Pinterest Not Working

Pinterest not working

Pinterest is a virtual portal where you can find ideas for food recipes, web development, lifestyle inspiration, and many more. Pinterest has its fair share of problems and created lots of controversies regarding its treatment of its users. So, if you have an issue where Pinterest not working occurs in your device, then you can fix that with various solutions.

Despite having such wonderful features, Pinterest has a fair amount of issues that are faced by its users like a lot of glitches, loss of data (Pins), difficulties in sharing Pins with friends, and many more. This might be caused due to various things like slow internet speed, unoptimized software, lack of space, and a few more. If you are facing such problems and wanna know the cause with solutions then you should check the content given below.

Issues Reported By The User

Although issues reported by the users of Pinterest aren’t as high as its competitors, you might need to face various issues at times. Those issues when Pinterest not working might be:

Frequent Glitches

The most common issue reported by users of Pinterest is its frequent glitches. The reason which explains the cause of the issue best is;

Pinterest is a virtual portal, not a social media, when its users post a pin or save a pin it needs to constantly optimize its data and as there are millions of users of Pinterest, sometimes it gets hard to optimize for the app and starts getting glitchy.

Sudden Loss Of Followers

It was reported that some users were having issues with their followers and the following count. As reported some users lost all of their followers and following overnight. The only explanation of this issue is the bug that hampers user experience.

Can’t Get Access To Account

Some users have a complaint about not being able to log in back to Pinterest once they logged out of it. This can mainly be due to the tremendous number of its user which makes it hard for Pinterest to optimize every single activity done by every single user.

Inability To Store More Pins

One of the limitations of Pinterest is; a single user can only save up to 200,000 Pins including all the secret Pins they have saved.

Some users have reported that they were having problems saving Pins despite not having saved 200,000 Pins. This is most likely due to the bugs and viruses that the online portal tends to keep on having as it is open for all.

Problems Sharing Pins Or Sending Messages

As reported by many users, the text or Pins they try to send to their friends aren’t being delivered. This problem is well known but the reason isn’t still known for this issue.

Frequent Crashing Of Pinterest

Due to various reasons such as lack of space, bugs, poor internet connectivity, or many more crashing of Pinterest is very frequent among users.

Taking Way Longer To Load Pins Than It Should

Similar to the frequent crashing of Pinterest, taking way longer to send any sort of text or Pins is way common between users. It is caused by similar reasons of frequent crashing.

Despite having different issues, the causes of all the issues are surprisingly similar or a single reason can cause Pinterest to not work as it should. Some causes of Pinterest not working are given below:

Causes Of Pinterest Not Working Properly

There are various reasons for Pinterest not working properly and every problem can be caused due to one or multiple reasons. Some of the reasons are given below:

Due To Bugs And Viruses

As Pinterest is an open online search engine, the chances of bugs and viruses getting inside the program are much higher. Due to the bugs and viruses, many problems can be caused like; the frequent crashing of the app, glitches during creating Pins, and many more.

Lack Of Space

Mostly in android devices, lack of space becomes a major problem with time when Pinterest not working. When Pinterest can not get enough space it needs to operate, it can start getting glitchy, slow, and often time crashes straight away.

Server Down Of Pinterest

As Pinterest is not a social media platform but a virtual search engine, the chances of the server of Pinterest not being able to handle all the changes in data of the app gets significantly higher than other applications. Due to this many users of the different parts of the world might need to face various problems like; being unable to log in to Pinterest, crashing of the app, inability of creating or sharing Pins, and many more.

Poor Internet Status

As Pinterest is fully based on online sources, it is very important to have a good internet source or Wi-Fi connectivity. If the internet quality or the Wi-Fi status is poor then it will cause many problems while using Pinterest. Some problems can be; slow loading of Pins, problem opening Pinterest, taking way more time to send Pins to friends than it should have.

Device Not Being Updated

Oftentimes, when the device isn’t up to date with its recent software update, it can cause difficulties in operating Pinterest. As Pinterest is optimized to operate in a newer version of the software and older version might create some issues, such as; Pinterest, not opening, slower speed of Pins getting loaded, and many more.

