, being easy to create from smartphones made it easy for normal people to create videos without professional support.

Video Resolution

All being said, TikTok does support the landscape/ horizontal format along with the vertical format. The resolution that is supported by TikTok is 1080*1920. The canvas size of TikTok is also the same 1080*1920 pixels.

The aspect ratio of 9:16 is the full screen for the TikTok video. Although you can still create a square or horizontal video on the platform, other formats would not be full screen and may not result in a great user experience for your audience.

The Updated TikTok Video Length

In the early days of TikTok, the support was up to 1 min. Users couldn’t create and upload videos longer than 1 minute. But with the wide usage and popularity of TikTok, the support was extended first to 3 minutes and then again up to 10 minutes recently (i.e. 2022).

The number of users who prefer longer-form content also increased in the last few years which compelled TikTok to introduce the 10 min extension. Though it started supporting content up to 10 min long, still the most popular and widely preferred content is the short-form ones.

Due to the algorithm of TikTok designed to support and favor short-form content, content creators who produce long-form content do not get enough exposure on the platform as they do on other platforms such as Youtube or Instagram.

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TikTok Video Size For TikTok Ad For TikTok Video Length And Format Guide

Since TikTok is a social media platform, they do offer ad spaces for advertisers. To create an ad on TikTok you must be above 18 years old and have a valid payment method to pay for the ad cost.

The sizes and aspect ratio for the ads are listed below as TikTok Video Length And Format Guide

Aspect Ratio – 9:16, 1:1, Or 16:9

Resolutions – 720*1280 px, 640*640 px, 1280*720 px And 1080*1920 px.

Best Video Duration – 5 To 15 Seconds

Video Format – MOV, AVI, MPEG Or MP4

Ad Video Size – Less Than 500MB

TikTok Video Length And Format: Simplified

If you have any confusion about what size and dimensions of video you have to create on TikTok, this simplified guide will answer your all questions. Please follow the questions and their answers.

What Device Should I Use To Create A TikTok Video?

You can use your smartphone to create your TikTok video. Apple or Android devices are both supported and respective apps can be found on their app stores. In case you want to use a high-end camera, you have to create videos of the TikTok aspect ratio and transfer them to your phone to upload them.

It is always easy and better if you can create videos using your smartphone.

What Aspect Ratio And Resolution Is Best To Create A TikTok Video?

The aspect ratio of 9:16 and the resolution of 1080*1920 is the best if you are creating a video for TikTok. You may have to turn on the HD video option in the final screen before uploading on TikTok to upload an HD video of 1080*1920 px.

If you are using your smartphone camera, a vertical video will cover all the requirements for TikTok.

What Video Length Is Best To Create A TikTok Video?

Video lengths often vary according to the content you are creating. Although short-form contents with lengths 5 to 15 seconds perform better on the platform, you can create content of any length less than 10 min.

The length of content should cater to the information in the content and the targeted audience of your TikTok.

What Video Format Is Best To Create A TikTok Video?

TikTok does support most of the video formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, etc. It is up to the device you chose to record but any format will do as fine as others. So, your smartphone video will do fine in TikTok.

How To Resize A TikTok Video

So, you have a video that is not the aspect ratio of TikTok but you want to upload it on the platform? This problem can be solved using a tool that resizes the video. You can also use the inbuilt tool on your device to resize the video.

Photos app on both android and iOS devices has a crop tool that can be used to resize. Simply open the video and choose the crop option and set the aspect ratio to 9:16 to crop it. Remember to not cut off any important elements of video from the frame.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic of ‘TikTok video length and format guide’ are listed below. Please go through the questions and answers to understand more about TikTok.

What Is The TikTok Video Size Width And Height?

The TikTok video size width and height are 1080*1920 pixels respectively. You can also use the aspect ratio i.e. 9:16 as measurement. This size is the same as a smartphone screen so that when watched, the video appears full screen.

How Long Should A TikTok Video Be To Go Viral?

To go viral on TikTok, there is no set length for videos. Though, most content that goes viral on TikTok tends to be short-form and normally of 5 to 15 seconds. The relatively short length of time allows viewers to watch the video fast. TikTok sees it as high engagement which then promotes the content on the ForYou page.

Why Is It So Easy To Go Viral On TikTok?

The short-form content which normally takes less than a minute to watch tends to go viral on TikTok. This is because it is watched to full length, TikTok understands it as highly engaging content and shows it to more people through the ForYou page. This is the prime reason why it is easy to go viral on TikTok.

What Is The TikTok Video Dimensions For Premiere Pro?

The TikTok video dimensions for premiere pro are the same as with any other tool or device i.e. 1080*1920 px or 9:16 aspect ratio. You can create a frame of this resolution and edit your videos on premiere pro.


Therefore, TikTok does support both vertical and horizontal video formats with 1080*1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 9:16. Thus, the video content you create from your smartphone will be supported. In case you want to use an external high-end camera device, you can create the video of the named aspect ratio and resolution and it wouldn’t be a problem.

This article i.e. ‘TikTok Video Length And Format Guide’ discusses the different sizes, formats, and lengths of the TikTok video. It guides you on which is the best to use. It also lists some frequently asked questions and provides a brief answer to those questions.

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