How Do I Set Up Automatic Payments On SunTrust Credit Card 2022

How Do I Set Up Automatic Payments On SunTrust Credit Card

SunTrust Banks, Inc. is an American bank that has the largest subsidiary and assets. Truist Securities is also a subsidiary of Suntrust bank. The headquarters of Suntrust is in Atlanta the most popular city in the U.S state of Georgia. Having different subsidiaries you can find every banking and financial service within SunTrust and its subsidiaries.

SunTrust Bank also issues checking and saving accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and many more services. Using the credit card service you can set up automatic payment on SunTrust. To make an online automatic payment you should have a credit card from the bank and an online banking application after that you can make an online payment.

Do you want to set up automatic payments using the Suntrust credit card? Yes, but don’t know how to make automatic online payment or you are new on Suntrust then don’t worry because today in this article we will guide you on step by step procedure to do so. Before that let’s see additional information about automatic payment. So, stay with us and read the full article mentioned below.

 Is automatic payments a good or bad idea?

It is a good idea if you are playing to set up automatic payments from your credit card then go for it. Online automatic payment is a good feature if it is available in your bank. You can use the online automatic payment service by setting up your credit card number in the online banking application.

When should you set automatic online payments;

  • You are a busy person.
  • Make pay irregularly.
  • You need to pay money on a particular day otherwise you will be charged.
  • You will stop missing the money.
  •  Control freak.
  • You’ve lost your job.

You can use online automatic payment if you are one of them mentioned above in the bullets. It will be a good idea for you to go for automatic payments.

Can you set up automatic payments on a SunTrust credit card?

Yes, using your credit card and online banking application you can set up automatic payments on a SunTrust credit card.

Setting up automatic payments on Suntrust credit card has an easy step to do. Below we have mentioned step by step process to do so.

How do I set up automatic payments from my bank account?

[Note: This is just a hint for you guys to set the automatic payment using the SunTrust bank if you dont find any step mentioned below please try to reach the bank or comment us for any queries, dont push.]

If you are new or want to set up automatic payments from your SunTrust bank account then, first of all, you should have your bank account number and once you have your account number you can set up automatic payments using the mobile application. To do so,

  1. Download the Suntrust online banking application.
  2. Using your account number, sign up for online banking.
  3. Once you have enrolled in online banking, now select “Suntrust Account,” then “Loan” for the account type.
  4. Finally, confirm your email address and complete the signup process.
  5. Now you can set up auto-pay using SunTrust online banking.
  6. Log in to your online bank account.
  7. Now choose the Digital Banking icon from the bottom right corner.
  8. You should have your account number to get started.
  9. Now, under Digital banking you will see, view loan balance, schedule same-day payments, and many more options.
  10. After that tap on Schedule edit and delete a payment.
  11. Now, edit the schedule date and time when you want to make automatic payments.
  12. And save the change.
  13. Done.

Once you set the automatic payments using your Suntrust bank, your payments will be release on the same date and time you have scheduled.

How do I schedule automatic credit card payments?

To schedule automatic credit card payments using SunTrust bank you can simple log in to your credit card number online and even using the application. And follow some steps to schedule automatic credit card payments.

You can schedule automatic credit card payments using different ways;

  • Online banking
  • Using the mobile application.
  • Bill payment option.
  • Via Transfer.
  • or Zelle application.

How do I stop an automatic payment on my SunTrust credit card?

Once you have set an automatic payments on Suntrust credit card, unless you cancell the payments the bank will make the transacation from your credit card unless the amount is insufficient. So, if you have set a regular automatic patments then you have to stop the automatic payments and if its one time then once the transaction has been made in the schedule date the automatic payments will be stopped.

After the payment you can edit the schedue and cancel the future payment or delete the future automatic payment from Suntrust online banking.

To Stop/Cancel/Delete the automatic payment on SunTrust credit card follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Login to your SunTrust online banking.
  2. Choose the Digital Banking icon from the bottom right corner
  3. Under Digital Banking, tap on the Schedule edit and delete a payment.
  4. Now, you can cancel the automatic payment or you can delete a schedule to stop automatic payments.
  5. You can choose one of the option to stop the automatic payment from your credit card.
  6. After the edit, you can tap on the Save button to terminate the payments.
  7. Done.

Once you cancel or delete the automatic payment, the set up automatic payments will be stopped for the future payments.

In Conclusion

To set up automatic payments using the online banking is good it save our time and effort but sometimes it can go wrong, if you have schedule wrong date and time, payment duration, wrong account number so you should be alert while using the online payments. Besides online automatic payments service is very useful and important for us.

If you are new or dont know how to schedule the automatic payments then in the above article we have mentioned steps to set up automatic payments using SunTrsut credit card and how to stop the automatic payments. [Note: You can follow the steps mentioned above but make sure you are doing correctly, if you dont find the step in the online banking then leave it, dont push to schedult automatic payments becuase this might be sensitive.]

Besides if you have any qurries on this article then you can leave us a comment and we will try to solve you problem more clearly.

And for more guides and tips on finance and banking, you can go to the Finance Catagory from our official website Online Help Guide.

Thank You.

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