Brower Not Being Updated To Support Pinterest

Not every version and type of browser can support Pinterest, Pinterest releases its update often with the coordination to the newer version of the browser. When the new version of Pinterest is operating in the old version of the browser it can cause glitches and often time result in Pinterest not working properly as it should. This might result in issues like; the slower speed of Pinterest, unable to load Pins, frequent glitches, and more

Pinterest App Not Being Updated

It is a common mistake people using Pinterest on their smartphones do, as not keeping Pinterest can cause various issues such as; bugs not being fixed which can result in the crashes of Pinterest and glitches, problems adding people, problems with sending Pins to friends, and so on.

Solutions To The Pinterest Not Working

If you are looking for ways to make Pinterest work properly by yourself, follow the below given solutions which will help you to make Pinterest work well.

Try Reloading Pinterest Page

If you use Pinterest for a PC, Mac, or Desktop, it is most likely you’re using Pinterest via browser. Oftentimes, you just need to reload the website to get rid of the problems you’re facing.

If that won’t do the trick for you then try other solution given below:

Try Restarting Pinterest App

If you’re using Pinterest through a smartphone, it’s pretty much obvious you’re using the Pinterest application and not the web version of Pinterest. In such a case, restarting the app will get your minor problems solved. Steps to restart Pinterest App are given below:

Step 1:Close The App

Simply shut the app and go to the home screen.

Step 2:Load The Overview Screen

An overview screen is where you can find recently used applications. You can get into this panel by swiping up or double-clicking the home button.

Step 3:Check For The Pinterest App

Inside the overview panel you will find the Pinterest app, swipe it up and that will close it(swipe down/up or click close all app option).

Step 4:Reopen The Pinterest App

After that click the Pinterest app and open it.

Doing so should get rid of some bugs and some minor issues.

Check Your Internet Status.

If doing the above-mentioned steps won’t help you solve your problems, then check your internet status too. As Pinterest is an online virtual search engine, it needs a good and strong level of internet connection to operate smoothly and without any problem. If you find any problem with your internet connectivity or Wi-Fi status, I would suggest you close and open your internet connection on your smartphone.

If even after you do that you still have a problem with the internet connection, you should restart your router.

To restart your router, simply press the power button or remove the power cord from the power source. After that make sure to wait for a minute or so before turning it back on. Once you turn on your router again, it’ll take probably another minute or so for the Wi-Fi to work properly.

If this won’t solve your problem Wi-Fi or internet connection might not be your problem and you should move on to other solutions.

Check For Updates For Pinterest.

Sometimes, Pinterest tends not to work properly when it is still in the older version. As all updates come with bug fixes and some minor or sometimes major upgrades, staying in an older version will keep you from getting those upgrades and the bugs will remain in your application.

Steps To Update Pinterest On Android Device

You can update Pinterest on your smartphone pretty easily and if you have any confusion about the process, then following the steps given below will be the right thing to do:

Step 1:Open Google Play Store

Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone by clicking on the app.

Step 2:Tap On The Search Bar

Simply click on the search bar at the top of your screen, where “Google Play” is written. Type Pinterest and click the search icon.

Step 3:Click On The Pinterest Section

Click on Pinterest and see if any update is available click the update button. Your Pinterest should get updated soon.

OR After Opening Play store,

Step 2:Click On Three Horizontal Lines “≡”

Tap on the three horizontal lines “≡” which you can find on the upper left corner of your screen.

Step 3:Tap On “My Apps & Games”

You should find a “My Apps & Games” option after you click on the three horizontal lines “≡”, tap on it.

Look for the “Updates Section”, and if there is a new update of Pinterest available you will be able to find it there.

If you discover Pinterest within the “Update Section” of your Play Store, you should just simply update Pinterest.

Steps To Update Pinterest On Your iOS Device

You can also follow the steps to update Pinterest on your iOS device from below.

Step 1:Launch App Store

On your iOS Device(iPhone or iPad) look for App Store and open it.

Step 2:Click On Your Profile Icon

Now, search for your profile icon which should be located at the highest right section, and click on it.

Step 3:Look For Pinterest

You’ll find the list of apps that should be updated. Scroll down until you’ll find Pinterest.

Step 4:Simply, Update Pinterest

If you discover Pinterest on the list, then tap on “Update”. If you have the will to update other remaining apps too, then just simply tap on Update All.

Enable Auto Update On Pinterest

If you feel like having to check for updates every once in a while is a hassle, you can simply enable the auto-update option on your device. This should allow Play store to automatically update Pinterest without you needing to do anything whenever a newer version of Pinterest gets released.

