How to Open Radius Bank Account 2022 [Step by Step]

Open Radius Bank Account

If you are looking for an online bank where you don’t have to visit the physical bank then Radius Bank is the best option for you. You can open a Radius bank account and become a member of it.

To open a new account on Radius bank you just need to select your account types such as personal, business, or commercial. After that, get the online form for new Radius bank account and fill out the form. Finally, submit the form to Radius bank and activate your new account.

But how do you get a Radius bank new account form? Where do you have to submit your new account form? You will find answers to all these questions in this article.

So, let’s get started.

Is Radius a Real Bank?

Yes, radius bank is a real bank which is founded in 1987. It offers all the banking services similar to other banks available out there. You can open savings or checking accounts, apply for loans and mortgages, get credit and debit cards, get insurance and do all the banking transactions from your mobile device.

The only unreal thing about the Radius bank is its physical branch. Yes, you can’t find physical branches of Radius bank except for its official branch. You have to do all the transactions and other banking stuff online with the help of Radius mobile banking or from its website.

So, if you are interested on the online banking service then you can open a new account on Radius bank online.

Types of Radius Bank Account

Radius bank currently offers two types of accounts: checking and saving. You can open any one account or both at the same time to access its service.

Now let’s know little bit more about the Radius bank accounts.

Radius Bank Checking Account

Checking account is a type of account where you can deposit money and later on use it for purchasing goods. You can withdraw any amount from your checking account and make a transaction from it.

There is no limitation for the checking account regarding the withdrawal. If you want to spend on something and need money then you can withdraw money from your checking. So, a checking account is basically used for day-to-day purposes.

Besides, you can earn any interest from your checking account. It’s only for deposit and withdrawal.

Radius Bank Savings Account

Saving account is a type of account where you can actually save money for the long term. You will earn certain interest based on your savings.

If you have a plan to not use your money for a long time then you can open a saving account on Radius bank and earn interest from it. Your money will be safe in that way rather than the checking account. That’s because you can do all the purchases and transactions from your checking account.

So, a saving account on Radius bank is the best option if you want to keep your financial status strong and good.

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How to Open New Radius Bank Account?

You can easily open a new Radius bank account. All you have to do is get the radius bank account new form, fill out the form, and submit to create a new account.

Once your request is accepted then you can activate your Radius online banking and start making purchases or transactions.

You can activate your Radius bank saving or checking account through the Radius bank website.

Now, let’s see how you can open a Radius bank account with the help of the following steps.

Note: The following application form is for the Radius bank personal account.

Download Radius Bank Personal Account Application

First of all, you need to download the Radius bank personal account application formYou can either visit the website to get the application form or simply download it from the above link.

Fill out the New Account Application Form

After downloading the application form for Radius personal account then start filling up the entire form. You have to provide all your personal information in correct form so that it will be easier for the ban to accept your request for a new account.

If you mistakenly provide incorrect information then it may be hard for you and your bank in the future if something is wrong with your account.

Now, the Radius bank new account application form is divided into five sections.

Section 1: Application Information

Section 2: How do you hear about Us?

Section 3: Account Selection

Section 4: Account Options/Services

Section 5: Signatures

Submit to Radius Bank

After filling up the entire form then recheck the application form for the last time. If everything is correct then send the application form to the following location.

Radius Bank

ATTN: Customer Service Department

P.O Box: 55063

BOSTON, MA 02205-5063


If you are interested in online banking then you can go with Radius bank. Simply, open a Radius bank account, submit the application form and activate your account.

Once your account is activated then you can do all the transactions online.

So, if you have any queries related to the Radius bank then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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