How to Request For New Radius Bank Debit Card 2022 [Steps]

Request For New Radius Bank Debit Card

Radius bank is the best online virtual bank that offers all types of banking services to users. You can open a savings & checking account, get student & personal loans, CDs, get mortgages, take insurance, use credit cards, and debit cards.

If you want to use the debit card or ATM of Radius bank then you don’t have to pay any fees for the service. Plus, you can access the Radius Bank ATMs which are more than 32500 across the U.S. And you also don’t have to pay the charges while withdrawing money from other banks’ ATMs.

So, today you will learn on how to request for new Radius bank debit card.

Review of Radius Bank

Radius bank is originally located in Boston Massachusetts. It was founded in 1987, with an aim to provide the best online banking service to the citizens of the United States.

The bank offers both online and mobile banking services to its users. If you want to use Radius bank then you only have to open a savings account with a deposit of $100. Once you have created the account on Radius bank then you can access to other services of Radius bank.

The best thing about Radius bank is the multiple account option. You can add multiple banks or accounts at Radius bank to save money. In addition, you even don’t have to pay any charges for accessing services at all (free of cost).

Besides, you can also earn cash-back rewards while making any purchases from the debit card. So, if you buy anything from your Radius debit card then you will earn certain rewards from it.

The only drawback or cons of the Radius bank is the physical branches. There are no any physical braches of the Radius bank where you can go. You have to do all the things through online on Radius bank.

Requirements for Radius Bank Debit Card

There are certain requirements that you must have in order to request for new Radius bank debit card. Once you have all the required information then you can easily apply for the new Debit card of Radius bank.

So, what are those requirements?

  • Must have an account on Radius Bank.
  • Must deposit an amount of $100 to the savings account.
  • You must be a citizen of the U.S or a legal permanent resident.
  • Need to be at least 18 years o

How to Apply for New Radius Bank Debit Card?

Anyone can easily apply for the new Radius bank debit card. For that, you just need a saving account on Radius bank and you are good to go.

Once you’ve created an online account on Radius bank then you can request for a new debit card. Other than this, you can also request for new Radius credit card and other available services.

After receiving the new debit card of Radius bank then you can start making purchases and earn the cash-back reward.

Now, follow the following few steps to apply for a new Radius bank debit card.

Note: You can’t apply for the new Radius bank debit card or ATM card online so you have to do the process manually.

Download Radius Bank Debit/ATM Card Form

First of all, get the Radius Bank Debit/ATM Card application form from the following link. The debit card application form is an online form so you have to write all the things through online.

It will be better if you complete the application writing process for the new Radius bank debit card from PC. If you choose the mobile device then you may find it a little bit difficult because the screen size of mobile devices are small. So, better choose the computer for this.

Fill out the Application Form

Once you’ve downloaded the Radius bank debit/ATM card application form then start filling out the entire form.

Provide the recommended information which is asked in the application form. You have to provide the exact correct detailed information of yours; otherwise, you will have trouble getting a new debit card if the information is a mismatch or misplaced.

Here are the following things which you need to provide on the Radius bank debit card application form.

  • New Debit Card information
  • New ATM card information
  • Debit/ATM card reissue
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Customer signature

So, read the application form carefully and provide your personal as well as bank detail information to request a new Radius bank debit card.

Print Radius Bank Debit Card Application Form

After you completely fill out the entire form carefully then you have to print the original application form on paper.

You can’t make a copy of the form and submit it to Radius bank; you will need an original written form.

Send to Debit Card Application Form to Radius Bank

Once you printed the original form then you have to send or submit the debit card request application form of Radius bank to the following location.

  • Go to the main branch of the Radius bank
  • Send the application form through the mail

Radius Bank

            ATTN: Customer Service Department

            PO Box 55063

            Boston, MA 02205-8031

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What is the Radius Bank Debit Card Limit?

The Radius Bank debit card limit is $500 for new clients and will reach up to $2000, $3000, and $4000 based on PIN-based point of sale purchase and ATM withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Radius Bank Give You a Debit Card?

Yes, you can request for a new Radius bank debit card and ATM card.

Is Radius Bank a Good Bank?

Yes, Radius bank is the best virtual online bank in the United State.

How Long Does it Take to Open a Radius Bank Account?

You can open a Radius bank account within just 5 minutes from your mobile device and PC.


If you are a new user of Radius bank then you can request for new Debit card right away. Once you receive a debit card of Radius bank then you can start purchasing the things in the stores. But if you want to receive cash-back rewards then your saving account needs to be a little bit older.

But once you are qualified for the cashback reward then you can easily start pending. You don’t have to bear any monthly fee or charges for using the debit card.

So, follow the above-mentioned steps and get your new Radius bank debit card in no time.

If you have any queries related to Radius bank debit card then leave a comment down below.

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