After checking for updates and if available, updating Pinterest straight away is the best thing to do to make it work smoothly. To update the Pinterest application on your device, you should follow the steps given below:

Step 1:Open Play store

On your smartphone or tablet open Play store.

Step 2:Click On The Three Horizontal Lines “≡”

Search for the three horizontal lines “≡” located on the upper left corner of the screen and click it.

Step 3:Open Settings

Then, after clicking the three horizontal lines “≡”, you should click the Settings option.

Step 4:Click On The Auto-update Apps Option

You should find the Auto-updates apps option on the setting menu and click on that option.

Step 5:Enable Auto-Update

You’ll be given the choice to decide between updating your apps “Over Any Network,” and “Over Wi-Fi only.” I would suggest clicking “Over Wi-Fi only” if you have the availability of a Wi-Fi network most of the time.

Check For Browser Updates.

Your browser should be updated regularly to operate properly. Only when your browser works properly, website of Pinterest will work smoothly. Normally browser is supposed to update automatically but if it’s not the case, simply uninstall your browser and reinstall it.

Check For Your OS Updates.

Despite you updating your Pinterest or simply there is no update available, then make sure if you have a pending OS(Operating System) update of your device. Oftentimes, Pinterest can’t work properly or even have the possibility of crashing on an older version of OS, as a newer version of Pinterest might not be compatible with the older OS version. You need to make sure you’re up-to-date with your OS updates.

If an older OS version is causing problems in Snapchat, you should follow the steps given below to update your OS:

Steps To Update Pinterest On Android Devices:

Updating on Android device is very similar to iOS but can be a little different. Below is given the steps to update Pinterest are given below:

Step 1:Launch Your Settings App

Search for the settings application and open the settings on your android device.

Step 2:Open “About Device” Section

Till you see the “About Device” option search down the options and once found, click on it.

Step 3:Look For OS Update

Now, just in case you have an option of a Software update available, tap on “Software Update.”

Some devices can automatically update themselves whenever one is offered if the owner has got the Auto-update option enabled on their device.

Steps To Update On An iOS Device

It’s very easy to update the OS on your Android devices. The steps to do so is given below:

Step 1:Open Settings

Go to your device settings just by clicking on it.

Step 2:Open The General Section

Inside your settings app, there you should find a “General” option, click it.

Step 3:Look For Option Of Software Update

You’ll find an option of “Software Update” right below the “About” section, click the “Software Update” option.

There check if any iOS update is being offered and if there is an update available, click the “Download and Install” option.

You can activate auto-update by enabling “Automatic Updates” that you simply will find on the highest part of your screen.

Check Your Storage.

Not having enough storage can play a vital part in having difficulties in operating Pinterest smoothly and make Pinterest not working. In case you do not have enough storage, I will suggest you clear the cache first. To clear cache from your Pinterest, you just to follow a few simple steps given below:

Step 1:Open Pinterest

On your smartphone, open Pinterest simply by clicking on it.

Step 2:Tap On A Human-like Icon

Look for a human-like icon on the bottom left corner of your screen and tap on it.

Step 3:Click On Three Dots (⋯)

Once you will click on it, you should find three dots(⋯) at the extreme top right corner of your screen, just click on it.

Step 4:Open Settings

After clicking the three dots(⋯), you will be shown two clickable options; one being “Settings” and the other one being “Copy profile link”. All you have to do is press on “Settings.”

Step 5:Tap On “Privacy & data” Option

Press on the “Privacy & data” option which should be available on the “Personal information” section of the “Settings” menu.

Clear The Cache

Doing so will instantly clear all your cache of Pinterest but even after you will have problems, try clearing some space on your device by deleting unused files, pictures that you don’t need, uninstalling applications of no you for you, and clearing cache from most of your other apps(the process is very similar in all the apps, so just follow the instruction mentioned above).

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people may have few queries related to Pinterest and its problems. Some of them which might add to your interest when Pinterest not working are below:

Is Pinterest Down?

No, despite the rumors Pinterest is not down and is working as of writing of this article.

Why Does Pinterest Lags?

There is not a definite answer to those lags but if you happen to face lags while using Pinterest, it is mainly caused due to bugs in app, lack of space, slow internet and few other.


Pinterest is still the most used virtual search engine and most efficient in my opinion. You may never get into any trouble while using Pinterest, but in case you do get into some troubles while using Pinterest then following the above-mentioned steps should irradiate all of your problems.

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